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ODI Tutorial : How To Load Multiple Files in ODI

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ODI Interface example for processing Multiple Files ODI Tutorial ODI Tutorial for beginners ODI 11g Tutorial ODI 11g Tutorial for beginners
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Rohtash Goyal (1 year ago)
Nice video..but you are giving training on 12c or 11g....you channel saying 12c?
Soham Majumder (1 year ago)
could you please explain the process of creating the table where file info is storing, assuming that I will have one new file every day to process..
Basant Gauda (2 years ago)
How will we do the same for multiple XML files ????
Uli Bethke (1 year ago)
Have a look at this blog post. It gives some tips and tricks on how to achieve this https://sonra.io/2016/12/21/tips-parsing-loading-complex-ndc-xml-files-odi/
Janardhan JD (2 years ago)
Sir.. Nice video.. if you are offering Biapps11g training.. please reach me 8886745611

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