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Sea Level Rise Projection Mapping in Jeopardy as New Islands Grow on Western Atlantic Cape (414)

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Don't get caught un-prepared stock up on survival food today! http://foodforliberty.com/adapt2030 Support ADAPT 2030 on PATREON http://www.patreon.com/adapt2030 New article by the Geophysical Research Institute Letters and picked up by Climate Central, talk about how sea levels and sinking land are a huge imminent threat to the east coast of the USA as sea level rise is happening 3x faster than anywhere else. At the same time in the same location new islands are emerging form the sea and these high tide events are actually "King Tides" they conveniently leave that part out. The highest tide of the year, "King Tide" is a yearly event, but is shown as proof of sea level rise for political agenda. Sinking Atlantic Coastline Meets Rapidly Rising Seas http://www.climatecentral.org/news/sinking-atlantic-coastline-meets-rapidly-rising-seas-20247 New island http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/06/new-shelly-island-appears-cape-hatteras-north-carolina-coast/ King Tides USA http://california.kingtides.net/
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Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
All time record for thumb down bot hits on a video. when I had 960 views 365 thumbs down 158 thumbs up. So 523 people called to action on 960 views which is well above 55%, nice I usually get 5% or less on the last 400 videos I posted. Good work YT making sure there is no unfair bot traffic coming across the videos within the platform.
ShillBullshit007 (1 year ago)
Youtube won't let me get notifications....might not just be you but just saying....the indicator box flashes up and vanishes.....george orwell....they really don't want anyone to know this cos if people find out they've been sold down the river for their families to starve the elite will be burned at the stake....bring it on murderers all of them...great videos though....I found out about the GSM in 1992 a little book message...I told my family 10 years ago but they kept watching soap operas and now most likely it's time to die....there isn't a happy ending in all this...it'll be too late by the time people notice the shops are empty and they live amongst psychopaths without their medication.....good try and good work....a few people will have the whit and wherewithall but for most it'll be the land of pestilence starvation and demise....
Franklin Taylor (1 year ago)
Yes ...BOT
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
:D ~ fight back bro. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LHfvDS0lBQKv15cN-6HbAJzqbCfhPNW1PyPnswQ0PPM/edit#gid=472119151
Anthony Cravatta (1 year ago)
They so mad.
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
yea, 300+ thumbs down in one hour. Then magically only 30 the next 24 hours. Can you say BOT.
Vlad Dracoson (9 months ago)
I remember when Kill Devil Hills must have been a hundred feet high. Threw my girlfriend off a cliff there. She got back at me, threw me off. Sand. Made a soft landing on a loose, dry sandy slope and tumbled head over heels in a spray of sand. Since the day houses, businesses, development changed the air flow across the outer banks and the hills got lower and lower. When last I saw them they were nothing like back in the day. Barely mounds. Hardly noticeable. Sand born on the air currents met sands born from other currents and deposit here or there. Where the two currents meet they drop the sand load. Thus, the outer banks are born from wind and tide. I remember when Shelly Island was first emerging. Im glad to see the building process has not halted. Perhaps just shifted a bit. Perhaps one day that island too will have hundred foot sand hills. In Virginia the city of Norfolk is sinking. I cannot tell you how many times I watched the seas come in to cover the streets. A high tide with the winds just right make for a bad time in some parts of Norfolk. Yet in spite of this after a hurricane one day a new strip of land was found. Willoughby Spit its called. The locals expect it to go the same way it came... in a storm. So far its stuck around longer than we thought, and this in spite of the fact that Norfolk is sinking. Do the seas rise and fall? Yep. Was rising. Now I hear tell its falling. Does the land rise and fall? Yep. As Norfolk and Tangier falls, Willoughby and Shelly rise. There are various reasons, but some would have you believe there is only one. Nope. The world is a very large, very dynamic place, and anybody tells you they have all the answers is full of crap. Dont be buying what they are selling. Rest assured, the only thing we can actually know is that there is more to understand.
C M (10 months ago)
rip shelly island april 2017 to early 2018 ;-;-;-;-;
julian coogan (1 year ago)
I gave you a thumbs up at 609, it registered and went to 610 then 10 seconds later went back to 609
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
The censorship of google at its finest. I had 38k subs one day then 30 the next.
Mama Saree (1 year ago)
The fact that ocean water levels are changing on every coast line is NOT a normal predicted pattern...talk about pole shift, and your mini ice age saga will pan out for you. Otherwise, you are making false and dangerous predictions you wish to call fact.
Mama Saree (1 year ago)
It's called desensitization...so when shit really hits the fan, we won't "panic".
d.nelson bryant (1 year ago)
Keep it up bro , your the truth and we know , wish i could help , im a disabled early American due to areal spraying , studying this for quite some time now , you always get a thumbs up from me
Black Swan (1 year ago)
Bill Nye the turd says sea levels rising and causing coral damage. But great barrier reef in Australia is being affected by FALLING water level = harmful to coral as they near the water surface or rise above it! BTW, coral in the various Pacific Islands is doing just fine. Can anyone get a refund from $ millions donated to Bill Nye and Al Bore?
lmwrt (1 year ago)
It´s stange. Some times I wonder if I live in the same planet. Here in Portugal the sea level is just the same as it was some 56 years ago. Further more, I have never seen any sea level rise for these bands, and we have a coast line of about 850 Km. So, I´m wondering if the Earth is flat like same say it his. That way the sea would probably only rise on the other side and not here. That may explain it....hihihihih. The same with the temperatures in summer. Around here we have the interior heat and the shoreline heat. While in the interior land of Alentejo you can experience about 40ºC and the record is about 48ºC in a place called Amareleja, some 8 years ago. The summer in here was always hot as far as I can remember, but by the sea you only have about 33ºc. These temperatures vary for many reasons, and this summer it´s like a sinusoidal wave, up and down, with 23ºC up to 34ºC. This year it has been a mild summer, although in spring we had around 38ºC by the sea, and that was a HOT SPRING, as here in spring we get about 23ºC to 28ºC. In my 56 years, this was the first hot spring like this. IPCC and the likes can fool many people for some time, but they can not fool every one for ever. The Sun´s cycles aend galactic cycles are the masters of life here on Earth, but people and specially mainstream scientists are stubornly and purposely ignoring this. And the wose is that they can not do anything about it, they know it, and still they are launching carbon trade and imposing CO2 on people. This my friends is lgnominy and a scam, but then again, this all thing of global warming and CO2 are the biggest hoax of modern human history.
Larkinchance (1 year ago)
If I had been a subscriber and got anymore of your drift, I would have unsubscribed myself.
Larkinchance (1 year ago)
You are carrying water for someone else..Did you get your check yet?
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
Thought you unsubscribed.
Phi (1 year ago)
About half the folk who watched this don't believe it? Bullshit. We are waking up so to whoever did this it obviously isn't working for you eh...
D&T Bambrick (1 year ago)
Port Arthur, a penal colony in the 1840's, showed evidence of the sea water being a metre higher at that time. Maybe the islandso on Western Atlantic Cape were there all the time - its just the variation in sea levels which change from time to time. We are so ignorant of what has happened in the past when we have records for such a short time.
Alex Schultz (1 year ago)
I listen to you and suspicious observers, the electric universe theory and the sun impact the climate not man made co2(we know its a crock of shit). Keep up your work because people like you impact us not the media or trolls anymore. Your facts and evidence is what makes real news not some scientist who pocket money. Even nonsense said by someone famous is still nonsense.
James Petrycia (1 year ago)
This is called "sand shifting" for hundreds years.
James Hines (1 year ago)
If I map it will I get in trouble with other cartographers?
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
Nope , you will be one of them, but please produce accurate results.
Edward Carberry (1 year ago)
Many years ago on series"Making of a Continent" they talked about the US East coast where because of the Army Corp of Engineers reducing/ stopping of the rivers from bring silt out that there was not enough silt to bring back/maintain shorelines. So nothing new there, guess what is old is new again? No, I would give an other thumbs up again David, keep trying to inform the public.
The Voodoos (1 year ago)
Must be sea level is decreasing.? LOL
56cottontop (1 year ago)
Damn the Adds!
Will White (1 year ago)
Maybe people just realized the bull shit your spouting. Come on man, do you really think the oceans aren't rising. Just because one small area shows a little increase you think rising oceans are a hoax. All the good cherries are melting away, so your left with the rotten green ones.
AmandathePandaBooks (1 year ago)
LOLOL!! I'm telling you God is making FOOLS of all of those UN climate control idiots!!
echowit (1 year ago)
Just got here and thumbed up, no. 514. RAH! The humans beat the bots in two days. Seriously starting to like this channel-- Still dubious tho.
echowit (1 year ago)
For sure.
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
Free thought, keep it going.
Andre Schneider (1 year ago)
you should use Steemit! you'll get paid 4 using it
mnmb3640 (1 year ago)
I lived in the Outer Banks, the sand moves around all the time. On land buildings could be covered by sand drifts. Currents in the ocean push and pull sand around all the time. But there is an area near Okracoke Island- which at low tide you could walk across from the ocean straight across and back- there were little "swimming holes" in between. Interesting that this is suppose to be an island, all it is water levels dropping and the entire area is above the water. The whole area is just one long finger of sand.
mo Moma (1 year ago)
crap and more crap... but buy my stuff/ lol
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
AR666 has formed. :) spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity/sunspot-regions
Stormy Syndrome (1 year ago)
Lol ABC had a snowflake giving a report about this island about a week ago. In my opinion, she lost 100% credibility in the first 30 seconds talking about how dangerous sand sharks were to humans. She went on to say the island is a byproduct of the weather. I'll leave a link to their laughable report. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/exploring-shelly-island-island-formed-off-north-carolina-48461644
Jin Spencer (1 year ago)
Icebergs do not increase sea level. Much of the ice contains pockets of air. Makes very little difference to sea levels.
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
@ 3 mins. a *Killer Iceberg "expert"* discounts _global warming hysteria_ !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otp7pwKJJBo
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
Russia Today goes full ballistic retard! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh_a8OoNm3w
408Magenta (1 year ago)
What else do they have? I understand that Mike Mann and his stiff upper hockey stiff is refusing to release the raw data he has even in the USA now. First it was Canada and now they are becoming inquisitive in Merika. He says no way!
408Magenta (1 year ago)
They will rush out to build a naval and military base on the new island.
S. Roberts (1 year ago)
wait until this block of ice (that just broke off) melts. they'll be using that 4 sure. kinda like our great barrier reef, first coral bleaching now cyclone debbies fault. bloody clowns.
paengineer1956 (1 year ago)
You are definitely making waves. The down vote bots are in overdrive. Youtube is not innocent. It is part of their business model. The media corporatist struct is collapsing. This is when they will be the most dangerous.
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
Sea Level Rise is their last holy grail. Im getting in deep.
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
Wal-mart has also dropped it's masque and transformed into FEMA camps.
Daniel Rose (1 year ago)
Just really noticed that the YouTube up next bar, suddenly is mostly global warming /rising sea level tapes. Use to be earthquake /global cooling sites. Go Figure
John Burnitin (1 year ago)
Lies, lies lies. The bad part is, it's getting worse! Will we ever be told the truth about anything? The whole global warming / climate agenda is but a small part of the lies that we have been told, daily, for years and years. Thank you for the truth.
Scott Bros (1 year ago)
LOL the LUNATICS have been snowed in snowed out trapped in ice kept out by ice seen crops frozen watch cattle freeze seen record cold seen record ice witnessed the desert snows been informed of desert blooms and record rains yet it's man-made CARBON DIOXIDE GLOBAL MELTDOWN GLOBAL FLOODING GLOBAL DROWNING and each of us in West must hand over Trillions of dollars to the elite to save the world. as they buy expensive properties on the beach with our tax money and CO2 tax money.
ShillBullshit007 (1 year ago)
They are trying to get people to vacate the coasts so the scum can take their property for cents in the dollar....I heard they are parroting this bullshit in Portugual so the fallen angels can have the best view of the ocean....I guess cos they know it will be getting further away lol
Scott Bros (1 year ago)
Adapt 2030 California coastal sea level oddly enough has gone down while that water is pushing toward the western Pacific. Proving sea level rise there and sea level lowering here. but that "proves" GLOBAL MELTDOWN at the UN-government.
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
but, but , but sea level rise..............
grantspassage (1 year ago)
mnmb3640 (1 year ago)
grantspassage exactly!! I lived there and areas that were visible one year were gone the next.
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
So, would it be 'safe' to say those 'banks' aren't solvent? lol
j bopp (1 year ago)
I found this documentary hilarious. https://youtu.be/Jrp9cFjuYnM
Igor Rawalsky (1 year ago)
why so many dislikes...????
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
thumb down bot slammed I believe. Still on the line with YT to figure the traffic origin out.
blueridgemtns18 (1 year ago)
Is it me or does this just look like a sand bar?
mnmb3640 (1 year ago)
Adapt 2030 won't happen- that area only has vegetation inland- well- middle of the finger sand bar the whole area is one moving sand bar- here today moved tomorrow - any vegetation is of the salt water marsh variety.
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
until vegetation starts to take root.
D&T Bambrick (1 year ago)
I watched an interesting youtube video on the expending earth theory, taking data records of the age of the ocean floors in various places and then using a timeline to go back in time - very interesting. It could account for increasing number of islands appearing. Keep up the good work of letting us know what is happening around the world which the fake news won't report! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kL7qDeI05U
dispersingweight (1 year ago)
Here to like. Thx.
Bobby Tectalabyss (1 year ago)
Hang in there David, Love your channel. It's been a cool June and July here in the Southeast. Though our local news only talks about heat Lol Seems they have sold out like the Main stream Media ! All my best.
Jo King (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/guYywFkNvac that big crack in Antarctica just broke, we got a big floating ice burg
GREG SANSENBACH (1 year ago)
It's just the angry rapidly rising seas giving you the thumbs down.
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
Must be King Neptune assaulting the youtube bot.
Wake Up (1 year ago)
They are trolling the $#!+ out of your channel brother! don't sweat the small stuff PLPS;) (Pathetic little parasites;) Full armor of God people, We are moving into a grand ethereal hoax of a New World Order Narrative -NWON- Sounds like Enron; what a scandal-
Wake Up (1 year ago)
what the hell? 396 thumbs down? only 200 up? YouTube hacking themselves yet again to protect the NWO narrative much?
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
that was with only 900 views.
MG50 (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work. You fill a definitely needed nich in the climate events reporting area. Time will eventually force a consensus in the scientific community, and more scientists are voicing views contrary to the "settled science" of global warming. By then, however, it may be too late to effect many large scale preparations, but that may be the intent. We will have to see how it plays out.
fladave99 Mills (1 year ago)
Unbelievable idiots that apparently spend HOURS researching topics they CANNOT agree upon. You can tell KING TIDES because the SUN and the MOON ALIGN and you can ACTUALLY SEE THEM!!!Kings are HIGHER when its WINDY which you can FEEL on your skin or watch your PROPELLER CAP SPINNING FASTER. DUHHH! Not an opinion, just the facts ma'am.
emwavemhz (1 year ago)
Looks like a voting bot is hitting the thumbs down.
Margaret Bu Shey (1 year ago)
I continue to run across papers and video's denying sea level rise. Obviously these authors live in the upper New England area of Maine and New Hampshire or the other area's of the world where the plates are lifting, which percentage wise is probably similar to the thumbs down today.
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
interesting. ...that's a first time reading that angle. :)
Thallien White (1 year ago)
Did everyone hear about the Antarctica ice shelf breaking off one trillion tons of glacier.
Daniel Rose (1 year ago)
The sea ice surrounding Antarctica has been slowly increasing in area since the satellite record began in 1979. But the rate of increase rose nearly fivefold between 2000 and 2014, following the IPO transition to a negative phase in 1999.
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
It was a tectonic disturbance.
Jon Mallary (1 year ago)
Yall see jim Hanson's new video? Criminal!
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
this one? (watch?v=m1TdLpr05RY)
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
greetings bro. ...thx; will check it out.
Matt H (1 year ago)
Still haven't gotten a reply from al gore on his east coast beachside mansion.
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
isn't it on the west coast?
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
He invited the polar bears over for some midnight swimming.
jthadcast (1 year ago)
so this is not from this winter's epic floods, hurricane? it's a glorified sand bar, the whole outer banks. what about chinese island more proof the oceans are receding? king tides getting bigger, rising seas from warming ocean expansion, the melting ice doesn't show up as more than a few inches for decades or centuries. nice thick sarcastic misread though.
Diet Coke (1 year ago)
Some trolls hitting dislikes lol. "Muh sea levels"
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
6 million dislikes in one day?! Hummm... _something smells fishy to me._
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
"Pay no attention to that _rising island behind the curtain!"_ *~The All-Powerful Oz*
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
...or to the rock circling our outer limits. ;p
robert mitford (1 year ago)
300 plus thumbs down 😂😂😂😂😂 these people are governments paid Even the niburu channels are debunking the Grand Sola Minimum MAN these guys crack me up anyway Keep up the great work 👍
ShillBullshit007 (1 year ago)
Yeh all the BS NASA nibiru garbage and a lot of new GSM channels are deliberately missing the point.....assholes....that's why I'm called shillbullshit....cos I'm fucking sick of them.....what detritis....oh humanity....
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
Yea all the thumbs down all came in withing 10 minutes, fully bot traffic. YT needs to figure that out.
ROCKERS 78 (1 year ago)
sunset beach ca, gets a high tide and almost floods pch the main beach hwy once a year too
Jon Mallary (1 year ago)
Parts of the East coast are sinking. Boston harbor, sharing the same sea water as New York harbor, is not... If sea levels are rising? How is that even possible? Most are unaware that sea level at the equator is 21 miles higher than at the poles. How the fuck can global sea level even be measured? The Sun holds more power and influence than most are aware. The Sun's powering of our equatorial electrojet is, IMO, the force that creates the equatorial buldge. Not the moon or the centrifugal force of a 24 hour rotation... The math doesn't work for that one...unless you divide by zero of course... 25 years ago we were terrorized by threats of rising seas. Yet even today, they speak of centimeters and regions of rising seas as proof of our misdeeds promoting catastrophe. And folks still lap it up. It truly boggles the mind.
Todd Delaroderie (1 year ago)
I live in Beaufort North Carolina about a mile or two from Cape Look Out. This island was a result of a Hurricane break part of the Cape Look Out hook a few years ago. I don't know when an Island becomes and Island or just a large sand bar. Also, we have MAJOR beach replenishment projects going on with the Southern Out Banks, plus we have a Major dredging project going on in the port of Morehead City. All of these projects are really moving a lot of sand around. Also, I believe the sand does not technically eroded do to it's nature. I love you guys, but Adapt 2030 (who I wathc daily) I do not believe this is the result of the ocean receding. But is a result in the disruption of sand all around this area.
kus108 (1 year ago)
the NEW LAND Shelly Island..... reminds me of DARK CITY.... "Shell Beach" was the focal point of breaking through the illusion of our reality....... GREAT movie if you haven't seen it.
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
Awesomeness David! Annual "Super Moons" equate to annual "King Tides". :)
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
N.L. - that'd me kewl with me.
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
Should also start attracting some big comets...
halfasheep (1 year ago)
host on STEEMIT please
Terri Petty (1 year ago)
Thank you.
look2much2 (1 year ago)
Whoaa - 350+ dislikes? Looks like you have hit a nerve
Sid Viscous (1 year ago)
it's people
Daniel Rose (1 year ago)
don't forget the Soylent Green
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
The machines are voting for a more dream-like future where Soma will be dispensed freely by the State.
emwavemhz (1 year ago)
Sounds like a voting bot.
Adapt 2030 (1 year ago)
Its a new personal record for all time action on a video, good or bad. A full 55% of people clicked the up or down button at around 900 views. Epic.
Edward Mclaughlin (1 year ago)
How can I buy Shelly Island?
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
The Chinese already have a lien on it.
Guy Wilson (1 year ago)
No need to purchase just motor out grab a cup full and start growing your own at a beach near you lol.
Edward Mclaughlin (1 year ago)
I'm into growing assets.
Stephen Shaw (1 year ago)
requires sand dollars. lol
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
*"SEA-Level Rise!... SEA-Level Rise !!"* ~Chicken Little: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HR9vqx9oTQ
truthseeker (1 year ago)
good catch brother ! just love how you expose their lies !
PNuttButtrNSatan (1 year ago)
youtube doesnt like your content very much lol look at them thumbs downs
ursaltydog (1 year ago)
The "temporary" island is due to shifting of sand mostly due from deep wave action from "surge"... Also from climatic change sea levels are rising everywhere.. but in specific areas for now.. Moisture is being picked up and redistributed in places in astronomical amounts, lending to temporary sea level rise.
David Perry (1 year ago)
The liberal media Lies To liberals!!! Why??? liberals Can't Handel The Truth??? Just Asking!!!
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
I really want that powder milk but I'm from UK ?
looserkidful (1 year ago)
That dislikebot sure had fun ^^
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
Poindexter _Jihad-cast_ would only attempt to lose you in deceitful verbiage.
Guy Wilson (1 year ago)
One could surmise that you jthadcast have a non-simplistic science analysis, you would be welcomed to summit to prove your pointy remarks?
jthadcast (1 year ago)
-1, got to laugh though, it is a bot. it's called youtube recommendations funneling his video to folks researching the real global warming science, why we care i don't know but feel obligated to call out con men. still, well-deserved dislikes for simplistic anti-science analysis, your welcome.
Guy Wilson (1 year ago)
Sounds like you were placed within a Dutch oven conspiracy perhaps. Surely no one of that high standing would conspire to do such an act?
looserkidful (1 year ago)
+Moviestar Memories it happens often to me on random videos. So weird
timothy thomas (1 year ago)
I would go settle on it . and claim it .
J Glad (1 year ago)
Lookup proxigian tides and parigee.. the global warming hoaxsters always set up cameras in advance of such events to capture images of high tides they can claim prove the sea is rapidly rising.. especially when it coincides with a storm surge. Dirty trix.
matthew kyle (1 year ago)
Great video thank you for posting hope things start to level out in the way of activity on the earth. Have a nice day take care stay safe.
Verify Truth (1 year ago)
YouTube needs to stop censoring the Truth and holding my people back from speaking it, or they will end up just like the other associations who have been caught doing the same. Remove the chains from the speakers of Truth YouTube! Dave should have 100k Viewers by now. All the social manipulators will be revealed and conquered in this upheaval, may the battle lines be drawn.
Stephan Krause (1 year ago)
South Africa has the warmest winter in my lifetime.
NibiruLives (1 year ago)
Im new in Brazil, but they say the same thing here -- "Never seen it this warm in winter."
Guy Wilson (1 year ago)
Crazy huh, some of the tooney meteorologist here in the south from Arkansas to Texas in the States are mumbling about how we are having 80s and 90s during the summer, not 1 100 deg F day yet in Arkansas. Rain and a lot of cloud cover again this year for the north up as far as Michigan keeping averages below normal there as well. However, when deep south California and surrounding deserts have 100+ def F temps they howl about how the world is going to end lol. Is Obama allowing you guys in South Africa to have A/C yet to keep the world from burning up yet due to excess CO2? https://www.iceagenow.info/carbon-dioxide-actually-cools-atmosphere-video/
Alix De B. (1 year ago)
I found it very interesting when I read a few days ago about that new island because Edgar Cayce has predicted that new land would be emerging off the east coast of the US. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_cayce05_02.htm
Revtune (1 year ago)
I keep saying it that if sea level rise was really happening, China wouldn't spend time and money building military bases on man made islands in the South China Sea. And the US wouldn't care either cause they'd simply be washed away, but we seem to care an awful lot. Tells me that sea level rise is just another lie.
Todd Delaroderie (1 year ago)
I live right on the Back sound North Carolina facing the light house where this island appeared. I agree with the "King Tides" especially when the winds is blowing fast and in the right direction and there is a lot of water coming down stream from the rivers (from hard rain storms hundred of miles away). All of this can add up and cause "Coastal Flooding". It's a pretty natural event because we have about an average of +3 & -3 feet difference in sea level depending on the tides. This can change some for some reason, but they forecast the tides years in advance so it's another natural cycle . About twice a year it seems, it floods a little heavier than average. I have not noticed any change in sea level at all over the past 14 years. My dock's water line are the same as when I first moved here in 2004. There could be a little rise, but it's not happening in a time period where I can actually observe it.
Shaun Carney (1 year ago)
Good point! I was thinking the same with the fuel tanks on the coast near Boston.. If "big oil" has so much hidden knowledge about rising sea levels, it does not look like anything has been done to protect those tanks... I simply do not believe that liquid gold would be left unprotected...
J Glad (1 year ago)
revtune I like to point out that the loudest alarmists own expensive beachfront property. . and that if anyone really believed in rapid sea changes coastal land wouldn't be the most expensive on Earth. Follow the money, bust the liars.
Duncan Crow (1 year ago)
The extensive ancient diking along the coast indicates we knew sea level was rising even back then and were up to the enormous task of holding it back. Waaah from the priest-class today doesn't cut it.
Ty (1 year ago)
revtune i live in kill devil hills on the obx i can tell you our water level hasnt changed. go figure.
Jason Sharma (1 year ago)
In regards to Shellλ Island. look at dutchsinse's arrows... that island is not going anywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3gT3TWRJfk right around the 15 min mark. Keep in mind he has 7 years of staring at the ground and many many sources of EQ info. http://imgur.com/gallery/6JWAmrw Please meet MJ, if you havent.
Gerhard Braatz (1 year ago)
I live about a mile and a half from the Atlantic in N.C. . I guess I had better sell my home if I can. LOL
Rodd Wayne (1 year ago)
Thanks David. Stay safe eh :)
Becca Truly Stuart (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/ZnCa_4NFcUc is a video about the Larsen C ice shelf breaking away from Antarctica...a hooge ice cube to make those waters colder!!!brrrrrr!!!!
J Glad (1 year ago)
Becca Truly Stuart Ever google image search 'Larson C Active Volcanoes' ?

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