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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 [HD] (Best moment)

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Michelle Marie (2 years ago)
The best segment of all time.
Antje Str (11 months ago)
YES!!!! ..:)
Conii Tumblr (1 year ago)
Conii Tumblr (1 year ago)
Aiana Dutra (16 hours ago)
Gisele is G.O.A.T!
Copito De Nieve (1 day ago)
1:10 ? Who is she?
Abdiel J.V. (7 days ago)
Esas si son supermodelos. Las de ahora son malas copias
IamZani (8 days ago)
by far best opening
bayu adrian (13 days ago)
If Adriana join on the box then all VSF queen iconic on 1 frame and can be best ever
Elizabeth Maria (18 days ago)
Gisele is so iconic in this
Your Average Stalker (1 month ago)
Skinny Bones Jones (1 month ago)
No butts, no curves, no thighs, to sell lingerie! Rofl Tyra the only lingerie model among them
Caroline Andrade (1 month ago)
Esse show da VS de 2005 foi um dos melhores
Katie Madison (1 month ago)
1:22 who is sheeee!!!!
thiago Correia (23 days ago)
Ana Beatriz Barros
Kliff K (1 month ago)
Doutzen closing this...ICONIC
Yahir Martínez (1 month ago)
Doutzen is such a goddess.
GeekAlan Mont (1 month ago)
Sad to see Adriana Lima behind the cameras 😫
memeghost 13 (1 month ago)
This inspires me to starve myself 😒😤😡
David Loaeza (2 months ago)
Gisele’s body makes me want to kill myself, purge in the toilet, throw away all of the bread in my pantry and run my ass to the gym
David Aparicio (2 months ago)
Brazil present. Gisele, alessandra, Raquel, Ana Beatriz, Izabel. Almost all the segment was brazilian
Yahir Martínez (2 months ago)
Doutzen is such an angel woah
RHOSYVANN FONTANA (3 months ago)
I love #anabeatrizbarros
NFS4EVER (4 months ago)
Wow miss GISELE😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Tadeo Flores (5 months ago)
Las diosas y emperatrices de victoria secret son el clan brasileño
Marcos Bertolino (5 months ago)
A pisada da Gisele não tem explicação, ela nasceu sabendo! 😍❤👏
Gabriel (5 months ago)
Já fez mais de 10 anos esse desfile e ninguém consegue superar essa entrada da queen Gi! Ícone que marcou uma era e, que orgulho das outras brasileiras. Ale, Karol, Iza, Ana B e tantas outras ♡
Michael Smith (5 months ago)
nobody opens this show how Gisele Bundchen
udita thakur (5 months ago)
Who's the girl at 1:11 ?? She looks like Sara Sampio
David Loaeza (22 days ago)
udita thakur Italian Supermodel Bianca Balti
Avanish Mishra (5 months ago)
Gosh Bianca Balti and Anna Beatriz. <3
Gt Jkt (5 months ago)
DOUTZEN closing and Her Walk is Amazing
Binh Le (5 months ago)
Luisa Casa (5 months ago)
1:06 The Great Bianca Balti ! <3
Angel Emanuel Alegre (6 months ago)
Izabel Goulart sucks!
LightingUrMind (7 months ago)
Oh, Giseleeeee ❤️
aldo jenner (7 months ago)
1:10 did she get hit by the wing?
Michael Smith (7 months ago)
Gisele will be the best model in the history of VSFS
PABLO BERNAL (7 months ago)
felicitaciones.. preciosas... models
PABLO BERNAL (7 months ago)
felicitaciones.. preciosas... models
Aa Bb (7 months ago)
NFS4EVER (4 months ago)
Aa Bb งง บ้านไหน
trail8laz3r (8 months ago)
Orvin Castanares (8 months ago)
The best VS opening ever followed by the following year 2006 with Justin Timberlake doing sexy back. This one combined all the best girls ever starting with Gisele. Music mix was crazy bomb too
sarah rauanna (8 months ago)
Name the music?
Vĩnh Khang (8 months ago)
I Like The Way -Bodyrockers
Pedro (8 months ago)
Best entrance ever.
Paola Trejo (9 months ago)
Vĩnh Khang (8 months ago)
Bodyrockers-I like the way
Zed Briones (9 months ago)
This is when supermodels walk in one segment. One of the few great segment of victoria secret. Missing karolina and gisele, A-list models who represented the brand
It's so funny those VS actually the same like my initials of Victoria Semenenko😄
baron2015 (9 months ago)
bianca balti is fucking hot!!
NFS4EVER (4 months ago)
baron2015 gisele hot than bianca
Omg the pink winged girl! ❤
Javier Falcon (9 months ago)
Defenitely the best entrance in the vs history!!!🙏🏻💕
julieth arsuza (9 months ago)
Many brazilian models in a segment
Pedro (9 months ago)
julieth arsuza 5 out of 8.
Lord Ryuzaki (9 months ago)
Is it just me, or does Gisele often looks down on her walks? I noticed, that she often looks on the ground, when she walks on the runway.
Donatella Versace (1 month ago)
Yes, she looks down, but that walk and that body is all that matters.
Imran Izam (8 months ago)
yes. legendary. i like it
Pedro (9 months ago)
Lord Ryuzaki Yes, she does that. I like it.
Donatella Versace (9 months ago)
Karolina Kurkova is actually dead. Her twin sister is posing as her since this event. Karolina died from a stroke backstage after walking behind Gisele .
fran villa real (10 months ago)
Aqui é Brazil ❤
fran villa real (10 months ago)
Quando Gisele parou o mundo 👏👏👏👏
Baby Baek (10 months ago)
Gisele's opening....⚡⚡
Cris Roel Macahipay (10 months ago)
can somebody tell me the title of this song?plssss....thnks guys
Ella Jackson (10 months ago)
Cris Roel Macahipay Bodyrockers- I like the way you move
Ralph R. (10 months ago)
Gisele Bündchen....WOW!!!!
Graziele Montagnini (10 months ago)
Gisele 😍 Alessandra 😍
1:20 Who Is?
Poltronieri (7 months ago)
Andres Felipe Ordoñez Martinez Ana Beatriz Barros
AD MG (11 months ago)
Ana BB and Doutzen 😍
MAyger Things (11 months ago)
If there was Adriana, that segment would be legendary
Ana Patricia (11 months ago)
Show nunca superado, até hoje, melhor abertura foreverrr!!! Amoo😍😍😍
Michael Smith (11 months ago)
Adriana Naomi and Tyra and the segment be history
aysteria4ever (11 months ago)
Best song, best remix, best set of angels in their prime in the history of VSFS.
Ulizez Mateo (11 months ago)
João Vitor Cândido (11 months ago)
Raphael Sapia (11 months ago)
Raphael Sapia (11 months ago)
Por tanto 5 brasileiras
Arturo Munoz (11 months ago)
If this segment was made with today's current angels, who would be in the box?
alyson (9 months ago)
Arturo Munoz None of them are fierce enough
aditya ferdian (11 months ago)
My queen allesandra ambrosio...
Antonio G (11 months ago)
Sin duda uno de lps mejores victoria's secret el 2005
Donatella Versace (11 months ago)
Back then when Victoria Secret never allowed a pale model, or a model to desperately smile on the catwalk.
LHT411 (11 months ago)
Best generation of VS models. Just missing Tyra Adriana and Naomi. VS is not the same anymore.
Cosmo Girl Sophie (1 year ago)
Back when they walked and not waved like cheerleaders
gurlio (1 year ago)
Gisele is the best. Her walk is so strong, she poses so gracefully, definitely knows how to work her angles and the camera!
Baby cakes doll (1 year ago)
The wings were so simple
Bru Alves (1 year ago)
Doutzen kroes!
Jania Fernan (1 year ago)
Gisele! '
Jenny Guan (1 year ago)
And this is why VS sales and viewership ratings for the show are falling. They are marketing the show and brand too much to teenagers, and young and trendy adults now, forgetting that their price range hasn't change and is still expensive. They are no longer targeting salary women but rather pop culture consumers with the age of social media and idol worshipping. Bring the show back this this and their sales will rise.
Kevin (1 year ago)
They should have put Naomi and Adriana in this and it would’ve been legendary. This is also the first time I saw Doutzen and fell in love.
Sonia De Gregoriis (1 year ago)
Bianca Balti! Super
G R (11 months ago)
Sonia De Gregoriis she is Isabeli Fontana
Vĩnh Khang (1 year ago)
Julianne Li (1 year ago)
Yes Doutzen!!!
Julianne Li (1 year ago)
Can someone comment all the model's names?
Ariel Arcangeli (8 months ago)
G R No,is bianca 😏
G R (11 months ago)
Julianne Li not is Bianca Balti, she is Isabeli Fontana brazilian model
Julianne Li (1 year ago)
Martina Maffei -thanks!
M italy (1 year ago)
Julianne Li Gisele Bundchen Karolina Kurkova Alessandra Ambrosio Raquel Zimmermann Bianca Balti Ana Beatriz Barros Izabel Goulart Doutzen Kroes
Wilson RAMOS (1 year ago)
GOD the way Gisele opened that show was AMAZING...soooo natural, like I got this :-) :-)
girl saturn (1 year ago)
Doutzen is the most beautiful
David Bustam (1 year ago)
yes exact the best
Chae Kim (1 year ago)
Alice Kim (1 year ago)
What is the title of the song and the name of the singer? Please leave the comments who knows ! Thnx 😊
Donatella Versace (1 year ago)
Bodyrockers: I like The Way You Move https://youtu.be/jO90ullM3FQ
Fatima Shajhan (1 year ago)
Tat pose at 0.22 to 0.24 sec. Damn..!!
Carolina luna (1 year ago)
Giselle killllllllllllllllls that walk!
Keila Lima (1 year ago)
Gisele <33333
David Loaeza (1 year ago)
Me: 0:05 You and my ex husband: 0:15
Poltronieri (7 months ago)
David Loaeza haahhahahahahaha
Androniki T. (1 year ago)
The models back then were untouchable 🙌🏼
382 283 (1 year ago)
Category: Activism I agree
I wanna kill my self after watching this
Donatella Versace (1 month ago)
Irem Ecem Yalçınkaya same
Dii L. (1 year ago)
The best Gisele.
Ang Gelo (1 year ago)
If Adriana and Tyra walked in this segmet, this would be PERFECT!!!!
Gabriela Torrico (1 year ago)
The queen Adriana is missing , that would be just the perfect segment ever with her...
K. Emissah (1 year ago)
Y'all overrate the hell outta this Gisele chick. Half of the time, she was looking at the floor
Melinda Purnama (6 months ago)
K. Emissah calm down hater, go fuck mind your own business, that is her trademark, but everyone love it...
Daniel Reyes (1 year ago)
Ana Beatriz 😍
Rebel 06 (1 year ago)
I saw the Tyra banks show where she went backstage at this VSFS and she said that this segment was suppose to represent the new era of VS! 👏🏼
Lodbrok (1 year ago)
Rebel 06 in what sense? Because she and Naomi left that year and Giselle left the following year, nowadays the VSFS is utter crap compared to this, only instamodels falling on stage.
Georgina Knight (1 year ago)
Gisele Bundchen, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bianca Balti, Ana Beatriz Barros, Izabel Goulart, Doutzen Kroes. WOW. What a line up.
Poltronieri (1 year ago)
You forgot Raquel Zimmermann. She was the n°1 model in the world at that time.

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