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The Most Brutal Psychic Fail Compilation Pt. 1

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The best collection of psychic fails. Watch Theresa Caputo, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, Derek Acorah, Sally Morgan, and many others fail miserably in this epic compilation of psychic blunders, mistakes, failed predictions, and lies. Watch these mediums epic fail when they appear other peoples shows where they can't control the edits. Several psychics fail to prove their paranormal claims while attempting to win the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) Million Dollar Challenge. These self-proclaimed psychics fail big: Theresa Caputo exposed on Anderson Cooper, John Edward fails at cold reading, Sylvia Browne mistakenly says a living person is dead. James Van Praagh makes a fool of himself in front of a live audience. Sally Morgan pretends to hear the voice of a dead grandmother, without realizing she's channeling based on the picture of a grandfather. Confirmation bias, shotgunning tactics, Barnum statements, hot reading, and cold reading, can fool many people, but only when you're not looking for the psychic misses during a psychic reading. When you don't focus on the hits and ignore the misses, it's obvious how fraudulent these supernatural claims are. Watch Part 2 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksmd2pBEOhY How to support Holy Koolaid: http://bit.ly/2nkJrzP • Find out how you can get my upcoming e-book for FREE! https://www.holykoolaid.com I'm starting a podcast in February w Rationality Rules & Rachel Oates check it out here: https://goo.gl/oFUiie Get Holy Koolaid Merchandise: https://shop.holykoolaid.com/ CONNECT WITH ME + Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/holykoolaid + Twitter: @holykoolaid + Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holykoolaid + Instagram: @doubtandabout + Snapchat: doubtandabout SUBSCRIBE + Please Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/ie3EZh MUSIC + Memories + http://www.bensound.com + Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD? You Are NOT Alone! Join the Holy Koolaid Community Newsletter to get plugged in: http://www.holykoolaid.com/newsletter/ Stay skeptical. Science is greater than Dogma. THANK YOU! Thanks so much for helping me reach 30,000 subscribers! Y'all are the best! Have feedback on this video? Shoot me an email or tweet. Want to help spread my message? Like and share this video. It helps YouTube determine which videos are trending and which to recommend.
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Text Comments (3920)
Irbretha Horne (6 hours ago)
who shitted (7 hours ago)
My buffalo died but still this big hair fraud can't read US....
Lance Love (11 hours ago)
Man i knew that!😭
Perry Sy (11 hours ago)
We chose the surname BULL for a reason. Ahahaha!
Morgan Rastellini (23 hours ago)
Dude, stop talking. Your nasally voice put me off to watching the video
Paul Warren (23 hours ago)
Most Haunted (Hugh Laurie) - SNL - YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whl7QMTlHm8
Paul Warren (23 hours ago)
Skank twats manipulating peoples loss mode issues..
Zwenk Wiel (1 day ago)
They should do that chopper in the Forrest test with everyone claiming to be a psychic. But if they can't find it within the time they don't get rescued.
Ann Chovey (1 day ago)
Why the thumbs down? Even presented with facts some people just don't want to believe the facts.
Adultindiapers (1 day ago)
You didn't disappear? Lmao
ice (1 day ago)
Long Island Medium, that bitch is such a fraud!!
Arabel Vannesa (2 days ago)
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singertobe (2 days ago)
My cat disappeared mysteriously many years ago and the more time goes by, the more impatient I become wanting to know what happened to her. I've been considering consulting a psychic to find out what happened to her, but after watching this I doubt it would work.
Erika Crayon (2 days ago)
The saddest part is Amanda Berry’s mother died before Amanda’s escape. She died thinking her daughter was gone because of a money-hungry fake.
John O 'Reilly (2 days ago)
how can people belive con artist no person has ever proved they could talk to the dead....how do they get away with it.....scams......and they get rich takin your money ...people.....cop on.
allybean (2 days ago)
There was a guy who did cold readings he was accurate and pretty good, but he wasn't a psychic he was better than most psychics. People kept saying he was psychic and didn't know it I wonder what happened to him?
Bridgett Holman (2 days ago)
He and Chodmunch are good at what they are doing!
a b (2 days ago)
Theresa caputo is liz one of her sons wants me dead they have mob connections and get high through ellen degeneres’s dad i hate me and family and friends being targeted individuals because they are concerned that i wrote about their friends in drugs or whatever the art and media world THEY harrassed me assaulted me stalked me and her son taylor rhodes numi had me get hiv with some kid from high school steve lunardi yeah her son said i would die and now i have hiv and people thinking im lying so they just want me in jail and yes they are elitests crack using jet set underground organized crime they love this but innocent people suffer from them they all lived on a nude commune in italy they brag and then kill these people do not know how to act google remote neural monitoring they are disease itself
Andrew Park (3 days ago)
You sure she's dead? ...I'm here?
Oscar Hinojos Jr (3 days ago)
I hate how this guy put Theresa Caputo on there, after getting it wrong she said all those spirits come at her so she doesn’t know who’s who, and after that “fail” she was getting them correct left and right, why do you show the wrong but don’t show how many people she actually got right? I hate skeptical people, damn hardheads
Oscar Hinojos Jr (3 days ago)
Theresa Caputo isn’t even Psychic she’s a medium
Charles Woke (3 days ago)
The devil is a damn liar
Nat Lopez (3 days ago)
Only stupid people believe in psychics. They're all frauds
HumanistJohn (3 days ago)
Awesome video! So painful that people like Edwards have been given so much free reign to spread their bs.
self healing (3 days ago)
I'm pissing my pants from laughing
Josh Hunter (3 days ago)
I honestly don’t get how these quacks could have the stones to actually attempt this on live tv when they KNOW that they’re full of shit. I mean, what do they expect to happen exactly?
Matt Maguire (4 days ago)
Most of these people just say broad statements hoping they will come true
winter tales (4 days ago)
Maybe some of these are like past lives or ansectors you dont know of
ᑕᕼᒪo ᑕᕼᒪo (4 days ago)
What the fuck is murdered murdered 🤣🤣
Charlie Cross (4 days ago)
Nostradamus predicted armegeddon would take place 30 years ago OOPS!
Emily Rhodes (4 days ago)
This gives me so much anxiety
rost Rust (4 days ago)
darth revan (4 days ago)
Daaaaaaam this video funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
darth revan (4 days ago)
I heard Miss Cleo you uno cards to make noise and was caught scamming people.
-how long will i live? -80s -wrong!!! (Kills himself on the spot)
Nathan Purvis (5 days ago)
Psychics just run around with “the guessing game” until they find a trail to manipulate
DennisBTV (5 days ago)
Wait a minute...you didn’t disappear?? Lmao and 6:37 Silvia is so dumb why wouldn’t she just say he’s alive that way if he did turn up dead she could of said he died after I told you he was still alive?
japsicles (5 days ago)
This is epic!! Can't stop laughing!!hahahahahaha
TreePuncherGuy (5 days ago)
“They ran me over...” 😂
Bharat Nair (5 days ago)
James Randi is my man!
*tHe HoRsES rAn mE oVeR*
Danny V (5 days ago)
Liked for Hitchens in the back
Astral Fire (5 days ago)
Samantha (6 days ago)
i mean the psychic twins did predict that shane would meet ryland so im not saying theyre always right but maybe sometimes they are
Deedee S. (6 days ago)
I loath these fakes playing on people’s feelings!
Unknown One (6 days ago)
chirese387 (6 days ago)
This music though 😩
Gun Bro's (6 days ago)
oh god this hurts
adeline ramirez (6 days ago)
these people take advantage of grieving parents who will do anything to get their child back and it's disgusting
Jesse Bedolla (6 days ago)
My wife went to a psychic when she was really young, and they said she was going to die before she turns 18. She's 32 now, and why tf would someone tell a child that.
Moon Pie (5 days ago)
they are not only frauds but sadistic as well...
Cray Boss (7 days ago)
“Was somebody murdered? Like murdered murdered?” 😂😂😂😂😂 damn as if the first murder wasn’t bad enough 😂😂
journigan c (7 days ago)
Scary how dumb people are
Adan Gallardo (7 days ago)
Was somebody murdered, like murdered murdered.
marsha woods (7 days ago)
Love your videos!
B Wilz (7 days ago)
Such a good topic! Good job!
JFLY (7 days ago)
Not gonna lie this is hella cringey omg I cant
denica govender (7 days ago)
I'm flabbergasted by how these FAKE psychics actually believe their psychic. They need to be put in a mental assyulam.
Michael (7 days ago)
actually there are two cases where psychics have solved murders. one in new york back in the 80's and another in paris(i cant recall when it was) BUT, unfortunately it was found that both these murders were actually committed by the psychics in order for them to approach police with "psycic info" to solve them. the one in usa was hilarious as the psychic led police directly to the body in which case the autopsy revealed dna of the psychic under her nails and there were credit card charges on the deceased persons card from paying the psychic for a reading a few weeks before. cant say much on the french one as i dont recall much about it, but im sure it was similar to this one.....in the way that the body had evidence of contact with the psychic im guessing. and im sure modern police will always investigate and suspect a psychic if they can actually lead police to the crime. cops aint that stupid im thinking.
Nick DeGugs (7 days ago)
2:14 I always knew there was a psychic who said that. It was the most likely scenario, it was what people wanted, but like the SJW’s this lady ended up crying in defeat.
Robin D. Phillips (7 days ago)
Andy The Witch (7 days ago)
Psychics never really become wealthy and most of these are celebrities so that already tells you something.
O-Remi Ishii (7 days ago)
you're so cute ughhhhh
Chris Perez (7 days ago)
Lol early into the election I predicted that eventually come down between Hillary and Trump and it would be close, but Trump will win. I just used common sense based on their ideas and what is happening in the country currently. I don't claim to be a psychic yet I'm more accurate than these frauds.
Chris Perez (7 days ago)
On a side note everyone has the psychic ability just at different levels like other factors such as intelligence and strength.
Kaylee LeGrande (7 days ago)
the lisa guero one 😂
Rocky305MS (7 days ago)
What a bunch of Frauds
Lil Dimple Girl (7 days ago)
I mean its funny. But whats also funny is the amount of people who keep making these prediction jokes and saying they didnt see that coming. As if these are even psychics. Lol they dont tell or see the futrue theyre mediums or however tf you spell it. They're claiming to see the dead lolol.
The fact that people STILL BELIEVE in psychics honestly has me shook.
VillainFlaco (7 days ago)
I’m predicting that I’ll go to bed tomorrow
weeaboojoe (8 days ago)
0:25 when a old meme come to life
Sir Manwell (8 days ago)
I'm getting a feeling... A reading from the other side.. Someone is going to comment on this and your name will start with a letter. And you have a nose and you're a human.
omdell (8 days ago)
“you didn’t disappear?” “i’m right here” lmaooo
Hot Mama (6 days ago)
Bibi B (8 days ago)
Whane The Whip (8 days ago)
I'm totally going to contribute to your patreon because you did so much work to produce the shows from which you cut these clips. Also because Patreon are dicks now and ban users with opinions that differs from theirs.
Sapphic Skeptic (8 days ago)
How sad is it that I’ve seen almost all of these clips? I love this shit 😂 Keep up the good work, dear!
Whane The Whip (8 days ago)
Silvia Brown is dead and now her son is following in her scam footsteps. In many states offering psychic services is illegal which is why they have to include a disclaimer that it's for "entertainment" only.
Jemma T (8 days ago)
You're dead....believe it or not 🤣😂😁👎👎👎
Sugar Skulling (8 days ago)
Hit or miss
Charlotte H (8 days ago)
".....You didn't disappear?" "I'm right here."
Stephen Howlett (8 days ago)
Those fuking fakers should be hung from the nearest tree , they don’t care what damage they do just so long as they get your cash. None of them are genuine but lots of them are very rich. That should tell you all you need to know about them.
Stephen Howlett (7 days ago)
Alexandre Oliveira Arrais well if you want to get rich just tell people your a psychic or if you want to get super rich tell them god sent you to preach to them for a donation. Humans are far to trusting.
Here on Brasil, one of those fuckers named João de Deus (translates to "John of God) seems to have raped hundreds of women (including minors) and has lots of illegal guns. And people from his city are still defending him...
tannith (8 days ago)
i believe in some psychic shit, but purposely lying to people about their dead or missing loved ones is fucked up.
Zehra Roberts (8 days ago)
There r some out there I believe r real .. but def not this lot lol x
Helen T (8 days ago)
Usually the best psychics don’t go on tele or don’t even advertise or have stores on the street. The one I go to is only by word of mouth and she also works with the police department (which not many people know) and she also did solve a murder case, she just wasn’t mentioned or identified. There are some great people out there who have crazy ability. These ones you’ve shown just want the fame lol
Long island medium is the fuckin worst
Bradley Elliott (8 days ago)
When are people gonna learn theres no such thing!!!! Stop falling for these Idiots and becoming Bigger Idiots!!!!!!!
Laura Knight (8 days ago)
Disgusting specially when it comes to lying about murders and people being dead
calea washing (8 days ago)
I clicked on this purely because I read the title to Persona 5's Last Surprise
Wordsmith Gobshite (8 days ago)
They didn't see that coming
Sara Hewson (8 days ago)
I watch a lot of forensic shows. There’s one instance where a psychic shared a dream about a missing girl, seeing her body in a very specific location. The girl’s body was found there and the police were never able to explain it. The murderer was arrested and convicted, so the psychic’s only connection was through the dream.
Cheyne Simons (8 days ago)
Coming from a lunatic like Trump, I would expect anything, but I've never seen that "open admission".
Karen B (8 days ago)
Nicholas Ovel (8 days ago)
I REALLY wanted to watch this... But their level of cringe makes me grind my teeth!
BertRach1 (8 days ago)
Glad to see people reading Christopher Hitchens...
J J (8 days ago)
R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens. ❤
p d (8 days ago)
Capooto 💩
R. Anne (8 days ago)
Psychics are so full of shit. Vomit.
Dave Goldspink (8 days ago)
😂🤣😂 Not even going to both with the video 😂🤣😂 Watched the first lady her "Psychic" abilities were as good as my sister's who's also "psychic". My sister worked for two phone up companies which went broke. Considering both employed more than 20 "psychics" and none of them saw it coming says a lot about the industry. Psychics are scam artists just like the snake oil salesmen from back in the day.
1LondonNicole (8 days ago)
Psychics do not exist !! If u think otherwise ur crazy lol ur being scammed
O.D.L.1776 (8 days ago)
1000 tipos opinan que les ofende que no se crea en los psíquicos... Da miedo pensar que conducen coches, preparan alimentos, atienden a personas...
x Liv_Roberts x (8 days ago)
Sylvia Browne sounds like Roz off Monsters Inc lol
The Clark Channel (8 days ago)
Was somebody murdered? Like, murdered murdered?
emry j (8 days ago)
2:08 my personal fav

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