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International TV channel HDFASHION is unique and taking one of the leader positions in Europe, original home of fashion. Bright fashion shows, exclusive interviews from worldwide designers, live streams and photo streams right from events, and extremely interesting projects by our own production. Thanks to online broadcasting on our official website, you can always be in time with everything interesting that is happening around the world. Professional team works 24/7 for you to know first about all exclusive news in fashion world. While all other channels are still edit videos, we already broadcast it. Stay with gorgeous with HDFASHION. OFFICIAL SITE CHANNEL: http://hdfashion.net FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HDFASHION-Channel/561516540564102?ref=hl INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/hdfashion_channel
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Edward Bishop (1 year ago)
I have a few Kiton Napolis, it's the only suits I wear. Since I found out about them.
Frank Conrad (1 year ago)
what?Learn a language!
TheSololobo (2 years ago)
I get it they're nice quality clothes, but five grand for a jacket its obscene.
clone 2k (2 years ago)
And that is not even the most expensive. Other high-end labels, such as Kiton, also make luxurious suits with sky high price tag above five grand.

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