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How to prioritise your product backlog in Agile using WSJF method

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This short video you will teach you on how to prioritise your product backlog using Weighted Shortest Job First method If you like it, do not forget to Share, Like & Subscribe to my channel Twitter: @_KrishnaR_ Blogger: goo.gl/fyRYgn
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Samir Ghoudrani (12 days ago)
Cool video! love these concepts, here is study where WSJF is challenged :) https://github.com/SamirArthur/Discrete-Optimisation-for-better-prioritisation-in-Product-Management-Challenging-WSJF
Peter Tashkoff (1 month ago)
Nice video Krishna, thank you for sharing. What tool did you use to create this presentation, it's great :)
Krishna R (1 month ago)
Thank you Peter. I used VideoScribe for the animations
Annie S (3 months ago)
Hello .. could you please tell me , how to measure the Rroe properly ??
n0ci (1 year ago)
Thank you. This was very helpful.
Krishna R (1 year ago)
thank you
Gamer SaurusRex (2 years ago)
Anyone looking for a way to prioritize their backlog this is a great way to start doing so. I am giving this a try against my own method I have been using and so far the prioritization is consistent with both method's, which makes me feel comfortable about the WSJF approach. Thanks for sharing Krishna!
Kaykonio Gt (2 years ago)

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