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Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt EdC Unisex

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Joanne EnnaJo (2 years ago)
im giving my creeds a break. this is my new scent line :)
James C. Williams (3 years ago)
Just purchased this about two hours ago. I was so caught up in the aroma of it, I forgot to see if it was a Parfum, EDT, or Cologne. It's definitely a cologne. Love Love love the smell of it. Unfortunately, unless someone is very close to me, they won't smell it. Very nice review Cleo.
Cleo Cam (3 years ago)
+James C. Williams It is an EdC, and it smells wonderful...but like you said, it stays close and is very light. Thank you for watching and commenting.
Beata Norman (4 years ago)
Thank You for this beautiful story :)
Beata Norman (4 years ago)
Yes  is very interested . It reminds to me Creed Acqua florentina :) .I plan wood Sage in next purchase. Now I bought Pear and Freesia and Oud Bergamot :)
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
+Beata Norman Thanks, Beata! Have you tried it?
Christina Mak (4 years ago)
I was totally gonna buy bobbi Brown's beach scent (i'm from LA so it really is very nostalgic for me-those coppertone scents!) but as soon as i heard about the launch i held off on my purchase knowing the new jo malone scent would be more appealing and classy even though the beaches of Cornwall (or any parts of the uk) is a complete 180 from the socal beaches. thanks for the review!
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Thank you for stopping by and commenting.  If you end up trying this out, let me know how you like it. 
ELEGANTE AROMA (4 years ago)
Great review! Fully described with the oceans effects! Projection and longevity sound a little issue perhaps, well thinking about the tag price for this line, but in the way you did your review, was so inviting to try it.
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Thanks, Allan.  Too bad when a frag is so good but lacks in the projection and longevity department :(
Lanier Smith (4 years ago)
Congratulations on your Exclusive!! How fun is that? I love Big Sur and try to visit as often as I can. It is heaven on earth and has a very special personal meaning to me. (I have the Nepenthe cookbook too!) When every I want to see it I just pop in my copy of The Sandpiper (1965)...captures the area to perfection. NOW I have to get this fragrance when it comes out...It will be my first Jo Malone. Bravo Cleo! 
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
I am most anxious to hear your thoughts on fragrance!  I miss being away from the Big Sur area very much.  I've just added The Sandpiper onto my Queue, looking forward to watching it, thank you!
saeidhakimi (4 years ago)
I only have Pomagrante Noir from Jo Malon, but I have tried most of them and I must say they smell good but they don't perform:-(
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
I am with you there, there are quite a few that just don't perform, but also surprising is that some of them perform better than some EdT or EdP.  Pom Noir is very long lasting on me and so is Dark Amber.  The worse performers are Grapefruit and Blackberry and Bay.  I am done with the ones that just don't perform, it is just not worth the money :(  I quite enjoyed this new release, but won't be buying cos of the performance.
Joe Anthony (4 years ago)
Excellent exclusive...thanks for the take.personally doesn't sound like my thing...but will still check it out.
Joe Anthony (4 years ago)
Yeah had a few of those fragrances lol
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
It was enjoyable BUT not a go for me, I wish it had more presence.  It's lovely but too light and not enough body :( 
Allen Sandusky (4 years ago)
Started my day with a good cup of coffee relaxing while watching Cleo Cam talk fragrances. I always love your ability to connect fragrances with situations, scenes and experiences. What a great way to begin my day.
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Now I am having my coffee and enjoy corresponding with you, thank you!
LucidScents (4 years ago)
"big sur in a bottle"! love it :-) sounds like a nice, if short lived fragrance. i've always been fascinated by fog too, there's something just so mysterious about it, makes me feel like i'm in a sherlock holmes novel or something. great review, cleo x
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Thanks, Edd.  I yearned for those beaches smelling this...but I do wish this perfume had more presence. 
Natalee Patel (4 years ago)
Oh the ad made me want it straight up! Big Sur looks SO BEAUTIFUL! You are so right about beaches being more than just suntan lotion and coconut..... I love being rugged up on a breezy beach :) I can't wait to try it now! Thanks again Cleo x x x 
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Thank you, Natalee!  This is the kind of beaches I grew up with, the ones you get all bundled up for LOL  Smelling this one made me yearn for those beaches.   I wish it had more omph!
AGentlemansJourney (4 years ago)
Sounds interesting. Do they have frags just for men and where is that you grew up?
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Of course they have frags for men/unisex.  Their Lime Basil is really good, and Oud and Bergamont is nice, both good for men.  That is Big Sur.

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