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GTA Online: Brand New "Heists" DLC Sports Car! - Fully Upgraded "Armored Kuruma" (GTA 5 Heists DLC)

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Welcome to a showcase of the brand new GTA 5 "Heists" DLC Sports car, available on Xbox One and PS4 - The "Karin Kuruma (Armored)" from the Heists DLC. This beast is fully upgraded so you can see how much it costs (in game cash), what upgrades are available and how good it looks when customised. Stay tuned for more brand new Next Gen GTA 5 content and GTA 5 Online Heists DLC videos in general! Remember to "LIKE" and "SUBSCRIBE" to see more videos from me! Join my open GTA crew! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/team_twister Check out my Twitch Livestream! http://www.twitch.tv/itwisterr Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/iTwisterr
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Text Comments (90)
Martin Park (8 months ago)
How to unlock brushed aluminium color? I participated rally race but I couldn't unlock that color. Please give me solution asap
Skin tone chicken bone (10 months ago)
Crowned Salad (10 months ago)
i like how you buy a bullet proof car but you have to buy bulletproof wheels in a different transaction...
Impørter (9 months ago)
Crowned Salad this car has stock bulletproof wheels
suga_wit_a_cup_of_tea (11 months ago)
I would love a armored Sandking
ahmed osman (1 year ago)
Fuk you hiv person
TheTale (1 year ago)
I have just unlocked the armored kurma
CoverageGames (1 year ago)
Is it possible to buy the normal Karuma then upgrade to armored? or do you have to actually buy armoured in order to have it armoured?
PaintBall the armored version is on sale. Its 390,000 for a limited time
CoverageGames (1 year ago)
iTwisterr Aw man, I'm missing a ton of money then:( (I just bought gta)
iTwisterr (1 year ago)
You have to buy the armoured version, they're 2 separate cars
Ta rkzy (1 year ago)
not. Nus👎🏻
Yaroslav Erastov (2 years ago)
Hasna Begum (2 years ago)
Hasna Begum (2 years ago)
how do we get insurgent?
masterman197able (2 years ago)
How can you get the armored car?
LordLuxL (2 years ago)
Do Fleeca Job finale. ;)
It smells like dick Ok (2 years ago)
IM SO HAPPY. The doctor said I tested HIV positive I'm CLEAR guys :) :) :) :)
It smells like dick Ok (2 years ago)
+Clorox Bleach I was joking I'm fine
Team Luck (2 years ago)
God had a hand on you man , this may be late but good job on bearing HIV
Riley Locker (2 years ago)
what console are u on
Riley Locker (2 years ago)
what's in your other garages
iTwisterr (2 years ago)
+Riley Locker I just did a garage tour video so you can check them out :)
Areeb Mahmood (2 years ago)
He sounds like TheSyndicateProject
Areeb Mahmood (2 years ago)
He sounds like TheSyndicateProject
Sebas410 (2 years ago)
U can still get like shoted in the car right , like ur not invimcible?
Sebas410 (2 years ago)
+Sebas410 Because*
Sebas410 (2 years ago)
Beachside I have done missions with the car and I get damaged by bullet shots
Starling Gomez (2 years ago)
The meteld type goes slower than the normal one
Starling Gomez but the armored one is better for jobs
John Koutros (2 years ago)
Best car for missions
John Koutros cuz its bullet proof so if someone try to kill you he cant everything he can do is runaway, i even have the car and im so happy
Ryan Williams (3 years ago)
I have both Insergents and i use them alot epssly the covered on for rp and crap but i own a tank too but takes 4 hits or 3 thats cool
Darrioun YT (3 years ago)
sunbeam (2 years ago)
Female dog
Acoy 97 (3 years ago)
I'm in a crew with a modded glow in The dark green and I have it on my kuruma it looks badass If you want add me on Xbox 360:wh1tehadow97 if you want the color
mert yaroğlu (3 years ago)
Brenda Slade (3 years ago)
It's my birthday
Keangelo Mccolley (1 year ago)
Brenda Slade
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
+Brenda Slade Happy birthday!
Adam Holcomb (3 years ago)
Love this video
ChasiubaoBelly (3 years ago)
What mission do I need to do to unlock this car?
NINER (3 years ago)
To set one Up you need a high end apartment
Zakariya Rashid (3 years ago)
It's the fleeca job
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
+Unpwnable You can either set it up yourself or join someone else it doesn't matter
ChasiubaoBelly (3 years ago)
+iTwisterr How do I set up that heist or join somebody else?
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
+Unpwnable The very first Fleeca Job heist
DocklandPolice Gamer (3 years ago)
is this on xbox one?
Dark_ Maestro (1 year ago)
officermojgangNYPD Roblox 666 is
Joseph B (3 years ago)
how do you get neon lights?
Dark_ Maestro (1 year ago)
Joseph B and PC
Dark_ Maestro (1 year ago)
Joseph B PS4 and XBOX ONE
aaron perks (2 years ago)
Xbox one 😒
MrMessiah (2 years ago)
Next gen
Sphex [FN] (3 years ago)
32x ämm... pls stop
Ryan Jones (3 years ago)
The armored one has way better acceleration but the regular has a little bit better top speed
Mario Zerrini (3 years ago)
Dude when i bought this car it didnt had bulletproof tires and i was so mad i tried just to be sure i shot the wheels and theyre not bulletproof so i had to pay for them
Joey Santiago (3 years ago)
I made my Kuruma all White with Money Tires and it looks Amazing
FAT cat (3 months ago)
Joey Santiago nah it sounds pretty good
Dark_ Maestro (1 year ago)
+Joey Santiago I now but it sounds bad and #ricer
Joey Santiago (1 year ago)
Franklin Clinton that was a year ago 😂😂😂
Dark_ Maestro (1 year ago)
Joey Santiago nah it looks bad
Thomas Dunster-Azar (3 years ago)
great vid man
Louis Pyper (3 years ago)
Is it me but in the very small update after the heist one on ps3, the Karin Kumar isn't really very bulletproof anymore, I think they have reduced the strength of the armour quite a lot. Because before one of my friends tested its strength with a variety of guns including the mini gun and I never got hit, they tried shooting at every angle but no thing. But now people are killing me all the time when I'm driving by. At first I thought only high calibre guns could get through when people were killing me with mini guns, assault riffles and assault shotguns but then someone killed me with a micro SMG, come on! Now I you stay still too long in the Karin Kumar people will squat you like a fly before you can pull out your SMG or what ever. Now you are only safe when driving at high speeds, but there is another drawback people can chase you down and blow you up with a single sticky bomb, when you sit there helplessly because you can't shoot out the back window. I wish rock star will change it back because I have spent around 700k on mine and now its pretty much useless. And its funny how they haven't reduced the insurgents strength because once it took me 3 RPG shoots just to blow one up. And its just so overpowered especially when the driver is using an AP pistol. But the glass of the Insergeant is really weak, so you can try and shoot them on foot but if they have a friend with them you are basically screwed. And I'm talking about the one without the LMG mounted on the roof, lucky for me I haven't encountered some on with one, but I'm not surprised it's something like 1.3 million, you may as well buy a tank.
LokoYanez (3 years ago)
I agree. Its not very bulletproof and it's pretty much useless
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Dam that sounds rubbish, I haven't noticed or seen if there's a different on Xbox One but that would suck because it's so good for doing missions! Glad you enjoyed the video anyway man :D
Louis Pyper (3 years ago)
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, nice vid man! ☺ I have got a Race yellow and black as a secondary Karin Kumar it looks surprising brilliant in my view, the front of the car looks a lot like a Mitsubishi Evo, my brother and a friend both have the Karin Kumar one in red and the other in blue, all together we cause a lot of destruction around L.S. Lol 🚗 🚓 🚓 🚓 🚓 🚁 Keep up the good work 👍
I dont like the way you colored it. I think a batmobile style (matte black primary, classic raceyellow secondary) suits it better, but thats personal preference. btw i love your videos keep it going like this ❤️
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Yeah that's understandable everyone has their own colour preferences, appreciate the fact you still enjoyed the video!
Toffeehotdog (3 years ago)
Nice video man, just one tip: I think you need to sync your audio with your gameplay a bit more precisely, this is my first video ive seen off your channel but the content was great just that one thing :)
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Appreciate the feedback man! I make sure the audio and video are synced are the start but sometimes they can drift out of sync as I edit through the video so I'll keep it in mind and try make sure it doesn't happen!
Koldun Yeet (3 years ago)
I was your 137 sub, I remember we were friends on xbox 360
Razac (3 years ago)
I raced a friend (both have maxed karuma) there is no performance difference between the armored and the standard. Just the fact that u can't get shot in the armored one (u can, but its just harder)
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Ahh okay thanks for the info man
D M (3 years ago)
Hi Twister I've been here since 1.5k and loved all your videos that I've seen Also can you please stream soon
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Really appreciate the support man and I think I'l probably stream a bit in the summer when I have no college work on and such :)
Mind Deziqn (3 years ago)
Huge fan ;)
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Huge love <3
UncleAggieTV (3 years ago)
I love how evil this car looks! Nice colour combination man ;)
iTwisterr (2 years ago)
+Riley Locker I play on PS4
Riley Locker (2 years ago)
+iTwisterr what console are u on
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
It's great, loving it so far!
Mathieu Scaccino (3 years ago)
Nice vid
Arjen _ (3 years ago)
Great vid! Nice customazation! Keep it up👍
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Cheers dude ;D
Mark Walshe (3 years ago)
Good job bro great vid keep up the good work
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Thanks man, keep up the support :D
Little Rocco (3 years ago)
First comment woohoo!
iTwisterr (3 years ago)
Cheers man hope you enjoyed the video!
LA Boyz (3 years ago)
Great video man!

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