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How To Get Rid of Blackheads Fast at Home | DIY Charcoal Mask

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🔶🔶🔶DONATE TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL 👉http://bit.ly/supportMISSYANYI by no means are you obligated to donate! but if you do I am forever grateful to you! Your donation, small or big helps me to continue creating content. I will be giving shoutouts in my videos to the donors. So thank you for continuing to support me! 🔶🔶🔶 Subscribe to my blog to get emails from me for updates,giveaways & more➝http://www.missyanyi.com/ Hi! So here's is are my top remedy on how to remove blackheads/whiteheads and minimize pores at home! Quick, easy and cheap DIY charcoal mask that will also help clear out your skin! This mask can even help with getting rid of acne, so you can get blowy and healthy looking skin! Please subscribe and thumbs up if you enjoyed! =) ……………………………………………... PRODUCTS USED; Neutrogena Cleansing wipes http://amzn.to/1XAUYF8 Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing http://amzn.to/1NjtwKF Activated Charcoal http://amzn.to/1NjtBOu More details and information on my blog! http://www.missyanyi.com/beauty-tips/... ……………………………………………... I post a new video every Wednesday..ish Thursdays :) , so make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out! ➝http://goo.gl/aw2Frr ……………………………………………… Check out most watched videos :) HOW TO LOSE 10LBS IN 3DAYS, Military Diet, Does it work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUHzh... HOW TO GROW YOUR HAIR AND REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR:: DIY REMEDIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzWqG... How To Get Rid of Blackheads Fast at Home | DIY Charcoal Mask https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkKr6... How to Fade Acne Scars and Brighten Your Skin at Home - DIY Remedies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZUIn... ……………………………………………… Let’s be friends ! =) Instagram: http://instagram.com/miss_yanyi/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/miss_YanYi Snapchat: @Miss_YanYi For Business Inquiries please contact [email protected] About me! My name is YanYi and welcome to my channel! :) I am a New York City based beauty and fashion vlogger and I make videos about beauty, fashion and everything in between! From makeup tutorials to fashion look books and outfit ideas to DIYs and lifestyle tips to my fun life adventures! Get to know me 50 Facts About Me Tag :) ➝https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75-Az... Subscribe! ➝http://goo.gl/aw2Frr
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Text Comments (194)
Teya yangdon Fbgg (9 months ago)
Good tip 😘
The Government (1 year ago)
You're really good looking without make up
AR Hjart (1 year ago)
how long do u leave it on?
Sam S (1 year ago)
over acting.. trying so hard to be cute
MyLlamaDrama (1 year ago)
Lol blurred picture. But I have tried this mask before and it cleans my face nicely. Doesn't do much for stubborn blackheads tho.
ella f. (1 year ago)
This is a wonderful book with many different techniques for solving acne problems naturally. The writing is friendly and not too scientific and actually explains why you need to do certain things. *Check This →**https://getpocket.com/s/MHaIx** :)*
Caitlin Somers (1 year ago)
Haha, the after picture was just a blurred before picture. First video I've seen of you, left it right away. Nice try bitch.
Nora Palushi (1 year ago)
can i use real natyral charchoal?
galilea (2 years ago)
"FAHH MULAN!!!!" ahahahhaah
james lucero (2 years ago)
Can I use charcoal instead of activated charcoal
Ivy Jung (1 year ago)
No, regular charcoal is meant for fire and it can actually do more harm than good for your skin.
Deez Nutz (2 years ago)
bless you child for not telling people to put GLUE ON their face
My name Jarred (2 years ago)
U need more subs 👌
Jasmine (2 years ago)
Terrific book full of very interesting and important information that you would want and need to know about herbs! *here **https://t.co/HlDnGUWIxe** :)*
Rebecca (2 years ago)
good idea ..i agrri with it..
Rebecca (2 years ago)
good idea ..i agrri with it..
Rebecca (2 years ago)
good idea ..i agrri with it..
CALife (2 years ago)
Thanks, got rid of my blackheads but now I'm walking around with a blurry nose.
Can you use coconut oil after the mask
melaninbabe (2 years ago)
omg u r so cute😍😍😂😂
Seelenlos (2 years ago)
I'm glad you did a shit poor job of BLURRING your "after" picture. You just discredited your entire video/channel.
Felipe Anzaldo (2 years ago)
I am a new subscriber, I love all you're videos!
zoeeex (2 years ago)
can I use the activated charcoal that we BBQ with ?
Imani Williams (2 years ago)
even if it was edited it still worked
anas albalushi (2 years ago)
can I use charcoal becuz I don't have activated charcoal
Christelle (2 years ago)
Can you use charcoal tablets?
Gin Amber (2 years ago)
The only one best black mask ever. Thank you :)
Elfie (2 years ago)
Instead of the Indian healing clay use non toxic pva glue 👍🏼
Zak Mik (2 years ago)
u smooth the second picture
Zak Mik (2 years ago)
u smooth the second picture
Mariah Deluxe (2 years ago)
Your after pic is just edited...gosh why do youtubers always have the need to lie??
Momma Bear (2 years ago)
okayyanna (2 years ago)
Ikr!!! They just want more views
Amel MB (2 years ago)
i accidently buy charcoal but not activated ! it's not the same texture do you know how can i use it?
Jeanne Werner (2 years ago)
to make this mask even better use Brags Apple Cider Vinegar instead of water!!
cow pow! (2 years ago)
This mask works better if you mix the charcoal with glue , warm up your face with steam I guess I should say witch opens up your pores, then put it on your face, it works better
Alyssa Kimberley (2 years ago)
Can you do this without charcoal?
Amanda Grace (2 years ago)
Yes, I have he clay and I've had it forever. You can just do the clay mask with water or for oily skin use Apple sided vinegar
wiffle_ snuff7890 (2 years ago)
can you do a video of getting rid of a tan plz...I cant rid of mine tan
Der Yang (2 years ago)
why did you blurr the after picture???
O N I S M (2 years ago)
me @ the dubious science: hm..... ............. me: still watches intensely
Karla Cortez (2 years ago)
store bought nose strips are so bad. they make your pores on your face larger. so may chemicals. try steaming your face a few minutes before.
MLGDoitos BRUHlol (2 years ago)
Nutragena makeup remover wipes make my face really red and uncomfortable
zambot3 (2 years ago)
You dont have any blackheads to get rid of girl!None of the people on these youtube blackhead removal videos have big open blackhead pores, they all have totally clear small pore faces! Lol
Salem Beard (2 years ago)
I know what you did to get rid of your blackheads ... you used the blur tool in Photoshop. Thanks for being a fucking LIAR!
Ana Cornelio (2 years ago)
did look blurry compared to the before pic. but if I had to use photoshop, there are better ways to rid of imperfections. ..
Jennifer rmr (2 years ago)
carina stewart has a good mask u should check her out ..
Queen of shadow (2 years ago)
I seriously love asian people! Dunno why😂 they are too cute!
{B.A.P}비에이피 (2 years ago)
you looked like the lady the says "FA MULAN"
Megan McCormick (2 years ago)
omfg gyro
kumi (2 years ago)
I tried this once. My skin absorbed the charcoal, became gray, and stayed gray for 3 days. When it was gone, the black head were worse. _eye twitch_
Wiktoria Nowak (2 years ago)
what is called the white thing what you was putting on your nose?
hlduclos (2 years ago)
It's called a pore strip, by Bioré. (:
F'er MaGee (2 years ago)
Mix the bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar, much much better than with water!!
Sarah Langenberg (2 years ago)
kimberly washington (2 years ago)
4:20 u looked like the match maker from Mulan lol
Amira Lam. (2 years ago)
+kimberly washington hahahahahah omg this is so true lmao
Catalina Taylor (3 years ago)
use aloe vera instead of water.
Jasmine Koch (3 years ago)
can you also only use the Charcoal?
Sandy Quesnel (3 years ago)
I just tried it  I think I've burned my skin, everything is bright red.
Lane Amelia (2 years ago)
+Sandy Quesnel If you read the back of the healing clay container it says the redness is normal and will return to normal color after 15-30 mins. Your face is red because the mask is tight and causes blood to pulse harder through your face.
Sandy Quesnel (3 years ago)
thanks.  It took a while but the red did go away. 
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+Sandy Quesnel my skin got a little red too, but it went away after a little bit. if you have sensitive skin just use the aztec clay and and skip the activated charcoal
hayley mandrakis (3 years ago)
How come my charcoal mask wouldnt come off? I didnt have the bentonite clay so i only used the charcoal with water
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+hayley mandrakis yea probably. FOr me it did it a little bit but after i washed it all off it didnt stay. I used my clarisonic after when I washed my face at night and it was all gone. Dont worry it wont stay there forever LOL but definitely mix it with the bentonite clay... or maybe just use the bentonite clay alone if yu didnt like how the activated charcoal stuck to your pores .. hope that helps ! 
hayley mandrakis (3 years ago)
+MISS YANYI thanks for replying, the charcoal would just literally sink into my pores and I looked like I had bunch of blackheads! I didnt try warm water..... Maybe its because it was only activated carbon ... It contained nothing more than activated charcoal and water
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+hayley mandrakis did you try to rinse with warm water and gentle rub with a towel? it was a little hard for me to rinse off as well. it doesnt rinse off very easy like a face wash will, that applies to any charcoal mask because they dry up and stick to the skin to detox
Victoria Bautista (3 years ago)
lol. I want to try this
Lucy Roebuck (3 years ago)
Ruth Duthie (3 years ago)
could you wash off with a face wash after you rinsed it all off?
Der Yang (3 years ago)
the picture is clearly edited....
lisa y (3 years ago)
The suggested videos from this one are so freaking disgusting to look at omfg
LadyChrono (3 years ago)
Uh. So you didn't remove your nose ring. Seems like a skin care no no but what do I know...
Giselle Huang (3 years ago)
i bought the charcoal on amazon and it dyed my finger and face complete black...what the hell
meif918 (3 years ago)
What nail polish brand are you wearing? 😍
H Wh (3 years ago)
The after picture is the first one blurred and panned to the upper left corner of the screen...
Fara Tasqiyya (1 year ago)
Julia Hindle then why her nose also blurred
Julia H (2 years ago)
It's a different picture...just look at the distance between the edge of her nose and her cheek in the two pics if you still can't tell. It clearly chages
Megan Vertrees (2 years ago)
+Hannah White Lol I saw that too and came down after to make sure someone commented on it.
Jennifer rmr (2 years ago)
carina stewart has a good mask for blackheads u should check her out
Jennifer rmr (2 years ago)
true 😕
megybaby26 (3 years ago)
yikes! no paper towels! it's the first thing they teach you in make up class. the tiny wood fibers are horrible for your skin. use a rag or an old t shirt instead.
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+megybaby26 good to know!! but my tissue was so soft though ... LOL i havent had a problem but i see where you are coming from :)
Adoptdontshop (3 years ago)
Go cruelty free!!
Chelsea Davis (3 years ago)
What nail polish are you wearing here? it's stunning!!
Howard Roark (3 years ago)
WARNING !!!!The charcoal doesn't wash off well.
Janice jing yi (3 years ago)
Can this be used for sensitive skin?
elise alvarez (3 years ago)
How often can u do this?
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+elise alvarez I'd say just once a week if you are doing the full routine with the nose strip... but you could do the mask up to twice a week
Debby (3 years ago)
will this work for blackheads are are UNDER my skin? i use the blackheads strip thing you use but it doesnt suck out the ones are that under my skin :(
Rin Monaghan (3 years ago)
+Miss korea yes, you can. if you add it to a clay mask (2-3 spoons of clay+2-3 spoons of porridge+3-4 drops of oil+plus a bit of water and mix till the consistancy of sour cream). it helps reduce the redness and dry out any spots. but use moisturizer after, as it can be really drying on your skin.
Miss korea (3 years ago)
+Twinky Edward can you add tea tree oil into the mask mix?
Rin Monaghan (3 years ago)
i have these too and i read that you can use tee tree oil to get rid of them. i've been using it twice a day for less that a month, i think, (just straight putting about two-three drops of oil on my problem zones and massaging it in after my toner and before moisturizer) and i've noticed, that i have less of these bumps now. i think, that if you use this mask twice a week and tee tree oil twice a day + your usual skin care routine (cleansing (and exfoliating), toning, moisturizing), you will see the results. the only down side of using natural oils, clays and stuff is that you need to use it constantly for an extended period of time.. so be patient :)
Violet (3 years ago)
As soon as she's done she touches her face and rubs her face with her towel and hands which only aggravate the skin more
Ki Ri (3 years ago)
Gotta love charcoal for blackheads, girl. Just posted my DIY (2-in-1 face mask and face scrub) video for acne and blackheads, do check it out!
Ellie Ortega (3 years ago)
love your nails 😍
Jessica Downey (3 years ago)
beeeeep after pic names is PHOTOSHOP👍
Michelle Ogidi (3 years ago)
Is she wearing contacts? There's a white ring around her pupil
MkaNootsM Cadet (2 years ago)
Uh that's just the glare
Swek Ker (3 years ago)
What can i use in place of the clay???
ASolvie (3 years ago)
It reminds me of the match maker from Mulan.
Ruth Daniela (3 years ago)
which nail color and brand are you wearing? it's so blue!
aizy.patricia (3 years ago)
To me you look flawless with or without makeup. You earned a sub.
aizy.patricia (3 years ago)
Yay you replied! No problem! +MISS YANYI 
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+Aizy.Patricia you're too sweet thank you soo much!
åñdÿ (3 years ago)
Even though the picture might be edited, charcoal is a very good solution for blackheads
Desiree May (3 years ago)
I just had to say this but, we have like the same eyebrows! 😂
burbol (3 years ago)
Thank you 4 this nice video :)  I just have one comment: The last step, the toner, it kinda defeats the purpose of the mask. The charcoal eliminates (binds with) many chemicals contained in (non-organic) cosmetics. So, immediately after applying the mask, when most of the pores are still free and empty, it would be best to use some natural product (e.g. organic aloe vera juice or organic coconut oil) instead of more chemicals that will be absorbed through the skin.
Momma Bear (2 years ago)
+James Reggie So that's why coconut oil breaks me out and argan oil doesn't. Every body is always saying how great it is for skin but it literally makes my legs break out which is weird lol.
Frank Howard (2 years ago)
+burbol Please dont tell people to use Coconut Oil on their face. Coconut Oil is great and has many uses but on the face i would not recommend it for most people. Its a #4 on the comedogenic scale. This is very high and if you're prone to break out it will make you break out. I would go for an oil like Argan oil which is a 0 on the comedogenic scale, so no break outs at all from it.
MakeupIsAGrlzBstFrnd (3 years ago)
+burbol Ummm...I don't think so. I did not hear her say anything about the entire purpose of the mask being to be ORGANIC and free of chemicals.. The whole point is to CLEAN THE PORES!! I get your point, but using a toner after the mask is not defeating the purpose. Maybe you are confused by the phrase "removing toxins". I think it is more about IMPURITIES in the skin, (ie: dirt, oil, sebum, bacteria) that cause blackheads. Not so much about removing toxic chemicals.
MakeupIsAGrlzBstFrnd (3 years ago)
+burbol Ummm...I don't think so. I did not hear her say anything about the entire purpose of the mask being to be ORGANIC and free of chemicals.. The whole point is to CLEAN THE PORES!! I get your point, but using a toner after the mask is not defeating the purpose. Maybe you are confused by the phrase "removing toxins". I think it is more about IMPURITIES in the skin, (ie: dirt, oil, sebum, bacteria) that cause blackheads. Not so much about removing toxic chemicals.
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+Alisha Porter girlll... thanks for the info!! very helpful to know :) 
Natasha M.S (3 years ago)
OMG, where have YOU BEEN ALL MA LIFE!? Girl, I hate dem thangs, btw thanks for sharing what Trypophobia is lol now I get the creepers from it .
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+Naty Domi awww I'm so about the Try..... lol thanks for watching!! <3
Joselyn Gomez (3 years ago)
Can you use apple cider vinegar instead of water?
eimear odonoghue (3 years ago)
Lol the after pic is blurred
Sarosh Dadani (3 years ago)
How do u spell these products and where would u get them?
Sarosh Dadani (3 years ago)
Thanks! +MISS YANYI​
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+Sarosh Dadani check out my blog for more info and links ! http://www.missyanyi.com/beauty-tips/2015/3/12/how-to-get-rid-of-blackheads-at-home-diy-charcoal-mask
Justice Sebert (3 years ago)
Can boys use this? and do you apply the mask once a week? and before bedtime?
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
+Justice Sebert definitely ! the mask you can do twice a week... but the nose strip only once a week... if not once every other week! its best to do it after you cleanse your face :) bedtime or morning doesnt matter
sherry mahajan (3 years ago)
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
@maria passo its actually aDsorbent ... google it ;)
Maria Passo (3 years ago)
Laraisthename (3 years ago)
Was the before and after picture after just one use?
Naian Alvarado (3 years ago)
Do you know if this is safe on dry skin?
Ma5jay5dontxdoxthat (3 years ago)
Actually I wouldn't recommend charcoal of you have dry skin. The healing clay itself is very dry.
Alejandra Carrasco (3 years ago)
If you're scared it's going to be drying just apply some natural oils like coconut on your face after. :)
Hair&Beauty Care (3 years ago)
will try out this mask soon...Please visit my channel and show your support and love by Subscribing...
IKKIEE (3 years ago)
Could this work on acne? :3
Azhar Akmoldina (3 years ago)
You look beautiful without makeup*_* And very cute:) Great tutorial:D It is sad that in my country I have never seen such ingredient as clay for face:( Could you tell are there any substitutes?:) Hope I will find:D
Faith Murphy (3 years ago)
And if you just use bentonite clay mix it with Apple cider vinegar because if you use water, from experience, it's all clumpy and doesn't go in easy , so just use the cider because it makes it smooth and makes it help.
Cambo Toum (3 years ago)
I'm so excited to try This! I never had acne until NOW ! at age 20 freaking 8 !! Ugh. But this looks awesome
Hind Aaz (3 years ago)
let me just start this off by saying YAAASSS I will definitely be trying this!!! and i'll share with my friends girl i got you don't worry ;) and oh my goodness you're so gorgeous it hurts 
Kwee Chan (3 years ago)
sexy thing
Glitter Girl (3 years ago)
+Karwai Chan you're gross
Lish (3 years ago)
Great DIY video!!!!! You have amazing skin!
Stephanie Hanson (3 years ago)
Is the after picture just blurred?
Megan Vertrees (2 years ago)
+Stephanie Hanson Yup. Haha.
Jasmin Palmer (2 years ago)
+Stephanie Hanson that's what I'm sayin >:/
AJ's Outlet (2 years ago)
it is. I seen it too.
burbol (3 years ago)
+Stephanie Hanson Yes, I also thought so.
jheilin _ (3 years ago)
How old do you have to be to use this since I have a lot a black heads and I'm still a young teen
Anonymous Two (3 years ago)
Any age will be fine ;)
Armondo Lezama (3 years ago)
Something about your face that i just love it
ColourBrights (3 years ago)
Ooh! I always use the Indian healing clay but I never thought to add charcoal. Definitely giving this mask a try. A NEW WEAPON IN MY ANTI BLACKHEAD ARSENAL! mwahahaha
Halo (2 years ago)
I heard thunder in the background lmaoao 😂
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
buahahaha!! love it girl !! feel free to share this video with your friends ! :)
Catherine Rose (3 years ago)
Niceee!! Loved it! Have u used your PTR charcoal mask?
MISS YANYI (3 years ago)
I did .. didn't love it LOL 

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