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This video was made for the memories not for the views or likes. The reason I make videos is for me to be able to capture the moments and for them to live on forever. This video, im aware, isnt the best video I've produced but it does capture what we lived and experienced on this trip so cheers to the friends and memories we made along the way 🥂💗
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viral 188 (10 months ago)
1xme2 enamore
Chris Gn (1 year ago)
Que cool ✌🏼
Greg Fernandes (1 year ago)
The girl that say "I don't wanna be in your gay video" is so hot ;)
DiscoverWithDima (1 year ago)
this was really good Dani!!! loved the edit!
Dani Klarić (1 year ago)
thank youu!!! 💗
Pero qué dice el de mostrador? XD
Julia Laresgoiti (1 year ago)
jk ily and I'm so jealous like wtf fuck nicole wb me
Julia Laresgoiti (1 year ago)
um i stayed the full year, 13 months even. u stayed for like 6 months
Dani Klarić (1 year ago)
I miss you like alot ur fault for leaving 😒😞
Julia Laresgoiti (1 year ago)
what a shit video
juan camilo izquierdo (1 year ago)
Padrisimo tus videos Dany, eres increíble. Saludos desde México.
Dani Klarić (1 year ago)
Marco Antonio Sallenger muchas gracias!!!🤘🏼😊 saludos!

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