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Nelly - Hot In Herre

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Music video by Nelly performing Hot In Herre. (C) 2002 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Text Comments (17224)
Robin White-Bowles (5 hours ago)
August 2018... still got in hereeeee
Sheharyar Ali (6 hours ago)
nothing like this now ... sadly
CRUZEIRAO CABULOSO! (23 hours ago)
MyloJH (1 day ago)
Yuh holy shit this goes down goood
Elder Cardoso12 (1 day ago)
Gabriela Castro (1 day ago)
Who is she?
ketchuppopsicle (1 day ago)
Blue robe choir cover brought me here
David Lu (1 day ago)
"Me and the rest of my heathens" YOU RIGHT
Victor Gle (1 day ago)
Olivier a chaud?
Unknown Gamer (2 days ago)
The Neptune's know how to cook.them.beats
Gerald Ditto Cosplay (2 days ago)
Alicia Fox WWE Theme 😂
Samuel Denson (2 days ago)
the smell of weed alcohol and funky asses
Kayla Iles (3 days ago)
Queen Uneake (3 days ago)
u know it smells in that club 🤣🤣🤣
Pomegrante Appleson (3 days ago)
Why does he have the band aid on his check. Its here and on his check in another video as well .
Juri Berg (3 days ago)
Ich liebe das Lied. Nachts Träume ich immer davon!!!!
Lawrence Nj Nj (3 days ago)
Was 9yrs old then 2002"damn, time flies am grown man nw,nostalgic is real 😅
Aaliyah Edith (3 days ago)
First banger I’ve heard in a long tiiiiiiimmmee
Dallas Nateweyes (4 days ago)
2018 hot very 34'
Kendra Winker's (4 days ago)
Nelly 😍❤🇧🇷
Dan Brad (4 days ago)
2018 still dope
Mats Berglinn (4 days ago)
Why is the song "Hot in Herre"? Shouldn't it be "hot in HERE"? What is "Herre" anyway?
Coco Chanel (15 hours ago)
Mats Berglinn Nelly wanted it that way😅
Kristina Lekić (4 days ago)
Loving this shit
Sophie Elhani (4 days ago)
Most iconic song ever.
Mariam Nabhan (5 days ago)
كسي نار مين بنيك
N Masiak (5 days ago)
This is not for kids
T K12 (5 days ago)
When this plays i feel like i'm the hottest man in the universe!!
Bãrri Jøhñson (5 days ago)
The numbers 14 and 4 line up in the video to form a message 144 The Hand of God.
Bãrri Jøhñson (5 days ago)
Notice the swim suit top, the triangles wit eyes.
Bãrri Jøhñson (5 days ago)
How many chicks do you see that are porn actresses.
B.J. 28 (5 days ago)
J. Cads Inc. (6 days ago)
It,s getting hat in here
vaulea (6 days ago)
lol i love this
Jennifer Oliver (6 days ago)
This is the best first song the is so hot
Ana Delmy Pineda (7 days ago)
Ryan Gos (7 days ago)
Ray Lewis ❤️
Nicholas Hawkins (7 days ago)
I just realised this song is a little rapey
Kowal (8 days ago)
jebac yt reklamy meneli skurwysynow
Marcele Ferreira (8 days ago)
Levi White (8 days ago)
fav song
Jose ReyesSanchez (8 days ago)
Genesis In the beginning God Created the heavens and earth Genesis 1:1
Feels Goodman (8 days ago)
Anyone from DJ Lobsterdust?
yoboy_ ghost (8 days ago)
I know that remind everyone of ray lewis
Luke Canterbury (8 days ago)
What did the dog say when the cat kicked him? Woof! Thank you, ladies and gentleman! I'll be herre every summer! 😎
sVlog559 (8 days ago)
You flirt with girl I don't want trouble
sVlog559 (8 days ago)
You kiss girls I don't want trouble
Celeste Kaminska (9 days ago)
i like this song but also kinda scares me, know i would not "belong" in this video different from other vids where i am a spectator that belongs there because i appreciate the music... think as you wish i can only be myself and honest as to how i think , old white woman not too uptight mind set i guess
Elena Ramos (9 days ago)
Not hot enough to make that bandaid peel off 😭😭😭
barney the fossil (9 days ago)
I was swimming with the boys when this came out. If you know what i mean
richierich (9 days ago)
Oh yea
exisitientialcrisis (9 days ago)
I was at his concert last night!!!
Andre Allen (9 days ago)
Was it 2002, 2003?? Wearing sports jerseys, all types of wrist-wear, baggy pants, and flashy hats, chains... lol
Jackie Kennedy (10 days ago)
love this song. ... who did not love nelly back then. ... and now
David Fuller (10 days ago)
Ray Lewis is getting in the Hall of Fame
Alicia Richardson (10 days ago)
It hot in herre Turning on the the air conditioner
WavingSeeker (10 days ago)
2018 and still Lit Gg
hyrum vzquez (10 days ago)
7th grade!! lmfao where do the years go!!
Donna Murphy (10 days ago)
Love me some Nelly!!!!! 💚
william jackson (11 days ago)
David Lawrence2712 (11 days ago)
feel old listening to songs like this.
Lila & Scruffy (11 days ago)
It's so dang hot here in cali, I just had to hear this song. Summer 2018. This song is classic. Still sounds great in 2018.
Medieval Gamers (11 days ago)
Musica perfeita para praticar esportes, Para um Filme, Para uma Festa.... Pra qualquer coisa.
metal shadow (11 days ago)
Kim Jackman (11 days ago)
Still slamming in august 2018
Delaney Hood (12 days ago)
I like this song i played it alot in 2014
Geovanni Medrano (12 days ago)
Yuppp the best hip hop 2002 till 2008 man
Minouche Jean (12 days ago)
Pure black n all natural
Rene Hernandez (12 days ago)
Great song!
WAJAH JAKARTA (12 days ago)
really good MUSIC so hopefully give long life & meet again in 2019 ??? miss u all My love for you is on fire!!🔥🔥 2🔥 0🔥 1🔥 9🔥
Dakota Walker (12 days ago)
dose anyone else wanna say bad words!
Breenud39 TV (12 days ago)
Why don't they show off these sexy black women anymore?
Ina hofmann (12 days ago)
I love this Track... Watch with the Mask to Nelly hor in here
human being on earth (12 days ago)
this beat is fire
Leslie Ptak (12 days ago)
Jaana Tammi (13 days ago)
At this time and these latitude this song aint gonna fail..😎🌞🔥31°
Kamyra (13 days ago)
I showed this to ice cube He turned into steam
Kristian Brigoli (13 days ago)
Back when youtube didnt exist yet.you gotta fix your eyes on MTV 24/7 to catch your favorite artist.
Mazouz Houria (13 days ago)
Iulia V (14 days ago)
Depp99ful (14 days ago)
I remember rappin' to this with my cousins and my aunt/uncle in the back of my aunt/uncle's car, windows down, song as loud as you could get without blowing the speakers out, rapping at the top of our lungs.
rahmir patterson (14 days ago)
I think my butt getting big
MO KER (14 days ago)
ooooOOOOHHHHH yeearrr HOT
Local Booga (14 days ago)
so much gange rap
michael chinn (14 days ago)
July 30th 2018 who's listening
CERBERUS 96 (15 days ago)
Dood these whamen r fine af
amush Walk (15 days ago)
Ayyyy kill it *dances awkwardly to music AYYYY
Rakshasa (15 days ago)
Global warming never sounded so good.
N. Bastiao (15 days ago)
so hot!!!!!!!
Randy Jr. Tagoe (16 days ago)
This song along with Oh Boy represents not only BET 106 & Park ⛲ with AJ and Free ♥ but also late 90's/early 00's NBA Basketball 🏀!!!
Mohamed Adan (16 days ago)
Whos watching 2k18
Bueno (16 days ago)
2018 on fire
Jack of the Juli (17 days ago)
When you’re in Rome and it’s 1 billion degrees
Roy Martin Tandberg (17 days ago)
Anyone else that turned this song on because it is so freaking hot
Nasir Walker (17 days ago)
Sims 4
Crystal King (17 days ago)
The black guy with the red head phone is in the Johnson family 🙌
Henry Washington (4 days ago)
Crystal King That's Cedric The Entertainer, the comedian. Your to young to be watching this video, I'm gonna tell you mama!
Uriel de Lorraine (17 days ago)
Was the girl in 1:17 Nicki Minaj?
Amya Askew (17 days ago)
Yea she was so hot that she sweated her edges out!
Vincent Chen (17 days ago)
this is all-time classic party beat!
Victor Borges (18 days ago)
How I wish hip hop nowadays had at least these kinda beats :( Nowadays' hip hop sucks

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