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Top 10 | What if India and Sri Lanka were one country? effect on both economy

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Please Like, Share and Subscribe our channel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sri Lanka is a separate country, and almost a few dynasties had been created as a separate nation. Sri Lanka has always developed into a separate sub-culture within Greater Indian culture. Apart from this, I do not think Sri Lanka has to be associated with India to get the benefit. Sri Lanka is performing well on its own. Relations between Sri Lanka and India improve after the election of new President and Prime Minister. India has never claimed Sri Lanka as part of its country. Apart from this, Sri Lanka will be more or less peaceful by staying with or staying separate with India. Tamil vs. Sinhalese is an internal problem of Sri Lanka. Sinhalese goes to a Sri Lankan. And his problem with the heavy Tamil people can only be solved by Sri Lanka. Although India and Sri Lanka are working on the development of a common market through trade agreements. So in the future, if both Sri Lanka and India meet together, what will happen? What can be mean? What will be the impact on both economies? So, both countries have many advantages, especially to Sri Lanka, and their people. So today we will talk about it, because every Indian has the dream of creating the unbroken India again. Advantage to Sri Lanka 1) Sri Lanka has two ethnic groups: Sinhalese and Tamil. There is a big problem between these two people but if they live in a country like India, they will learn to live in a multicultural diversity. 2) India will not have any problem with keeping Sri Lanka together, because both Hinduism and Buddhism are peaceful, accepting diversity. India is considered a true folk system due to which the voice of Sri Lankan Tamils ​​will not be suppressed. They can be given a separate state 'Tamil Eelam', which is their birthright. 3) Sinhalese is a follower of Buddhism and therefore they will not need a passport to travel to their religious places. Sinhala is also Arya and they will not be ignored by the central government and their language will also be preserved. There was also a massive violence against them in Sri Lanka, but in India, they would be safer because India is a secular country, unlike Sri Lanka. 4) India has a very large Nuclear Power source. And even India has the largest well-trained military military. With this, Sri Lanka will be more secure than other countries. 5) In 2016, Sri Lanka's GDP was around $ 81 billion and India's GDP was 2. $ 26 trillion. India comes in top of the largest GDP, due to which Sri Lanka can make a lot of progress. 6) Sri Lankan government has a lot of debt, ie debt. But with both, the development of the Internal Revenue Service will be very fast, its reinforcement is India capable of developing at any place. Later Sri Lanka will not honor China's advance, which will increase India's growth. India is the only country in the world which recognizes diversity and encourages it. 7) Sri Lankan people will be able to get the services of Medical Center of India easily. At the same time, India's top colleges, which can easily get admission in iit, Aimes and many colleges. The futures of Sri Lanka's people can become even better. 8) Sri Lanka will now be a state of India, which will end the tense relations between Sri Lanka and China. Sri Lanka has developed a very high literacy rate, so more than this, the country will get professional doctors, etc. 9) If this happens then India can become the king of the ocean, because it can completely overwhelm our country in the Indian Ocean and then Maldives can also join India, because the Maldives is in danger of Chinese colonies. And in the coming time, the 'Global Warming' will have to be dipped by the Indian Ocean under the Maldives. And together with the two, the Indian Tamils ​​and Sri Lankan Tamils ​​will become one, and in spite of caste, creed and religion, all Indians will be proud because their country is now more powerful in today's compound. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by : Fanfare for Space by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Can you Solve this Riddle on Murder Mystery...??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HCqQ5UBTkE
Ranjit Singh farswan (5 months ago)
Yes I solved it
thakur bhanu pratap (8 months ago)
sir what happen when india become one from Afghanistan to Cambodia including srilanka make video
Srisha Gurung (9 months ago)
Sabse pahile apna desh bikash kar dusra kya fiker karta hey tum
Aryan Lake (9 months ago)
Interesting Top 10s In Hindi I
shyam mittal (1 day ago)
show complete jammu and kashmir
kavindu prabathiya (1 day ago)
Never ever think about it roadshitters we are way better than lundia 🇱🇰❤️
Sai Charan (1 day ago)
Y dumb ass ppl come to India for medical treatments!!Take Indian imports as food!!Still bark.....Such a shame on u!!Go and ask your pm how India is helping out u ppl
B.S. B (4 days ago)
India+srilanka+ NEPAL+ Bhutan+Tibet+ Myanmar+Fiji+ Seychelles+ Mauritius+ Sindh = Greater India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Republic of Greater India Republic of Akhnda Bhart. Official religion : Hindu, Buddhist, Jain ,Sikh (Sanatan).
Abdul Haleem (4 days ago)
Palayan oi yanna
Dayanand Yadav (4 days ago)
You are interested
Sasidu Tharaka (4 days ago)
Sri lanka ravana kindom
Sasidu Tharaka (4 days ago)
Sri lanka sinhala Country 🦁🦁🦁🦁
Sasidu Tharaka (4 days ago)
Sasidu Tharaka (4 days ago)
Sri lanka buddhist country
Sasidu Tharaka (4 days ago)
සිංහල nation powerful
Sasidu Tharaka (4 days ago)
+kirusan kiru english ටයිපින් 🦁🦁
kirusan kiru (4 days ago)
Srilanka singala punda🖓🖓😀 Tamil eelam 💪💪🔥🔥
Rahul Cho Rahul Cho (6 days ago)
Nice video yar Kya baat hai
rajat majumdar (8 days ago)
tum ek pagal admi ho... tum jaise logo jitna barhe ga.. india utna asani se tutega
Shivaji S Wahil (12 days ago)
Nhi Banega shrianka bharat ka hissa. O Apne se thik our shant Desh. Hey. O India se milenga. To usko Indian politics pura khaa jay gi.our use bhe jat dharm se batenge.budha Dharm Ko. Mita ne ki koshish karenge.
yash chouhan (15 days ago)
Palitha Hettigoda (15 days ago)
Hell naw I dont want india putting nukes in my beatiful country
Dilan Thilanka (17 days ago)
I am sri lankan this videos i did understand thanks
ZE LIVE TV (18 days ago)
yes srilanka was partitioned by Britishers
Like ❤️ 😂
shoaib khan (22 days ago)
Jay hind
Shubham Koshta (22 days ago)
Pura Jammu and Kashmir INDIA KA H
Shubham Koshta (22 days ago)
Bhai Jammu Kashmir Ka map aache s banaya karo
AAZ COMEDY (22 days ago)
I I am also Sri Lankan but I know India is the excellent best country India is the very good facilities and Sri Lanka are the don't touch any border with other country🇱🇰🇮🇳
Samar's Gadgets World (23 days ago)
Sri Lanka is a shithole
Ahmad Elham (25 days ago)
Humhe sri lanka ka bhi pasand or India bhi
Prasad Madurasinghe (25 days ago)
sri lanka safe and best country no need border
Ashok Das (27 days ago)
All In One (1 month ago)
first slove your own country GI've gorkas to gorkha land जय गोर्खाल्यान्ड
Subhashis Patra (1 month ago)
Sahi ha
KanDee (1 month ago)
ap na tarif karna sa phlay apa fojiun hospital do jo chup kasa mar raha hai. tho kanjar ka olad
KanDee (1 month ago)
jo sri lanka ma howa tha wo ap behan chodn na kya tha.. badwa india
info mafas (1 month ago)
Good joke. We couldn't join with India because have big difference between this two countries. Most of the problems are created by international community even India also. (War) India failed to give solution for their community also . Br. Be have constitution . We have syestem. Don't compare with size. For example ask a question from a Indian village regarding Srilanka they don't know but Srilankan grade five student will ansawer. That much of quality of education system. Don't post this kind of clip
kavindu prabathiya (1 day ago)
Uneducated lundians are stinky dogs
kavindu prabathiya (1 day ago)
200% agreed i already reported this bloody vedio
N.KRISHNA REDDY Narala (1 month ago)
One country will happen
sanath dilan (1 month ago)
Indira Ghandi Rajeev Ghandi helps to LTTE and terrorism, They distroy from terrorism, Indian politicians are foolish, They are jealous, they don't like to help Srilankan, because Srilanka friends with China, INDIA MAKES LTTE IN SRI LANKA BUT CHINA MAKE OUR HOUBER, ROADS, AIR PORTS, act...... indian are jealous that ture ,We are Sri Lankan
Vishal Naik (1 month ago)
I love my India 😘😘😘
#mr Suvom (1 month ago)
Badiya video
Harsha Iroshana (1 month ago)
China sri lanka best frends country 👬
I'm sri lankan 🇱🇰 i dont' lik .. nahi jaye.. kashmirka sulakaro jhagada pehela ... bhathme sri lankan barme socho....
let us knowledge [new] (1 month ago)
What will happen if Bharat and Nepal become a one country
Jyoti Nagmoti (1 month ago)
Aur ak bat rah gayi cricket team duniya me koi nahi hara pata
Dilipsinh Chand (1 month ago)
No no tamil are dravidian....its wild people....rawan ancestors...no aryanic tradition
Thanuja Amarasinha (1 month ago)
Rawana king
a.a.n patel (1 month ago)
Cricket team ak ho jayega dono ka
Raju Ujjinwal (1 month ago)
Sadeep ishantha (1 month ago)
Peheli indiyaka atmi lokka sindigi banawo.indiya roket🚀🚀bejthe 60% atmiko kana nahiye
let us knowledge [new] (1 month ago)
What will happen if Bharat and bangladesh become one country
Chetan Thakur (1 month ago)
Ye vedio sabi bharti yo ko bajo
Hrusikesh Biswal (1 month ago)
achha laga
Maganbhai Joshi (1 month ago)
Agar strong banne ke baad Sri Lanka Ne Bharat Ko Chod Diya to Kya Hoga
Malaka Bandara (1 month ago)
One voice one country.🇱🇰 our lanqege sinhales...our religion buddist .... no same india.....
JayendraS Kumar (1 month ago)
Swapnil Pathak (1 month ago)
Best Jay Hind
Dileshawar Kumbhkar (1 month ago)
Write sir
Life's Good (1 month ago)
Indians calling Sri Lankans black dogs is like kettle calling pot black.
Pradeep Weerasekara (1 month ago)
Dear Friend, our closest relative, I m from Sri Lanka....intersting idesa from You... But pls understand that This small island nation has a unique civilization based on Budhism and has existyed more than 2000 yrs now and a continous written history We have battled all those periods againts South Indian invasions, portugese, Dutch & English.. Finally lost indepndance in 1815 through a conspiracy ...and not by war... We respect India for so many things that we blended from your great civilization But my dear pls undersatnd , this is a different independant country.. Thanks for the proposal , But no Thanks
akshay bhartele (1 month ago)
why are u talking onli hindu and budhha shantipriy hai kaho yar indian shantipriy hai
Debjyoti Ghosh (1 month ago)
Jio boss modi jee good
Dilip Kumar (1 month ago)
Hamara des indiyase bohoth allag he ham desko seliyot karega tum logka jesa nahi he bewakuf jaya sri lanka
shivam dabas (1 month ago)
Sri Lanka shouldn't be a part of India
Pardesh Uikey (1 month ago)
बिल्कुल सही बात
India or nepal ka video banao
Pankaj Mehta (2 months ago)
Kash हो जाय
Aravinda Patabandi (2 months ago)
Bhai jaake pakistan se baath karo.
Hemlata Sonaiya (2 months ago)
आपका यह विडयो बहुत अच्छा है
ALLU ARJUN ARMY (2 months ago)
yeah lanka bhi china pak bangladesh ki tarah hindu tamil aur india se nafrat karte hein. yeah kadwa sach hein,
VIKASH GUPTA (2 months ago)
Sabse pehle Bangladesh par kabja karo
Vishal Vishwakarma (2 months ago)
India Ko kishi ki karurat nahi hai.
Micheal fernandis (2 months ago)
Pehly indian army ko khana or janta ko toilets ko de do phr akhand bharat bnana 56 cror ki janta k pas 2 time ka khana ni. Indian army bhook se mar re ha. Kashmir, khalistan, asaam, nagaland, tamil nado or sari states me seperation movements chal re han un ko control krna to seekh lo phr srilanka k bary me sochna.
Muhammad Hussain (2 months ago)
Pakistan zindabad Islam zindabad we all are Muslims and we are one we are Pakistanis Pakistan zindabad we are not hindu kafir hindooooo
ThiMantha AbeywickRama (2 months ago)
ThiMantha AbeywickRama (2 months ago)
Sinhalese proudly race in world
Adityaraj Solanki (2 months ago)
Now india should capture srilanka ,bangladesh ,maldives ,bhutan ,myanmar and nepal
Santosh Kumar (2 months ago)
Amaman Dobrial (2 months ago)
Acha Hindustani gando
Ashraful Islam (2 months ago)
Ghanta Banega Akhand Bharat Ghanta. Afghanistan Hamesha Se MUSLIMS Ka Tha. Ar Unka he Rahega. Pohla Pak Aur Bang Ko To Lao 🤣🤣😂😆😆
Manu Mishra (1 month ago)
Jabhi itna garin h afganistan
Ashraful Islam (2 months ago)
2:48 Ghanta Hai Ghanta Isma Kya Bola 2:07 Sidha Indicate or rha ho Hindu ar Dharmnerapaksha Huh
Manu Mishra (1 month ago)
Thik h
Manu Mishra (1 month ago)
Bhonk jitna bhonk na hai , kuran ni pada allah usko jannat deta jo dusro ki burai nikarta
Ashraful Islam (2 months ago)
Ashraful Islam (2 months ago)
Rohan (2 months ago)
LOl sri-lanka never join india. Dream is dream😂😂😅
Amit kumar (1 day ago)
Imagination h sirf
Kabir khan Kabir (2 months ago)
India ki halat Aisi kharab hai Baat Sri Lanka ki karte ho Har ek state Mein Koi Na Koi problem hai Kashmir ka Mitra Sri Lanka ko Maloom Hai Hai Phir Apne Logon Ko kyu Pareshan Mein rahega
Proud to be Indian Muslim jai hind
Sunil Paswan (2 months ago)
Good video brother please tell me your good name
Krishna Sirsam (2 months ago)
Om Sai Ram
Krishna Sirsam (2 months ago)
Jai Hind
Harold Leelawardena (2 months ago)
Beware, Sri Lanka has never been a part of any Indian empire. Not even Maura, Mogal or any South Indian kingdom. Sri Lanka constitution categorically states that its people are the ‘sovereign’, hence joining India or abrogations of sovereignty by a puppet government without a plebiscite is out of question. All Sri Lankan but recently immigrated estate Tamils would feistily oppose such a move. Beware, Sri Lanka is not your Goa.
Thiyagu Agamudayar (2 months ago)
Admin does not know the history of srilanka. Srilanka is the extension of Tamil land. There are two types of Tamils in srilanka. One is srilankan Tamil and other is Indian Tamils. Only indian Tamils are migrated during British period. Srilanka Tamils are the natives of srilanka. And sighala are the immigrants to srilanka some 1500 years B4. Srilanka is srilankan Tamil land
mohammad bilal (2 months ago)
my love form Pakistan i love you sri Lanka 🇱🇰🇵🇰🇱🇰🇵🇰
kavindu prabathiya (1 day ago)
Love you pakistan
+i'm a Sri Lankan Tamil But i Hate India Har Har Mahadeva...🙏
Sri lanka ❤❤❤❤ pakistan...pakistan is our best friend
mahesh wickramasinghe (2 months ago)
India does have ethnic, tribal (caste), and terrorist problems. Colonial rulers planted the seed for SL Tamil problems and India put fertilizers. All Sri Lankans had to face consequences of big brother's arrogance for 32 years. Sri Lankans are not sick to be a part of India. Such a sick video. Indians still have caste system and treat people differently. Caste systems is a part of Hinduism while Buddhism completely reject such divisions. Even philosophically Hinduism, which believes in Atman, and Buddhism, which believes in Anathma (opposite of Atman) are different. Lord Buddha had many debates with early Vedic scholars. These scholars even attempted to kill Buddha several times. Sri Lankans like Singaporeans can develop their country and they have the brain and resources for that. If SL joins India (never in our dreams), most unemployed Indians are gonna move to SL (is already happening), put litter everywhere, and make a mess out of SL. + Why do we wanna give up our sea to India? we do not wanna see Indian Tamils freely take our fish resource. Are you serious? btw, SL Tamils do NOT WANT them to be identified as Indian Tamils. They want SL gov to treat them as a group native to SL. There is a separate Tamil group known as Indian Tamils (actually most were from Kerala) in the central province in SL. Sri Lankan Tamils (we call Jaffna Tamils) do not even like to mingle with this Tamil group in the Central province. If you believe and respect diversity, your video contradicts to your statement on diversity.
Akash Sudhakar Misal (2 months ago)
bhai tune shrilanka ko to apne desh me jodne ki bat kahi lekin jammu kashmir ka naksha bigad ke apne ki desh ka ek hissa alag kr diya muje pasand nahi aya pahle jammu kashmir ka map thik karo wo hamara atiut hissa hai ham use kabhi alag nahi karenge or shrilanka ke logo ko jine do alag se ..mat jodo unko hamare sath wo apne jagah thik ham apne jagah khush..jai hind jai bharat
jhon lion (2 months ago)
Tmil matherchood he
Madhubhasha Pabasara (2 months ago)
Maha Sammatha manu( මහා සම්මත මනු) is first King in the world, he is born & ruled sri lanka, he is a Sinhala.
kavindu prabathiya (1 day ago)
සිංහල 🇱🇰❤️
Madhubhasha Pabasara (2 months ago)
Sri lanka is not indian part, it is maha Ravana's country , and sinhalees is a world first nation in the world, we are the founders in all technologys, all subjects , we are the first nation aircraft made ,, maha rawana is the founder of aircraft , he made Dadumonaraya. (දඬුමොණරය.)
Ye to bahut acchi baat hai
Even though I don't agree with the facts mentioned in this video but As a srilankan india is a big brother always there for us to give hands in trouble.. And it's always better to be neighbors than joined country..
Amit Singh (3 months ago)
Bharat map sahi kare
Yves Evrard (3 months ago)
I'm the Emperor of all Indian subcontinent....
erangaj (3 months ago)
You forgot indian cast system. Cast system is almost extinct among Sinhalese community. Though cast system still exists among SL Tamils it is not bad is India. Also the tentions between Sinhalese and Tamils are not bad as it used to be during war and getting better.
Divya Padhiyar (3 months ago)
Ziharudeen Arjudeen (3 months ago)
No needed of it
Biru Kumar (3 months ago)
Dilip.s.g Rajput (3 months ago)
Super 🙏🙏
Tara perveen (3 months ago)
Haha kitni lambi chor rahe hai indians phela apna mulk to sahi say sambahlo phir srilanka ko apna sath milana

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