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Jenny glow wood sage & see salt vs Jo Malone wood sage and sea salt

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Smriti singh (2 months ago)
Thankyou a lot
Szwena x (2 months ago)
You are very welcome
Ashababy O (4 months ago)
Hi! Thanks for sharing!! Do you think they smell the same or better??
Szwena x (4 months ago)
+Ashababy O you won't regret it x
Ashababy O (4 months ago)
Szwena x ok thanks. I realized as I was watching your video that Amber talked about these too. I watched her vids after yours and you ladies both spoke well. I’m going to order!
Szwena x (4 months ago)
Good question!! I honestly think they smell the same. The only reason I think I reach for the Jenny glow one more is that it has a longer staying power. I didn't notice until after I did the video that the Jenny glow one was an Eau De Partum so that explains the staying power, but I don't think it smells stronger or has any noticeable difference in the notes. Ask Amber lol She loves woodsage and Sea salt too xx
Amber Marie Rodgers (4 months ago)
Now my daughter is requesting a bottle of it... she has never asked for any perfume... it's officially a hit in our home.
Szwena x (4 months ago)
Yes I never really said too much about the actual smell. Its hard to describe but it just smells fresh lol and pretty easy to wear so I think anyone would love it
prit lex (10 months ago)
Thanks for the review!! I had a candle with a wood sage and sea salt scent and I fell in LOVE WITH IT!! Even though i'm a guy I find this scent to be gender neutral and not harsh. I live in Canada and I ordered 3 bottles online after finding your review! Even with $23 dollar shipping fee I think its totally worth it, Thanks!
Szwena x (10 months ago)
prit lex OH wow I hope you like it but everyone I have talked to says it is so good so I am sure you will. I think it is a very gender neutral scent because it smells so natural. I love Canada, I have close relatives in Vancouver and love the place so much x
daraiable (1 year ago)
Thanks for the review! Ive never had a chance to sniff jo malone version, but in my local shop i found this jenny glow one, and wow! No weird dry down, lovely smell. The simple packaging draw my attention. But all perfumes from jenny glow have the same names as those from jo malone... i think its more than inspiration ;)
Szwena x (1 year ago)
daraiable thanks for your comment. I totally agree that most of the fragrances from Jenny Glow are more than inspired lol I was being careful with my words lol

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