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Only a True Genius Can Name All These Car Brands.. 80% Fail

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How well do you know car makes or brands? Are you the type that is immediately able to identify the brand on your first glance? It would take a car enthusiast to be able to identify most cars, but still someone who has great general knowledge can still do. In this quiz, you will be provided 30 different cars, and you are required to name the brand within 5 seconds. Add up your score to find out in which category you fall. If you like this video, please leave a thumbs up and remember to subscribe for more fun quizzes and riddles. You can also check out some of our past videos. Only 2 in 5 people can ace this general knowledge quiz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQpH3V39rTY Answer these trick questions without looking dumb - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4UtQRnifPI Tell me your birth date, I will reveal your destiny - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEun7U8d3sQ ************************************************ Music Credit Funky Element by Bensound is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/funky-element Artist: https://www.bensound.com/
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Text Comments (7381)
Muhittin Armutcu (2 hours ago)
25-30 I just got 2 wrong
Gruizux (11 hours ago)
just too easy
renata brukiene (11 hours ago)
I got 26!!
Shamim Sultana (14 hours ago)
I get 23
i got 20-24
ruster eye (1 day ago)
Easy, i know every car name if i was 3 years old
ALka Tyagi (1 day ago)
I got 25-30 honestly
danny ayre (1 day ago)
I did amazing I only got 1 wrong
Daniel Hodges (1 day ago)
I got everything
XKilersX234 (2 days ago)
Rebel State Sovereign (2 days ago)
Way to easy ! Perfect score here ! Make and model!
Katrin Saar (2 days ago)
I did genius car Enthusiast
박상훈 (2 days ago)
Steve W (2 days ago)
Pinksheep Ganster (2 days ago)
404.liqxid (3 days ago)
to ez
15sarakae (3 days ago)
And I'ma kid a boy just on my moms thing lol
15sarakae (3 days ago)
I got 26 brands right
lego truck wheel. (3 days ago)
You know. Many car enthusiast will watch videos like this. So ya. This was a very bad discion of a video.
lego truck wheel. (3 days ago)
4:01 my favorite car. De g wagon!
lego truck wheel. (3 days ago)
3:45 the didint cover up the mustang badge. And the body style is just to easy! Wright when I saw it I said: mustang! It's so easy! One of the reasons why is because it's an iconic muscle car!
Szarvas team (3 days ago)
Bogsteel_007 (3 days ago)
29 from 30
Shine hex (3 days ago)
Car enthusiant
Benjamas Tesla (3 days ago)
I got all
Md. Mazharul Islam (3 days ago)
I am genius because I can solve 30/30
HanzYoyo (3 days ago)
3 or 2 of those cars were not even released to the public yet😑😑😑
Chase Kjemhus (3 days ago)
I got three wrong
Dirt Bear (3 days ago)
I win
Gerlie Bonagua (3 days ago)
30. 3Z PZ L3M0N 5QU1ZY
Logan Hak (4 days ago)
Why didn't you put a Mclaren in there
Logan Hak (4 days ago)
I got them all right lol
Moudi Hammoud (4 days ago)
Very smart
Tantanplay13 Tantan13 (4 days ago)
i only have 4 mistakes 29/35?
Kian Marco Ortega (4 days ago)
Im a car ethusiast
Kian Marco Ortega (4 days ago)
I got 30/29
Kian Marco Ortega (4 days ago)
In number 19 i got it wrong but every answer i got correct only 1 mistake
Lauren Lee (4 days ago)
I got 29
25-30% done
Kevin Garcia (4 days ago)
super easy!
Eshaan Ahmed (5 days ago)
I got everything right
aleksandar pantelic (5 days ago)
Easy game easy life
pro gamer (5 days ago)
I found 28/30 easy busy japanesi
ronald OMG (5 days ago)
0 % losse 100% win
Putera Ziqr Shaharin (5 days ago)
JEEZ Its Soooooo eazy 30-30 Do something hard like a unpopular car 😠😠
Lorenzo (5 days ago)
Lorenzo (5 days ago)
Im have tesla 2020
Cristian Filip (5 days ago)
25-30( i dont lied )
The Abdo Kallab (5 days ago)
Well I got a 27, and I'm proud
Evan's gaming channel (5 days ago)
I missed 3
Tokyoticooo888 (6 days ago)
Do motorcycles
tobi101c YT (6 days ago)
Im a car guy so this is to easy xD!
Solomon Arveladze (6 days ago)
I got 26/30 Because I am good in cars LOL
Norbert Dutka (6 days ago)
I am genius
Cheese Man (6 days ago)
Got all of them right!
fast guy (6 days ago)
Too easy 30
Ali Zubaidi (6 days ago)
My 6 year old brother took the test and only got 4 wrong
Ali Zubaidi (6 days ago)
Got everything but 4
CAR BLASTER (6 days ago)
I am a genius car enthusiast
abdo bechara (6 days ago)
wtf too easy
Street Kings of Texas (6 days ago)
I got one wrong but I am a car enthusiast sooo...
Jacob Brohen (7 days ago)
It’s ez
Qiongyi Lu (7 days ago)
Easiest thing ever do some hard videos dude
Sally D'Arcy (7 days ago)
max cole (7 days ago)
I got 27
Jake Gardiner (7 days ago)
Too easy
Darlington Chaonwa (7 days ago)
AlexanderRashyd 7 (7 days ago)
30/30 =D
deathdragon_fire YT (8 days ago)
Raul (8 days ago)
Too easy
Brimstone (8 days ago)
30/30. I knew most of them before the options even came up.
ABIR AHMED (8 days ago)
Got one wrong, Thought the tesla was a lotus, lol
Hello Naveen (8 days ago)
I’m honest I got all correct
jadon Richards (9 days ago)
ez ass shit
jadon Richards (9 days ago)
i got 30 xD ik alll tha damn cars
Дани Дениро (9 days ago)
30/30! Too easy!!
Cool Gamer (9 days ago)
I got 2 wrong
Pragitya Vazza (9 days ago)
1:31 you should hide the logo better (it's on the wheel)
Gordon Mayze (9 days ago)
I could name every brand and almost every model
Amine Aïchouche (10 days ago)
William Pro player (10 days ago)
This is too ezz
TheBroooLv (10 days ago)
I forgot the last one
Jakub Dziedzic (10 days ago)
30 / 30 easy
Okke YT (10 days ago)
muipailin (10 days ago)
Yeah I lost one
celes (10 days ago)
I got 30/30 :/
Daniel Pol (10 days ago)
Auntie Aliasing (10 days ago)
I knew that minivan was a Toyota, but the Kei car called the “Pixis” is the only one I got wrong.. I thought it was a Mazda lol
Mr. Car (10 days ago)
It's a not Nissan Z but Nissan 370Z
DVEVweruu (10 days ago)
too easyyyy
Frankie Prokop (10 days ago)
This was actually the easiest thing in the world. All of these were SUPER common. No Delahayes, no Nashes, no Dusenbergs, no Packards, no Hispanos. STEP UP YOUR GAME!
Andrei Vlog and Gaming (11 days ago)
29/30 too ez
Lee Shah (11 days ago)
I got 29 too easy
Botond Kiss (11 days ago)
EASY PEASY 30/30 oh and im 11
skirmante sarkauskiene (11 days ago)
Easy peze lemo svize
veselinac jr (11 days ago)

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