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Guess The Lesbian Smile Challenge!

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Text Comments (716)
Amaretto Punsch (12 days ago)
3:12 If she says she is bi then she is bi....I do not understand why people try to push someone into a another label
Pikasammiechu 101 (1 month ago)
4 outta 4 xD
BbgKennn (2 months ago)
ok but i’m bi and the girl with the dreads make me wanna sock her teeth in. she’s so mean
I feel like most lesbians do the smirk and then smile lol. A lot of people have told me that I do it and I’ve noticed a lot of other lesbians do too😂
ALICIA SWIFT (4 months ago)
When I smile the left side of my mouth is always up more then the right side of my mouth and I am a lesbian.
Fangirljunk (4 months ago)
Damn I got the last one wrong I though she was gay😂
Kamesa Newton (4 months ago)
i hate when lesbian say u gay not bi like i like boys n girls🙄
So Specially Me (7 months ago)
You truly are the cutest woman.
Aly P (8 months ago)
Shit lol that bi smile is my smile 😂😂😂 on point xD
nia (10 months ago)
lol i had this theory before, can't believe it exist.
Gavin Seddon (10 months ago)
Whether you're a lesbian or not I don't really care because you are whatever you want to be! 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
PixieBubbles (10 months ago)
"she's a lesbian she just doesn't know it" how about no.
Phillip Millar (11 months ago)
1 for 4..a bit like a Cincinnati Reds batter Apparently on a good day...
Sorryscene (1 year ago)
Yeah most gay men smile with all their teeth including the wisdom ones. LOL true story.
Sarah J (1 year ago)
Is that a white girl wearing fucking dreds
Elle morris (1 year ago)
I think I'm lesbian xx
Danielle Agbiboa (1 year ago)
the last third girls smile was ugly the black girl not to be mean or rasict
i.l.v.y (1 year ago)
I guessed everyone right👌😂
Eve Hazza (1 year ago)
Yayyy my guess were right. 😂😁
Someone (1 year ago)
I got every single one right omg
What kidds like (1 year ago)
I don't even smile most of the time I smirk 😂
Elle morris (1 year ago)
I do like the smile! :)
Elle morris (1 year ago)
[MERCY]Angela Ziegler (1 year ago)
my friend said i smile like a lesbian and i took an actual test. turns out ima goddamn lesbian.
[MERCY]Angela Ziegler (1 year ago)
*plays ha gay all over this shit*
Kim Stroud (1 year ago)
I only got the first one wrong!!
max joiner (1 year ago)
gay boy version
Emily (1 year ago)
I got all of them right, wow!
Ugh (1 year ago)
I got them all right!
Shannon Lee (1 year ago)
I guessed all of them ;) Gadar ftw.
Antin Edits (1 year ago)
1:37 Omg shes hot... Im a boy so its not weird
Aurorealis (2 years ago)
my gaydar is on point
Angela Garcia (2 years ago)
This video was hilarious and awesome
Aicha Love (2 years ago)
wanna fuck Arielle shes so fucking sexy and hot 😍
Aicha Love (1 year ago)
Shannon Lee Im very directly oft course and she is so fucking hot man 😇😇 sorry my english is not that good 😂
Shannon Lee (1 year ago)
I'm not saying you're the only one here who thinks that (because you're obviously not hehehe) but woah that was blunt and forward of you. XD
Nahui Hinojosa (2 years ago)
I knew them all! OMG even the bisexual at first look i tought "she is super bi" lol gaydar is a thing
naturalJae (2 years ago)
they do
Amaretto Punsch (1 year ago)
naturalJae You are hot and you should know it
Andrea (2 years ago)
I gess all of them Im so gay
Andrea (2 years ago)
Bethany Fox (2 years ago)
Hana Omer (2 years ago)
I just kept guessing bi because then I'd always get at least half a point.
Lesbian:only shows top teeth Straight: sorta forces a smile/shows all teeth Bi: corner smile
liv, human disaster (2 years ago)
as soon as I daw the last girl I was like oh shit that's my smile she's bi
Ss Sd (2 years ago)
whats that song at the end?
Ss Sd (2 years ago)
whats that song at the end?
Kayla Lopez (2 years ago)
I KNEW THAT ONE GIRL WAS BI oml! It's probably because I'm pan and I got this vibe off of her.
- gay bagel - (1 year ago)
Eli Murillo Rios She's not a mirror...
Eli Murillo Rios (2 years ago)
you're ugly
Maya García (2 years ago)
Same !
Lea Laika (2 years ago)
Arielle, so great that you did this video! =) My gaydar with boys works mainly through seeing their smile! :) So there must be some truth in your theory! ;)
D3ad M3mori3s (2 years ago)
Lol I got them all right😂
Anat Bob (2 years ago)
What is the song at the end of the video ?
creepella016 (2 years ago)
my teeth are yellow as fuck.. fuckin tea coffee and sweets
Jenny Porter (1 year ago)
rub your teeth with lemon its simple & effective
Jimmy Gull (2 years ago)
What is she bi str8 or gay
Affirmative Negative (2 years ago)
If there lesbian you should see hair between the teeth? Rug munchers right?
move im gay (2 years ago)
Lo Sousa Official (2 years ago)
That makes sense...😂
Error Emily (2 years ago)
I got them all right lmao
Ashley Francis (2 years ago)
The one with the dreads is so biphobic
imthe3B (1 year ago)
She is sooo biphobic, i wish they wouldnt use her in videos.
bvlnwtvr (1 year ago)
Ashley Francis I just think she was joking, like "I wanted to get my guess right so the 'right answer' must be wrong"
Lea Laika (2 years ago)
Yes, horribly! There is another video where it is about what lesbians think of bisexuals, and I remembered her because she was so very biphobic there and I found that very sad to see.
Mirra Hays (2 years ago)
+Ashley Francis OMG yeah, Im not bi so I am not defending myself or anything. But what she said is so messed up. Oh youre just a lesbian... thats the same as saying oh youre not a lesbian I know that you really like guys. I know what you like better than you do... smh so rude
Rilez Alrimecar (2 years ago)
Arielle is so adorable
Alex Carvill (2 years ago)
I hate the one with the dreads, she just completely dismisses the fact of being bi, it's rude and selfish, she wouldn't know, since when was it up to her the make the decision for other people, it's just ignorant, if you read this, I don't care if it offends you, just because you've had the struggle of being gay and coming out, who are you to judge other people on there feeling, you have nothing to do with their sexual preference, it's stupid
Alex Carvill (2 years ago)
+Mirra Hays I'm glad somebody understands!
Mirra Hays (2 years ago)
+Alexandra Carvill Yeah ugh no one should ever try to say that they know what someone else wants more than they themselves do. She is making the same mistake that straights could make to gays, like "you're going through a phase" or "youre trying to be trendy" shut up!...
Alex Carvill (2 years ago)
+Affirmative Negative yeah, it's stupid
Affirmative Negative (2 years ago)
It's funny, she's a lesbian and she's there like 'bi isn't natural' 'it doesn't make sense' like are you FUCKING kidding me?
Maxwell Stefan (2 years ago)
Do a gay boy version omg
Kaylah R (2 years ago)
+Sigrid “Siri” Nilsen Aw, haha. Same. My gaydar is pretty accurate when it comes to boys! Lol
Maxwell Stefan (2 years ago)
+Princess Kay I'm a gay boy, so for me it would be tons of fun to test my gay boy detection skills, and I feel like I'd probably be better at that than I am at detecting lesbians lol
Kaylah R (2 years ago)
Yeahhhhh😊👍🏽 I feel like I can tell with boys more than girls lol
Zizzie Bandit (2 years ago)
what would my smile make me? lol
Leanna Jones (2 years ago)
Omg I have the same theory because I knew a bi girl and a lesbian and they both had the same kind of lips and smile 😮
Kelsey Doyle (2 years ago)
I've been saying this for years!!!!!!
Jo李琦恩 (2 years ago)
Do I look Gay, Bi, or Straight?
Jo李琦恩 (2 years ago)
+Mirra Hays Yes, that is very true!
Mirra Hays (2 years ago)
+Jo Lee mhm, figuring out who we are is a lifelong path 😛 and at some point these preferences could even change. its probably more fluid than people make it out to be, mainly because a lot of people are afraid of anything thats not hetero or fitting into "assigned" genders.
Jo李琦恩 (2 years ago)
+Mirra Hays Okay thx! Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out who I am. Also, I lean more towards liking girls 😁
Jo李琦恩 (2 years ago)
+Mirra Hays Okay thx! Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out who I am. Also, I lean more towards liking girls 😁
Mirra Hays (2 years ago)
+Jo Lee that's fine, you're still rly young 😊 plus labels dont mean much. I am most likely straight, if I am anything else Im Bi but I for sure lean more towards liking guys. 😛
Noah Pappas (2 years ago)
Jimmy Gull (2 years ago)
So true
Baskets (2 years ago)
The videos on Arielle's channel just proves the stereo type that the only thing gays think about is sex
Jay Fedder (2 years ago)
If this was a straight guy who made this video it would have 99% dislike lmao, like right before this I just watched a video about a gay guy who said we can't call him gay. I gotta take a fuckin night course to talk to you people.
sarah s. (2 years ago)
3:09 ohhh wtf... shut up, please. try to be tolerant. bisexuality is real as homosexuality is real, damn it.
D d (2 years ago)
"You can't say gay from the hair" that sounds bloody ignorant.
Nina and Jana (2 years ago)
Who all only got one wrong?
Justin Bieber (2 years ago)
people think I'm a scientist. hahahaha she's friggin hilarious. ilysfm
haaa even with my corner smirk smile idk -.- no one really knows i am *sighs*
luciferismydad (2 years ago)
I'd wife you
animefreaks2000 (2 years ago)
Omg the last one that is me being bisexual myself I smile exactly like that XD that was great
InFamouslyRed (2 years ago)
Lol I do the bi smile but im leaning more on the girl side XD
Ana Weber (2 years ago)
OMG this is so freaking accurate xD I guessed them all and also... I'm bi and I smile just like hat xD
LadySpira (2 years ago)
Arielle, your smile is SUPER gay ;D
Sabina Porter (2 years ago)
this is y new gaydar thank you
La_fleur (2 years ago)
lol my smile always look like a smirk before it turns into a full smile or stay like a smirk
Mariana Rojas Zapata (2 years ago)
oh shit I have a gay smile
onejjj (2 years ago)
"... so i can flash my smile to everybody and still be single" 😅😅😅😓😔... same here
Melissa Villa (3 years ago)
I smirk, then smile haha I'm bi.
InFamouslyRed (3 years ago)
First and fourth smile I always do lol XD
elgrenwich (3 years ago)
the corner smile, haha in some other video i saw something about it and damm! i realized i do it all the time XD
Cindy A. (3 years ago)
3:27 " Yeah-- It's like an attitude like..... _"You know you want this.."_ . " True.. Of all the lesbians I know they all do that smirk that means " _you want that ass don't you_ ". All of them. My smile is so gay too, like-- ohmagad I love my smile too much. Yeah, I'd go out with my smile... You know, I've been single for a while now.. with my lips... and.. I have to say, it's going pretty well, I.. I think they're the ones!
Cindy A. (3 years ago)
lexican foreigner (3 years ago)
lesbians do full on smiles but the thing is with lesbians we always do a little liP lick just before we smile or we tend to bite our top lip
Theladyoftheday (3 years ago)
woa. those two guys looked so similar. couples that look alike can either be creepy or cute. these two are cute :3
bulletproof loneliness (3 years ago)
I'm straight but do the corner smile... D:
Meightaboot (3 years ago)
I guessed 3/4. Instantly knew the 4th one was Bi because I smile the exact same way xD Corner smile = Gay from now on
Octopussyist (3 years ago)
Thanks Arielle, finally I see a chance to get my gaydar work with lesbians too, like it always did with male gays. (I had all of them right here)
grace ella (3 years ago)
DAY: HELLO MAMA    ME: *DIES OF LAUGHTER*                                                    *BEST LINE EVER*
Carol Anne Beckham (3 years ago)
That girl is a known biphobe, the one with the white girl cornrows
Morgan Dougherty (3 years ago)
dont know why your single your gorgeous
cosmicpixel (3 years ago)
im confused as to why you think the way your lips move when you smile determines yor sexuality, thats like saying a feminine guy is gay.
Harley smith (3 years ago)
Can you do a guy version?
Harley smith (3 years ago)
Can you do a guy version
Harley smith (3 years ago)
Can you do a guy version
Sio Says (3 years ago)
wow you talk exactly like morello from OITNB lol
wolfgirl sdm (3 years ago)
i got them all right lol #panpride
wolfgirl sdm (2 years ago)
I still got it right my gaydar is on point
Pam Castillo (3 years ago)
Aced it...piece of yum yum
generic person (3 years ago)
I just notice I haven't seen all of it yet but most of the gays smile with there top teeth
ItsMe Annika (3 years ago)
I rlly don't understand this Video.
What about pan, poly, ace, or demi smiles?

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