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Documentary 2016 | The Great Escape from Alcatraz Prison

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On June 11, 1962, bank robbers Frank Morris and Clarence & John Anglin launched a patchwork, raincoat raft into the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay surrounding #Alcatraz Prison. ★Watch Most Popular Documentaries Released at http://documentary.center/ ★ The men disappeared, leaving behind a cold case that has mystified law enforcement for over half-a-century. Now, three Dutch scientists have used 3D modeling technology to show that it may have been possible for the men to have survived. Putting their theory to the test, the Dutchmen are recreating the daring escape as closely to the original as possible, right down to launching their own raincoat raft into the bay. Will they make it through the treacherous waters to safety or be swept out to sea? And can they prove once and for all what happened to the escapees? ------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Follow us: https://twitter.com/DocumentaryFull ★Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FullDocument... ★Tumblr: http://fulldocumentary.tumblr.com/ ★Google Plus page: http://bit.ly/DocumentaryTower
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Text Comments (571)
Honey Willow (11 hours ago)
They Survived! I am more than certain that they took to cold water into consideration and used something to insulate themselves - they were genius to have planned and not do it half assed like all these nay sayer's try to prove!!
Pablo Cruise (16 hours ago)
I grew up in Marin, that water is frigging cold. Real cold. I have vacillated for decades over this. I’d like to think they made it, but we just don’t know.
MDope1 (19 hours ago)
pish! mythbusters did it
rash somalinog (1 day ago)
its like Movie series Prison Break. 💪💪
Marilyn Willett (1 day ago)
3 Tough dudes, I bet made it to Canada.
Blaine Ryan (1 day ago)
Of course they didn't make in the test with that lazy half-assed paddling!!
Pete Moore (2 days ago)
It is the absolute minutia of a crime scene that gets you caught.. Build a replica of the paddle, add a gps tracker and throw it into the waters of Horseshoe Bay, if it ends up on the shore on Angel Island.. It's not going to take a NASA scientist to realise that, it is highly probable that, they actually made it. The fact that they were never heard of again is easily overcome.. Certain parts of the US are cluttered with peoples who are undocumented. And I rest my case before you, my jury, with this premise.. They never found D.B.Cooper, did they?
Dr. Coult (2 days ago)
I also like the thought below regarding a likely  accomplice. Not unlikely at all.
Dr. Coult (2 days ago)
With all the ingenuity that this plan included it would not surprise me if these guys crafted some form of propulsion and that fact just never presented itself. It could have been one thing that left zero evidence. With some sort of propulsion they would have beat that current without to much trouble. The included the oars as a back up to failed propulsion. I bet they made it.
SaltyChip (2 days ago)
Water was too cold. Raft was put together on the beach and never tested. Probably deflated if they weren't already seizing from hypothermia. Would be awesome if they actually did it, but common sense says it's unlikely.
jonas smith (3 days ago)
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jonas smith (3 days ago)
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TheGlasschain (3 days ago)
Im fairly certain that all three men would have been rowing during the actual escape ,, not this half ass attempt with one person hardly rowing and the other two laying there doing [email protected]#k all but inflating the raft .... thumbs down for effort .. their not even trying ..
random target (4 days ago)
they made it... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42826582
Andrej Telisman (4 days ago)
Experimental archeology, researching by doing. I hope that prisoners did manage to reach shore. BUt living and hiding must be hellish existence, especially if you cant relax or connect with your loved ones.
rush bk (4 days ago)
they are not fit plus go up first near the edge of the current not at the end
John Disque (4 days ago)
At 16:48 it's stated that these guys were not smart, but it's documented that Frank Morris had a 133 IQ.
Jay Dee (4 days ago)
Did any of the 3 prisoners play a (wind instrument)? And to bad they weren't smart enough to put a device on there hoses so they could blow & paddle... DUHHH! Who said there raft leaked as much? If these 3 nerds had to challenge the 3 prisoners in football, or fighting or whatever, I'm thinking it's the Olympic team VS the internet vegan (never worked out) weenie team....
sudish kumar (5 days ago)
For me they must have made it because with their survival will and fear of death by drowning in cold water, they would have travelled the extra 5% which these people were not able to travel.
Mateusz Maciol (5 days ago)
From another documentary a swimming expert said that an experienced swimmer could swim from the island in roughly 30 min - 1 hour depending on tides. (assuming they don't get hypothermia of course). These guys spent an hour 15 floating in the current relying too much on their theories and smarts, with only 1 guy half paddling and still made it within 100 yards of land. Had all 3 of them been paddling and simply held the tubes in their mouth to blow into it on their exhales... they would've been on dry land in 45 mins or less... especially if they had the fear of being killed at any moment if they were to be discovered. Good execution, but I think the remaining 100 yards they couldn't push thru is enough "uncertainty." Considering they were NOT in perfect conditions (lots of swell and rougher than expected waters) that last 100 yards, which can be run in about 10 seconds, they could have ditched the raft because it would be less work to just sprint swim to shore than fighting the current with the raft. Just my 2 cents, and ofc I deeply appreciate their theory crafting which only strengthens my belief that they made it out, even without a boat picking them up. The human body can do amazing things under pressure.
Max Summer (5 days ago)
They just can't accept the fact that Alcatraz is breached by 3 guys and they didn't caught them back hahaha
Adolf Hitler (8 days ago)
Probably they are watching this documentary
buttbag (8 days ago)
They never made it! These guys, especially Frank, couldn't stay out of prison before, and I'm sure in 50 years they would have surfaced somewhere. The only way they would have ever made it is if they had outside help, but doubtful. They went in the drink , got sucked out and ate by sea creatures and that's why they never found them. Probably better than being on that island forever...
carl eddy (9 days ago)
There's always the one time where everything goes right, regardless of historical recreation.
JMT M (9 days ago)
Somehow I missed something. The rumor has always been that there was several hundred feet of electrical power cable missing, its believed they circled around the island the long way, avoiding the watch tower and used the last boat that left the island (I think the documentary said around 11pm) to tug them most the way. Then they let go to drift/paddle and rendezvous with a waiting boat. It's something the brothers had done in the past revealed by a childhood friend as the way they pulled it off. He had little doubt.
Toms Game Station (9 days ago)
I think they escaped but not without help. Somebody definitely helped them escape from the outside.
Mariano Garcia (10 days ago)
They prolly watching like ( these idiots)
Louise Hampton (10 days ago)
Does this water have sharks ?
Wouter vanR (10 days ago)
Lijkt er toch op dat je maar twee pontons tegelijk aan het opblazen was hoor Rolf ;)
Samuel Anderson (10 days ago)
The one thing they said right was, "these men had adrenaline." You need to do another test with athletes who would compensate for their vast energy to survive and escape.
John Lopes (11 days ago)
Ya two three years with my equipment weed eater or whatever a few engines and stuff toss it all in the Bermuda triangle and it would be better than blueberry fields or whatever.
John Lopes (11 days ago)
F you this is you're place maybe if you did some house work you might get saved .why sure impossible for you maybe but an easy job for me.
Pixifox (11 days ago)
the prisoner of azkaban
Joshua Mcdonald (11 days ago)
TjamVideoMan (12 days ago)
I think they would have left behind SOME way of telling the world they made it - something that would only be revealed if and when they died... How is it not ONE person of three would think to do that, or even inadvertently leave SOME kind of evidence!?! They would have likely had to blend in, have a wife.woman.girlfriend.children.job, etc. to live any length of time unarrested! They would have needed to get rid of their prison garb and get clothes, and food... Fast and regularly! They would have had to leave SOME trace of their existence!
hopkins berry (12 days ago)
great job done. not a fail but to me a victory of science.
hopkins berry (12 days ago)
i wonder if they new the raft would only go so far - used the life jackets and hung on to the raft and paddled with their feet. i'm no scientist just a person who for once is glad these blokes escaped. it was a sheer evil place to be.
nirmal raj (12 days ago)
I believe these guys made it, cause they able to plan and escape from the prison in a very brilliant way until these guys try to do reenactment so many times till succeed in that away, so they had planned how to survive from the sea as well.
Phil Rabe (13 days ago)
I built a set of replica tools and escape props like the fake grill for the America's Most Wanted version of the escape. They are still being used, it looks like. At the time the artifacts were kept by the SF FBI office. The big deal was the vacuum cleaner motor they turned into a power drill. So I made one of those too. [we also used to do the store windows for Macy's etc on Union Square.]
Tracy Cortez (13 days ago)
I feel the prisoners were more determine and desperate than the detectives
Tracy Cortez (13 days ago)
They made it but barely
gayan251 (14 days ago)
After all that no one knows a 100%...wtf!
Matthew Emery (14 days ago)
try south america
Liam Donbavand (14 days ago)
Wouldn't they have used the raft as a float and swam?
ivR bone (14 days ago)
did you really just say you don't think the 3 guys had what it takes to travel that last 100 meters.? cause if you meant that then i question this documentary altogether . they excaped ALCATRAZ for heavens sake . all that work and time they put in. i dont think they were going to let stupid little ocean current get in the way of their freedom. when it comes to life for death your mind will do some pretty amazing things . and since you don't clearly understand that i don't even know why i am watching this now .
Michael Erazo (15 days ago)
The real criminal is the man @20:12 he stole woody from toy story
charlotte quillen (15 days ago)
1nce again another team has factored in everything to make the test realistic...except the determination to get away from alcatraz....not even to mention...people were of a different mindset then...they were tougher and more conditioned 2 the elements....look thru history you,ll see our soldiers both in north africa and the south pacific enduring unthinkable heat....bastogne with very little winter gear...today our soldiers have a/c in their tents,...laptops and cell phones......not even a percentage figured for the strongest drug known to man...adrenalin?.......they could have easily swam the last few yards..why couldnt they have made scuba suits using the same material/technology.....how can u guarantee all 3 men didnt paddle.....morris was known to have connections on the outside....they couldnt have been picked up by boat in a known boating community?...and pulled the raft aboard....mexico,s just to the south....stowaway on a ship headed for the far east that leave everyday...every step they completed was a sheer lesson in staying cool under pressure...why do you think they would fall apart, once in the raft?...if its because of a more iminent death at hand?....once they were seen outside the line, they,d been shot at with garand rifles or worse......seems like the odds are with them...that they made it.....
bedlambikes (15 days ago)
To believe they DIDN'T make it - at least ONE of the bodies would have been found. No question. Without a doubt, the human desire and will to live can defy all odds when you want it bad enough.
Jonathan Stewardson (16 days ago)
Who knew Matthew Modine was Dutch?
Fillip Stamevski (16 days ago)
If they fix the holes (they had 6weeks in jail) and if you’re in any sort of physical shape they would have made it. Too many important variables missed.
Trevor Stolz (17 days ago)
Even today, I wonder why criminals don't just got o Mexico, teach English, work on a farm, sell hand made necklaces, etc. It's not a fantastic life, but it's better than prison. Work 5 or 6 days a week and enjoy the beaches and the girls the rest of the time.
dave harbour (17 days ago)
Are you sure they launched on an outgoing tide? if they had waited a little longer and launched on the incoming tide they would have been carried into the bay and could have pushed them directly to land. Just a thought.
Tom H (17 days ago)
Two of the three could swim could swim very good live or stuff live is more in important
Fausy Math (17 days ago)
Back than there wasn't enought technology to look for them. Now if they didn't get eaten by shark they'll find them no matter the cost.
MMinLamesa ! (17 days ago)
Yet I bet every one of these guys believe in AGW.
ezzz9 (18 days ago)
I can't believe they did not do it. The other two times I've seen shows do this they made it. With no problems and they statred for the shure not from a boat.
Harold Cale (18 days ago)
personally I think they are going at this wrong. all is needed is a raff that floats and hold 3 people. the smallest raff ! but they can have their fun at this just the same... LOL
equarg (19 days ago)
Who knows. So many different factors to consider. At this point, it does not matter. They have become legends in their own right. If they did made it, they did a good job going straight and keeping a low profile. If not, then they died leaving an unforgettable legend and mystery....and a place in American history. Maybe, just maybe they did survive. Did they have families, kids perhaps? At this point, the only way to find out is if DNA tests reveals (based off surviving known family members) finds a direct match. Ohhhhhh I can imagine the media circus and hype this would result in!!
christopher james (19 days ago)
Been too the trash in 1983 . And in British jails . It's a depressing .horrible fu cling pls e .
Adolf (19 days ago)
I bet the escapees did not rushed making the raft and maybe have trained their selves in blowing & paddling in some sort of way inside the prison
sulieman fakhreddin (20 days ago)
Happy bday morris
Naren Gurrier-Jones (21 days ago)
I think they made it
BEARSEASON™ (21 days ago)
i sat through 50 minutes to watch these pussies pussy out
eric church (21 days ago)
To think this prison built raft got these guys to land and then never be found again .... they didn't make it, don't kid yourself
Ismael Chavez (21 days ago)
The reason they never found the three men that broke out of Alcatraz is because there was outside help someone with a boat
lee8830 (22 days ago)
the guys who got away have written several leffters to newpaper saying they tied the raft to the guards johnston they never rowed
Wonder Breed (23 days ago)
Mythbusters did a better job. haha
lee8830 (23 days ago)
i think they got away by doing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jre157lCK68 attaching their infatable to the power boat that takes the late shift guards back to mainlad in the dark with a long enuff rope they would not of been seen ,, obviously in a less dramatic way than video but you get the idea ,, i dout they rowed ashore
Heres a data point. They had more than 3 days to prepare.
omgbygollywow (24 days ago)
They could have had somebody pick them up, right?
J Miller (25 days ago)
I've been renting out my Log Cabin to three guys named Frank, Clarence, and John since 1962. Is that a coincidence or what?
lee8830 (25 days ago)
tie the raft behind the supply boat that brings the guards from shore ,and back ,,,,, see if that works ;)
Joe Booth (25 days ago)
Three soy boys from Europe can't make it. That's the problem here.
El Salvador (23 days ago)
Joe Booth Hahaha
Robert Sunderland (26 days ago)
If i was trying to escape i would be paddling for my life , and not just laying back blowing straws. I dont think the guys in this documentary made an effort , 2 at the back could have knelt and paddled. Cutting the time in half at least.
tony morgan (27 days ago)
A small speed boat was seen around the time they escaped they were picked up and dropped off they had new id and lived new lives a person got a letter of one who was good mates to say they made it then they died of old age
Uncle Kyle (24 days ago)
No disrespect. (Cuz i was only kidding to begin with ) but I gotta say No, I like my build just fine. Even tho having humongous arms like that might be cool for a little bit , I bet it gets exhausting lugging around those tree trunks around lol......Those things are huge brotien shake
tony morgan (24 days ago)
+Uncle Kyle a bit of jelus there
Uncle Kyle (24 days ago)
Bro, can you even turn ur arms all the way to whipe your own ass? 😂😂😂Those dam things are huge bruh lol.....hopefuly none of that's oil ;)
ASYLUM FILES (27 days ago)
don't think they escaped I think the guards killed them then covered it up. they are stillo on the island. why is it so hard for people to think out of the box the 4 story shoot gave it away.
boeingdriver29 (27 days ago)
I really hope they survived. I can only dream of the atrocities that were perpetrated on its inmates.
Nicole Miller (27 days ago)
I saw this redone with 3 navy seals and it couldn’t be. After watching about a dozen documentaries now I agree that it was luck to get out but after that going across the water they didn’t make it. It’s a nice story to believe what if.
soxpeewee (27 days ago)
They could have had someone pick them u in the bay in a boat.
Spyros Home (27 days ago)
Τόσο ηλίθιοι σαν και εσάς πάντως δεν ήταν
Judd Merriman (27 days ago)
The guys that escaped Alcatraz athletes not a bunch of f****** scientist nerds that can't pick up a paddle get some real people to try that
Richard Wills (28 days ago)
They probably had a real boat waiting 4 them out at sea. And relied on the current to get them there. Then travel to a different country on the boat that was waiting 4 them Or they are dead.
Paul Saucedo (28 days ago)
Hmmmmm??? Did they realy make it
ReelMan (28 days ago)
The tides took them out to sea and they became fish food.
John Bower (28 days ago)
Everyone is focused on the wrong thing. The life jacket made the escape to the main land feasible. In 50 -60 degree water, a person can survive 1 -2 hours. They would have made it even without the raft just with the life jackets.
Duane Angeles (28 days ago)
I think those guys actually made it. After all that planning and making the stuff, failure wasn’t an option. Especially when escaping from the most notorious prison in American history.
Charles Andrews (28 days ago)
Have 2 love real story's
prinsipe pej (28 days ago)
Do u really think that they go thought waters or they really do that just 3 of them?
Steven Ben (28 days ago)
They were never found
Chanel Oberlin (29 days ago)
The guards were so lenient. No wonder they escaped lmao. Now you get handcuffed even when you breathe.
e james (29 days ago)
contact cement is good for getting high. Which is kinda hard to do in prison.
Natalia Macias (29 days ago)
I know that they made it, they were probably so close that they swam to land... plus their life’s depended on it. They escapees were to smart to give up and drown
I'd like to think that they got away
ricric villanueva (29 days ago)
They don't have the muscles much more the perseverance to achieve the goal. The real men survived.
OliviaNewtronBomb (29 days ago)
Can somebody tell me how they got fake mannequin heads on site? I hope they enjoyed themselves.
doc25phd (29 days ago)
never count out the will of freedom over life of incarceration .knowing if they were caught they will never be released ..the failed attempt on these 3 means absolutely nothing ..they did it as an experiment ...they had nothing to lose for except a little pride..the 3 real guys had one goal and that is to never go back to prison..that alone gives them the drive to make it..adrenaline of escape outweighs a stupid experiment in my book anyday
zd keimah (29 days ago)
Myth busters busted
Sharlaigne Leo (30 days ago)
They lack motivition

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