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The FoW - 2of10 - Division of Labor i. Product (The Foundations of Wealth)

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The Foundations of Wealth presents economic principles through combining documentary film material and high quality animation as we follow two people, cartoon characters, and the community they live in, through a series of economic changes and developments, that illustrate the foundations of basic economic principles and mechanisms, which are then presented at work in the real world today.
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Text Comments (6)
Just Alivia (1 month ago)
for school anyone
Lachie Mailer (3 months ago)
VB ?
Merilee Rutolo (3 months ago)
Be the big
SkankHunt42 (2 years ago)
It's really awesome how far we humans, I mean, mice, have come.
Greg K. (3 years ago)
Most entertaining! Excellent series indeed! Great for O level, as well as early A level and AP...studies. I enjoy(ed) this series as much as some of my favorite TV serials....
Jan Škopek (5 years ago)
Simple, nearly simple.

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