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Katy Perry - Roar (Official)

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Get “Roar” from Katy Perry’s ‘PRISM’: http://katy.to/PRISM WITNESS: The Tour tickets available now! https://www.katyperry.com/tour Official music video for Katy Perry's "Roar" brought to you in Junglescope directed by Grady Hall & Mark Kudsi and produced by Javier Jimenez, Danny Lockwood, Patrick Nugent, Derek Johnson and Oualid Mouaness. Follow Katy: http://www.katyperry.com http://youtube.com/katyperry http://twitter.com/katyperry http://facebook.com/katyperry http://instagram.com/katyperry Lyrics: I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath Scared to rock the boat and make a mess So I sit quietly Agree politely I guess that I forgot I had a choice I let you push me past the breaking point I stood for nothing So I fell for everything (Pre-Chorus) You held me down but I got up Already brushing off the dust You hear my voice, you hear that sound Like thunder, gonna shake the ground You held me down but I got up Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough I see it all, I see it now (Chorus) I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter Dancing through the fire ‘Cause I am a champion And you’re gonna hear me roar Louder, louder than a lion ‘Cause I am a champion And you’re gonna hear me roar You’re gonna hear me roar Now I’m floating like a butterfly Stinging like a bee, I earned my stripes I went from zero To my own hero (Pre-Chorus) You held me down but I got up Already brushing off the dust You hear my voice, you hear that sound Like thunder, gonna shake the ground You held me down but I got up Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough I see it all, I see it now (Chorus) I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter Dancing through the fire ‘Cause I am a champion And you’re gonna hear me roar Music video by Katy Perry performing Roar. (C) 2013 Capitol Records, LLC
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Text Comments (617106)
Elmrabbah Sofia (10 minutes ago)
عمر العزاوي (13 minutes ago)
شعجب ماكو عراقين اخوكم من مورتانيا
Prince Unico Basher (19 minutes ago)
since 2014 till now :)
The Human (32 minutes ago)
2020 ? No one or just me ?
narmnaer jirapianya (1 hour ago)
Jorge Ballona (2 hours ago)
great , cool
Jorge Ballona (2 hours ago)
Katy Perry I am your fan , I always listen some songs yourself, be interesting, i wish the best for you in your career
Mayaank Patankar (2 hours ago)
Dogs: Woof Woof Cats: Meow Meow Retards: 2019? 2019?
عبير محمد (3 hours ago)
رووووعة خاصة نمر.😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Alicia Meza (3 hours ago)
If today isn't your first here 👍 up.
Dev Sharma (3 hours ago)
If indian like it 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Nam Lyquac (3 hours ago)
Đep gai qua đi
Jillur Rahman (3 hours ago)
wave marketingmgr (3 hours ago)
August de los Santos (3 hours ago)
I love her and wow like nature princess
Mifa Ulan (4 hours ago)
Caleb Znt (4 hours ago)
Congrat! (2750M)views
Widad Frawa (4 hours ago)
Amazing song go job and sorry your dad died
Laurie Roy (5 hours ago)
February 2019 ?? ❤
Boxi Weng (5 hours ago)
🔥Katy Perry - Roar🔥 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:30 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
XXXTELEVISION 1 (5 hours ago)
The thing that gave my chills is when the fireflies turned into a tiger...... Chills......
Cryroseasons (5 hours ago)
This was my song ommggg
Esposa do Yoongi (6 hours ago)
Tô aqui porque o The Voice Kids me relembrou essa música! Rs'
Annick RICHARD (6 hours ago)
karen agudelo (6 hours ago)
i love this song.
Rohit Kumar Singh (6 hours ago)
Feb 2019?? Anyone else here
2019 ก็ฟังอยู่น้ะ
Aaron Williams (7 hours ago)
This is still my theme song everyday I don't care what nobody says!!!!
Flávia Campos (7 hours ago)
listen to 365 too!!!!
Diego Sanchez (7 hours ago)
Sigamos reproduciendo 365 🙏
Kacie Hogarth (8 hours ago)
If you sub to me then I’ll back to you in less than a minute no joke
Reshina Bryant (8 hours ago)
Antony Carrasco (8 hours ago)
Ankit Sharma (8 hours ago)
2:26...That's me every time in front of mirror !!
nurfarehien alias (9 hours ago)
hye i frm malaysia . like 💜
Totally Lily (9 hours ago)
2019 anyone???
🐯 ROAR 🐯
sassy sissy sossy (9 hours ago)
Tiger is louder than a lion... Tiger vs.lion... I go for the tiger...
Luana Beatriz (9 hours ago)
Alguem 2019 ? 😀😁😂😃😄😅😇😍😘😂
Ale Umbidez (9 hours ago)
¿Algún argentino por aquí? 😍🇦🇷
Ale Umbidez (9 hours ago)
2019? 😎😘
Hiếu Nguyễn (9 hours ago)
Bạn Bắp nhà mình rất thích MV này , 02/2019
Anajulia_Games Porto (9 hours ago)
I love you!😘
kawaaigirl2009 (10 hours ago)
quen ta asistindo em dois mil e disenove
Belen Martinez (10 hours ago)
Luan Augusto (11 hours ago)
Como é que uma música dessa ñ tem legenda
MrFlime (11 hours ago)
SNSDCrown OnYourHead (11 hours ago)
Really really really Katty Perry is another level ❣️
Catalina Acosta (11 hours ago)
Lena Maier (11 hours ago)
I miss the old Katy
Pro Player 2019 (11 hours ago)
Subscribe mee
Hexidely Uscanga (11 hours ago)
Soy. Derek
Hexidely Uscanga (11 hours ago)
Genial. Esvien padre
ADRIANA SUCERQUIA (12 hours ago)
majid qureshi (1 hour ago)
Wow that's made so happy after watching this.
Tamires Solposto (12 hours ago)
[ ''
FAK Ю (12 hours ago)
музыка моего юношества😎
xdSir Knight (12 hours ago)
I'm in 2019 still hear that sing since 2013 wow how the time pass
Cristhian Mora (12 hours ago)
francisco rodrigues (12 hours ago)
hanaahanaa leb (12 hours ago)
Duncan m (13 hours ago)
lol i remember watching at 300k views few min after it came out thats alot of views now
Shopkins Tv (13 hours ago)
Who’s binging for memories
MANOJ VERMA (13 hours ago)
comment section helps us to know that 2019 has come...
Elisangela Ferreira (13 hours ago)
2019 19 de fevereiro
Hasan Khan (14 hours ago)
What did the librarian say to the student? Read more
Кай ин Декай (14 hours ago)
Iste vai Kaynu vyu fawe gai siel sart...
cristian pro (14 hours ago)
little princess forever (14 hours ago)
Aya Aya (14 hours ago)
Julia Vieira (14 hours ago)
Linda miko (14 hours ago)
I Love it 2019
AXN_YT (15 hours ago)
Mansoor Yousaf (15 hours ago)
Its just an average song😒
Josef Krocil (15 hours ago)
Descendants big fan (15 hours ago)
Dina 9216 (15 hours ago)
Дикую кошку сделать милую 😅
Yorlin Quezada (15 hours ago)
Maya M. (15 hours ago)
2019 ?😘
Vivi Vivi (15 hours ago)
Funny fact: she has the eye of the tiger and the tiger has brown eyes😂
Gracie Zz (15 hours ago)
Japanese in the CC is so random istg!
Neziha Buse (15 hours ago)
On 2019 ???
L L (15 hours ago)
Most viewed female music video... I still remember those who said that Katy won't surpass Taylor Swift...See now it's happening...Hail Queen Katy...
Lilliana Johnson (3 hours ago)
*cough *cough Shake It Off *cough *cough
Shawn X (10 hours ago)
Vicky's world (15 hours ago)
Trop. Cool. Cette. Musique 🎶
Erhan Avan (16 hours ago)
Julie Majova (16 hours ago)
Julie Majova (16 hours ago)
Esma BAKICI (16 hours ago)
9,5 mn abone
Esma BAKICI (16 hours ago)
Enes batur
Esma BAKICI (16 hours ago)
Katty perry
Esma BAKICI (16 hours ago)
İ love you
Esma BAKICI (16 hours ago)
Esma BAKICI (16 hours ago)
Turkish i'am roar
Alok Dhan (16 hours ago)
2020? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
waterartists 2 (16 hours ago)
It's been 5 years and 2B views but yet no on cares anymore.
L L (14 hours ago)
waterartists 2 it's fine
waterartists 2 (15 hours ago)
+L L oh ok sorry then!
L L (15 hours ago)
waterartists 2 maybe people u know are not a fan of her..but here in my country she is damn popular..
waterartists 2 (15 hours ago)
+L L it's something I said because no one that I know talks about it.
L L (15 hours ago)
waterartists 2 i dont think so..I still loved it!!

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