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Documentary 2016 | The Great Escape from Alcatraz Prison

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On June 11, 1962, bank robbers Frank Morris and Clarence & John Anglin launched a patchwork, raincoat raft into the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay surrounding #Alcatraz Prison. ★Watch Most Popular Documentaries Released at http://documentary.center/ ★ The men disappeared, leaving behind a cold case that has mystified law enforcement for over half-a-century. Now, three Dutch scientists have used 3D modeling technology to show that it may have been possible for the men to have survived. Putting their theory to the test, the Dutchmen are recreating the daring escape as closely to the original as possible, right down to launching their own raincoat raft into the bay. Will they make it through the treacherous waters to safety or be swept out to sea? And can they prove once and for all what happened to the escapees? ------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Follow us: https://twitter.com/DocumentaryFull ★Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FullDocument... ★Tumblr: http://fulldocumentary.tumblr.com/ ★Google Plus page: http://bit.ly/DocumentaryTower
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Text Comments (1549)
Winged Bull (1 hour ago)
Ok I confess, I'm one of them. I'm enjoying this video with a biiiiiig bowl full of popcorn like hell 😎😏😁
Eli Elting (7 hours ago)
They need to have three young guys close to the age of morris and the anglin bros in good shape to be accurate
RetroHabit82 (1 day ago)
Even if they did succumb to the treacherous waters,in the end they still broke out of The Rock
Jahra I. (1 day ago)
Olivier *Hoes*
Fikret Berisha (2 days ago)
All i Can Say You Are Not On They Skin For Really Escape To Have Freedom
Philip Williams (2 days ago)
They would never have had the prior and current knowledge of the complex tidal patterns and thus they would never have been able to predict to any certainty whatsoever as to when to leave the island. The idea that they paddled this very basic blow up raft all the way across the bay on pure luck alone is so complex as to be implausible to think it could even be true. Even now it, with our advanced knowledge and technology, it would be virtually impossible. The most likely and simple explanation, for this escape to have had any chance of succeeding, is that they used their raft to paddle to where the mooring docks at the island and then they attached their raft to the rear of a boat that was due to leave the island back to the mainland and thus be towed behind that vessel. When nearing the mainland they could have simply cut the the towing line and then paddle the short distance to the mainland. Simple and easy (ish). The acronym KISS should always be brought to mind.
Psyfi Panda (2 days ago)
That fan shit was so dumb lol
9 lives Tv (2 days ago)
I had to watch the movie after looking at this video
Josh Langston (3 days ago)
They say there body’s were washed out to sea but their pictures and a life jacket were found washed up!? I think they made it! 👌🏼
Daniel Belisle (3 days ago)
Thinking the sharks had a good meal that night
Roy vogli (3 days ago)
Rubbish .They didnt pedal hard enough .I defenitley think they made it 💪
Fernando Saucedo (4 days ago)
Now these days they check saliva too see what crime is in your mouth.
Fernando Saucedo (4 days ago)
People did not escape from alcatraz some where released from wrong identify like bonnie and Clyde two females. Personell feds look up Sony bott and jiffy Jeff bill Clinton.
jumpybugplayz (4 days ago)
Mob of the dead
Annabelle Harwood (4 days ago)
man im a geek for history
Bear Ridge (4 days ago)
Your wasting your time, they had a boat waiting for them.
bestartist video (5 days ago)
you dont know if the boat sink they can swim ...
Sander Tel (5 days ago)
Roeien kut !!!
Ronald C Krause Jr (5 days ago)
It's all about motivation boys and girls. What kind of motivation. Well if you are behind bars and given a chance to escape... They had the methods, the materials, the time, other resources, etc... Did I also mention; given the same exact circumstances all over again. Cannot quite state that a majority of people could do it; but it is a lot easier than one would think. I'm in my 50's with above average health and physical fitness levels, etc... I could do it. Escape and then land safely on shore
Juan Lopez (5 days ago)
One of them was the brains of all this
Juan Lopez (5 days ago)
Im shure they made it and by the time every1 knew they had escape they were all ready long gone
Timmy Handsome (5 days ago)
Look, I don't want to be a douche here, but these scientist guys are not hardened criminals. When you look at the pictures of the escapees, you can see that they are well built, have good cardio and are also probably way lighter. One of the escapees has been between prisons pretty much all his life, by that alone you can say that he is physically in a very good condition. You can't compare them to scientist who work 12 hours a day behind a desk. And even the scientists came pretty close.
Dick Trickle (5 days ago)
No theses guy are weak, the other guys were determined to make it they had heart.....people swim that shit come out
David Hynes (6 days ago)
Probably they got picked up by a boat from outside help.
Jack Gallagher (6 days ago)
You just hope and still believe they made it I would love it if we could find out
Christina H. (6 days ago)
It would appear they didn't make it and drowned. Who would part from old photos and mementos that meant so much to them. Or maybe they outsmarted everyone by throwing them into the bay so they wouldn't be hunted down. Who knows but hope they made it!
King Kong (6 days ago)
They could have borrowed a few military/naval men to do the actual sea crossing in the raft. Men not scared of being cold, wet, in the dark and able to exert themselves!
King Kong (6 days ago)
Only one man paddling? What?!?! You can keep the tube in the side of your mouth, exhale into it whilst still paddling, at the same time. Plus, swimming, individually, with life jackets on, seems quicker than just one man paddling a dingy containing three men!?
Teun Janssen (7 days ago)
I think they are in a shark now cuz dare are hungry sharks there
olds461 (7 days ago)
900 federal agents disliked this video
Phil Theodore (7 days ago)
What if they made there own sail with a rain coat?? So many variables the men definitely made it i think.
linda parsons (7 days ago)
good doccumentary x
Ryan Porras (8 days ago)
how about john mason?
Joel Duffy (8 days ago)
What if another boat picked them up? Just like in the experiment?
Alpha GM (8 days ago)
There is a video with the 3 people that escape alcatraz, one of them died at the age of 84 and the other 2 are still alive!
Random Brown Guy (8 days ago)
The documentary all well and good, but the popular theory is that they didnt go on shore, they sailed to a boat waiting for them, and escaped in that. A boat was even spotted by an officer that night waiting on illegal waters near alcatraz, and then sail away
Punk Kini (8 days ago)
That 3 prisoners are far from intelligent than these 3.
deacon Hallam (9 days ago)
They used their musical instruments to keep the boat blown up
Ashar Zam (9 days ago)
The hardest part was to cross the water , who knows may be they got picked up half way by somebody .
Luke Zacharie (10 days ago)
those 3 prisonner are the founder of DIY
D Me (10 days ago)
Shit, when my Dad was locked-up on the island, he used to slip out at least twice a month, go party in San Fran, slip back into his cell by morning, & was never busted. Seriously.
Marty Martin (10 days ago)
I'd say they were eaten by sharks.
Dug L (10 days ago)
The real escapes. 1. Were planning and exercising for it. 2. The power of Adrenalin. 3. 3 people would have been rowing. 4. They weighed less and were fit and slender. 5. They would not have left until the rafts were air tight. 6. Months of preparation and brain storming. 7. They search parties scoured the bays for weeks and found nothing of substance. 8. Life vests. 9. Possible someone picked them up. 10. The guards and warden for sure would have downplayed evidence to hide from embarrassment. Conclusion. I think they made it and crossed the boarder south.
MrHappyBollox (10 days ago)
I hate American documentaries. Why must there be dramatic music throughout? Such superficial bullshit make the thing unwatchable. Abandoning (escaping?) at six minutes in.
pedrogoldfinger (10 days ago)
These computer researchers are not on the same level as the escapees
Officer Downe (12 days ago)
the reason why the test fail is because there is only one paddling its suppose to be the three of them or two,
Roger Green (13 days ago)
I actually think that while they had made the raft and various other things to assist their escape, they were probably smart enough to know that they would have difficulty dealing with the foibles of San Francisco Bay. I think that somehow they arranged for a boat to somewhere nearby to pick them up. Once picked up, they set afloat one or two bits and pieces to make searchers believe that the escapees had drowned in the bay. I think they must have been pretty smart guys and that's what makes me think they carried out the escape successfully. However, it is all speculation, we will probably never know whether they did escape successfully or whether they didn't. It's quite a fascinating story.
Brian Greene (13 days ago)
paidda (13 days ago)
The time he befriended the Anglins was no coincidence. Anything that got the bros sold for, a hatched plan to escape from Alcatraz, no less, was already in the works for Morris. He waited. He knew that you cannot go wrong with a willing family behind your back, and the possibility is limitless. Facing and solving the problems once posed by the rock and its surrounding waters was smart. Evading capture till the end is genius. Frank and the bros have both.
jeremy nguyen (14 days ago)
Possession unable ring manage mainly steel perfect boss like monitor.
Ning Zhang (14 days ago)
Could they have swum the last 5%?
Ollie Cat (15 days ago)
go watch Mythbusters Alcatraz
Ollie Cat (15 days ago)
they pulled it off on MythBusters
ktehmok (17 days ago)
Perhaps they simply used the current and got picked up by a boat near Angel Island? That explains finding different articles in that vicinity more than them drifting all the way from the bridge. They could have left at a different time and the guy that was left behind lied to give the others more time.
Shy Valena (17 days ago)
Hope they made it and had a good time watching this video, looking at those smart guys blowing and paddling with zero adrenaline because they can just wave and be saved.
Spade Haze 08 (17 days ago)
Shane Berry (18 days ago)
“If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly” Polar bears are more bad ass
Samthepolarbear (20 days ago)
Only one of them paddled if at least two or three of them paddled they would hv easy made it and would make it before the boat sank then if it did swim the rest
daboys1215 (19 days ago)
That's what I was thinking but the current would have pulled them under. I think this demonstrates that they did not survive and their bodies were pulled out to sea. Probably shark food.
Samthepolarbear (20 days ago)
I could swim that easy, hold my beer
Howling Burd19 (20 days ago)
In all seriousness, I cannot believe how incredible their escape was... it’s so genius, and clever (in an evil way that is lol)
pentuplemintgum666 (21 days ago)
If you correct for the fact that these were three nerds floating in a raft for fun and science and not three hardened criminals paddling for their lives and freedom, they almost certainly made it.
InstaNutGaming (21 days ago)
Why isn’t there a movie about this?!!
Tino Benelli (21 days ago)
The three men that left probably died. They were planning to go with a fourth man and if they had they would’ve had enough power to make it across the bay and they would’ve had enough passengers to keep the raft offload by blowing into the straws three men were not enough to make it past the current and survival.
anthony small (22 days ago)
with in... motherfuckers did this for thire life.....life 20 15 in hell they would of paddel more cuz it's better to die free
Abbas (22 days ago)
They should’ve faked their death lol. Dropped a bunch of clothes in the bay suggesting they died, then the investigation would be over, but they’ll be chilling in Beirut with they’re fam
David Ross miller (22 days ago)
They spoke to a family member that received Christmas cards after this excap happened. Also supposed after the break out that same evening a car was stolen just a few miles from where the make shift raft was found.
Kelly Savalas (22 days ago)
I wonder if they also had somebody meet them at a half way point with a real boat and this was just a distraction. Perhaps planned with the help of someone getting released around that time.
Bog Z (22 days ago)
They’re missing the fact they used a piece from an accordion to inflate the raft much faster than just using their mouths
goteniscute (23 days ago)
He has the highest iq so he knew what he was doing right?!😂
Daniel Murphy (23 days ago)
They were smart to be low-key. Something that Lukas Magnata shoul've learned after he killed that Chinese Studen, He was in a Coffee reading the article about himself before he was ratted out by a German guy. Good for them. They have used their ingenuity and made an ass out of prisons security.
Mika van Mourik (23 days ago)
het Nederlandse accent lol
Covert Geopolitics (23 days ago)
The whole object of escaping is to stay alive, and you just tolerate the leak right in the outset? This is not scientific enough. The three men were smarter than these guys trying to simulate their escape, and so they made it sure first that there's no leak -- that's the easiest thing to do in their case, and in their time. There was even an fabricated air pump recovered to make the whole craft fully inflated all the time, with lesser effort that the other 2 men could still help in the paddling.
donald gottman (24 days ago)
i think there raft didn't leak near as much as the replica due to the fact of material made back then was probably better. glues and raincoat material was a bit different back then. The assembly process was prob a bit different then the way these guys put it together. the convicts were probably in better shape and in a tougher state of mind then people believe. they also had all the time in the world so to speak to plan it out to not have leaks. they could have had a bit of help also. guess we will never know for sure.
Blaze Templar (24 days ago)
I've seen a lot of comments saying 'oh they made it' but look at the hurdles they'd have to overcome. First: They'd have to hit the tide at the _EXACT_ moment. If they had to take a little longer to get to the beach, to fill their raft, to not get it caught on the fence, they'd be swept out to sea no problems. They had a half hour window, no knowledge of when the only time to go out was, a leaky raft, and a treacherous ocean to face. _In the dark_ which makes matters worse. Could they have survived? According to this, maybe. Is it likely though? No, not really. Too many variables, too many risks, and walking on the proverbial tightrope over Niagara falls. Possible, but they didn't have the proper tools to make the odds fully in their favor. I'd give them a small less than 5% chance of having made it chance. Still possible, but not likely.
colm brock (24 days ago)
Weather they lived or died , they were heroes taking back some cash the banksters stole no doubt!
Elaine Twum (24 days ago)
they weren't afraid. they would be saved. the escapees had the will to live. the drive to survive. yes, they made it.
John (24 days ago)
Not "hero", my Hollandish friend; "anti-hero".
Trainex (24 days ago)
Oliver hoes😂😂😂
MagickNoire (25 days ago)
MI5 and James Bond helped them escape!!!
Ad S (25 days ago)
What a fucking shitty crap
Fahad the Random Guy (26 days ago)
I mean if anyone can escape from Alcatraz, they deserve to be free for how legendary that was.
David Abreu (26 days ago)
I think the real guys had a lot more desire to live and try harder....
Haurqermer swartz (26 days ago)
They were picked up by family!
Katharine Melanson (27 days ago)
Nice little documentary!
NiNa FoXx89 (27 days ago)
Maybe they got eaten by a shark
Groteszk Presents (27 days ago)
The boat builder looks like Al from toy story
Brian Siamani (27 days ago)
.....surely would one escape from prison and then you start bragging publicly that 'i escaped from jail', seriously? probably those guys are living among you, of course that is if at all they are not yet dead....
zigzag 580 (27 days ago)
I'd like to think they made it. your theory is all if's and ands . IF IFS AND ANDS WERE POTS AND PANS . THERE'D BE NO NEED FOR TINKERS
John Red Asford Abrera (27 days ago)
They died? 🤣
The thing people need to understand is to stop giving the inmates so much stuff! Like dummy heads, how did they get dummy heads???
Boobie Sloane T.V (28 days ago)
Fuckin losers I watched this whole thing to see y’all save the day and y’all failed what a waste of time
Kipkogei Edwin (28 days ago)
Believe me prison wardens new the deal and they covered it up
Vinny (29 days ago)
Also maby they had a connect on the outside testing rafts and telling them what works and doesn't, along with a getaway boat half way
Check Lover (29 days ago)
Those securities were the fools allowing whatever allen west said....total fools.
The Pagan. (30 days ago)
A former FBI agent proved they escaped well, the two brothers escaped.
FRCW GAMING (30 days ago)
Haha the guy with the big beard looks like the guy from toystory2 the one that dresses up as a chicken I was laughing while watching this
bigbadnewman (1 month ago)
Cold water, strong currents, sharks, unseaworthy boat ............................ I say dead meat.
john doe (1 month ago)
They robbed the federal reserve. That's not a crime as far as I'm concerned. The federal reserve rubs you bind everday. I hope they escaped and survived.
TheThirdMan (1 month ago)
The problem with this documentary is that they are trying to find a way they _might_ have made it to shore, using the most modern and scientific tools available. Morris and the Anglins didn't have that level of information available to them. They might have known the tides but there is no way they could have known what the currents were like and what was the best and worst direction to go. They _couldn't_ have known about Horseshoe Bay. Building the raft and the life jackets, making the holes, making the dummy heads and getting out of the building was easy by comparison with what was ahead of them once they got to the water. Anyone who has ever done any sailing in bays or oceans will tell you that unless you know precisely what you are doing and have the ability to make back up choices, the chances of dying are good. There was a boat lost at the exit to San Francisco Bay a few years ago, with a number of fatalities and that was a much, much more seaworthy vessel than what these guys were dealing with. https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Sailing-fans-reel-over-yacht-race-death-4-3483492.php The only successful escape from Alcatraz by water was John Paul Scott, who went in a completely different direction from the others. He swam towards the city. He was found injured and exhausted on the rocks under the Golden Gate bridge. Alcatraz had another trick up her sleeve - hot showers. It's one the of the things they tell you about when you visit. The water of San Francisco Bay are very cold and the men would have struggled with cold water shock syndrome, drastically weakening them and further reducing their chances of success. I know what that's like because I've done ocean swims (Pier to Pub, Lorne, Australia). I am a pretty experienced sailor and I have been to the Rock. I will only concede that survival was mathematically possible. But that is a very, very different thing from a successful escape. _EVERYBODY_ underestimates the difficulties of something like this. I will agree it was possible but I would give them about a one in ten thousand chance of success. But you can't hold onto those kinds of odds and construct a successful escape attempt. Life is not like that.
Jr Weedzzz (1 month ago)
Maybe, somwhere, the 3 escapes watching at their house while eating taco bells

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