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Barbie Doll Fashion Show Play Dress Up - Superstar Stage Show - 2017 Fashionista Dolls

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Playing with Barbie dolls in remote control stage show makes dolls really move! We dress up the dolls fashionista barbies 2017 with really cool style. Feature tall, curvy and petite dolls. These dolls are so stylish and have a look every girl can relate to. We also have some special guest like frozen elsa doll and and barbie photograhers. Toys Featured: Barbie Super Stage Show Vintage (1978) Barbie 2017 Fashionista Dolls (amazon.com) Barbie Bedroom Doll Morning Routine - Toy Grocery Store, Doll house kitchen - Kids Toy Video https://youtu.be/qVIv0H2-SFc Barbie Camper Toy with Pool Water Slide - Barbie Chelsea Stacie Skipper Outdoors RV Fun Adventure https://youtu.be/lPPmFHTdBx8 Barbie and Ken go Camping Outdoors with Real Waterfall and Campfire - Stories with Dolls https://youtu.be/6G0IzZcdqRo Elsa & Anna Babies Shopping at the Grocery Store - Doll Supermarket Toy - Titi Dolls https://youtu.be/wXsCC5VGzJ0
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Titi Toys and Dolls (1 year ago)
Hi Guys !! Hope you enjoyed the fashion show :) Please let me know in the comments which one was your favorite, and if you want to see more videos about fashion. ❤❤SUBSCRIBE goo.gl/9PZWIe❤❤
Ando Dxy (6 months ago)
Titi Toys and Dolls
maricar Barsaga (1 year ago)
Titi Toys and Dolls I want to have a doll like number 61 .please.and love your vids
Niomi Sweeten (1 year ago)
Titi Toys and Dolls hi I love you
Jayed Molla (1 year ago)
Titi Toys and Dolls
BangCrack Tan (1 year ago)
Titi Toys and Dolls, the tall and the original one are my fav 😍❤
Shalliann Nembhard (4 months ago)
I like barbie clothes it is breathe taking
Premchand Purbia (5 months ago)
Titi please show your face
Jose Aleman (6 months ago)
My favorite was the one with the blue hair
Kusum Bhadauria (6 months ago)
I like your voice very much
ii QUEENPANDA (7 months ago)
Rashi Chaturvedi (8 months ago)
My favourite were all but Best was Barbie
Pintoo Shudhguher (8 months ago)
Hello cuty doll
Raman Gupta (8 months ago)
I liked the first one
Mylee Funmail (10 months ago)
What type of Barbie doll head did you use for Elsa's daughter Elena
T.k Fantasy world (10 months ago)
That's really awesome I love it💕💕😊👏👍👌
Carrie Oquinn (11 months ago)
My fave was the one with the mint shoes, brown twisted hair, pink hair bow, and the shiny outfit
MARIE JACKSON (11 months ago)
62 doll
Gacha Lunette (11 months ago)
You are the best love Your videos
kimberley richards (11 months ago)
Isaac Asumadu (11 months ago)
OMG the outfits are amazing oh and I'm a girl I'm just using my dad's account so yeah
Michaela Laidley (11 months ago)
Zosia Szwejkowska (1 year ago)
omg and cool💝💝
romi world (1 year ago)
Noha Lahnine (1 year ago)
I 've got three of these! Nice video
Emily Rivers (1 year ago)
maricar Barsaga (1 year ago)
Can I have the black hair fashionista doll with slongsleevs and shorts.please
Anna And Elsa's Life (1 year ago)
I have fashionista 65 and 69
Akeelah Bruce (1 year ago)
Make more barbie videos
PixiedustFan203 (1 year ago)
2018 anyone?
Jesus Mejia (1 year ago)
My favorite one was the last one.😄😊
ELIZE AND ENZO (1 year ago)
I like your videos titi
Serenity Ramsey (1 year ago)
hi!the blue hair👩
GachaNica.112 (1 year ago)
This Remined Me About Project Runway Lol
Jose Jimenez (1 year ago)
i loved number 61
Dalu Ram (1 year ago)
Where you buy this set
Katie Niemand (1 year ago)
weird gacha (1 year ago)
i have the same things
Aaliyah Baby (1 year ago)
Elaf Aljuraid (1 year ago)
Huh my sis ???
Amy Donohoe (1 year ago)
This was so cool
Greis Sinjari (1 year ago)
I love this videi
Shahid Iqbal (1 year ago)
I loved the fashionista with a side braid
Maria Rojas (1 year ago)
I have number 60
Herbmeds (1 year ago)
titi luv you're vids
Shahid Iqbal (1 year ago)
i would love a talent show
Arabella Gov (1 year ago)
Hi titi I love the 5 one💖
Anaelle Bissoondyal (1 year ago)
i love the stage and all the fashionist dolls. ( it is so beautiful ) 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😃☺😊☺👧
Qamar Aqeel (1 year ago)
I just love your show
Raisa Cherry (1 year ago)
The green head one 😍
Ambily Ponnan (1 year ago)
is cute
Ambily Ponnan (1 year ago)
Nevaeh Beautiful (1 year ago)
My favorite doll was the one with the braid
Emilio Martinez (1 year ago)
ilike olovdem. iem clarissa. ilike yorhanol imyor begees fan
Reeko (1 year ago)
it beauty
Reeko (1 year ago)
its looks good
Reeko (1 year ago)
i love that
Reeko (1 year ago)
how do you fine that girl
fazzileta (1 year ago)
KIM ZEYNEP (1 year ago)
hi titi ı am from turkey and ı really love your vids you are the best youtuber everrrrrrrrrrrrr loves from turkey
Titi Toys and Dolls (1 year ago)
❤❤ Thank you so much !!!
Sarina Shine (1 year ago)
the last one was my favorite
PC FAN (1 year ago)
please make a award pageant night
Nanamamu (1 year ago)
My favorite fashionista is petite fashionista number 62
Sofia P (1 year ago)
I really liked the number 62
Chartaysia Boyd (1 year ago)
Their sooooo cool I love the one with silver overalls.✌❤u
Chartaysia Boyd (1 year ago)
Hi i'm a new sunscriber and I already love ur channel ✌❤u
Cecilia Garcia (1 year ago)
can I have a few dolls please
The Easter Bunny Egg (1 year ago)
I like 61 she looks like little carly
antonio adderley (1 year ago)
love it gracias
Maria Dominguez (1 year ago)
hi my first time watching your videos
Eric Swisher (1 year ago)
Tator Tot (1 year ago)
If I was a Barbie I would be The one that twerks with her back and the over curved Barbie
La'Keidra McDougal (1 year ago)
I love your songs so much love it
Dollys Tea-Party (1 year ago)
So awesome to see a vintage item in play. Now I got into Barbies when I was 6 years old 1978. My mom gave me her dolls. Sadly I only have her Skipper and my Skippers (80's) horse left. I wish I had my mom's and mo dolls from back then. Now my 23 year daughter was into Barbie like me and I kept all her dolls. I have a couple from my middle daughter 16. She was not a big doll person. But my baby 10 is a fan of Barbie and all kinds. She has played with her older sisters dolls. We have a collection some old and some modern. This fashion show was cool to see and glad that it works very good. It was stored very well. Thanks for sharing!
Titi Toys and Dolls (1 year ago)
aw thank you so much for your comment! Barbie is such an amazing doll that can be enjoyed and shared through out generations! so lovely Thank you for watching :)
Blondie Fabricante (1 year ago)
i love that blue hair girl she reminds me of Devon D marco fr Project mc2 i totally buying that
WinInLOS (1 year ago)
Blondie Fabricante it's Halsey
HP AI (1 year ago)
I like the fashonista with silver dress!!!
Sadia Chowdhury (1 year ago)
please make more videos like this. I love your all videos.😄😄😍😍
Adriann Alston (1 year ago)
I love your videos and I wish I had that stuff you got
Art_ tweenqueen (1 year ago)
Love this song at 6.00
LpsRenae Todoke (1 year ago)
The blue haired one is my favourite 😆
Titi Toys and Dolls (1 year ago)
Cool !
okeanida barsamou (1 year ago)
my favourite doll is the one with the blue hear and the first petit one
Masiella Grob (1 year ago)
this is a great video!!!!💙💙💙
Titi Toys and Dolls (1 year ago)
Jossie Briceno (1 year ago)
I was going to say a joke about a pencil ........but its pointless
Ayah Annous (1 year ago)
I love you
Ayah Annous (1 year ago)
NeverToOld (1 year ago)
that is so cool!
Titi Toys and Dolls (1 year ago)
seemas malhotra (1 year ago)
i like cool blue hair barbie doll and that peach hair barbie doll
Kailey Trask (1 year ago)
I like the girl with the blue hair She look like a katelyn
Kiran Veldman (1 year ago)
petite Fashionista 62
shooketh to the core (1 year ago)
did the set come with the real record to play?
TE (1 year ago)
like all her videos of barbies
Uni kill (1 year ago)
strawberry blonde
Uni kill (1 year ago)
get it? coolest blue hair ever!!!
avakinlifemal baby (1 year ago)
The Onate's sister (1 year ago)
i like the one in the jumper 😍👍👍👅give a like
Uplift010207 (1 year ago)
Where did you get this set and how much does it cost🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
taemato.sauce (1 year ago)
Ciao mi chiamo Graciela
Cute Marshmelow (1 year ago)
I like the one with the grew vest and silver jumper
Malak Ben (1 year ago)
Casey and Calia (1 year ago)
ᗪO ᗩ TOᗪᗪᒪEᖇ ᗷEᗩᑌTY ᑭᗩGEᗩᑎT
Maureen Mesiha (1 year ago)
Make a Beauty pageant
Joud Rami (1 year ago)
Make a video when royal high students do a talent show
Camyla &aliah (1 year ago)
Chloe Findley (1 year ago)
the one with the braids
joanna guariño (1 year ago)
weare did you got the cellpone of dolls

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