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Snogging - Lesbian Short Film

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SOUNDTRACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdL11QeSo1s INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/dominiquemichella WEBSITE: http://www.dominiquegimberg.com
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Text Comments (3257)
kawaiigirl Oreo (7 hours ago)
Artistic Sloane😊 (11 hours ago)
I hate this vid
xd Symitel (17 hours ago)
Chrissi (1 day ago)
JIJ LI (1 day ago)
I mean homosexuality is much more than lust! Idk the hell why people don't get that *IT'S LOVE NOT A LUST* by those films you're improving the opposite!
# Unicorns (1 day ago)
Why was he eating her shoulder😂
aria Sanford (1 day ago)
How does have over 7million views
Drew Johnson (1 day ago)
He covered his house in tinfoil for one party?
Caro Violet (1 day ago)
So cute❤
Saoodia Altidor (2 days ago)
C'est quoi cette putte
Entertainment Videos (2 days ago)
what is the girl name?
lisa van dorp (2 days ago)
Wajoow nederlands... Shook
and Sprite (3 days ago)
I died when they all walked in the room and shouted *"LESBOOOOS"*
Monika bhatt (3 days ago)
Kayra Clifford (3 days ago)
tall girl is like Gemma Styles
ItzjustZy_125 qwq (4 days ago)
*makes out with shoulder* nani ?
Fuck you
Что я лишь, что поглядела??!
Valeria Buijs (5 days ago)
Gelukkig het is in het nederlands 👍
tracy anna (5 days ago)
For me this is not a short film it took forever
jacob robets (8 days ago)
Ms creativity same
jacob robets (8 days ago)
I thought they were like sisters
Monaliah Khay (8 days ago)
These guys look ugly asf
Dan Thomas (9 days ago)
Lesbians. Ewwww.
Hi5 (9 days ago)
Why was this in my recomended?
So...YouTube was a bit off But I’m still confused on why this was recommended for me [email protected]—@
Stoned Look (10 days ago)
*kiss **-him-** her*
Caramel Stevens (10 days ago)
What language are they speaking?? It sounds so cool!
Rysiek (10 days ago)
What is that?!?!
Kieft Jenna (11 days ago)
Faust (11 days ago)
This was by far the most cringy thing I've ever seen.
Vanessa Godoy (11 days ago)
this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it
I’m pansexual 🤷‍♀️
D k Ji (12 days ago)
Very sweet I like
Paint the Brain (12 days ago)
Ok but that sad ass party room looks like a baked potato covered in all that aluminum foil.
GAMING SOLUTION (12 days ago)
I am indian i can't understand your language but I like your video👍👍👍👍
GAMING SOLUTION (12 days ago)
Very cute and beautiful😍😍😍😍 girls 😊😊😄😄
Dulce Dani (13 days ago)
What language is this?
Elisa Hoerth (13 days ago)
Syber678 (13 days ago)
the upsidedown (13 days ago)
Seriously 😒 I support the lgbtq+ but this was really corny
carakas rank 1 euw (13 days ago)
9:42 😷 why ?? U need a guy
Kaylee Goodman (14 days ago)
can you have sex
Suama Shileka (14 days ago)
Now I want fries
Clarisse Caracas (14 days ago)
TypicalAura (15 days ago)
1 question, WHY THE FUCK IS LGBTQ+ Taking over?!
wtf did i just watch 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️
Лера Граф (15 days ago)
Actor skam 5:13 haha?
Caroline Childress (15 days ago)
Such a cute video.
Ggjh Fhg (16 days ago)
المشتهية تجي سلطان واتس 00963965224957
Bae Jimjim (16 days ago)
Now to find my bleach (I'm gay)
gideon logan (16 days ago)
Had a descent build up. With the continue monologue about kissing. The end party scene felt half assed
Who wants to be my bf
Mikhyla Johnson (17 days ago)
Hello Ppl (17 days ago)
How did I go from ASMR to this....?
whatever unicorns (17 days ago)
summer lol (18 days ago)
Why they eat they fries so fast for
Rona Goodlove (18 days ago)
Is the boys gonna eat the Girls?
Manpreet Singh Gill (15 days ago)
+Rona Goodlove you are sexy girl
Manpreet Singh Gill (15 days ago)
+Rona Goodlove u r profile pic very hot
Rona Goodlove (15 days ago)
Manpreet Singh Gill wtf?
Manpreet Singh Gill (15 days ago)
tell me rona
Manpreet Singh Gill (15 days ago)
hello Rona
Catherine Rutenge (18 days ago)
The girls kissing felt weird to me*chills run up my spine*
Catherine Rutenge (18 days ago)
Creeps!Why don't those boys mind their own beezwax
Catherine Rutenge (18 days ago)
It's really creepy and it gets awkward at times
Manpreet Singh Gill (15 days ago)
tell me baby
Hassan Hussian (18 days ago)
I gay i locking for boyfriend
Recon gaming (18 days ago)
Hahaha so GOOD
Wolf Westie (19 days ago)
Wth are them girls doing with their hair I mean if they are at least going to a party they might as-well have nice hair !
Nexuzz rekzz (20 days ago)
Gay boys
Abo Alreed (20 days ago)
Yasmine muffin (20 days ago)
What language is this?
tipok tup (20 days ago)
Нахуй я это смотрю
Faze Panda (21 days ago)
This video was a waist of time and stupid
I'm on the weird pests Ide of the web ever
Sofia canepa (22 days ago)
That s like the boring east party
Apurv Chaturvedi (22 days ago)
Being lesbian doesn't mean you'll show boys in badlight. Not all boys are like that
ash greninja shuriken (22 days ago)
Kill lesbians
Marie A.K.A agent 2 (22 days ago)
What language is this? It’s like... Swedish??
gorebunny (22 days ago)
The short film was so well done when it comes to camera techniques, lighting, music and so on. But the story, especially the characters were just cringe. Seriously, the guys acted like they were sisters, which made the ending really fucking weird to watch. I think everyone can agree that the two guys were cringy as well, but I guess they were meant two make you feel uncomfortable. Besides, the girls also seemed like they were mentally 12, if not even younger. All in all it wasn't a good experience for me, and if someone asked me if I could recommend that movie, I'd honestly say no.
Emilia (22 days ago)
When you have to clear your history so your friend won’t watch this and make fun of you
beastmodeben gaming (22 days ago)
9:39 Thank me later.
Shadeidra Campbell (23 days ago)
like bro that shoulder was tasty asf
theahcc (23 days ago)
J’ai pas compris
Izzy Belle (23 days ago)
9:25 if you just want lesbian stuff
Arwend Mendoza (24 days ago)
AceFortniteChannel (24 days ago)
Like als je nederlands bent
Keira K (24 days ago)
Ella Lomas (24 days ago)
If those guys kissed me, I would be like : * violently scrubs at shoulder and neck for an hour *
Garry Whyte (25 days ago)
Thought that was funny! 'Go watch porn or something!'
мило, однако весьма удивительно
Princess. Asma (26 days ago)
*what a great party*
Catsarepretty (26 days ago)
Was that s party or a get together
Catsarepretty (26 days ago)
You call this lesbian 8 min if the show is them being straight then the lesbian part was so cringe
The magic happens at 9:40
Chrome (27 days ago)
3:45 eww the haircut tho
I LOVE ALLAH (28 days ago)
Wats with the party and aren't they sisters?!?!?!
Little Alexa Vlogs (28 days ago)
Dudes: Lezbians Girls go Watch some porn or something Me off showed down by a girl
Beyonca Patterson (28 days ago)
Bruh if they took my drink I would hurt them
Tanna Unruh (28 days ago)
Why he making out with her shoulder tho😂
Alexandra Fragko TV (28 days ago)
I am bi and I don't know what doing tell it to my friend or no
котейка 123 (29 days ago)
Я одинешенек российский
cali_style boss (29 days ago)
I ᗩᑕTᑌᗩᒪᒪY IT ᗩ ᒪIKEᗪ IT

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