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NYC Apartment Tour: $10.8 MILLION LUXURY SOHO LOFT! Top real estate broker Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” gives me an exclusive tour at one of New York City’s most luxurious penthouse apartments! WATCH MORE NYC APARTMENT TOURS! $28.5 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT https://youtu.be/vnYJxD2jd7k $20 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT https://youtu.be/yjv-NN_rusc $14 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT https://youtu.be/Y5WUH47fhOI $3.6 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT https://youtu.be/n7IEAbzyoVk Subscribe for more APARTMENT TOURS! http://bit.ly/1uNAdLQ and turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS! Subscribe to Ryan!! https://bit.ly/2ExFwII https://www.instagram.com/ryanserhant/?hl=en Follow me: http://instagram.com/erikconover https://www.facebook.com/erikbconover/ https://twitter.com/erikconover Copyright Free Music I use! https://goo.gl/N5WJnj Huge thanks to Camera Gear from B&H Photo: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/ https://www.instagram.com/bhphoto https://twitter.com/BHPhotoVideo Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018 #newyorkcity #apartment tour
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Text Comments (1218)
Ryan Serhant (1 month ago)
That exposed brick though......
zariqafsha (1 day ago)
Ryan Serhant I love the apartment.. really I do.. my kinda dream house.. but I just don’t have that much money.. anyway I love watching “MDL : New York”..
Nishant Yadav (9 days ago)
I wan a big , maybe 40 o 50 acres big house property tour , not in NYC for sure but somewhere else , in TX maybe .
Аитор Хара (1 month ago)
It's almost like your hair patches, you can almost see your neurone exposed
RulalLP (1 month ago)
no one buys ur book
kaustubh gavhane (5 hours ago)
More nyc
Tenzin Kunsel (22 hours ago)
Why am I here when I don’t have a savings account. Feels bad.
Pawan Antil (1 day ago)
Rashad Wardhana (1 day ago)
Dante Bruni (1 day ago)
More nyc
Hassin Mohamed (1 day ago)
Nice 😊
Viola Spruill (2 days ago)
Love it
pulga 79 (2 days ago)
5:18 imagine how loud it would be to smash in that room.
Phanith Phillip Lim (2 days ago)
This is Tommys loft from Power
Alpha Male (2 days ago)
Did Ryan seriously try to sell us on Small the view of the water between the two buildings?
Robin Pike (2 days ago)
More YMC
Trevor Macintosh (2 days ago)
i knew id always go from rags to riches
Mr. Comedy (3 days ago)
well loft penthouse is't it wierd
irshad khan (5 days ago)
money looks beautiful then the apartment
Snefy Studio (5 days ago)
10 million but no swimming pool... ouch!😢
a flibbertigibbet (5 days ago)
the terrace is so beautiful
Iv Naum (6 days ago)
I miss natural light here, it’s like we’re living wit the ninja turtles
xoxoxyx (6 days ago)
the front is wide but the bedroom looks small... and then the bricks which feels like a wine cellars to me. located on countryside with trees outlook for the balcony is great, but in a big city new york... ??? tall building around...
Miguel Ruiz-Carpio (7 days ago)
Defenitely more NYC!
Aaron Sellers (8 days ago)
Can I tour it?
taurusking89 (11 days ago)
10.8 millions for that shittt???????? This is Real??
j esco (8 days ago)
its actually pretty cheap for SoHo
Ani Vai (12 days ago)
I mean... is it really worth 10.8 million? Looks very simple ... but nice.
j esco (8 days ago)
for SoHo, its cheap actually
shawn brock (12 days ago)
More NYC Thanks for doing this guys
Bob Crane (12 days ago)
$11 Million and the door doesn't work anymore.
xixi webb (13 days ago)
You never tell us what's the rent every month
Erik Conover (13 days ago)
It’s for sale, not a rental.
more nyc more nyc tours more n more
Joseph Musembi (13 days ago)
This videos make me feel like a loser!
Dark Sigma (2 days ago)
hey you´re not alone...
cvt cvt (14 days ago)
I wonder if I could be happily satisfied with a $10 million upgrade in apartments and perfect ten girlfriends. Or would I want more?
Gabriel MZA (14 days ago)
-can you hear me over there? -no wtf?
Harsh Pandey (15 days ago)
more NYC !
Jesse Enser (15 days ago)
Is this a young Matt Dillon ? Lol
Jill DaSilva (16 days ago)
Hold on, I’m wiping my drool....
NGURANG BAPU (16 days ago)
more apartments pls
Haroon Rauf (17 days ago)
amazing work man
Yohanna Almonte (17 days ago)
Eye candy for poor people.
Aakash Ghosh (20 days ago)
may edwards (19 days ago)
Crazy in Love by Beyonce.
De LaMar (20 days ago)
That kitchen looks exactly like mine. Mine is from Ikea....
Cle4n CSGO (20 days ago)
In the book room can you blast some music without your nighbors complain?
Lacie Beller (22 days ago)
more nyc
Trina Yolanda (22 days ago)
Love the background music!!!
Jannis Höntscher (22 days ago)
@min 4:05 what a steal
Faith David (23 days ago)
MORE NYC!!!!!!!
Ruben BM (23 days ago)
More NYC
Tejas Patel (24 days ago)
MORE NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jason (25 days ago)
do more nyc apartments!! :D
Kenneth Lee (25 days ago)
So when u buy a apartment or house with shelves decorated with books an either stuff already,do u keep that stuff or is it removed after?
j esco (8 days ago)
Amina Amaré (25 days ago)
D Smith (27 days ago)
Looks like a fake eames lounger to me (Cushions seem to puffy)
Great place! More plz
Liam Kelly (28 days ago)
More NYC!!
Paola Franqui (28 days ago)
I’m the photographer and those are my 3 photos :) loved seeing them up there! my IG: www.instagram.com/monaris_
Paola Franqui (28 days ago)
ItsDumi (28 days ago)
Whats your instagram handle? :)
fucking-llama-hats (28 days ago)
I have to say, i have better views in my average rate rented London flat (clear full view of the Thames from both living room and bedroom).
DH (29 days ago)
What a waste of money
Exia Zcythe (29 days ago)
Beautiful! When was the place made ? The building and when was the apartment created? Does it come with private garage? And is this really a loft not a townhouse?
John James (25 days ago)
I believe it was originally constructed in 1890! I don't know if it comes with a private garage. It's a loft I believe.
Max Stevens (1 month ago)
Robert Sbaraglio (1 month ago)
More NYC
Robert Sbaraglio (1 month ago)
“Can you hear me over there” “No” 😂
Davido Star (1 month ago)
These guys are such sleezebags lol every American stereotype in one... yea I know you read the comments
Jon Annon (1 month ago)
more butthole licking!
niceass2221 (1 month ago)
10.8 million for that?
игорь и (1 month ago)
humudu (1 month ago)
I dont like exposure like that at all
sajjad hussain (1 month ago)
There is a charpai in the living room....(old school bed)
Dharmvir sharma (1 month ago)
More NYC
Sophia & Daniel M. (1 month ago)
more nyc !!
Adam Vav (1 month ago)
More nyc
juliocruiz10 (1 month ago)
‘maTHive’ 1:59 LOL
James Howitt (1 month ago)
More affordable than I was expecting for New York
James Howitt (1 month ago)
More affordable than I was expecting for New York
Jeffrey Gillespie (1 month ago)
This one is a knockout. I would leave it as is and just pull out the art and bring in my own collection. And yes, it does seem cheap for Soho...
Duck McMullen (1 month ago)
More NYC
Ashley Capobianco (1 month ago)
more nyc
chandler bing bong (1 month ago)
A bit too small for me.
PhillyReese215 (1 month ago)
For 10 million I want a better view.
Julissa Vee (1 month ago)
Playing UGK in the background made me like these vids and you guys even more
Sagar Guptaq (1 month ago)
More NYC!!!!!!
Eli Pieper (1 month ago)
More of this my man
Sam Harney (1 month ago)
More NYC
Shannon Wenkoff (1 month ago)
Nice camera work and editing 💯🙌
504Diva (1 month ago)
Just Gorgeous! #MoreNYC
Kevin Rasmussen (1 month ago)
more nyc
Michael Siddiqi (1 month ago)
More NYC!
gsolee (1 month ago)
More NYC!!!!
gsolee (1 month ago)
Yo, i'm not even gon' front, those furniture pieces took me to a whole other plane! ❤❤❤ ps. Give 3 the eames chair!
iskandar jaafar (1 month ago)
take off those shoes seriously so uncivilised
G (1 month ago)
absolute hovel, no fireplace
Adam Fulton (1 month ago)
More NYC!
Y&S FOOD! (1 month ago)
Incredible online video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to detect these types of content. We create Travel & Food shows too, around the globe, and also we are often seeking inspirations and perhaps approaches. Thank You.
Nick Jonescu (1 month ago)
More nyc
Phoebe Marie (1 month ago)
Love it!!
Mxolisi Veco (1 month ago)
Does it come fully furnished?
justice motloung (1 month ago)
More Nyc
CK Aventador (1 month ago)
more NYC
Going Machine (1 month ago)
TheEnchanterX (1 month ago)
More NYC!
John Smith (1 month ago)
What a waste of money 11 mil for some old wood and metal :/
Alex Peck (1 month ago)
More nyc
Mel Mel (1 month ago)
It's lit. Sky lit that is!

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