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Documentary 2016 | The Great Escape from Alcatraz Prison

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On June 11, 1962, bank robbers Frank Morris and Clarence & John Anglin launched a patchwork, raincoat raft into the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay surrounding #Alcatraz Prison. ★Watch Most Popular Documentaries Released at http://documentary.center/ ★ The men disappeared, leaving behind a cold case that has mystified law enforcement for over half-a-century. Now, three Dutch scientists have used 3D modeling technology to show that it may have been possible for the men to have survived. Putting their theory to the test, the Dutchmen are recreating the daring escape as closely to the original as possible, right down to launching their own raincoat raft into the bay. Will they make it through the treacherous waters to safety or be swept out to sea? And can they prove once and for all what happened to the escapees? ------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Follow us: https://twitter.com/DocumentaryFull ★Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FullDocument... ★Tumblr: http://fulldocumentary.tumblr.com/ ★Google Plus page: http://bit.ly/DocumentaryTower
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Text Comments (1226)
Sonal Sharma (1 hour ago)
They were intelligent and CIA needed that kind of IQ and courage So they hired them and make it look like they escaped. all the evidence and story that was told, was the result of asking those three how it would be possible? so they faked it to the general public
villagelightsmith (2 hours ago)
Launch 1 hour before low tide when the current is nearly slack. Ride the tide in, and angle your direction of effort, paddling at an angle up-flow across the currents. You have minimal outflow before low tide, all of the incoming tide, and an hour or so before outgoing tide begins to seriously suck your boat toward the channel and the sea again. Go steal some more glue. Double tape the seams, inside and out.  For a pump, create a bag with a couple of battens parallel on opposite sides of the top opening. Shake the bag open, snap the battens together and roll the top closed. Bottom of the bag has a tube that feeds into the raft. Remember: there's always one more sonovabeech than you counted on.
villagelightsmith (2 hours ago)
You gotta ANGLE UP-current AND ACROSS the current, letting the current push your craft across the river. Everything depends on every part ... including the little leaks of air. It was a valiant try, but the first guys are long expired crab-food. And yes, I hope I'm wrong.
Ignacio Villamarin (8 hours ago)
I mean it did say that one of them had an IQ of 133. Not only that,but it also mentioned that one of them was a bank robber. That explains the decisions they made.
moby D (13 hours ago)
They were caught and executed . ( can,t have escape from escape proof prison eh! ) Just like the 9/11 passenger jet was shot out of the sky.and Iraq had no W.O.M.D. Wake up people ! You can not mess will the U.S. GOV.
Daniel Shamu (1 day ago)
It's so easy to fail when your life doesn't depend on it, surrounded by boats with people telling you "we'll come get you if you guys get tired", can't recreate the survival instinct, besides prison diets are relatively strict compared to the crap we eat out here, so they were more fit & stronger, I have no doubt in my mind, they made it & never looked back
Dengster 888 (2 days ago)
What was in the water at 9:05?
Michael Kaminski (2 days ago)
This is planning and logistics carried out on a level similar to The Great Escape and other such exploits from WWII. It's amazing the length and imagination the human mind and spirit will go to to be free.....
Angel Martinez (3 days ago)
They made it because they had 4 GTA online players help them
Paul Mitchelson (3 days ago)
Something tells me they made it well done lads the whole point is not to get caught.
Travisaspen fulangag (3 days ago)
i hope they would comment after watching this.. lollllll
karen williams (3 days ago)
Contact cement is applied to 2 surfaces....allowed to dry before it's " contacted " . Then the 2 sides were pressed firmly together...never joined wet for the best seal..
rachel r (3 days ago)
Honestly, the prisoners would have all been paddling and blowing air in at the same time. They didn't simulate this properly.
WCephei77HD (3 days ago)
1:25 lol they almost looked like models lol
Christi 802014 (4 days ago)
They survived no doubt someone was waiting in them. If one lived enough to watch this. I’m pretty sure he has a smile in he’s face.
Janet Granzow (5 days ago)
Scientists wouldn't be in the same shape as these guys, they don't know what they used (could been been gum😆), they weren't desperate, and finally, who paid for this? Somebody has too much time on their hands! 😫
Gaby Luriz (5 days ago)
escape? either they were moved out secretly or buried somewhere...
Jeff Young (6 days ago)
Great effort in piecing together the raft but failed miserably at the attempt to cross the bay. The team were told on at least a couple of occasions that they all needed to paddle yet only one continued to do so. I believe if they had really put some effort into paddling they would've made it to shore. Was interesting up until the point the team didn't take the advise of the observers then I realized I had just wasted my time.
Sanjeev Kumar (6 days ago)
Robbing a bank using a toy gun!!!! Hmmmm!!!😐😐
0:45 listen to name
Craig Bonham (8 days ago)
If all three of them were paddling, as well as blowing air into the craft, they could have easily done it. if you remember, the straws from the original had teeth marks in them. All three original guys were gripping the straws with their teeth while blowing in air....hence they were all able to paddle.
Gina Shallyna (8 days ago)
Morris bukannya perampok atm BNI yank mengambil atm semesin mesinnya bukan sih? Morris ITU kan pemain guitar di gereja yank ada di unpar kan?
Shelly53 2018 (9 days ago)
bangroji (9 days ago)
From their age if they had survive.....they already at 90's now and it is useless to put a person with age of 90 to prison. Did they survive? I am sure 99% they failed and died. Why i think that they failed? If they managed to escape....the proven evident of their prison break would be priced in hundred of thousands to maybe million US $ now. The story of them if they really success...will become major hits...from movie to books to reality shows. Any proven story and solid evident about their success till today? NO. In the age of viral....they are worthed huge money these days. Nobody will waste that amount of money.
Maxine An jets (9 days ago)
Those guys are so hot.. i hope i was born on 1945’ and have met them in US
Andy Hay. (9 days ago)
Vikings knew this stuff.
Ryan Takerian (10 days ago)
They angelins could have jumped out at the end and swam there
arnie wheeler (10 days ago)
could the government just broadcast that they are free men, so we could all hear their story? wouldn't that be fantastic, after all these yrs to hear their real story?
DRE D (10 days ago)
I think they made it
Nick M (10 days ago)
They get these 3 skinny bums to do this? lmao
Dencil Dean (11 days ago)
I think they made it
Crypto Volta (11 days ago)
22:40 Why don't they reference the popular mechanics article on how to build this stuff that the escapees used? Mystery solved. 39:00 Being from Florida, and having experience with the ocean, I don't see why them making it out to the ocean is a bad thing. In fact, it's probably the ideal scenario as the outward current would become weaker and enable them to more easily paddle to shore. 47:00 Um, why can they not paddle and inflate at the same time? This is a terrible effort on their part. They aren't even paddling hard.
Sal Brancaccio (11 days ago)
i did see a special on tv with relatives of the brothers and had letters xmas cards etc all from brazil i believe . they escaped and lived there and had a farm even . it was investigated but no one would officially confirm either way . i personally think they got away and were smart to keep quiet !
bangroji (9 days ago)
if they really escaped...the money from their story could pay the very top lawyer...set them free again...and there still be more money to spend for generations if they really managed to survive. So my humble opinion..they failed and died in process. If you are really smart and survived...you will tell the world now and die in bed of money.
Matt (11 days ago)
Michael Scofield would be proud
Patrick McKenzie (12 days ago)
The sad part of the story is you can speculate all you want but you will never really know for sure if they made it personally I think they made it end of story.
Angel Hernandez (12 days ago)
One thing y’all forget is also that when it was time for count in the morning, they had two fake bodies portraying them. Which means they had enough time to hit land. That’s about 6 hours the least. Knowing count is at 6am or so. They had enough time before the guards knew they were gone and had escaped. They made it.
Hum Shak (12 days ago)
they made it. dead bodies don't just sink. they wash up on shore.
Dreanto101 (13 days ago)
The question is where did they get the raft?
I, DON'T, EXIST (13 days ago)
Anybody else see that guy's AWESOME shirt that says "I void warranties" 🤣👌 love it!
Mr.freedom-nance30 (13 days ago)
Particle tracking !!???? Give me a fucking break... and it wasn’t a raft it was 50 raincoats blown up from the jails steam boils . And tied together. .
Tiki Tiki Time!! (13 days ago)
They where ahead of their time ....2018 and here they are still dont knw exactly how it all went downnnn chaaaa .WHEN U LOCKED UP AND WANT TO ESCAPE TO BE FREEE THE BRAIN GOES A MILE A MINUTE FOR REAL !!Do or die They got out though..Lord Jesus!
Jason Cougar (14 days ago)
Most likely they drowned. But no recreation can be real because the drive those guys had was immeasurable and the adrenalin that we know gives you superior strengths is not going to be there.
cebrail onlu (14 days ago)
No shit you dont hear from the again i FUCKING WONDER WHY?
Tom Kilgannon (15 days ago)
3 unathletic scientists vs 3 strong men fighting for their life. This test was stupid
wao what an iq level all ov these stunning escapies have had on that moment more than three times i have watched this real great espape that was actually done by frank le morris by this escape they just prove that nothing more in this world rather than ur own freedom ima pop singer from pakistan sending love to all the viewers u can search me on google just by my name touseef ul haq.................it is said that frank morris now a days spending his life in berlin germany with his daughter in law and sometime he goes to brazil for meeting with anglin brotherssssss....now they just laugn on the on the whole american and their so called prison rules that could not stop themselves for making their escape from alkatraz.............
Azr Iqbal (15 days ago)
Because they not American bad guy
VWest Beats (15 days ago)
Obviously dutch picked them up in a boat, they did one last hit and set off to Tahiti.
Gabrielle Poitras (15 days ago)
“Ahhh Prison Break!”
Jay WaspColin (16 days ago)
thought they said "all of your hoes" lol my bad
Lithara King (17 days ago)
They didn’t have the urge to live and escape, the prisoners had everything to lose. These people (who experiment) aren’t really on the edge of living, the shock kick didn’t really kick them as hard as the escapees. I feel like they lived and never found, probably died on a couch surrounded by grandkids.
rspartridge (18 days ago)
Wish some little old man on his deathbed ,puts his hands up and tells the real stories of the escape, And puts this to bed , beat the system with class,
Dakota Holland (18 days ago)
You’re all talking about conspiracy theories and I’m over here amazed that this guys name is “All Of Your Hoes” 00:45
Jenny Jessup (18 days ago)
Another shining example that people are idiots.
Henry Jones (19 days ago)
I don't think that was that accurate all three men would have been paddling for their lives to stay alive and to escape in your demonstration there was only one man paddling and I think that they are all working very hard to succeed that's my opinion
nexttttttt (19 days ago)
they left something to talk about.. surely they made it .. may be they are watching this documentary aswelll..
Pradeep Amrutham (19 days ago)
john boss (19 days ago)
Im from the uk and on vacation to the us i see it from the bridge my dad pointed it out. Shame i didn’t know the significant stories of the place like i do now maybe i would of seen it in a whole new perspective.
Sarah Roberts (19 days ago)
Eaten by sharks. If you've ever been to California, the great whites there are no joke on the West Coast
Dean (19 days ago)
people who know those waters well know they didn't escape. but it's fun to conjecture.
James Cornwell (20 days ago)
What you guys keep forgetting that you are dealing with people who have nothing to lose if they get away great if not then what have they lost if it works them great you get away 😀
Anthony Wheeler (20 days ago)
We already know what happened guys, they paid off about a dozen guards, got help from the mafia and pimps, and if anyone has seen the clint Eastwood film escape from Alcatraz we all remember the black guy that was Clint’s friend, yeah he was the man on the inside who helped them out with the people on the outside since these guys were from Atlanta and other states. So they paddled out onto a boat that was reported to be anchored in the harbor by several eye witnesses, some guards, other civilians on the island, residents and which remained anchored for about a half hour, departed out into the open ocean heading down south, then the 3 men were whacked by the very same mafia that helped them get out according to the mob themselves, now this could be false, but guess what they took them to the spot in the woods they said they buried the guys, and they found 3 skeletal remains in the grave about 6 feet under ground with bullet holes in them. Once again, maybe their telling the truth and maybe their not, but this has been solved in my opinion. 🤷‍♂️ you guys are WAY late.
Hei Dell (20 days ago)
The music on here is so irritating and distracting. Makes it hard to concentrate on the story.
Tracy Smith (20 days ago)
we needed to know the background of the escapees skills family etc and composites of them now would have made it more interesting to watch this test
ledgic (21 days ago)
dat mass effect music tho
SemeX (21 days ago)
Honestly, would they risk their lifes in the way just like showed here? I think they had better plan and that report from Allan West could be fake, maybe they had another plan which includes the BOAT to pick them up. With Franck Morris's IQ... Once again honestly you think they was gonna just risk their lifes that easy? If I was in Alcatraz and knew everything about the Bay, I woudn't even go that way. Someone must have picked them up. THERE WAS A BOAT THEY CONFIRMED THAT! So I think those guys made it to the freedom and they are fucking legends. They are not so bad people, they didn't even kill somebody, I mean Angling brothers were robbing banks with gun toys lol.
David Gizzarelli (21 days ago)
They made it. The prisoners were smart and desperate. They weren't like these scientists who just want to lay in a raft and see where it goes and pick at their cold sores. These pussies couldn't even paddle. The prisoners went North immediately.
Anthony Martinez (21 days ago)
I call bs on the freight boat seeing a body floating around and making NO attempt to get it? A couple nights after the escape? Yeah. Something like that would be all over the newspaper and would not be missed.
Fung Ping Leung (21 days ago)
I think they carried lot of stones to adjust their weigh for fighting the wave and sinking them first for avoiding being seen from the guards.
Scarlet Rose (21 days ago)
Of course they made it. One with the brain "133** IQ". Physically fit from breaking those brick wall, built many raft before a succeed one, and tough men. They had also tried multiple escape from the past, so learn from those experience: That are just a few example, and one of the most important thing is "they have the power behind their back that drove them to fight for freedom" unlike these three scientist chicken out even before entering the raft.
Dustin Noobs (21 days ago)
The inmates 100% made it. These guys are just idiots lol They didn't have the same intensity or motivation the inmates had. They knew if they couldn't make it in the "recreation" they would be saved (For the inmates it was life or death). Its not even close to the same thing. The inmates made a better raft (The difference in raincoat material and time spent on it) The inmates didn't use a "sewing machine" lol They hand stitched that $hit (most likely several times) plus had months for contact cement to dry and stack layers..plus they probably only had 1 air hole not 3. So many factors go into it. You cant determine if they "made it or not" just because these guys failed.
StayFocused (22 days ago)
Grant Amnesty and absolve them of crimes and maybe you will find out if they are alive. If not, then they will keep their heads down for eternity. But if they hit the water you can bet they would all paddle like crazy at least in shifts. Bail water...all paddle, one bails...all paddle. and if the raft failed they swim it. The convicts went for broke...these guys were marshmallows who were coddled.
John Ozz (22 days ago)
professional escape artist
Also they may have even organised for someone outside the prison to meet them halfway on a boat. Definitely possible at least. And what about their raft, it would have been big enough to carry four, not three! Remember they left one person behind.
These guys had a choice to quit, the escapees didn't! So long as they had a well inflated raft they should have been able to make I believe. The fact that some photographs were found later in the bay does seem to indicate possibly that they did not make it. Yet as smart as they were it would not surprise me that they had planned the release of those photos during the escape, in order to persuade the authorities into thinking that they had drowned. I think they made it, and then laid low for the rest of their days!
james osullivan (23 days ago)
brightspark54 (23 days ago)
wonder if they used gorilla glue  pmsl
lawrenceofcorte (23 days ago)
why build a boat for 3? .... west = 4
Johnathon Wheeler (23 days ago)
These guys are all bank robbers in and out of jail. And the one guy was in jail since he was 16 or something. Let's say they did make the Escape. The fact that none of them ever got caught again and put in jail I doubt it. Also if they live to be all they would probably be dead by now and one of them was came out just before he died or someone he know would have said something after they died
aussie114 (23 days ago)
Judging by the teeth marks I believe all of them would have been paddling and inflating the raft at they same time.
CloutDexter (23 days ago)
Mob of the dead anyone?
drewe G (24 days ago)
They could probably escape Alcatraz on that blokes baggy jeans. Wow
mike murga (24 days ago)
Super Cool Place!!!!
Nicolai Flou (24 days ago)
CGP Grey <3
ted johnson (24 days ago)
A romantic idea, but face it, the reality is there there is no way they could have made it. What this demonstrated is that it would have been just about impossible to make it to land and not get sucked out into the Pacific. They would not have had any idea about the tides or where to aim for. They didnt have computer simulated current data. Unless they were ocean sailors, they probably didnt have the slightest clue about tides and how strong the current can be, and for the SF bay, what it means when you are getting close to the bridge on an outgoing tide. I doubt the Alcatraz prison library had books on the tidal conditions of the SF bay. A large floppy rubber raft, paddled with a pieces of plywood bolted together? The shape of a paddle is important. It has to be shaped smoothly, or else you get cavitation and the effort is ineffective. Plywood bolted together? Give me a break. What they didnt explain in this video is that their paddling effort did nothing. Their direction of movement was entirely dictated by the tide. They stopped paddling because they realized it was totally ineffective. And that water is cold. If something happened and they ended up in the water, chance of survival would be nil. The escapees are on the bottom of the Pacific. Thats why nobody ever heard from them.
Yazole (25 days ago)
Just watched The Rock, that's why I'm here.
Blood of the dead
henochparks (25 days ago)
Morris' cousin said they made it and got new identities. The brothers moved to Brazil say some
mbaker335 (25 days ago)
Good grief. The last stretch and two just lay there puffing into straws. All three should have been paddling like their lives depended on it. Looks like they did not want to succeed. Very poor effort. Also why no 10cm/4in strips glued over the seams. Maybe little need to keep blowing up the raft. Also where is the bellow pump that the prisoners used. Again one pumping and two paddling worst case. Very poor effort. Yes harder than it looks but they did not look stressed.
music in my soul (26 days ago)
Now what if they would said to anyone person outside the cell living freely that they want him to bring a boat 🚤 after exact 300 days just take this days as a margin because i don’t know how long they were in cell and if 300 days they’ll try after exact 350 days and if not the keep adding 50 days like 400,450,500,550......and then they are long way gone and their story is being told-The don
Jessica Yeich (26 days ago)
I see these men all the time, they are walmart greeters now
William Kerr (26 days ago)
I don't believe they made a raft at all . I think they made a couple paddles up to throw the authorities off into thinking they made a raft . I also think they purposefully left the pictures to drift to have people think they didn't make it. I strongly believe they had minimal raincoat material but enough to construct makeshift wet suits and a air preserver for each man . They would swim and float with the help of the current to the arrived spot somewhere near that cove . I'd like to see that theory tested .
CaseyisFab4Less (26 days ago)
They had inside help and outside help, they couldn't have made it without that. If they had those two things they made it.
bh (26 days ago)
They died they never sat in the raft they didn't have time to blow up a dinghy to hold three people they made tubes as you have made however they did deflate and the water was so cold they would not have been able to blow in to the tubes simply because of the temperature of the water. The undercurrent was so strong they could kick their legs 100 beats per minute; they still would not have reached land especially at 11.30pm. Once you hit an undercurrent you are going nowhere, it will hold you and no matter how much you swim, kick, struggle until you drift away from it you are doomed. Their hands and muscles would have gone in to spasm and would not have had any grip for anything. I know the mind is a powerful thing once it is determined however no matter how determined and hell bent on escaping they didn’t make it. The bodies were never found and they should just close this case once and for all. At the end of the day it was an incredible feat however the fact is that they were three criminals who were convicted and sent to prison. They were not heroes or people to look up to they were bank robbers, thieves who cares anymore.
the snip bro (26 days ago)
Okay its time got my blundergat and packed 🔫 am ready and a 4 perks
Lauren Christie (26 days ago)
Mike Dike... really?
Lauren Christie (26 days ago)
It’s amazing how they orchestrated this escape. Truly amazing.
Falco C: (26 days ago)
“ALCATRAZ! Rise and greet our guests properly”
Abiodun O (26 days ago)
#alcatraz :D
Doreen Rita (26 days ago)
This is super interesting!!! Like WOOW! BUT! This old dame Jolene Babyak the Author just keeps popping in quite often to repeat with a giggle and explains these to us on what we already heard? Like common guys...geesh! QUESTION IS ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THE TIME THEY ESCAPED WITH ALL OUR TIME CHANGE?? THESE GUYS ARE NOT USING THE GLUE PROPERLY!!!!! LOL, YOUR GOING TO KEEP LEAKING. WISH I WERE THEIR TO GIVE YOU SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION DONT YOU HAHAHAHA! Super upload thank you all so much. SO SAD THOUGH that not all of these 3 guys were not paddling the raft because they could have made it. ********** I believe the Prisoners made it to shore!!!!!.**********
vMMe (27 days ago)
Hey look they made Mod of the Dead in real life!
J H (27 days ago)
Now I figure there's two reasons why you didn't sit down on my step. Either you're too scared, or you just hate niqqers. Now which is it, boy? You too scared? Hmm? Nah. I just hate niqqers.

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