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Snogging - Lesbian Short Film

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SOUNDTRACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdL11QeSo1s INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/dominiquemichella WEBSITE: http://www.dominiquegimberg.com
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Text Comments (3493)
Kevin (16 hours ago)
the only thing I'm thinking about is what a breezer is
Nigel VS Justin (19 hours ago)
Cring ending son and dance
Nigel VS Justin (19 hours ago)
Nederland numer 1!!!!!!
luli Ahre (21 hours ago)
Katja je56 (1 day ago)
Mal odvratno
Elaya Daou (1 day ago)
The dance at the end made me die😂😂
Pie is not a lie (1 day ago)
Lol me around my crush 3:14
Bham Oira (1 day ago)
Antman 4hunna (1 day ago)
Caprio_74 (1 day ago)
Omg 6:40 on right side is dildo 😂😂😉
Kalani W (2 days ago)
This is different compared to the usual LGBT+ short films I’m used to seeing.
abbyboo 105 (3 days ago)
I think he was confused with her shoulder and her mouth
Amelie Murphy (3 days ago)
j bad (4 days ago)
this is literally how I found out I was gay. one weekend I attended a party n made out w several dudes n was uncomfortable and disgusted asf I kept gagging after that night 😂 next weekend I hit up another party n found this cute ass girl n we made out n it was like sparks were flying omfg amazing. 😍😍 sigh this video is everything
Lisa Scherini (4 days ago)
this is the most ghetto shit I have ever seen
Tan tiernas😍😍
Sandbox Coloring (6 days ago)
wtf am i watching
Mohina Ibrohim (6 days ago)
They don't know how to impress a guy🙄
Are they twins? Cause I'm getting creeped out
They look to alike I'm getting confused which is which a bit
I'm irritated by how their all in the same type of clothes.
y00n._.m00n (7 days ago)
lmao its netherlands. finally some dutch gays
7 Cerdik (8 days ago)
"Go watch porn or something"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Nolyn Jenkins (8 days ago)
The guys were like leeches... gross
Mohoao_Music (9 days ago)
alphine enriquez (9 days ago)
` BRIGHI (9 days ago)
I hate gay's, i love lesbian's
Jerka Pro (10 days ago)
most besfriend.. end up of developing shit feelings.. and you know its crazy and wrong... Me:😧 what happen to me and my bestfriend..💔👍
WillowAnimates 06 (10 days ago)
When the google is *aesthetic*
Dj Games (11 days ago)
Oh yeah stick that revolver up my pussy Bitch
Catya Okay (11 days ago)
*googles "snogging"*
Philippine Girl (12 days ago)
8:30 I like neck kiss
Aymen Reigns (12 days ago)
Disaster short movie
What language is that? It sounds sooooo beautiful Is it french?
I think its Dutch
unicorn gach (13 days ago)
lol im so horny
Just Millie (13 days ago)
*impress him* I cAn fIt mOrE fRiEs iN mY mOuTh tHaN yOu cAn bItCh
Ming's World (13 days ago)
AHH!!! So cute!!!
Martin Munck (13 days ago)
JimmeVideos MSP (13 days ago)
I want to be lesbian just because girls are way more understanding and cuter and nicer and softer than guys
Sinead Raleigh (14 days ago)
That guy has a serious shoulder fetish..........
Kemoni Cooper (14 days ago)
When they were at the party I was laughing so hard because the boy just started eating her shoulder😭😭💀
dria Cason (16 days ago)
Why was there so much awkward dancing at the end? Made me feel awkward but I liked the short overall tho 😂😂😂
Aleksandar Stupar (16 days ago)
W t f this is so fucking stupid
Bella Talon (16 days ago)
9:40 thank me later
Jeniffer Gamble (16 days ago)
That is a sad party
Jeniffer Gamble (16 days ago)
We are all here because we ate perverts
Louise Hedrich (16 days ago)
*eats shoulder*
Madi Reddy Lawless (17 days ago)
What language?
Nikips Mares (17 days ago)
Like like like like like like Si si si si si si si si si si si Me me me me me me Entiendes 😈😈😈😴😈😈😈👼☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😐😯😉😈😇😆😅😑😕😠😬😡😢😴😨😧😦😥😤😣😮😣😤😥😦😧😨😵😳😲😱😟😰😩😶😷😞😒😍😛😜😎😚😘😙😗😋😝😭😌😖😔😪😏😓🙇🙆🙅🙍🙌🙋😫🙎🙏😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀🙈🙉🙊👴👩👨👧👦👶💩👵💏💑👪👫👬👭👯💂💁👷👮👥👤👰👸🎅👼👱👹👳👺👹👻💅💇💆💃👽👾👿💀💪👀👂💙❤💋👅👄👣👃💚💛💜💓💔💕💖👎👍💟💞💝💘💗👌✊👉👇👈👋👏👐☝👆💔 Por que puse eso no se alv prro
Katieanne Porte (17 days ago)
Lmao a party with 4 people alone
Patrick Szabo (17 days ago)
Admin (17 days ago)
Lyric Gaming (18 days ago)
what language they speaking
Maggienificent Xx (18 days ago)
Emily M (18 days ago)
Nobody’s gonna talk about how he violently pushed her leg off him 9:01 😂🤣🤣😂😂 wtf
Lyric Noneyabusiness (18 days ago)
Not gonna lie the girl in the silver dress at the end is hot
Natalie Sandoval (18 days ago)
Some party...
Kirsten Jansen (18 days ago)
This is the most cringe thing I’ve ever seen
itshaixx channel (18 days ago)
Knp lesbian ada filmnya segala sih?-_
MICHAEL Martinez (18 days ago)
Ryan Speicher (19 days ago)
LESBIANs everyone screams. Go watch porn or something 😂😂
Zoe Boyette (19 days ago)
Are they twins I'm confused
me monk (20 days ago)
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 2 years later... mmmmmmmmmnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
Is it just me thats wondering why they randomly look up snogging in there free time??
Gemini_ Bowers (20 days ago)
What a beautiful story ❤️
Rafaela Venancio (21 days ago)
I don't like at all
Random Meme (22 days ago)
Forgive me lord for I have sinned
didi Morris (22 days ago)
they are having a fry war
i love turtles (22 days ago)
*boys left the room leaving the girls alone* me*stares at the screen verry close* me:kiss kiss kiss kiss *they kiss* me :YES YES IM SO PROUD YEEEEEES (i was home alone so no one could hear me screaming)
F_w132 uzumaki (24 days ago)
Does make the boys hope Than ne gay ahhaha
Gabriela Maria (24 days ago)
What the hell
Sweta Patel (24 days ago)
Sweta Patel (24 days ago)
Some party look at their faces
ღLINIK _KAWAYღ (24 days ago)
I did not understand why moms do not speak English dogs hahaha ablo Spanish but I have to be told to show off:
eluney Esmeralda (22 days ago)
hablas spanish?
Binky & Bonney (24 days ago)
lopi lori (25 days ago)
Wow, I’m Eli and that’s cute
XO Koffee XO (25 days ago)
flores (26 days ago)
What the hell have i been watching if this comes up on my recommended
Jamless Gucci (26 days ago)
*impresses him at eating french fries*
Bri Winters (26 days ago)
See this I why schools don't like shoulders. This is why boys get distracted by them. Because every time they see one, they violently make out with them.
Well at least people aren’t hating because be with the person you love if u love the same gender go ahead (writing this just to say)
Debob Bebob (26 days ago)
How many bikes can a school parking lot hold?
Jocelyn Roberson (27 days ago)
The end was so cringy
اكو عراقيه هناه 🤔
اكو عراقيه هناه 🤔
Sw4 Nky (27 days ago)
What the fuck is it?
JustJay (27 days ago)
That's one lame party
Veronica Chansaw (27 days ago)
Kisses is awful
WillMac Lopez (28 days ago)
2:20 step eight, order a Mac
Why does every pair of people have the same outfits on?
TAE IS BAE (25 days ago)
Army is that u 😂😂💀? Sorry I had too
AYANO AISHI 4EVER (28 days ago)
for some reason i find that real kisses are disgusting i dont know why
Mai Giza (29 days ago)
Hello, hot 😚 call me😋👅😚👅
Frisky Bits (30 days ago)
Krysta Maclean (1 month ago)
Starts to kiss her then bites shoulder 😂😂
hilmar de vries (1 month ago)
I am bi and pan
Kheira Ziani (1 month ago)
It’s sisters ? No ?
Manu Amorim (1 month ago)
por que isso estava nos meus recomendados?
Taro M (1 month ago)
are they sisters or friends?
THATS MY OPINION !!! (1 month ago)
Oh god
Anna Reimers (1 month ago)
There are so many things going wrong with this film... Lmfao!

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