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20 Male Idols Who Look Way Too Sexy In Glasses

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These handsome Korean celebrities have the ability to look ten times more dashing and sexy just by wearing glasses. Subscribe to our channel ► https://goo.gl/6hDmWU ---------------★★★★★---------------- Other Videos you might like: Agency reps reveal Female Idols are all obsessed with these 4 boys https://youtu.be/WN63Kea5kVY Top 3 SM Beauties Whose Beauty Cannot Hide Behind Glasses https://youtu.be/pdefA5JqyxY TWICE’s Dahyun Tries Out Double Eyelids https://youtu.be/5hVPlKWnOrI BTS Jin Spotted Staring At Rap Monster With Hearts In His Eyes https://youtu.be/Xi3a9kasi3I 4 Times Jungkook Confessed His Love For IU https://youtu.be/0Hie2Z2rjFU Description: [List] 1. Ji Chang Wook 2. Yoo Ah In 3. Park Bo Gum 4. Nam Joo Hyuk 5. BIGBANG’s T.O.P 6. 2PM’s Taecyeon 7. BTS’s Jin 8. BTS’s Suga 9. BTS’s Jungkook 10. EXO’s Baekhyun 11. EXO’s Sehun 12. EXO’s Lay 13. SHINee’s Key 14. GOT7’s Mark 15. GOT7’s JB 16. DAY6’s Jae 17. SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo 18. ASTRO’s Eunwoo 19. B.A.P’s Yongguk 20. MONSTA X’s Wonho ---------------★★★★★---------------- Our Social Media: ♥ GooglePlus: https://goo.gl/NqsjNU ♥ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABIZ-ENT-BUZZ-1839595539631287/ ♥ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/abizentbuzz/ ♥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EntAbiz ---------------★★★★★---------------- ABIZ ENT BUZZ ► https://goo.gl/6hDmWU
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Text Comments (174)
it's rawan rose (8 days ago)
Momoring _ (14 days ago)
damnnn we got daddies here
Kirai Tsuki (16 days ago)
1:39 *Jin my, what a world wide cutie😉* 1:46 *Suga, is here and let's not forget about our😚* 1:52. *Kookie ☺*
Aleeza Khan (23 days ago)
BlazingAria Gamer (25 days ago)
I wanted those glasess that's what I wished for Christmas but my mom said no:(
rifa x (30 days ago)
jin eunwoo jungkook suga :) :) :)
Kuro TV (1 month ago)
These are all korean wow
Jess is A Mess (1 month ago)
7 of them are from bts
I cilked it because I saw Jungkook 😅😅😅
Grace Feng (1 month ago)
i was gonna say if suga wasnt in here, i was gna cry
multi fandoms (2 months ago)
Sweta Chand (2 months ago)
Jungkook should be number 1 he is very sexy and cute with glasses
Rahmawan (3 months ago)
Yoonji Park (3 months ago)
i wanna marry all of them
polly polly (3 months ago)
Galaxy Cat (3 months ago)
i love suga soo much
BTS ARMYS (3 months ago)
1:53 The king has come..
BTS ARMYS (3 months ago)
19 i thought it was bambam
anika tasnim (3 months ago)
glasses look sexy by wearing kim taehyung[v] from bts💜
Anusha Siva (4 months ago)
How can you miss Taehyung in this list?. He should be in top 3...Just love him ♥
stan sf9 (4 months ago)
justin bieber vevo (4 months ago)
what is glasses name?
Joanna Nguyen (5 months ago)
JI CHANG WOOKKK and Jungkookie!💜💜
Cyarrah Whitnable (5 months ago)
of course all these people are korean
YoonJung Park (5 months ago)
I see Jungkook so I click
SunShine (6 months ago)
Woooow mark, he is not even my bias but.............
lani benitez (6 months ago)
awwwww i really loved the video but where is DK in Shining Diamond music video i mean he is so stunning with those glasses really 😤😧😆
Mike Ortega (6 months ago)
Jungkook jin suga
Molly Lee (7 months ago)
Jungkook darling baby💕
Aimi MidKnight (7 months ago)
Eunwoo does look amazing in glasses!(pssss Stan ASTRO you won't regret it)
Nim (7 months ago)
Saraswati (7 months ago)
Tae too perfect cute amsome!!
Saraswati (7 months ago)
About jungkook its sure perfect !! Beause kookie is so!
Bunbun Meowington (8 months ago)
Where is that guy who made the grandpa glasses a trend in kpop idols. I think he's one of monsta x members
Jude Al-Taie (8 months ago)
I’m so proud of My Bts boys
kim cxcxx (8 months ago)
#12 is mine back off peeps😂!!
Jae's Wifeu (8 months ago)
mint.yeollie (8 months ago)
Wonwoo is glasses is a whole new religion. Fact.
mint.yeollie (8 months ago)
Bts Army (8 months ago)
BTS yassssssa 💗🔥
Euphoria (8 months ago)
Jungkook is way too gorgeous on glasses among them all
anaya khan (8 months ago)
saturn (8 months ago)
Jungkookie💓I dare you to pin this.
phoebe Firmalo (8 months ago)
Where's Taetae and mochi we all wanted them to be there
Keithleen Linayan (9 months ago)
V should be in this video. He wears glasses which makes him hot
jeon jungooah (9 months ago)
Who else here for Kookie?
Sarah Amjad (9 months ago)
Jin I love you you look so good in glasses
Charlene Muljo (9 months ago)
Tbh any K-pop idol with glasses looks fine AF!!!
U should add JIMINIE
Kayleigh Soriano (9 months ago)
Jungkook should be ranked first!! Followed by shownu! Then Suga and Jin! Aissshhtttg♡
AMRY is coming to town (9 months ago)
Jin is so cute but jungkook is *hot*!!😍😍 also suga!!!!😍😍😍
sho mo (9 months ago)
jungkook...shoulda been 1
II_RoseZ. YT (9 months ago)
Jungkook's Little mochi (9 months ago)
Jungkook looks hella cute aish
Jungkookie rocks those glasses!
엄마K-pop (9 months ago)
1.Suga 2.jungkook
Kyzzz99 ohh (9 months ago)
i simple man i see jungkook i click
CherryBombVic (9 months ago)
I only clicked cause I knew Wonwoo was gonna be in here. Carat Representing🙋💕 Also everyone is talking about Jungkook... but can we represent other groups. I'm not telling you to be happy that kookie is here. I'm just saying that there are other people too, like Lay from EXO and Key from SHINee... And if some of your favorite people arent on the list, not to be rude but oh well then. This is the person's opinion. Their list. If you disagree, then make your own.
MinJaee (10 months ago)
Wonwoo 💓🌚
I see jungkook in the thumbnail and yeshhhh I click
Madhushetty Madhushetty (10 months ago)
Suga in glasses OMG
Evi Tabitha (10 months ago)
Seokjane Kimparkue (10 months ago)
Ohmygosh jin
eve (10 months ago)
i saw jungkook and clicked faster than i thought i could
atheena allawigan (10 months ago)
ummmm, where is my hot taetae with glasses who is creator of this im gonna say WHERE'S MY FUCKING TAETAE WHY ISN'T HE HERE HE DESERVE TO BE 1# HOTTEST IN GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOT7 Fighting (10 months ago)
GOT7 Mark And JB😍❤️
GOT7 Fighting (10 months ago)
Jungkook 😍❤️
You forgot taehyungie and jiminie 😢
Alicca Noelle Dela Peña (10 months ago)
Wooooooaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Our BTS Jin, Suga, and Jungkook!!
Yoongles Mochii (10 months ago)
Maya Aitken (10 months ago)
yoonmin shipper (10 months ago)
Also jimin from bts looks good in glasses
Junkookie Taehyung (10 months ago)
me: nuh uhh I look like a potato with or without glasses😒😭
AeStHeTiC JiMiN .• (10 months ago)
Jimin with Glaces Looks so cool but in the video is noo jimin;-;
Ashley Cabili (10 months ago)
Where's bts V?
HaeJin Min (10 months ago)
Super Junior Lee Donghae.. Yesung and Eunhyuk looks stunning in eyeglasses too!!
its amazingOkendro Singh (10 months ago)
Where's our mochi and taetae?
97 yen (10 months ago)
Why no my V,Jimin,and Rm here?!WHERE ARE THEY?!
felix's freckles (10 months ago)
where is namjoon?
PerksOfBeingSarah (10 months ago)
Wonwoo isn't even my number 1 bias, but him in glasses makes my heart go craaaazzzzzyyyyy
Gaming With Monto (11 months ago)
Alice M (11 months ago)
Why is Park Jimin not on this list, how could you?
Jasmine Playz (11 months ago)
Use onion cause its circle
Siren Vyez (11 months ago)
Where is chim chim??😭
ali ; (11 months ago)
Alot of people wear those round circle like glasses..;_;....And they LOOK GOOD!
Carat Carat (11 months ago)
Ah yeah~ my baby wonwoo is on higher rank
A-MAN-DUH Amanda (11 months ago)
I thought v would be here too
LuiNie (11 months ago)
The whole time i thought 'where's wonwoo?' And then 'oh there's my baby... my poor bias-list'
harley jones (11 months ago)
Where is taehyung
•147 (11 months ago)
I see kookie❤ I click
Alexandra Villanueva (11 months ago)
How did I know before pressing the vid that Wonwoo was going to appear ㅋㅋ~♡
FlameDragon Hime (11 months ago)
Jungkook in the thumbnail. What's a girl to do?
Jas Jeon (11 months ago)
of course Jungkook
TheMendidi (1 year ago)
Nova Draer (1 year ago)
Eun Woo ❤❤❤
BTS NCT (1 year ago)
Jungkook 💎
Deepajali Das (1 year ago)
Jungkook is soooooooooooooo cute 😍😍😍
Tania Sultana MOU (1 year ago)
BTS ruined My lifeu (1 year ago)
I wonder where the hell is Kim taehyung!! Besides jungkookie is so cuteeeeee
unicorn squishy (1 year ago)
Im gonna have a glases soon :-)

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