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I was just voted one of the Top Ten Psychics in New York by Thumbtack.com!

13 ratings | 462 views
www.thumbtack.com/my/new-york/psychic/ Thank you to all who voted, I really appreciate it- if you'd like to hire me for an appointment, I do the vast majority of my sessions by Skype and can work with anyone all over the globe. For more, visit: anyabriggs.com
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Brandon Young (3 years ago)
Nice! Congrats! New York is a big place so that's saying a lot!
Carmen Burgess (3 years ago)
Good job, Anya! You deserve it. I am looking forward to more of your videos and insights. All the best in 2016! Cheers!
Joy Larkspur (3 years ago)
Woohoo! Congrats! Been a follower of your blog for sometime now. :D
LikeTanyaNoT (3 years ago)
+Joy Larkspur Thank you, Joy! I appreciate the kind words! More to come!

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