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Nelly - Hot In Herre

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Music video by Nelly performing Hot In Herre. (C) 2002 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Text Comments (17693)
LizziesDoseofBeauty (6 hours ago)
November 2018 anyone?:)) Btw, I am a small Youtuber!
2Hard4Love (1 day ago)
When i'm in the sauna..my fav song
KING KONG (1 day ago)
Dam if it's that hot chuck the AC on.
Taystar cobourne (2 days ago)
nice song
XTheVinezXx (3 days ago)
November 2018¿?
andruscha (3 days ago)
Back in the days black beautiful ladies were not so uncommon in music vids.
Asiya Ahmed (3 days ago)
The band aid on his cheek must be thankful to be on Nelly’s cheek
Asiya Ahmed (3 days ago)
Back when black women where in rap videos
TheKaiko (4 days ago)
Jessica Nicole (4 days ago)
I was singing this song when I was five years old 🤦‍♀️ was stuck in my head got it from my older sisters my mom never liked it 😂
Basic Xemy (4 days ago)
andrae vernon (4 days ago)
I was in high school when this hit it was hot in herrr lol
Luky Dam (5 days ago)
Is this how swinger parties are beginning?
Annalisa Roca (5 days ago)
Why does this song remind me of Zack and Cody??
Luiz Scavone (5 days ago)
Época boa haha!!!
Christopher Parisot (5 days ago)
Nelly is Carlo Cj gta sand andreas hehe😁
Jerica Ardison (5 days ago)
When you were fine with clothes on &in natural bodies 😰😅
Darren Rampersad (6 days ago)
Missing the old days with music
Silviu Matei (6 days ago)
alfred castañeda (6 days ago)
Still Listening 2018!
letty Kmacho (7 days ago)
Melissa Camarillo (7 days ago)
This song made my cousin take her clothes off when she got drunk... lmao good memories
Mathew Gray (7 days ago)
Let it just fall out haha
taewee (8 days ago)
That girl is beautiful😍 always admired her in this video
dirttdog1 (8 days ago)
“What good is all the fame if u ain’t f*ckin the models?!!!” 🙌🏽
W Sijtsema (8 days ago)
Happy birthday 2 days ago🎉
Marta Blajdo (8 days ago)
(C) 2009 Uinversal Records, a division of UMG Recordings Inc.
Chris Curry (8 days ago)
Golden days when girls shook what their mama's gave'em and not what the doctors gave'em
rashford jone (8 days ago)
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Moses Olubiyi (8 days ago)
The song will never get old at keep poping
Hine Duncan (8 days ago)
Dominic The ACE (8 days ago)
Who's here cuz of the vine?
bella bonello (8 days ago)
Dose that ever get old
Joe Holiday (9 days ago)
TRUMP 2020
Miss Gieta Dewie (9 days ago)
This song reminds me of a GREAT night out in Amsterdam.
Oliver (9 days ago)
I sang the chorus of this song in kindergarten during quiet time without a second thought. Needless to say, my teacher didn't have the same appreciation for it that I did lol
Mythical Gaming (9 days ago)
WePhlyHigh95 (9 days ago)
Was in the sauna at the gym and this was in my feed..
Jeremy Pulido (10 days ago)
xRSASS (10 days ago)
Looks like it was too hot there that he misspelled 'Here''
ThePiano Girl (10 days ago)
Who's here because jane the virgin?
Sherry Dorsey (10 days ago)
She was backing it up on him wasn’t she!😳😝😝😝😝🤣🤣
Niambi Blackledge (10 days ago)
Nelly,. very sexy!
WarBlade (10 days ago)
Happy Birthday Legend!❤🎉
FLAWDAWADA8 (10 days ago)
The chick at 1:18 on the wall got damn
Beastly Spyboy (11 days ago)
Old school
Chibuzo Nwachuku (11 days ago)
My newly purchased smartphone makes this video look brand new.
chase taylor (11 days ago)
Anybody know whose jersey he has on?
The Dmitry (11 days ago)
Dio Falkner (11 days ago)
Damn i used to jam to this, Im old... :))))
zeanb raad (12 days ago)
James Hernandez (12 days ago)
2018 they really took their clothes off, on Tyga- Make it nasty
Kemar Brown (12 days ago)
B.e.t days bad
kurt cyrus Rubite (12 days ago)
Who watch this on 2018????????????
Paulo Antonio (12 days ago)
Alô Brasil !!!
sarah simpkins (13 days ago)
back to Summer of 2002 being in my Early 20s
Malusi Sibanda (13 days ago)
wow Nelly. Where ya'll guys
Thompter S. Hunson (13 days ago)
Back then tracks had the groove, man! 🎶 Today's just some mumbling mofos over some "trap" shits. Or whatever they call those shits these days
zinos zinos (13 days ago)
Imagine this song 16 years on a foam party in a club and girls on bikinis..
Dodge Charger (13 days ago)
Its Getting Hot In Here! I Love This Song!!! 😃😃😃💚💚💚💚
Shubeee V (13 days ago)
This song is reminding of a justin timberlake song but i cant guesss which oneeeeeeee helpp
July Reinoso (13 days ago)
Te amo Nelly 😍😍😍 2018
Dominic Teca (14 days ago)
Hot black people partying. Good times! 🔥🔥🔥
Nikki Ken (14 days ago)
We played this song while ridinf on our boat Love you babe Me
wertyu wertyuj (14 days ago)
Бомж. Е.аный.
nate cake (14 days ago)
2018 Any1
#SpielSucht (14 days ago)
Old but Gold 🔥🔥
Shiva's Chimera (14 days ago)
Awww the best times of my life were spinning on this record. And you can take that to the ⛄💲💲💲bank!
BTS Queen (15 days ago)
My dad showed me this song lmao
JULIE TAPIA (15 days ago)
Ghita El (15 days ago)
Best song before sex
Eno Rezpect (15 days ago)
once i masturbated while watching this video at my vcd player, good oldays
Dey ; (15 days ago)
six figures i was only four
Cedar Woodward (16 days ago)
wertyu wertyuj (16 days ago)
Уже. Написал.
Porsha Spencer (16 days ago)
I will get the money for the I don't have a lot of time with the girls at the end and I will send you my resume as per the discussion to be there at my house in the middle of the night when you get here and I'll call you later today I will be there today to get it out of the park and ride to the game tonight
Anke Wendeborn (16 days ago)
I love it 💋
Migatte No Gokui (16 days ago)
Hot in here at *PRISON*
sunlitavo (16 days ago)
year 6 memories lool
wertyu wertyuj (16 days ago)
Нэлли. Рапитуз.
Janie Garcia (16 days ago)
2018 anyone?
michael morgan (16 days ago)
My boy had 2 tanks on and he's wondering y it's hot I'm fucking dead
meduse90 (16 days ago)
still 2018!!!!
David Lawrence2712 (17 days ago)
Ahh the memories....
Esteban Pineda (17 days ago)
Viniendo del pasado precente 2018
Noodaru Child (17 days ago)
Kira36k (18 days ago)
Who does the female vocals
Ridvan Duman (18 days ago)
Can we have this kind of hiphop back ?
fevah1st (18 days ago)
Irv gotti and flex interview brung me hurr
lay lay (19 days ago)
"Like gurl I think my butt gettn big " lol I'm dead
Kleer T (19 days ago)
Sexiest shit ever made
Emily (19 days ago)
i read a post from a dream blog that was in luigi’s mansion on game cube as the entire game soundtrack ?wtf i dint realized this was real
Sofia Sparrows (19 days ago)
1:10 my fav part
TheGoodGuy ! (20 days ago)
I heard this on the radio (yeah the radio), and thought it was new song. Guess I was wrong. Still a good song 9 years later...
Wawan Goes (20 days ago)
Who is the big titti Beauty? 😄
Me I’m a good boi
David Schmitt (20 days ago)
Good shit I can dance to this shit.luv Nelly
Caden Berry (21 days ago)
I mean this is a great song

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