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Terraria isn't dying and I'm not giving up on it.

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In today's video, I wanted to discuss Terraria's popularity and address one of my most frequent comments. Chippy Shirts (only available until July 11th) https://teespring.com/stores/chippygaming Download here: https://www.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/subraria 🎮 ELGATO PARTNER : http://e.lga.to/Chippy Elgato makes everything a streamer needs, be sure to check out their website. Follow Me on Social: Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamesRobertBenn Facebook: https://facebook.com/chippygaming Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamesrobertbenn/
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Text Comments (1978)
EnVoy Ma5 (2 days ago)
We should we should do something for a Terraria if you're not going to give up on it then, I love Terraria that's a childhood game for me and for most people but still, to not make the game start dying we should do something for the game to get it out there more and make it a more popular than so-called fortnite since that game is still on top but it'll never be popular than Minecraft though.
Moot (3 days ago)
Legends never die.
Moot (1 month ago)
Yeah same I love Terraria and Minecraft. Fortnite trash tho, OGs ftw.
isse playz (1 month ago)
i have 1000+ hours on terr terr and im still not bored
Panzao Yang (2 months ago)
Severin Czech (2 months ago)
Wow I feel so much peace in my soul now , when I'm sure that my favourite game is not dying (I'm playing this game for so long and I was a bit sad when I heard that terraria is dying but now... I'm sure it is not).
TERRARIA didn't die yet It just looks like it because of lack Of TERRARIA you tubers, everybody started playing fortnite Even though it a repetitive game But TERRARIA you find a new one or a new monster or biome everystep We still have a community and we have to work together to make it bigger LONG LIVE TERRERIA
dennis doodlezs (2 months ago)
i wish for the good old days
yeh man (4 months ago)
Terraria is the best game and still play it from 2014
Caleb Azlin (4 months ago)
The iOS version is dead. No updates. We don’t get any new bosses or bug fixes :(
muifer (5 months ago)
The game was finished
rygamer77 (5 months ago)
terraria my no1 best game i love terraria and i enjoy your videos
Cafro (5 months ago)
Who else is angry he didn't show us the full clip of him killing the siren?
David Billingslea (5 months ago)
wow that games is garbage and we all it
Mandude123 productions (5 months ago)
David Spud eyes (5 months ago)
The whole point of a sandbox game is that it never ends
Brenden Moore (5 months ago)
What mod did that item "The World" come from? It's an obvious JoJo reference, and I want it.
Operative (6 months ago)
Terraria? Dead? Hah! What a joke! Terraria is an amazing game, and I have loved playing it throughout the years. I love playing it with my friends as we journey through fighting bosses and adventure across the huge world of Terraria.
McMeteor 213 (6 months ago)
My friends has been calling Terraria a retarted or dead game,because of the fact that its 2d and that games like minecraft are better than it.i honestly don't know what to do because of how aggresive they act because of me loving the game.
Asdi144 Q (6 months ago)
MC is dying lol
Asdi144 Q (6 months ago)
Wethead05 no it's ded
Wethead05 (6 months ago)
Its not.
Sinister Garbage (6 months ago)
It's addictive than drugs. I don't care if it's dying at least I'm having fun
Starwen27 (6 months ago)
I mean the lack of updates is nowhere near as bad as geometry dash updates, we haven’t had an update for that game in 2 years Also I did get bored of terraria so I modded it, my interest sparked up instantly
TazTheWaz (6 months ago)
We have to face it, it's dead, nobody but the community plays it, but that doesn't mean it's not an amazing game because it is, but we need to accept the fact that it's dead
Mast3RRBlast3RR (5 months ago)
TazTheWaz facts. This terraria fanboys are so biased lmao. It's dead, it's not as popular as before and it will not grow up as a community anymore. I only see the same players every day. It's nothing wrong with that, just that you can't be biased that the game is not dead. But this guys want to live in their fantasy biased world so to each their own.
WD. Gaster (6 months ago)
Edwin (6 months ago)
*Not moving forward can be considered dying, but why should we care?* *IMO Terraria has one of the best communities out there and staying in this position is good idea.* *Terraria will never die, real fans always come back to it after week, month or year break.*
AstralPastel (6 months ago)
Noooo!!! I just picked it up again, and I love it :((( How can it die?! It's so endlessly fun! :D
Faulty Salty (6 months ago)
I just came back to Terraria remembering how amazing it was I would actually cry if it died now :'/
Shattered_ Wolf (6 months ago)
If fortnite didnt it would keep growing
Emerald JJ (6 months ago)
I think the problem is most people don't stay around long enough to enjoy the game. The beginning may be boring but as you discover caves with hundreds of items to get and bosses to conquer it gets fun. Having a small community can be better, it's not as enjoyable when there millions of people playing the game and most of them are kids *cough cough fortnite cough cough minecraft* those are the type of games that die. A small fanbase can be better.
Sulai (6 months ago)
I mean it pretty much is dead that doesn't mean we still can't play it
Acepitar (6 months ago)
Can you make a new mod video
InspectrE (6 months ago)
Just a month before ReLogic posted something very cool ;)
Isaiah Hudson (6 months ago)
Same thing for minecraft. People think it's dying but it's not.
MineCon7 (6 months ago)
I agree and hope for the best for Terraria!
MineCon7 (6 months ago)
Terraria is getting more popular with animation channels, there are a few terraria classic animations, sonic or mario in terraria, and lego.
Jonathan roa (6 months ago)
Failingpepper 11 (6 months ago)
Its boring
Chris Shearer (6 months ago)
I haven't played much Terraria, only 530+ hours, but it is still endless fun. It's very easy to come up with something new to do. And if you can't find anything else to do, look up videos, or ask fan pages and communities. You truly can do whatever you want. That's why games like Terraria and Minecraft will never really die.
PJ Henry (6 months ago)
I Dont want to be "that commenter"... But, you need to understand, Terraria isn't the most popular game in the world. Sorry to burst your bubble. Tbh, because of the way the game works (you get gear to fight bosses to kill more bosses), Terraria can get really really boring if you've defeated the Moon Lord 100 plus times each on like 10 different characters. The thing is though, Terraria is a timeless game just like Minecraft. Because of the fact its not really heavily based on multiplayer, it makes it difficult to die out. However, because its not online and has an end goal means that people aren't going to stick around the game forever. Its VERY important to understand that Terraria was never the most popular game on social media (specifically youtube). And, I dont think it ever will be. Tbh, its hard for a game to die if it was never big to begin with...
Rylan Roach (6 months ago)
He knows its not the most popular game in the world, and you can play Terraria online easily. I don't think you really had a bubble to burst, he knew the reason why it appeared to be 'dying' is because of the small community. 2:04
witheredfoxygaming (6 months ago)
Another terraria youtuber is happy days
Cherry Crossland (6 months ago)
Hey have you heard? there's a guy that plays Terraria 24 7?
Darian Wingfield (6 months ago)
Not symptoms I meant stop
Darian Wingfield (6 months ago)
Some just want to experience other things in life as well, but still keep terraria on their minds and will probably spread the game to their children and their children's children. I know I will. But I will play terraria forever.
Darian Wingfield (6 months ago)
Some youtubers symptoms because of the completion of the game but not many do that
Darian Wingfield (6 months ago)
I agree terraria isn't dying
I will NEVER get sick of terraria. Mods, updates, items I haven’t gotten yet.... endless
OutragousYouTuber999 TV (6 months ago)
I’m never giving up either
Mengo (6 months ago)
They quit because they already are good at terraria and dont know what to do so they quit
Martin De Jonge (6 months ago)
Well I can't say I don't get bored with Terraria ^^ don't hate me I love the game, and I found myself not playing a wide range of games anymore instead I have a few titles I always come back to, Terraria is one of them if the bug bites me I can play it for two months everyday in my free time like last year December, Terraria is a great game.
Anaali-Chan (6 months ago)
My friends say Terraria is pixel shit :( Not true! And my class mates say growtopia is a lot better but its not! Its a free mobile game and terraria is a masterpiece!
Sightth (6 months ago)
TheGreyWizard (6 months ago)
Ur The best dude, like I love ur content and you, but you should really start expand ING to other games!
Emile Geslin (6 months ago)
Small community, consistent community, but a dang loyal community
Brickidy Blockidy (6 months ago)
i just started playing terraria and i LOVE IT
enchodus (6 months ago)
I think terraria is better than minecraft
SpotsAndStripes 1 (6 months ago)
Terraria isn’t dying it’s my favorite game!😀
QuarterOaSeel (6 months ago)
* makes fortnite video after this *
Emiliano Silva (6 months ago)
What mod is that
Debstar 66 (6 months ago)
I think if it got on the switch it would blow up the only reason I stoped playing is they weren't updating Xbox 360 anymore and my controller broke but minecraft has lasted all these years why can't the bigger and 2d version get the love minecraft does
Crammananne (6 months ago)
Kennyko (6 months ago)
I agree with you i haven't been playing that much i have killed eye of cthulu brain of cthulu king slime and i am almost killed the queen bee and i am addicted i also remodeled my base
Stuffed Animal Wars (6 months ago)
Terraria IS dying. It hasn't died yet, but it is, and if it isn't now, it will soon. Very soon. Updates are so infrequent, and the game is just getting boring. Due to the infrequent updates, there isn't anything fun or new left to do. Is fighting the same bosses iver and over again fun? Nope. Terraria has lived a good, long life, and now is the perfect time for it to die in peace. Admit it, Terraria is dying, and its death can't be prevented. It's time to move onto something else like Starbound. If Terraria Otherworld wasn't cancelled, then maybe I would have said otherwise. But Otherworld's cancellation along with the large amount of youtubers who've stopped playing is more than enough evidence that Terraria is dying. It is so obvious and I'm suprised this video's comments section hasn't figured that out yet.
Stan2016 (6 months ago)
I wanted to see u beat one of the bosses
KosViik (6 months ago)
"Is Terraria dying?" This shows how people are on the bandwagon with the new trend that most games are online, and they last for a while then be forgotten forever. But there is this thing: Terraria is for the most part singleplayer. It doesn't lose from the gameplay value if 99% of the players suddenly disappear. People can still play it without noticing anything. Most multiplayer happens with a friend anyway. This isn't an MMO where the fundamentals of the game are shook if there are suddenly less players. Look at Skyrim. Did it die? People still play it every day, mods are still being made. There are lunatics out there who play competitive HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC 3! That game is from 1999 and you can find communities who enjoy teaching new players! Thing is, only games which are inherently flawed and kept alive by the hypetrain, or reliant on multiplayer can die. Good, polished singleplayer-focused games won't die, pretty much ever, unless a better game takes its place. And to be honest, it'll take quite the game to de-throne Terraria.
Random Human (6 months ago)
Don't worry I have plaid 300 hours worth of terraria
James Petrus (6 months ago)
Android terraria hasnt had a update for years. Do u now why?
InsaneCake 1017 (6 months ago)
I just started playing terraria again just a couple days ago and I am ADDICTED it is the best game like ever! And I am already on hardcore😎
Gabrielle Redfern (6 months ago)
I didn't read the name of the video correctly and i thought it said 'Terraria is dying but I'm not giving up on it.' and i freaked out until i saw the name of the video when it was bigger *facepalm*
r3zin (6 months ago)
Just got into terraria about a month ago and love it. your vids have helped a lot
nobleteamsea (6 months ago)
20,000 players playing consistently. thats huge. the game isnt dead
Lil Bump (6 months ago)
I hope Minecraft will die first than Terraria
kingman978 (6 months ago)
Views are lower, game is getting stale, the increase of new players is probably because of the new update for consoles, this game is dying and is past it's peak
Dark Snapshot Gamer (6 months ago)
Dark Snapshot Gamer (6 months ago)
David INFINITE (6 months ago)
Nooo best game !😢
Scynthic (6 months ago)
I spent alot of time me and my cousin playing this game and this game made a very good gamer so TERRARIA FOREVER
nope nope nop- (6 months ago)
Terraria is dying because 1.3 update mobile never came out.
I'm Just Saying (6 months ago)
I think that the playerbase for the game is about as strong as it's always been, but the online communities are what's dying. Even channels like yours with nearly 500k subscribers are pulling in a 5th of that in views. The official forum has really died down as well, a couple of years ago it was booming but is really inactive in comparison now.
Erma Kiely (6 months ago)
I am going to be an YouTube later this year and trainers is main and toontown
Eithan Oram (6 months ago)
The only reason that it seems like terraria is dying is because of the popularity of fortnite.I will not give up on terraria if it gets to the point of dying I've been playing since the day it came out I'm an OG player I've been here from when your legs were one leg to the 1.2 update to 1.3 and soon 1.4 and until they stop updating terraria and past that. It's my favourite game and I will not give up on it. Only the OG players like me will understand. Peace love ya'll
Yoshiboygaming3200 (6 months ago)
This game will never die
PC principle (6 months ago)
lmao who cares if it's dying it's a single player game.
Mr. Pablosek (6 months ago)
People who say terraria is dying probably didn't even kill EoW or EoC Terraria has the same player count it had before, it does grow slightly. It doesn't mean the game is dying.
Kyle B (6 months ago)
Terraria died ages ago, grow up you losers.
spyro super (6 months ago)
Terraria has never died. However, I do have something to add with this argument. Playing with people is way more fun then going solo. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that, and while I'll never say that this is the truth, it might just be that people want to game with other people, not just the same group or going solo. If that still isn't enough, bring something to the table and try to make videos yourself.
Dead Meme Gaming (6 months ago)
Everyone if terraria dies well I’ll cry obliviously… but we will revive terraria not with our palm or hand (fortnite😒) but we will revive it with our heart❤️
Trooll Face FB (6 months ago)
I just think terraria mobile is dying because of the 3 year long update waiting
Dr.Galaxy (6 months ago)
Still has much more content than Minecraft.
Dallas Jackson (6 months ago)
You still play terraria
Broshi (6 months ago)
I love Terraria, but after beating spending hundreds of hours becoming OP on mobile and waiting for 1.3, I got bored. So I bought the PC version, but I’ve hardly played it because I don’t want to go through some of the grinding. I’ll just be waiting for 1.3 mobile or Switch Edition. Also, I feel Terraria isn’t as replayable as Minecraft. Not the games fault though
Gamers Days (6 months ago)
Terraria would die when universe dies.
Ranger Dog (6 months ago)
Been playing for 3 years and i bought it in Mobile and PC...
I think Terraria is better and more alive than Minecraft
SL E (6 months ago)
I want Terraria on the PC but I don't got the money to buy it
Joaquin Rodriguez (6 months ago)
If I DID have the ability to record videos I would be a terraria youtuber. sadly I dont, and I dont think I'll be able to for a couple years from now. but who knows, maybe there are some new terraria youtubers trying to start up and havent been recognized yet.
Logan Wegescheide (6 months ago)
I play terraria bit I have no one to play with I don't know anyone that plays terraria but I want to play co OP with people and do co class games
Fun Danh (6 months ago)
I got bored of it cause I’m on mobile and I’m waiting for 1.3
Zenno sparkle Glimmer (6 months ago)
Keep doing what you do best.
Gpp-75 (6 months ago)
If they make mods more accessible it could be better
TTF Jumpy (6 months ago)
20,000 players

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