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Rational Model, Bounded Rationality and Intuition | Organisational Behavior | MeanThat

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Gayathri Subramanian (1 year ago)
A useful video on this topic. It was very helpful to understand the concept for my exam. Thank you
efi cent (3 years ago)
thanks a lot.... u made it look easy
MeanThat (3 years ago)
+efi cent glad to hear that! good luck with your studies :)
Hi. i really like this video, at first it was difficult for me to understand all this three concept, u make it look easier. Thanks Sir !
MeanThat (3 years ago)
+Nurul Syuhada Abdul Rashid Hi, I am really happy to hear that! :) Good luck.
Abe Massri (3 years ago)
Amazing, thank you. Helped me with my assignment and review.
MeanThat (3 years ago)
Hi! Thanks a lot for your feedback! I am very happy that I could help you :)

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