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Hey everyone! Watch to see what kind of clothes I got from Fashion Nova & Jeans Warehouse. I also added a mini fall deco haul towards the end. I noticed that I mentioned I would wear some of the crop tops with high waist jeans instead of high waist shorts, lol but what I meant is that I have high waist jeans that are MORE high waisted then the shorts I was using in the vid. Btw, I am feeling a little bit under the weather again :( but I wanted to get this video up asap for you all. Thanks so much for watching! xo **I do not claim these copyright songs used in this video**
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BRANDEDBYK (1 year ago)
Fashion Nova is everything!!!
Keahi Ohana (1 year ago)
I love your hair!!!!! Fashion nova is one of my favs!
Timitia B. (1 year ago)
Keahi Ohana thanks! It’s literally just my bed hair 😂
Super cute thumbs up

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