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My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow (Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for 'Only Shallow' by My Bloody Valentine from the album 'Loveless' Subscribe to the Rhino Channel! http://bit.ly/SubscribeToRHINO Check Out Our Favorite Playlists: Rhino Favorite 100 http://bit.ly/RhinoFavorite100 80s Hits http://bit.ly/80sMusicHits Classic Rock http://bit.ly/ClassicRockFavorites Stay connected with RHINO on... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RHINO/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rhino_records Twitter https://twitter.com/Rhino_Records https://www.rhino.com/ RHINO is the official YouTube channel of the greatest music catalog in the world. Founded in 1978, Rhino is the world's leading pop culture label specializing in classic rock, soul, and 80's and 90's alternative. The vast Rhino catalog of more than 5,000 albums, videos, and hit songs features material by Warner Music Group artists such as Van Halen, Duran Duran, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Doors, Chicago, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Yes, Alice Cooper, Linda Ronstadt, The Ramones, The Monkees, Carly Simon, and Curtis Mayfield, among many others. Check back for classic music videos, live performances, hand-curated playlists, the Rhino Podcast, and more!
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Text Comments (1142)
Katya Flores (7 hours ago)
This shit sexy
biesmusik (4 days ago)
this is good stuff
ilter Ayturan (5 days ago)
Schuldiner's CD Collection
Keith Daykin (6 days ago)
Warm fuzzies..on steroids..
John C. (7 days ago)
What a great musical hook. The unresolved chords are great. So dreamy yet great energy. I remember the first time I heard this album. Back in 1992-93 Scott Anderson (Finger 11 band) was in my TV Communications class at Waterdown District High School and created a video in the TV studio as a project with this song. I recall his band at the time being quite good (Rainbow Butt Monkeys). I'm not surprised they would have success as "Finger 11".
HLDR (8 days ago)
Vacuum time!
Epilepsy warning
Noah Egger (10 days ago)
I came here for Bilinda
Ravachol (16 days ago)
Her eyes are so beautiful...
Mike B (16 days ago)
27 years ago today this mind blowing abulm was realized. I wish I was alive to hear it then but at least I have it now. This abulm introduced me to shoegaze and has become one of my favorite abulms. It is so sonically intriguing.
tibbarabbit (17 days ago)
Forget Monika... ONLY BELINDA
gillart99 (21 days ago)
You know what pisses me off? When this song ends.
James owo (24 days ago)
Dut Dut Dut Dut
Indie Music (28 days ago)
Q buena cancion por Dios
Michael George (28 days ago)
this great piece of noisy music actually reminds me of "Ocean" by the Velvet Underground.
misterjohn john (29 days ago)
This played loudly never fails to pull me out of the doldrums ;◎)
The Fantom (30 days ago)
Why it seems to me that this is quite simply the best record ever made!
Default Name (1 month ago)
It all started here, with MBV's "Loveless." Revolutionary
́Monkey Food (1 month ago)
VH1 bring me here
Richard Haraldsen (1 month ago)
kyle Dyson (1 month ago)
I've never heard guitar music that sounds this sexy.
Shuggah84 (1 month ago)
Most overrated band in history
Rafael Arenos (1 month ago)
Always wham down, push never pull up
Tha Agui (1 month ago)
o vocal nessa música faz parecer que a gente ta em um sonho...maravilhoso.
Trve Nvrmnd (1 month ago)
still waiting for a new album...
James owo (24 days ago)
Mr Worry (1 month ago)
Debbie and Colm on rocking out duties for this video.
Cee Dasun (1 month ago)
Feel like in a shoe shop :/
misterjohn john (29 days ago)
Sends shivers down my spine and makes the hairs on my arms stand up Awesome ;◎)
ushutdhellup (1 month ago)
Juan Montoya (1 month ago)
Similar to Glitter Freeze (GORILLAZ) jajajaj
shaun cuthbertson (1 month ago)
sorry pj harvey your dumped, omg she is lovely
Dead The InfestedTerran (2 months ago)
just discovered this band today amazing
0P1C4K (2 months ago)
Kevin Shields forever!!!
UFOMG333 (2 months ago)
Watch sped up to 1.5x. Punk version?
Jorge Moran (2 months ago)
Q belleza, lo ácido melancólico futurista vivan los 90's hp cero preocupaciones....
Music Pills (2 months ago)
Every time i listen to random music, then i don't know why i always end up here
A lots of reveeeeeerrrrrbeeeeetatiooooonnnnooootion
Furio Giunta (2 months ago)
I'm curious about how in the fuck did the camera man make them all look so unattractive. Bilinda looks like a hag here, but in real life she's really pretty.
Mr. Reich (2 months ago)
Look in the mirror. She's not there.
Bloodwarden03 (2 months ago)
Not a single comment about the movies. Nice
Anlushac11 (2 months ago)
Not sure what happened to it but used to have this CD. Always liked this.
dubseedz757 (2 months ago)
This song is so fookin epic!
THIS song is A Masterpiece. Seriously. RB/nowretiredfromTheScene&eatinglydia'sLunch " Where's Fluffy? "
talpajam (2 months ago)
still two of the most ballsy, beautiful & reclusive women in the game
Mike Girard (2 months ago)
Ireland's best band.
bernardo bringas (2 months ago)
Unfinished Sympathy
Holden Jane (2 months ago)
Christophe Lamoureux (2 months ago)
Michael Wilson (3 months ago)
I wonder how their hearing is these days? They were LOUD!!!
Farlov (1 month ago)
saw them live recently. they still are :P
Kim NamJoon (3 months ago)
Estoy aca por BTS
Lili • (3 months ago)
Estoy acá por un hilo sobre BTS ahre
gianella S.C. (3 months ago)
X3 está buenaaa. Tremenda joya que será si hacen algo así ^^
Vianey Villarreal (3 months ago)
Lili • Por dos
Ingrid Diniz (3 months ago)
Isso é rock mas dá vontade é de chorar... Kkkk *Vim pelo BTS*
Sary Bel (3 months ago)
김호진 (3 months ago)
아 시팔 나 이거 못봤다고 개엿같은 지갑
Larry Paul (3 months ago)
This band rules!
dubseedz757 (3 months ago)
Legendary record..
mister sinn (3 months ago)
I don't like it.
k Maz (3 months ago)
Small so far a. A shire small so see as pr9 lulu josh 06291570478ss..
Иди нахрен Кевин
From Here to Eternity
MrJohnRenteria (3 months ago)
Cap683 (3 months ago)
Lush and My Bloody Valentine could be twins separated at birth.
分析学 (3 months ago)
This sound go past like top storm,I feel it,
Cory Rhodes (3 months ago)
After seeing them the other Night in Philly, "Like a Magical Mystery Tour of color and Sonic layers of melodic feedback MBV pushed the threshold to outright Ear deafening Noise... Beautifly Discordant clashes amid angelic harmonies like a live performance art piece entitled "God's soundtrack for Creation"...or "the Heavens Shoe Gaze in Technicolor" MBV are every bit as relevant Now as they were some 30 years ago in their inception...Nevermind the 20 year Hiatus....If hese Astronauts of Kaleidoscopic Sound touchdown near you Do NOT Miss Em!-That's my official review lol ⭐the Show was Badass....they Melted the Venue with a dose of SoNic Acid....✨
Mark Richardson (3 months ago)
What the HELL were they on during the recording of this record?
Liam Joseph (3 months ago)
why does the drummer look like a bug eyed thurston moore
Alan Passat (3 months ago)
It wouldn't surprise me one bit if some people posting about this have smoked cannabis at some point in their life. Cannabis is also known as "pot" and, like most things, is illegal in the UK and Ireland.
g.gustafson1 (3 months ago)
Such a good decision of the engineers to leave any bass out during the verse. Feels so much more tight and intimate - like Belinda is singing an inch from your ear.
D Singh (3 months ago)
im not crying
ZombeaverTM (3 months ago)
Stop fucking mumbling 😂
Plastic Forks. (3 months ago)
Desert Daze 2018...
budaksdo (3 months ago)
came here coz of game grumps
Sun Kissed (3 months ago)
Here from Game Grumps power hour.
skateboardfun (3 months ago)
This song reminds me of hanging out with Lia in 2013. We worked together and would get rip roaring wasted as you do in your early 20's and then go back to one of our homes and have wild romance as she played this album. This song would play right as things were getting interesting. This song to me is about youthful ignorance and throwing two sheets to the wind in the name of a good time. I miss that.
ni3kyYT (3 months ago)
Game grumps. Likes,,, now
Shane Devins (4 months ago)
What kind of sicko names their band my bloody valintine. Love should not be murder or death. But the celibration of life and to be happy. Resist The Devil and He shall flee you. Praise YHVHGOD!
Mr. Reich (2 months ago)
Shane Devins ....they took it from a movie.
Hannah Cwik (4 months ago)
Sleep Like a pillow Down(ward) And (Where) She won't care Anyway (where) Soft As a pillow Touch her there Where she won't dare Somewhere Sleep Like a (royal) (Subject) Think That you grew Stronger there Speak Your troubles She's not scared Soft like there's silk Everywhere Sleep (Is a) pillow Come Where she won't dare Anyway (where) (Look) In the mirror She's not there Where she won't care Somewhere
Zali Becquerel (4 months ago)
Speak Your roubles She is not squared Soft like there is silk everywhere じんェち意フ ジ円ヾめ
chrisjaybecker (4 months ago)
The Smashing Pumpkins "Gish" sound, especially on Rhinocerous, comes from this song and this band.
Amderson Rambao (4 months ago)
Vou morrer ouvindo o som do : My Bloody Valentine. ..
Eel Aaa (4 months ago)
I'm gazing at my shoes.
Squii (1 month ago)
What a nice pun
freedomtodance (2 months ago)
More meaningful now as I watch this on a smart phone smoking gazing at these shoes
CCG Bass and More (2 months ago)
My shoes just gazed back
Angry Bloke (4 months ago)
Anyone else here who came from "The joy of the guitar riff"?
Mr. Reich (2 months ago)
Angry Bloke I imagine many did. Nothing prepares you for mbv
Jenny rodriguez mamani (4 months ago)
Andrew McLeod (4 months ago)
Wish I could go back to the first time listening to this record. Never heard anything like it at the time. Those effects are genius.
こたろん (4 months ago)
Ángel McFly (4 months ago)
Pure Shoegaze; pure gold.
is this shoegaze? (4 months ago)
Probably the best song of all time
Smeagle Head (4 months ago)
that would be: Soon-My Bloody Valentine
Самая мощная песня на свете
miguel olivera (4 months ago)
De putamadre tremenda banda que rico Shoegaze csmre! Saludos desde Lima
Russell Goulding (4 months ago)
Like the song but the video looks like a shoegaze parody.
Bob Jones (4 months ago)
her earrings look like the clouds on spongebob
William Gwillam (5 months ago)
Paul Solger (5 months ago)
I’m in no way slamming this song for its blandly obvious vocal harmony lifted from the Velvet Undergrounds song Ocean {Especially the live 1969 album version} Instead I say it’s it’s a heartfelt homage and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially being a fellow musician I feel the band knew it and the song is GREAT 👍🏼 btw so cheers to M.B.V for a well written tribute original!
Mr. Reich (2 months ago)
Paul Solger Both just absolutely beautiful songs
Ben Artman (5 months ago)
Vreeeeeem Vroooom
ThreeEcho7 (5 months ago)
Finally a song I can eat my cat to.
Jason isamu (5 months ago)
..Niiice.......... .......<3
Emil (5 months ago)
Bilinda <3
masterpiece of shoegazing
Kate Dye (5 months ago)
Kat Chen (5 months ago)

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