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Break Free - Ruby Rose

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A short film about gender roles, Trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo. Written/Produced/Strarring: Ruby Rose Music: Butterfly Boucher "It pulls me under" https://www.youtube.com/user/thebutterflyboucher Directed/Edited: Phillip Lopez Styled: Phoebe Dahl
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Text Comments (39059)
Sakura Kawaii (45 minutes ago)
Is she trans? Why does she bind her boobs and have a penis?
Tais Mendoza. (6 hours ago)
bonita y bonito😍😍😍
wo man (8 hours ago)
O sea que para ser hombre tienes que hacer todo eso? Wtf lo unico que veo son estereotipos de que si eres mujer tienes que estár pintada , de cabello largo, siempre perfecta y para ser hombre tienes que ser grosero, tienes que ser "rudo" pff ..... tal vez no querian dar ese mensaje pero vaya que si lo dieron
Christina Montez (8 hours ago)
Ruby Rose.....The only woman in the world who makes me question my sexuality. Omg...shes sexy!
Aru Iti (8 hours ago)
*When you're more focused on the video clip than the lyrics*
Instagram Edits (9 hours ago)
Lucrèce Menager (12 hours ago)
Orange is the new black
unicorns rule Montreal (13 hours ago)
I'm androgynous and Ruby Rose always makes me feel good about myself whenever people are bullying me.
Joanna Karaoglanyan (16 hours ago)
I was thinking about how every time I try to be girly I always regret it u til I realized she was trans then I was like ya I don't do this
Karah Seller (16 hours ago)
She is so pretty
Lord Huachimingo (17 hours ago)
pinchi di caprio xd
Francine Costa (17 hours ago)
Linda demais!
Caos Alice (17 hours ago)
Meow Cookies (23 hours ago)
Im here in 2020 the gay world is *big* and *pride*
Patrycja Brantiuk (1 day ago)
Zendia Blackrose (1 day ago)
I still have a huge crush on Ruby Rose
Lin Lugo (1 day ago)
Uff tranquilo Ned piensa en la biblia
*shes more handsome than anyboy in my class*
Micey Wilson (1 day ago)
Ok i just have a few words to say. *Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn*
Person Person (1 day ago)
Was I the only one surprised at 3:31?
almamg mg (1 day ago)
I love you ❤
너검마 (1 day ago)
Joseph Alam (1 day ago)
*justin beiber has left the chat*
Inkles Jeon (1 day ago)
Han pasado 4 años desde que vi este video :')
Icecube57 (1 day ago)
The stupid generation. You will not reach 40 years of age because of stupidity.
Gülnur SEZEN (1 day ago)
Video yanlış algilardan ibaret
RicanNycole (2 days ago)
Fucc meeeee omg
Ludwig Dai (2 days ago)
She still looks like a woman. She's just not like a man in some way I can't pinpoint.
No One Cares (2 days ago)
What fuck you loock in
Aliyah Johnson (2 days ago)
Literally gorgeous 😭
Jamaica Maira (2 days ago)
Emanuelle Gorski (2 days ago)
She was a hot girl and now she looks like a hot boy mess 😍 I’m sure about my sexuality but if I was a bit confused I’d say I’m Bisexual because wow 😍😍
Kai Me (2 days ago)
Okay everyone Now im a circle not a straight line
Anaïs Marqués (2 days ago)
16 year-old me was SHOCKED when she saw the dick part, didn’t expect that at all
Alison Ramirez (2 days ago)
Que hermoso video me enamore 😍
Arlet Yolotzin (2 days ago)
😍😍😍 😻😻😻😻 👍👍👍👍👍 👏👏👏👏👏👏 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
MaMa Hanji Is Here! (2 days ago)
*forgets how to breath and dies*
Hagen Thurston (2 days ago)
Get you a girl that can do both
Denny Cristina (2 days ago)
Olenka Ameri (2 days ago)
Storm the Sorrow (2 days ago)
a short clip about nothing of value. Thank God-Emperor I stopped halfway through and didnt lose another 2 minutes on this.
HàJár Īī (3 days ago)
i like it ❤❤❤❤
Thats a big dick
A karvalho (3 days ago)
Q linda😍😍😍😍
Nico Estrada (3 days ago)
No se quien le copio a quien si Ariana a ella o ella a Ariana 😂😂😂😂😂
Alexandra Calzada (3 days ago)
Damn you Ruby Rose. Im trying to get my shit together lol
Blake Prince (3 days ago)
I'm a AMAB gender fluid person and I couldn't relate to this video more.
田老 (3 days ago)
Jennifer Taylor (3 days ago)
Eres igualita a miley cyrus
Aaliyah Joy (3 days ago)
ali nasraldin (4 days ago)
كلك بشعة rubi rose تفي إنت و إخواتك. عم بمزح هههههههه
Baby Girl (4 days ago)
Omg she is so fucking sexy
Seaturtle Poppy (4 days ago)
Fucking gorgeous!
hardcore taekook stan (4 days ago)
hi, i'm questioning my sexuality
Ali (4 days ago)
Still a woman
Kendall Dulce (4 days ago)
Creo que me haré Lesviana.🤗
Maria Clara N (4 days ago)
porra eu fudia com essa mulher até n poder mais
Diana Carachure (4 days ago)
Me encantaaaa😍
Sophie Simson (4 days ago)
I want to brake free I want to break free from your lies Jah so self satisfied I don’t need you Oh ups wrong video
Koi R. (4 days ago)
Don’t bind with ace bandages kiddos! You’ll ruin your lungs and ribs
Enrike Xhixha (4 days ago)
U are so sexy, so hot. So everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mrs. M (4 days ago)
I love being bi
Fleeflu (4 days ago)
Chae Hyun (4 days ago)
Meu Deus do céu Me come
Jill Cobb (4 days ago)
i absolutely love this video! but now that you are going to play batwoman are you worried that the young children that google you will see this video and the part of a penis hanging out of your pants? i know this video means one thing but what about the young children who aren't going through things like this? who don't even know these issues exist in life as they know it? I'm super excited to see you as Batwoman!!
BOB FREDRICK (4 days ago)
What the fuck did I just watch....ok whatever then the fake dick comes out and I'm just like nope, nope, nope. Dress however you want but start having plastic dicks and you've entered a whole other world.
RememberTheProjector (4 days ago)
How have I never seen this video before, it's breathtaking.
Nim Dasa (4 days ago)
Priscilla Kay (5 days ago)
One word *DAMN*
Priscilla Kay (5 days ago)
Why am I now seeing this
PLAMANOV (5 days ago)
Bullshit! That's another psychiatric case. gender roles my ass. There are no genders there are sexes. So everything else is just confused crazy entities of the human kin. Poor them.
Kassandra Hernandez (5 days ago)
Shenequa Newton (5 days ago)
Be honest, who actually fell for ruby from the first time they seen her? Like omg, make you wanna question which side your on
Maria Piña (5 days ago)
Cada kin es dueño y libre de a ser lo k quiera con si vida y su cuerpo y yo res peto todo eso por q todos somos umanos y mere semos respeto
Limón Agrio (5 days ago)
La ptmr me enamoré 😻
Cristina Venegas (5 days ago)
Beautiful woman, handsome guy
Eli Sam Is A Pigeon (5 days ago)
This video describes everything I once was, and everything I hope to be 👗👠👛 > 👕👖👟
Transgirl tori (5 days ago)
Me when I finally live as a woman !
Fernanda Santana (5 days ago)
I loved the video, in the video shows that the People We should not be someone that we are not but rather put our true pessonality to the face ❤
Illie Lumi (6 days ago)
I’m genderqueer and I have multiple emotions that come to mind after watching this 1. My crush is trans, I’ve loved him all my life after they told me he was female to male trans and hearing more about him. 2. It took me forever to realize my true identity if I wanted I be a girl or a boy, now I can fully understand to why I don’t want to classify as a gender because I don’t see myself being comfortable choosing the one over the other gender. 3. This makes me realize how much I wish I could change myself, how different someone can be after a transformation that can easily change someone’s personality along with it.
cece chanel (6 days ago)
Til this day I know for a fact of be lesbian for Ruby Rose and only for her ❤️😍❤️😍
Caitlynn Phelps (6 days ago)
Ruby rose makes me question my sexually 😂
MixTudo Teen (6 days ago)
Se eu visse na rua pensaria que era um homem
MixTudo Teen (6 days ago)
Se é o bixão mermo em doido
meshaoverany old soul (6 days ago)
Everybody skipping over the fact that a dildo was sitting on the side of the sink ! 3:00 and then she put it on lol I love her tho
alienboyo (6 days ago)
yall ever just cry because ruby rose passes better than you do no matter what you do
Kalyna Brockdorf (6 days ago)
Just a friendly reminder to never bind with bandages :) it’s hazardous to your health- bind safely everyone!
Porra dava todo dia!
Moni Lopez (6 days ago)
esta mujer es muy hermosa 😍😍
Alessa Wechelley (6 days ago)
Q libertador 😮😮uauuuu
Mikala Hudgins (6 days ago)
she looks just like a boy
Kim ki (6 days ago)
I always thought she was SO FUCKING hot,, even as a kid. HELP
never witch (6 days ago)
I was bi before but now i'm straight up gay
Emmie Schofield (6 days ago)
Yo ur in orange is the new black aren’t u
Joker Joker (6 days ago)
Good looks.
Aimi Rodzi (6 days ago)
the way she hold the cigarettes god damn it .. tht way so cool . she just look perfect both gender .. but the male version is killing me btw lol
Wency Dulnuan (6 days ago)
she looks really great, that's why look up to her 😊😍
We Are Alive (6 days ago)
Oh no she’s hotttt

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