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Psychic gets non-stop prank calls....HILARIOUS!!!!

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A live Psychic gets non-stop prank calls, soooooooo hailarious!!!
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Family First (2 hours ago)
This is like the head detective from in living color psychic addition
R San (15 hours ago)
This is the greatest thing ever!!!!!!
Patrick (5 days ago)
2019 and I came back for more
Dominic Vega (6 days ago)
Good eve nin
Damien Lopez (8 days ago)
what?! 😭
Trollkashi 69 (9 days ago)
He was such an asshole, and I love it. Especially when he cursed that lady caller with getting bit by a dog. Caller:hi dee ho. Psychic: yes you do hunny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samuel Jerkson (9 days ago)
2:27 "Good evening" "Go on somewhere" DEAD 😂😂😂😂
sasukered0 (10 days ago)
He should’ve been linked up with Rev X aka the spirit of truth
sasukered0 (6 days ago)
Gig Hallmark the name of the show was “The One Man Show” you goddamn idiot
Emilio Estevez (6 days ago)
By the way retard. The spirit of truth was the name of the show not him
Emilio Estevez (6 days ago)
Shedding (11 days ago)
He is saying "I am about to put my foot in your ass". Lol. I don't need to be psychic to know what kind of psychic energy this guy has.
"Good eebnin" 😭😂🤣😂
Wesley Hempoli (12 days ago)
man deserves d_eath
occams99 (14 days ago)
This is The Head Detective's cousin The Head Psychic. This clown should do a show with Donny Baker.
Can I be Frank (14 days ago)
He's a psychic but he can't predict who's prank calling him?
KILO JEFE (14 days ago)
You got two seconds to speak before you get hung up on 😂
Fudpucky (15 days ago)
Can I get an AMEN?
Joshua Hope (15 days ago)
"Good evening" "Fuck You" "Oh really" 😂😂😂
tdb514 (15 days ago)
Most of the callers he just hung up on, he deserves those prank calls for being so rude.
MaXtor zero (15 days ago)
dick fitzwelliner (15 days ago)
Is this retard in a reclining wheelchair?
TheCard- -Tosser (16 days ago)
CB walker... those were fun times.
saint Z (16 days ago)
Not even funny 😔
Emilio Estevez (6 days ago)
Bye then we don't care
Saints United (16 days ago)
Laughing so hard I'm sweating...I'm sweating like a fat man running to the buffet table when they bring new food out.
Biggz TV (16 days ago)
How this man calling on Jesus name and profess to be a medium then say how he gone hurt ppl😂😂😂.....the girl said,"Jesus DNT love you nigga!"😂😂😂😂😂😂😭
ChindoggOriginal (16 days ago)
So no one ever saw his last show? He has been trolling everyone for yrs.
PaintedWOLF (17 days ago)
Wtf!! He doesn't even let most of them talk
Emilio Estevez (6 days ago)
That's the whole point retard. Keep up
Knot Good (17 days ago)
#FreePhysic reading & #FreeAnglica + #FreeIVANKA
mike jones (18 days ago)
Isn’t he getting paid with each call
Andy Kard (18 days ago)
Good evening! ASSHOLE. click
Tyler Fisher (19 days ago)
“Good evening” “Your mother” “Thank you thank you” 0:15
Kill All Reptiles (19 days ago)
Plot twist: The psychic pranked us!
Cesar Rabbit (17 days ago)
It's comedy.
Kill All Reptiles (19 days ago)
Drum Omatic (19 days ago)
He should have seen that coming.
This is Laflare Tv (20 days ago)
Good evening asshole yours is quite wide , your mother,I bet yours is all stretched out. Lol
Swegn (20 days ago)
Hangs up on literally every. What is wrong with these people
GLYNN TILLERY (21 days ago)
you can get a foot up yo ass uh huh !!!! CLASSIC !!!! LMAO
MrBiggysmalls87 (21 days ago)
mike cox (21 days ago)
What the fuck is this shit? What are you supposed to say when he answers?
Michael Schwab (21 days ago)
Good times
flavadog17 (21 days ago)
j (21 days ago)
Uh huh
Dookiebutter (21 days ago)
This camera angle is amazing
5065ca (22 days ago)
he's getting prank calls bc he's a weirdo dressed in drag and insulting ppl as fast as they insult him.. then the idiots films it...
bossdrax (21 days ago)
In case you didn't know, he was putting on an act. On his last episode he took off the head cover and glasses only to reveal a totally different guy with a normal voice.
MrBiggysmalls87 (22 days ago)
Internet Tough Goy (22 days ago)
I still have no idea what kind if help he was offering...uh huh
VladZVampX (22 days ago)
G. O. O. D. E. V. E. N I. N
JamesO19991 (22 days ago)
2:26 😂😂😂😂
JamesO19991 (23 days ago)
“Good evening” Caller: “Good evening” HANGS UP
Ryan gst (23 days ago)
I want a hoodie with his face and "uh huh" lol
none (23 days ago)
More entertaining than Howard Stern.
The Real Hal Jordan (23 days ago)
this was posted on my 12th birthday
Sarri Hampton (23 days ago)
Lmmmaoooo fake
Isn’t this Kel from Keenan and Kel
Lloyd Wiley (23 days ago)
He knew that this would happen
This is Laflare Tv (23 days ago)
"asshole" your mother" I bet yours is all stretched out. Lol classic
samus vikerness (24 days ago)
This man is clearly doing God's work. Top notch programming needs to be on the television today!!!!!!!!!!
Gene Still (24 days ago)
For those of you whose life is gonna be cut short this weekend....you going straight to Hell....enjoy the ride... LoL
shadow-wolf gaming (24 days ago)
M.A.S (24 days ago)
Ol "JC" said....
Kearstin Ivory (24 days ago)
This is an act lol
Rebecca Adams (24 days ago)
You mean BORDELLO, not bodega. That's a store, dumbass.
Gypsy-Tongue (25 days ago)
This is not a bodega and its not McDonalds
Aldo fs (25 days ago)
Brad Deters (25 days ago)
Uh huh
damiansdroid (25 days ago)
Jesus is Lord!!!! Uh huh.
Ben Dover (25 days ago)
Why is the camera angle so retarded?
cvt cvt (25 days ago)
He's not running a bodega here, folks
Kristin Nicole (26 days ago)
This is fucking gold
L MooLAnii (26 days ago)
Get yo life together & get the hell off my fone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆
L MooLAnii (26 days ago)
Brett Sanders (26 days ago)
That is some quality filming
Richard the Goatfucker (27 days ago)
Good eveNUN.
EDG (27 days ago)
what an asshole
The Melon Man (28 days ago)
He looks like a goldfish from that angle.
Marty Mcfly (28 days ago)
Legend has it that person is still waiting on that Germain shepherd ass bite
The Real (28 days ago)
6:55 “Roody poohs” then my man said ole JC said...
Zach Taylor (30 days ago)
Where’s the funny part? Ring ring hang up, haha? “Hilarious” is a loosely used term these days.
Spoiled for Choice (30 days ago)
*4:22** fucking hilarious*
Joshua Black (1 month ago)
This man was a great actor and comedian.
Real ThaMaskRapper (1 month ago)
One of tha best lmao
mystic smoker420 (1 month ago)
It's the hardest working black man I've ever seen...lol
mystic smoker420 (6 days ago)
+Emilio Estevez kiss my fat cracker ass then go pound sand motherfucker, yes !!!
Emilio Estevez (6 days ago)
Yeah because crackers like you actually do something with their lives. That's why you spend your time talking shit
mystic smoker420 (1 month ago)
This ain't no stinking psychic hotline, it's a prank call hotline...lol 🤑
Thomas Clark (1 month ago)
He said i bet urs quite wide!
Jason Byrne (1 month ago)
Is he farting??? I keep hearing what sounds like farts?!? LOL
Homes (1 month ago)
Its Doug Heffernan's Mentalo.
Homes (1 month ago)
He needs a taller chair or a shorter desk.
Clever Metaphor (1 month ago)
CB Walker is a God
Charles Peckham (1 month ago)
What does he think a bodega is?
Zach Smith (1 month ago)
If you do a call in public cable show. Your going to get prank calls all day long.
Sergio Pacheco (1 month ago)
Best 10mins of my life. Not sure why I found this sooo damn funny, but man this was amazing. I need a physic reading CLICK Good evening CLICK Is this TV? CLICK Is this free physic reading? CLICK Hi how are you? CLICK Yes hi CLICK Hey what’s going on? CLICK Hi I need help CLICK!!! Hi… CLICK!!!
David Sanchez (1 month ago)
Ratsnrop Live (1 month ago)
Lady's and gentlemen I gotta go I really gotta go u hurt my feelings. Continues to answer calls. *UUUHUH*
bonnie1020 (1 month ago)
Strangely they never saw this coming.
CLG (1 month ago)
boofisgod (1 month ago)
I wish he had his own movie someday
ninjajonnyboi (1 month ago)
ya suck ya daddies dick with that filthy mouth?
the last emperor (1 month ago)
Is there a secret fucking password to avoid being hung up on?????????
Fuck You (1 month ago)
Why is dude always leaned back looking at the ceiling
Bernardo Provenzanno (1 month ago)
It really is Good evening..click
Steve Betancur (1 month ago)
His phychic power should of just moved on he should of known they were pranks lmao
Wayne Gomillion (1 month ago)
The humble servant Rick James with a 5 o'clock shadow sitting on the toilet looking through Shinehead glasses wearing a ms cleo turban? Public access tv abuse.

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