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DevaCurl Styling Cream And Spray Gel Review

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Love it! Styling Cream $24.95 Spray Gel $19.95
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Alyssa Swan (3 years ago)
Thank you for this review! I have been trying so many different products on my hair that have just NOT worked! I have really been trying to embrace my curls and ditch the flat iron.I was on the fence about DevaCurl but I will be heading to Ulta today after watching your review.
Karin Petta (6 years ago)
I have the same problem. So rinse it out. Your hair may not need so much conditioner. This is also recommended in the CGHB.
rockthenatural (6 years ago)
When using the Devacurl One Condition as a leave-in, it seems to leave my hair feeling very coated and dull after it dries. I've clarified my hair with baking soda, but still have the same problem. Did you have this issue when you first started using it?
Dee Good (6 years ago)
Hi Rachael what is your curl type. Reason I ask your curls are beautiful.
kdenene (6 years ago)
hi rachael just wanted you to know that i recently tried devacurl styling creme and i love it too. Its hard to describe the feel of the product going on. its like a creme and mousse but I love it. It moisterizes so well and leaves my hair so soft. thanks for the revieww this is a staple for me now.
MamaDouglas (6 years ago)
I received my DevaCurl products today. Do you think I should shampoo my hair with a clarifying shampoo before I start my curly girl routine? Also, I have the Set it Free and the Mist-er Right. Are these two products basically the same thing? Thanks for your advice.
kgsunshine (6 years ago)
So after twisting the water out w/ a t-shirt, do you then add more One Conditioner and run it through your hair?
kgsunshine (6 years ago)
I'm no pro, but I used One Conditioner for the first time today and the only parts that turned out white on me where the parts that I didn't work all the way through. You probably just need to work it through more.
DrRisk01 (7 years ago)
Omg..your hair is so AMAZING! O__O <3
Sherri Green (7 years ago)
Thank you!!!
Sherri Green (7 years ago)
I appreciate the information that you have shared regarding the CGM. Can you do a tutorial video showing us how you apply the Deva Curl products from start to finish?
quietstormaps (7 years ago)
You look great, your hair is gorgeous!!! May I ask where you got your earrings from? I love big hoops, lol. Thanks!!
cocogonenatural (7 years ago)
Your hair is beautiful! How long have you been doing the CGM and how long did it take for your to start retaining the moisture?
flowerrmb (7 years ago)
Your hair looks good!!
kahlynn lawrence (7 years ago)
Love the way your hair looks. One of these days i must try this line but first i must use up all my other stuff lol! U look great btw
aloe4radiance (7 years ago)
@rachaelcpr I ordered mine it is on it's way can't wait to try the cream and spray gel. Did you order you a new dryer :)) I know you said you might get the one I brought. I love it, it works so great!
Loulou Matou (7 years ago)
great review, you seem to have found another staple! your hair looks great!!
Legalmane (7 years ago)
Your hair looks great! I might have to break down and try it.
snapnappy40 (7 years ago)
Could you please upload the step by step process you showed us on how you wash and style your hair? I want to start but I'm having problems with the results!
aloe4radiance (7 years ago)
Dang No you didn't beat me to this! :)) Girl my hairstylist just called me today and told me she got it in today. I am going to get me some. Love my DevaCurl. Thanks for the review.
peachpuddin (7 years ago)
Thanx so much for that review! How do you use it....on wet hair or dry?

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