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Heartwarming Dog Stories That Will Make You Cry

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Dog is said to be man’s best friend. Even so, most people brush off their cute pets as little accessories or a remedy for loneliness. However, these next few stories about certain dogs will have you wanting to hold your pet close. Some are cute, some were scary, but in the end, it just goes to show just how loyal, kind, funny, and intelligent our canine friends are. Subscribe for weekly wacky videos and learn interesting facts about the world with awesome top 10 lists and other amazing videos. 5. The Echolocator Dog The little German spitz you see before you was born without eyes. Despite this condition, the dog named Rowan learned to find his way through the world--all by learning echolocation. The blind dog learned how to tune in his barking in order to get around. Back in 2011, Rowan was only 18 months old when he figured out how to navigate in the world. His owner, Sam Orchard, breeds dogs for a living and runs a boarding kennel. And no one seemed to have taught Rowan the concept of echolocation. According to Orchard, he came about it on his own. Rowan was born 5 days early and was taken to the vet after it appeared he hadn’t opened his eyes yet. It was at the vet that Orchard learned Rowan didn’t even have eyes. She’s also added that Rowan acts very independently, like any other dog. Judging from that smile, little Rowan’s also got a kind and happy demeanor. 4. The Dog Named Jack A little boy was filmed on camera that moment he was reunited with his missing dog. The 11 year old lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and had been missing his dog for 8 months. A friend apparently found the dog at a gas station and returned him to his rightful home. The video uploaded onto the internet shows the young boy being called outside. It captures the moment he realizes his beloved pet has returned and the proceeds to get so overwhelmed with emotion that he breaks down on the ground, embracing Jack. In turn, the dog gets on his hind legs to happily greet his owner. 3. Please and Thank You We all have encountered those pets that come across more human than animal. And sometimes you find yourself talking to them and then half expecting them to answer back in a human language. While parrots can certainly do this, it’s an unheard of occurrence in dogs--that is, until video of a dog named Brownie emerged after being posted by his owner Angelica Alvarado. In the video, the pair from Texas can be heard almost conversing with each other. While the owner can be heard saying words to Brownie, Brownie in turn seems to be able to mimic his owner’s words in his own dog yipping way. Brownie, a labrador-blue heeler crossbreed, sneezed and after Alvarado says “bless you” he seems to respond in yelp that sound a lot like “thank you.” Whether that’s creepy or cute is up to you. 2. The Most Loyal Captain Because of a pet’s tendency to be extremely loyal, many people go and own pets in hopes of having that kind of bond. This dog named Capitán portrays the ultimate sense of loyalty, his story having touched millions of people when it first came out in 2012. Capitán’s owner passed away years ago and since then, this fiercely attached dog has stayed by his owner’s resting place everyday. The German shepherd from Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba, Argentina had run away after his owner died. According to the deceased owner’s wife, Capitán ran away from home soon after. She and her son would find their dog in the cemetery, guarding the resting place of his best friend. No one knew how Capitán managed to find the exact location. It just goes to show a pet’s loyalty transcends more than we thought it did. From the Battlefield to Britain The story of Brin the dog has touched many people upon hearing what this brave little pup has gone through. Brin was found after saving the lives of 2 soldiers while they were in Afghanistan. The stray dog was only 4 years old when he was found and extremely malnourished. After falling into enemy possession, Brin was found by the British soldiers again and the story of the dog’s heroics made global news. Sally Baldwin, an animal lover and resident in East Sussex, UK, raised over 4,000 British pounds to bring Brin to the UK. For his bravery, loyalty, and talent, Brin was nominated for an award at Crufts, the internationally famous dog show.
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marshmello doggo (1 month ago)
and people want to band pit bulls.i have one myself and its never messed with anybody
Aaron I (3 months ago)
thumb nail (3 months ago)
how is number 12 sad?
Chris Aguilar (8 months ago)
my german shepherd died i cry😢
Wishes and Kisses (8 months ago)
I watched this with my puppy on my lap
Suesty Situngkir (8 months ago)
Kmrin tmn n mama tmn sy crita, klau ketika saudaranya meninggal, 3 anjing saudaranya itu ikut nangis, trus kyk ttekan gitu, n akhirnya meninggal jg 😢
shantha s (8 months ago)
so gud n kind family doesn't want to leav his like that alone luv u a lot😘😘😘
Avery Katusa (8 months ago)
Beautiful! Thank you 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
M I (8 months ago)
Lovely and best human friend
Ariel Abronowitz (9 months ago)
Joseph Pomarca (1 month ago)
Vivien Gao (5 months ago)
Ariel Abronowitz true
Lyn P (8 months ago)
ohh such a beautiful dogs..love u all.😢😢😢i love dogs.
Crystal_izzy K.d (10 months ago)
It is so said
Ocean Dreams (11 months ago)
Oh my god I had to stopHalfway through. Too cute.
Julisa Rodriguez (1 year ago)
SuperMysticButterfly (1 year ago)
dogs aren't scary
100 Subs Whitout Vids (8 months ago)
SuperMysticButterfly yeah right =)
Uttam Nandi (8 months ago)
Franklin Warner (1 year ago)
Ted Kyzenski (1 year ago)
Biggest problems with dogs....them little buggars don't live long enough for the place they hold in our lives.
Yvonne Cummins (8 months ago)
Ted Kyzenski pally x akitas
Annachiara Amaru (1 year ago)
Il primo like

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