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I was invited down to Brands Hatch race circuit by MSV, and I did a comparison a Sportscar Vs a Racing Car! Driving both as fast as possible. This was crazy!! ✖ SUBSCRIBE FOR UPCOMING VIDEOS! http://bit.ly/SubscribeToArchie ✖ Brands Hatch http://instagram.com/brandshatchofficial http://www.msvdrivinggifts.com ✖ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! http://instagram.com/ArchieHamiltonRacing https://www.facebook.com/archiehamiltonracingcom/ http://www.archiehamiltonracing.com/
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Lamborghini V12S (2 months ago)
Nice cars archie
Statek63 (6 months ago)
Hey ! Great vid :-) Do you happen to know if these F4 cars have an ODB2 connector ? I'm thinking of grabbing a video with some telemetry while doing the driving there..
Jonathan Rayfield (1 year ago)
What was your best lap time in the F4 mate? I did this today and it was bloody brilliant fun :)
Zach D (1 year ago)
still a great video! reminds me of a motovlog
Will W (1 year ago)
That car looked beautifully set-up.
Mirko Ciuffa (1 year ago)
Best lap time in f4?
Gonzalo Guitian (1 year ago)
I love  how youre singing like youre going at 30 mph
federico trevia (1 year ago)
Archie you ve got to do this to stand out the crowd! Vlogging while driving flat on track. Sharp as f**k mate. racing driver's sensations. loved it!
Kieran Campbell (1 year ago)
I must say I much prefer this type of video to your newer stuff, too many people doing the whole super car thing, first video of yours iv enjoyed for a while, sorry if a little brutal just a little feedback
schumiisking (1 year ago)
couple of things. Really shitty that they leave the cars on wets even if its dry. I mean that totally kills it - doesn't make it worth it at all. The cornering speeds won't be anywhere Near what it would be on slicks. Real shame. Palmersport at least use slicks on their F3000 car (which is same pace as a proper F4 roughly). Also the car appears to be geared SO SHORT, even Shmee was at full revs in 6th........so yeh....he's flat in 1st.....but he can't be doing more than 110-115mph at the most. They've really compromised the true pace of an F4 car for noobs, which i can understand.... but for people like archie or myself this is pretty depressing..... not worth £230.
GOLF BRAVO (1 year ago)
Great stuff!!!! Interesting that people are mostly interested in supercars - I´d rather watch this!
Paul Dwyer (1 year ago)
Archie, This is a true example of what you uniquely bring to YouTube.
Matthew Sprague (1 year ago)
Archie are you still racing /sponsored ?? why don't you film some of your racing?? and what did you race ??
AoToGo (1 year ago)
It's always amusing comparing road cars with racing cars, actually there's little point. Racing cars are a different league as Archie demonsrates really well in this video. cheers
Freddie Brookes-Smith (1 year ago)
Ignore the views for now
Freddie Brookes-Smith (1 year ago)
Need more videos like this!!
Jim Cole (1 year ago)
Looks like fun Archie, wish I were small enough to fit in one of those lol.
AJT 98 (1 year ago)
How old do you need to be to do this I have my own kart and I race
Joe Dean (1 year ago)
That was an awesome video. You are definitely in your element in a race car Archie. BRAVO!!
revd up supercars (1 year ago)
100% best video by a utuber to date, well done bro amazing content. you need to do more vids like this, your in your element.......love it!!!!
Archie Gaming! (1 year ago)
One thing Archie you are the best you know that. You are probably the best YouTuber. I know and I know all YouTubers. YOUR THE BEST!🙂
Archie Gaming! (1 year ago)
Did eany one see the BMW m4 in white behind Archie?🙂. Archie I must say you helped me to get my cars. Thx
NZGilead (1 year ago)
Archie this is probably according to me the best youtube video you have ever made. I enjoyed it really, especially the racing car part because it was entertaining but educative too.
UniT X (1 year ago)
First time I saw you video was with the tuned M6. I thought to my self, what does this "juppy" know about cars and driving? Seen more of your videos, desided to shut up and step back into the shadows :) Great videos and you know your stuff! You and Chris Harris are my favorite car channels on Youtube! Keep up the great work!
I don't know if you noticed but he's driven a lot of racing cars
Did he mention he's a race car driver?
carl lynch (1 year ago)
Going flat on paddock hill ! Lol great driving
Craig Yirush (1 year ago)
Agreed, more track videos, talking us through a lap. Also, more about the classic cars your family buys and sells.
I love brands do a lot of videos there more behind the scenes videos at a race
Car Obsession (1 year ago)
It's cool to see a motoring YouTuber that is also a professional racing driver as well, because it adds a whole new element to the video - something that most others (me included) cannot offer. Good work!!!
lan Armstrong (1 year ago)
That was not a racing car. Its a Billy mobile.
Anup (1 year ago)
Use your racing experience to your advantage like you did here and you'll jump in subscriber numbers + 'subscriber enjoyment'! Not going to happen if you try to copy what SOL and STG do. Great video! Keep it up 👍🏼
Reinhold Everest (1 year ago)
Excellent video Archie- a real sensation of speed.
Joshua Holmes (1 year ago)
do more vids like this so we can learn how to drive like archie
StealthElectronVIP (1 year ago)
What's going on with that race car? The downshifts were so early and it seemed like it was being artificially limited?
malcolm marecki (1 year ago)
Surely the m4 has power rev assist... why would u need to left foot brake?
Alex Thurner (1 year ago)
Awesome jacket in the beginning mate! Got the same lol :)
Spaffboy (1 year ago)
Great vid Archie, consider me Subscribed! Show Shmee that you can take turn one flat, his head would explode.
Paynos (1 year ago)
Can I ask man what mic/recorder did you use for your helmet when driving? Sounded pretty good at full chat in the single seater! :)
Paynos (1 year ago)
Loving your race content man! Hopefully will see you around Brands and Silverstone this year man :)
Mad69Russian (1 year ago)
Archie, what helmet are you wearing?
aaron vazquez (1 year ago)
good dam archie! your driving skills are amazing !! cheers from mexico
Freddie Brookes-Smith (1 year ago)
Do more racing stuff, separate yourself from the other youtubers
ambientoccluser (1 year ago)
Nice vid. Would be interesting to see track scores for comparison.
Naim Fuherem (1 year ago)
You should make more video on race cars, you are capable to drive like other youtubers don't so you should diferenciate your channel focusing it more on race cars.
Reg Greetham (1 year ago)
Awesome video. You remind me of Tanner Foust a little bit! I managed to bag a lap in the M4 pace car round here when I took my old 330 round at Tuner Fest 2015. Amazing cars!
Nic B (1 year ago)
Awesome vid. Now, go do the grocery shopping in that F4! :P Also: Nice AP product placement there Archie... ;)
Manu Shankar M (1 year ago)
Awesome video. Awesome driving. You did great. All the best.
YT User (1 year ago)
Your commentary is great!
Mark Zanghetti (1 year ago)
Good one, Archie! I almost got the feeling you are interested in getting back into a racing car, or am I getting the wrong impression? :)
Mikael Bergkvist (1 year ago)
I laughed so much with your singing and excitement driving the Formula 4 car. Excellent video!
4 Smoking Tailpipes (1 year ago)
Great vid Archie. I really enjoyed this proper point of view stuff. Nice one!
KlundMcc (2 years ago)
This put shmees video to shame lol, ur a sick driver
bigvain123 Gaming (2 years ago)
I saw the a45 in langely on Tuesday with an m4 behind 😍
Super Smurfy (2 years ago)
Honestly if you get more content like that where you are ragging the car like Chris Harris you will become a popular youtuber.
David Buršík (2 years ago)
Very good driving! This is way better video than watching Shmee150's slow and awful track driving... Well done Archie!
TechBlogSuomi (11 months ago)
I agree. He should not hit the track if he isn't willing to go to the limit where he can learn. Good to start when you are young:)
BoyIsEpic987 (1 year ago)
David Buršík o
Matthew Sprague (1 year ago)
Jim my is a total NOB
Mo-hammad Abunaser (1 year ago)
Motorsport Glory (2 years ago)
Great video! Shmee did the same experience in slooow motion lol
Josh Woolley (2 years ago)
That f4 car had a shitty engine sound
Kobi Luke (2 years ago)
SIIICK. Man like Archie vlogging on the caj whilst driving a racing car one handed giving racing lessons. Excellent work. Haven't seen anyone vlog like that on youtube before. A real pleasure to watch you in action, you look so at home. Happy sub 👍
King Tubby (2 years ago)
none of the car guys on youtube know how to drive properly you should use that to your advantage when making your content.
Karen Grant (2 years ago)
Josh Boot (2 years ago)
Such an awesome video, when will you be back in a race car competing?
john m (2 years ago)
Hey guys, I'm a racing driver who drives racing cars. This is what I do. But yes I'm a racing driver, it's my job. Haven't driven one in a year but I'm a racing driver. Look no hands! See I can drive a racing car. Did I mention that I'm a racing driver? Yup that's me, racing driver who drives racing cars.
Håkon Vilvang (2 years ago)
was im the only one hearing on the right ear?
Boward 2 (2 years ago)
Håkon Vilvang same
SMA (2 years ago)
Keep it up seriously an amazing video. I dont know how you talk that much while going that fast
A_BRAVO17 XD (2 years ago)
we need more videos like that. fantastic
Max Longmuir (2 years ago)
Anyone know what helmet he wears?
Kyle Macqueen (2 years ago)
Max Longmuir a blue one
The hunter (2 years ago)
are you still racing cars ?
Alastair Wood (2 years ago)
you should try and get a seat at least on a one off in something like International GT Open or Dutch Supercar Challenge
Jim (2 years ago)
This is your best video to date imo, nice one Archie 👌🏼
sickjohnson (2 years ago)
Very cool Archie!
MattIsHereFor U (2 years ago)
Brands is a great track. Was the with my alfa romeo giulia at the italian day
Andy Dwyer (2 years ago)
Is he a payed driver? Seems like one
DatIsDeNaam S (1 year ago)
no im confident to say that he's not a payed driver at all. yes he is driving at le mans but only the best drivers get payed like f1 drivers. the best drivers at le mans don't get payed they can drive for the team without paying for it. sorry for crap english i'm dutch (a professional racing driver)
Eduardo Boquin (2 years ago)
Andy Dwyer paid.
Isaac Williams (2 years ago)
Andy Dwyer yeah
The Batman (2 years ago)
Great content
andrew hardman (2 years ago)
archbee hamilton
Diego ramdhani (2 years ago)
You should make more videos in Racing cars man was alot of fun watching this video!
tumbleweed16 (2 years ago)
Any plans to go back racing ?
Fredtality (2 years ago)
Weree goingaaa flaaat babyyy - OOOOOH
natnekjonge smooi (2 years ago)
really nice vid
Iso Confused (2 years ago)
you should have plugged your tuner box into that formula 4 :P
Syd Phillius (2 years ago)
Does anyone else think that Archie's narrating an' singing is absolutely hilarious:D
Jeremy Fuchs (2 years ago)
It's funny how he makes it look so easy! Nice Video!
Mathew M (2 years ago)
Why don't you race anymore Archie??
shaun gray (2 years ago)
One of the best videos on YouTube at the moment! Amazing youtuber! Keep it up!
Archie Hamilton Racing (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Chubby Clunge (2 years ago)
Your commentary while racing is so good
martin achraf (2 years ago)
Finally a racing video !! good footage but I would like that you put the camera upside your head like in F1 or on your helmet with POV footage
Tiago VM Santos (2 years ago)
that was awesome!
Zappier Jester (2 years ago)
freaking impressive driving skills. !! more of that for sure
SoRiN SiM (2 years ago)
Zappier Jester hes a racing driver
E55 BæMG (2 years ago)
my right ear enjoyed this
Erik Johansson (2 years ago)
wow the f4 looks so fast it almost looks like its fast forwarded compared to the m4
ART Hanson (2 years ago)
Hi have you bought a new plate for your car have seen your old one up for sale?
rm 21st 21 to 18 (2 years ago)
ARTHUR Hanson yes it is
Royal Alliance (2 years ago)
This is one of my favourite videos of yours👌 keep up the good content
CarsonmyMind (2 years ago)
Really informativ, your're good at driving and describing how the cars act :)
Prithvi Parvataneni (2 years ago)
Why haven't you driven a racing car in so long?
Charlie Besley (2 years ago)
The Batman Not true. He hasn't been able to find any backing to fund his racing
SuperChampsLive (2 years ago)
true, i forgot about that lol
The Batman (2 years ago)
Prithvi Parvataneni got sacked for doing drift circles at the end of the season
tine djuric (2 years ago)
hey archie let sam drive the m4 when he comes back i think he may like it :D
Oli Sutton (2 years ago)
StreamC Noremorse (2 years ago)
chinmay ayyagari (2 years ago)
Raquel Dansoh (2 years ago)
chinmay ayyagari xox. V. J
ABerge (2 years ago)

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