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Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

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Very Anonymous (15 minutes ago)
2015: I’m hungry 2016: I’m still hungry 2017: Maybe I should eat something 2018: Yeah I should definitely eat something 2019: I’ll be right back
Lottie Wakefield (2 hours ago)
all i could think was, “BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA HIM! YOU GO, GIRL!”
just someone (5 hours ago)
Most girls are straight :(
Frida (6 hours ago)
2016 : I have looked womans face and body since my childhood but I didnt understand because society refer to boys 2017 she is pretty but we are just friend 2018 (other girl) she is definitely hot 2019 Hey world Iam Bi !
bycros 123 (8 hours ago)
Jaiden Septiceye (11 hours ago)
2015: Mommy, why are those boys kissing each other, it's gross! 2016: Mom, my friend came out as gay to me...is it bad to support her? 2017: I'm so proud of my best friend! She got a girlfriend!! 2018: Wait...why is my best friend so...hot?? 2019: Mom...dad...I need to tell you something... Now: I'M A FUCKING PANSEXUAL BITCH AND I SHALL ALWAYS BE FUCKING PROUD OF IT!!!! 🏳️‍🌈
CRAZY Me! (11 hours ago)
Homophobics keep away being gay is contagious 🌈
That gamer lopela (11 hours ago)
OceanWave Wolfrine (12 hours ago)
Let's get something straight.... I'm not
Angie Vergara (14 hours ago)
Disney channel is quaking
Lisaa Thomas (14 hours ago)
Omfg my best friend is baisexaul , but rn she has a boyfriend and I really like her like like her.
Diamond Castle (15 hours ago)
Wow, I still remember I played this song in front of friends and also my crush, in 2015. Bringing back those old memories, wow. Btw I never got to kiss that gay guy~
moonlight1d (16 hours ago)
Fuck, I want a girlfriend so bad :,,,,,,,)
Eve Levy (17 hours ago)
This video made me wonder if I’m bi and I don’t know it 😐
Lion Europe (19 hours ago)
2015:im asexual everyone isnt cute to me 2016:i like boys 2017:i like boys but when i see hot girl i cant talk 2018:okey im bisexual 2019: whats up im in love with and boys are ugly to me thats mean im gay
Lion Europe (19 hours ago)
We were with my dad today home alone and he ask me if i have boyfrend or girlfrend i said no but maybe i like someone (girl) he know that and he just smile and ask me who is it i dont tell but i tell is someone i know like 9 years but i fall in love with her just now i dont know why it just happend and every time i see her i have to smile.but she is streight so nothing happend between us but that doesnt mean i cant love her.
xannax 05 (20 hours ago)
That's so true. Girl like girls like boys do. And. Boys like boys like girls do. #wirgegenhomophobie 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
xannax 05 (4 hours ago)
+Marla Tinker ja😂❤️
Marla Tinker (5 hours ago)
Adam Watson (21 hours ago)
68 thousand fucking dislikes..
Aiga vagānova (21 hours ago)
Kasia Kowalska (22 hours ago)
Lexi C (22 hours ago)
If your questioing like I am don't label yourself intil you know for sure that your being true self it ok to not know yet the time will come
Yasmine Carr (22 hours ago)
I cried a lot during this video. This probably has to be my favorite music video
Sofia Andersson (22 hours ago)
2013: the fuck is bi 2014-2017: no clue 2018: H O L Y F U C K EVERYONES REALLY CUTE AND WHY DO I HATE BEING CALLED A GIRL 2019: I'm bi and T R A N S G E N D E R and have a girlfriend loooool
Lion Europe (19 hours ago)
Im happy for you.😁😁😁😁
spider nugget (23 hours ago)
My grow up: I like boys I like boy I like bo I like boo I like boob I like boobs
Furme Wolfy (23 hours ago)
idil rhode lovato (1 day ago)
im bi, and i proud of myself.
Noa K (1 day ago)
The guy there is cute..
Peta-Jade (1 day ago)
The worst is when you two love each other and people keep you apart
Peta-Jade (1 day ago)
The worst is when you two love each other and people keep you apart
The Unique Fangirl (1 day ago)
I'm real and I don't feel like boys💖💜
scarlet (1 day ago)
2016: im straight 2017: why are girls suddenly so cute 2018: maybe im bi? 2019: nope just very gay like sosososo gay!
Pastel Primrose (1 day ago)
This song is the best thing ever <3
Lara_zng (1 day ago)
JaZ Morris (1 day ago)
The kind of love I wish I had.
L1nkM4nuel :D (1 day ago)
how did i end here?
Laiuw Osami (1 day ago)
Ok I am straight (don't give me backlash), but I respect and support any one out there that is bi, pan omni, ect. My parents are really homophobic, so when they heard that I supported this, they got really mad at me and said that I was disguising and gross, and inappropriate, you get it. But I'm really thankful for all these really sweet people out there that support others. So thank you! <3
Tessa blackgirl (1 day ago)
Who's still watch this video in 20 February 2019 but still haven't girlfriend☹️🤣
WhiteRoses (1 day ago)
so i like this girl okay but she's straight so i went to go tell my best friend then i realized i can't cause if i talk to her about it i'm trelling her... how i feel.... about her
Lion Europe (19 hours ago)
Tell her.pls.i wana see more happy couples
Auberry Mayfly (1 day ago)
My parents don’t want me to have a boyfriend I am fine with that (I am way to gay lol)
Jhonnattan Eilish (1 day ago)
Melhor clipe LGBT ! Quem concorda curte aí 🏵️🇧🇷💘👌🌼👏
Riya C (1 day ago)
2014: ew 2015: guys are cute 2016: holy heck, she cute 2017: hmm is this normal¿ 2018: okokokok I like guys and girls 2019: WHATSUP MY FELLOW GAYS
I was watching this with my bf and he was like, "I need to tell you something." and I was like holy crap he's gay and he's gonna dump me then he said, "Can you get me some chips, i'm hungry." i was like thank the lord
S. V. (1 day ago)
This song reminds me of an afternoon I spent at the library more than a year ago. I was already in a relationship with my girlfriend but I was there studing with a lesbian friend of mine. She gave me one of her headphones and played this song. I really felt something for her at the time, but I could never cheat on my actual girlfriend, nor my friend would let me do that. But I still think about that friend so many times, I still feel like I need and want her, even though I haven't seen her for more than an year... this song takes back so many memories of her
Lion Europe (11 hours ago)
+S. V. She is in my school i talk to her sometimes but nothing else
S. V. (13 hours ago)
+Lion Europe Really? Well, at least it's good to know I'm not alone! Do you still talk to her/are friend with her? With the girl I am talking about I don't
Lion Europe (19 hours ago)
I know that feeling
raquel (1 day ago)
nss ela nem disfarca q ta secando a amg kkkkkk
Jade Howes-Jensen (1 day ago)
My ex boyfriend when I came out to him as bi: Babe that's weird don't chose to be like them Me: Ok if its a choice when did you decide your straight? Him: Me: Exactly. I'm breaking up with you bi bitch
Ricky- C.88 (1 day ago)
That part where the drunkin idiot that was a dick move if I was there I beat the hell out of him with bat go all out negan
Victoria army (2 days ago)
I'm still waiting for Netflix to make a movie from this
Selena (2 days ago)
jae_ (2 days ago)
Seria genial que hagan una película asi XD♡
curious cat (2 days ago)
Watched this for the nth time
maria acurio (2 days ago)
2015: Desperate to kiss a guy because I had not kissed anyone and when I did I felt weird 2016:Dealing with my mind because some girls were attractived to me 2017: Thinking that is is not a problem but not accepting myself 2018: told my closest friends that I like girls 2019: Accepting myself that I LIKE GIRLS
Gamze (2 days ago)
3:30 .d
Just a regular Person (2 days ago)
2015: I’ll never be gay 2016: I think I like girls too 2017: I think I like every human 2018: I’m Pan 2019: I like girls more than boys
Canis Major ## (2 days ago)
2015: I am straight and want to have a BF so madly 2016: wha- is this a crush on my best friend? Crap! 2017: These feelings never existed 2018: Feelings resurface for another girl. 2019: Everybody is so cute! I am Bi!
Phowbow (2 days ago)
2015: Hetero male, married 2016: I don't know wtf I am 2017: divorce 2018: transgender mtf 2019: I'm lesbian now 😜😝😁
Tuna Doona (1 day ago)
Phowbow ily and im v proud of you
picklepiekawaii:3 (2 days ago)
Prussiapanda (2 days ago)
2015: I'm straight 2016: I don't understand romance 2017: I'm broken 2018: im... asexual? 2019: I'm aro/ace bitches move out of my way
Merete Sørensen (2 days ago)
I smell Chewing gum (2 days ago)
Such beautiful girls
Chanceral (2 days ago)
3:28 awwww! 3:30 AAAAAAHHHHH!!!
Gaby Nicole (2 days ago)
I’m scared to come out because I have Christian parents ;-;
Poetry SD (2 days ago)
“Don’t tell me, tell me what I feel, I’m real and I don’t feel like boys” I used to replay that section so much when I was feeling like shit about the homophobic people in my life.
Tyra Crumb (2 days ago)
#snatched 3:30
mint.grace (2 days ago)
when i was around 11 i watched this video and felt weird. i really loved it. loved the song the music video. but i felt like i was doing something so bad. i felt weird and sinful. ive been pushing down my weird fascination and love for gays since i was 10. when i was 13 i developed a huge love for gay people and a negative feeling towards church. i unknowingly fell in love with someone. i forced myself to believe i didn’t actually have a crush on her. i did. i do. i’m 14 now. girls like girls like boys do. i’m gay as fuck. i love my girl.
Ey Al (2 days ago)
This is such a cute video! Thanks! ❤️👍🏼
sempre aqui (2 days ago)
Cadê os brasileiros??
Jordyn Valentine (2 days ago)
I broke the replay and like button 🥝
Willa Bradley (2 days ago)
the POWER she has
Andrea Aguilar (2 days ago)
2016: I'm straight 2017: that girl is attractive but that boy too, i think am a little bit gay 2018: so proud to be bi!
Angel Fowler (2 days ago)
Live that song but anybody notice it sounds just like panic at the discos song girls love girls and boys?
I'm Dia (2 days ago)
I can't stop watching this. I love it ❤️
cassidy Thompson 2018 (2 days ago)
So my sister told me I can't have a boyfriend until I am 14 hi she did not say I can get a girlfriend 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alpaca Derp (2 days ago)
2013: I want to stay single forever! 2014: Maybe it won’t be so bad to like a guy... 2015: I don’t find any of these guys attractive..But I still think I’m straight...Being gay is a sin, right?... 2016: Why are all these girls so pretty..Why don’t I like any guys? What’s wrong with me? Girls are supposed to like boys, right...? 2017: Maybe it’s not so bad...Maybe I’m just bi..I can’t be gay, they all tell me it’s a sin..but I don’t think it is.. 2018: Maybe I’m lesbian.. I haven’t liked any boys...I think I like her. I should be accepted..right? 2019: Maybe I am lesbian. Maybe I do love her. Maybe they don’t accept me, but that’s okay because soon I’ll be free.
Steven Weti (2 days ago)
Two chicks making out i like it. best part when she smoked that cunt by the pool
paloma salvia (2 days ago)
Girls like girls 👩❤👧
2015: i love boys and the fact that i've been fantasizing about girls my whole life means nOtHiNg right? 2016: shit i guess i'm bi 2017: bi? gay? who knows? 2018: I'M SO CONFUSHON SOME BOYS ARE CUTE BUT I ONLY LIKE FEMININE BOYS AND GIRLS ARE JUST REALLY HOT 2019: call me gay call me bi call me a potato i'm a mess and that'd valid
Thicc BiH (2 days ago)
2010: Being gay is kinda weird, i dont really understand 2011: I understand more, okay cool i accept u 2012: I accept you if you do but i’m straight 2013: Still straight, boys only! 2014: I wish i was a guy so i could date girls 2015: Am i...gay? 2016: Yep i’m bi 2017: 100% BI 2018: Am i pan? 2019: IM PAN BUT I MIGHT BE A LESBIAN
Livian Youngberg (2 days ago)
Been bi for 8 years and not changing anytime soon.
da.edits (2 days ago)
holy shit man that girl went sicko mode on the guy
Theo.mp4 (2 days ago)
This video and song is truly a masterpiece
anna lol (2 days ago)
Im bi because Girls are Amazing
Chilly Fantasy (2 days ago)
You'd think after playing this song on repeat in my bedroom all day, someone in my family would take a hint 😂
Giu creep (2 days ago)
Senna Plas (2 days ago)
This realy helpt me coming out
Creme Puff (2 days ago)
When you play spin the bottle and strike gold with only getting other girls
I’m scared to come out, this video is the kind of relationship I want tho ^^
Easy Cook (3 days ago)
Idk if im gay actually
Izabella Winchester (3 days ago)
I'm gonna say it because nobody does. Is this girl his sister? The straight one is definitely him girlfriend but who is the other girl? Why was she in the house with them? And if she is his sis...damn girl!😂You beat your bro? Really?😂😂😂
Amanda Franklin (3 days ago)
As an Old, I'm really happy that Hayley's putting out videos and songs like this. Back in the 80's, my lil' closeted self only had Wendy and Lisa.
Memes And more (3 days ago)
Guess who’s not straight anymore lol
Ayberch (3 days ago)
Darn this was powerful... i love it
Giovanna Gomes (3 days ago)
po nenhum defeito
Melisa Çetinkaya (3 days ago)
kiss me with adventure until i forget my name
Jamie Maloney (3 days ago)
*bisexuals start rising from burning ashes like phoenixes
Emma Yassin (3 days ago)
2016 straight 2017 why is being gay bad 2018 I like her but because she is nice to me. And I really like him because he just loving 2019 im pansexual and proud to be like beebo
Tide Pods (3 days ago)
I knew I was bisexual when my bi friend would get sexual with me and I would too. I called her daddy. And randomly we would get close to each others face and she would grab my butt. Then we were about to kiss and she reminded me that I said I was straight.
Monika (3 days ago)
Not only is the song amazing but the video is life
Tide Pods (3 days ago)
This made me cry lol
Ana Martin (3 days ago)
She is literally stefanie Scott’s long lost twin

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