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Loud Luxury feat. brando - Body (Official Lyric Video)

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Check out the Pitbull & Nicky Jam version of Loud Luxury - Body here: https://youtu.be/GuvNY31hGxs Listen or download "Loud Luxury feat. brando - Body": https://ARMAS1328.lnk.to/BodyYA Summer-tinged and mesmeric from the get-go, ‘Body’ puts shame to the catchiest songs of the season. From the well-timed vocals of brando to the upbeat chords and meticulous arrangement, it makes for a record that never falters. Heeding the cries of music lovers for quality music, this brilliant production from Loud Luxury is on a level of its own. Stream more Armada Music hits here: https://WeArmada.lnk.to/PLYA Subscribe to Armada TV: http://bit.ly/SubscribeArmada #LoudLuxury #Body #LoudLuxuryBody Connect with Armada Music ▶https://www.facebook.com/armadamusic ▶https://twitter.com/Armada ▶https://soundcloud.com/armadamusic
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Text Comments (11098)
Armada Music (10 months ago)
Hit us up in the comment section to share where and when you first heard this track!
Kayla Lawrie (1 month ago)
#k1ng bert0 on tik tok
+MICHAEL KARAMALLIS when were there?. link 4 the club? show us.
Alan Walker (38 minutes ago)
The girl's name, please !
Michael Ahsin (4 hours ago)
Lean for the kiss 💋 (it’s the best lyric eva!)
ABHOY DAS (5 hours ago)
Morning song
Maria Clara (5 hours ago)
Vivem a vida sem se preucuparem com nada fodase tudo agente morre deixa tudo
민혜 (9 hours ago)
melanie songa songa (9 hours ago)
This song is the best and amazing and it is wonderful😛😛😛😝😍
Anthony Jackson (9 hours ago)
My boy just put me on.. Dope joint
Worldwide Handsome (9 hours ago)
One of the many good songs tiktok has ruined
GrkmLive (10 hours ago)
En sevdiği şarkı :))
amijah (13 hours ago)
Sorry, what genre is this? <3
Nicoly Moura (14 hours ago)
My god,the best music in 2019!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩
Que cancion tan mas padre
Chloe D (16 hours ago)
Homer Homer Homer Simpson
Levente Kettler (16 hours ago)
Magyarország !!!!!
Pedro Lucas Pirata (17 hours ago)
Vim pelo gabepeixe cu de apito
Milo Moberg (17 hours ago)
Love dis song
Andressa Santos (17 hours ago)
alguém de BR?
Sally face 😍😍
Wafaa Yaghi (19 hours ago)
For anybody asking for the girl's name in the video, her name is Chelcie May
iman hajaig (21 hours ago)
this songs gets me pumped up!!!!
THE BOSS MANUAL (21 hours ago)
This video is Cali as F*ck!
とりまカオス (22 hours ago)
神曲 日本人いる?
Кто российский из 2к19?
videohumor (1 day ago)
Who is she?
Orsolya Kunkli (1 day ago)
Oh my oh my oh my sensei
Sally Face 👌🌚
luisi marques (1 day ago)
Me Encata Esta Casion Ermosa
Davi Doff (1 day ago)
Bari ulma date_n sânge
Harmøny (1 day ago)
Music Video Producers: Ok, do you want a lot of effects or a little bit of effects? Loud Luxury: Yes. Music Video Producers: What does that mean? Loud Luxury: YESSSSSSSSS
Milkof Thepoppy (1 day ago)
What is the outro track at the very very end?
aastha (1 day ago)
April 2019?
Adax gameplay (1 day ago)
Luis Lopez (1 day ago)
Are they all the same girl 💀
T.I.N Mateus (1 day ago)
It's only one girl trough out the whole clip.
Cama lek (1 day ago)
Iam fall in Love... She is soo..
Éva F (1 day ago)
WOW... 👍🤜🤛👏💥
Bárbara A. (1 day ago)
To viciada nessa música!
edgar Gamer (1 day ago)
How can you not like this srsly who disliked this song is dumb
Alexandre Camargo (1 day ago)
Alguém veio pelo Tiago reis ou pelo Renato Garcia?
Beatriz Oliveira (1 day ago)
Eu pesquisei "Bari um ma" kskkksksks
JAMES SEATON (1 day ago)
love the song keep up the amazing work
T.I.N Mateus (1 day ago)
なちこ (1 day ago)
Dominika Bieniek (2 days ago)
Ktoś z Polski słucha tego ?
xCKF (2 days ago)
who else here from that fortnite video?
xCKF (1 day ago)
Nash The Gamer yeah
Nash The Gamer (1 day ago)
xCKF the duo partner one ryt??
Nash The Gamer (1 day ago)
xCKF meeee😂😂😂😂
Guillermo Peralta (2 days ago)
EMILI LOVE (2 days ago)
Кто российский ?
Adam Levy (2 days ago)
This video is so underwhelming for the song ):
Slow._.Soundz (2 days ago)
Who got this from O.G tiktok
Niky sarah Ramroop (2 days ago)
Loud luxury ft Brando body lyrics 👏💃😘💗🥂🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🥂🥂🥂🎶✈️
random person (2 days ago)
this is the LYRICS video y'all, there's the official one too
EligiumGamer (2 days ago)
Bate uma, bate uma... toma, toma, toma
Adriano Feroleto (2 days ago)
Fortnite 777
Geraldo Virgulino (2 days ago)
Só vim por causa do thiago reis
Julia Ogorzalek (2 days ago)
August 2019???😂
J.L.S. junio game (2 days ago)
Quem veio pelo Thiago reis?
Qm veio pelo Renato Garcia ou thiago reis ?
Jeni SJ (2 days ago)
Anyone here after tik tok??
김유린 (2 days ago)
Do you know the name of the woman on this video?Let me know if you know.please
Natalia Herrera (2 days ago)
김유린 chelcia may
rc (2 days ago)
Here after hearing on tiktok ?
Brian Sostek (2 days ago)
Body on my inner sensei
Daniel Vinícius (2 days ago)
Stories do Renato Garcia?
jao vitor (2 days ago)
Os Br veio só por causo do Thiago reis ksksksks
Shonok Rohan (2 days ago)
whos the girl with ponytail wearing jacket ?
kingslayer (6 hours ago)
Her name is chalcie may
uul anip (2 days ago)
Overwatch Gaming (3 days ago)
Who is just here to leave a like 😃😃😂?
Paulo Henrique (3 days ago)
Alguém veio pelo re
Luh Rozeno (3 days ago)
Alguém veio pelo #ThiagoReis?
isabel santos (3 days ago)
Vim pelos stories do Renato Garcia 🙆❤️
Gabriel Donatti (3 days ago)
Eu também
Celi Bernardes (3 days ago)
Mary Lulu (3 days ago)
This is so asthetic
DestructionGaming (3 days ago)
what is that editing effect they have put on the girl? Like the lines and stuff
ThatsMyChannel (1 day ago)
Not an effect, just edited the video and added lines to it
Esn D (3 days ago)
my body isnt ready for summer helpp
Excalibur Rosé (3 days ago)
the fortnite video where they dance in sync
Po prostu Oliwia (3 days ago)
April 2019??
Žan Dolenc (3 days ago)
Chelcie May
Beatriz Pereira (3 days ago)
Cringe Kido (3 days ago)
April 2019??? Someone??
Siera Knight (22 hours ago)
Me thank god you said this lol 😂
Cesar Mayo (1 day ago)
Triin Välba (2 days ago)
Summer 2019 loading...
ayde7360 ayde7360 (4 days ago)
A song as good as this, it must have a complex title. Body.
Lucas Madsen (4 days ago)
What is the girls INSTERGRAM? Ask for a friend
Nash The Gamer (1 day ago)
Lucas Madsen Chelchie May
Catday 42 (4 days ago)
2019 2019 2019 2019 2019 2019 2019 2019
MAI TAKEDA (4 days ago)
Everyone say it bodyomahhh (body on my)
Its Sophie (4 days ago)
Why it sounds like d*cks.. sorry on 0:32
Aznal Anas (4 days ago)
Catchy song love it
llaicram (4 days ago)
Aguanta Culo.
Lilly (4 days ago)
Follow her ig @chelciemay
PlaidShirts United (4 days ago)
The bullshit at the end about more amazing music videos really ruins this song in a playlist
Davi Steinkopf (4 days ago)
Até que fim achei este musicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kubaa - (4 days ago)
April 2019?🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Anja Rumler (2 hours ago)
I Wpui I (14 hours ago)
This still bangs
sztohl94 (21 hours ago)
Kubuś :)
Farah Qaherah (1 day ago)
dex YT (1 day ago)
Danny Amaral (4 days ago)
Body on my...!!!!
zlovezPxndazX (4 days ago)
Sierra Clements (4 days ago)
April 2019??
Marco Muthuthantrige (4 days ago)
May 2019?🤙
T.I.N Mateus (1 day ago)
way too early
Is that the Corsair logo? Lol
Honest Fella (4 days ago)
No song ever born to impress me like B O D Y.
よしおさん (5 days ago)
jacobtoja (5 days ago)
0:49 TIK TOK
C DSBZ (5 days ago)
Finally a song where the comments aren't '2019'? .... wait..

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