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Universal Rocks Unboxing, New Malawi Rock Background

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Universal Rocks manufactures some of the most amazing products I've ever seen for the aquarium. Where else can you find stone that looks and feels so real but weighs just a fraction of the real thing. The brand new design "Malawi Rock" is an absolutely incredible addition to any aquarium. If you would like to learn more about the Malawi Rock background click the link below and don't forget to type Tank Talk into the promo box at check out to receive a 15% discount on your order! https://www.universalrocks.com/aquarium-reptile-pet/backgrounds/custom-backgrounds/malawi-rock-background.htm
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Text Comments (20)
stateniland (2 years ago)
Hello Is this a "clip-on" background of does it have to be siliconed..If clip-on style I wouldn't have to empty the tank of water? thank you joe
brett oreilly (3 years ago)
wow looks like real rock i wonder do they ship to the uk
george plue (3 years ago)
john what do you think of national geographic gravel for my cichlid tank I have a lot of umbunas couple peacocks a albino m.greshakei  and 2 julidochromis marlieri in my 55 gallon picking up my 120 on Friday looking to get the Malawi rock for the tank
Joseph N. Calabrese (3 years ago)
I do not see any holes for your filter intake.. How do you setup the background with the filter intake?
Joseph N. Calabrese (3 years ago)
+Joseph N. Calabrese ----- Nevermind just had to watch the video a little further and took a look at the other video from the 250...
Jason Lang (3 years ago)
How much space would that take up in a 90 gallon? It's 72"x15" 12 inches front to back. Would it take up to much room?
lordbravura (3 years ago)
I love the Universal rocks products and am very happy for you. Just wish Universal rocks had a better distribution Worldwide. They just wont sell to soo many countries! Maybe you could talk then into shipping to more places John?
Michael Shipman (3 years ago)
love the frequent videos, beautiful fish.
paulone65 (3 years ago)
With all those great idea and fish, i am going to have to get a larger tank,this is really addicting
AquariumGeek915 (3 years ago)
nice! that's awesome! I'm going to be getting another tank next tax season and ill definitely be going to universal rocks!
MStebbz36 Cichlids (3 years ago)
john, ur a lucky guy, maaaan those new fish and background u have are absolutley stunning, i am soooooo jealous lol.Anyhow fella you deserve it, with all the hard work, amazing advice and brilliant youtube videos you make, my aim now is to get a shout out from you in one of your awesome videos hahahaha. keep up the good work dude. Now i cant wait for your next video, this weeks lot of viseos have been great....keep em coming haha. peace.
KG cichlids (3 years ago)
love you videos! awesome fish can't wait to see it all put together! I have small 6 small frontosa in a 60 gallon along with 4 yellow labs, I'm looking into a much bigger tank. have any recommendations on the size I should have for 6 frontosa?
Mc City (3 years ago)
Love your channel. The love you're receiving from others tells me alot about your product. I just set up my 125 gallon using alot of DIY methods, soon as i get the water in good condition i hope to buy from you guys.
Damon Medina (3 years ago)
Very nice. I was ck'ing out their site recently but glad I waited now that they have a Malawi Rock background. Will wait and check out your installation video b4 ordering. Looks awesome out of the box.
KGTropicals (3 years ago)
+Damon Medina Yeah just wait till you see this thing in the tank, you'll want one I promise!!!
IFG (3 years ago)
All of my aquariums have custom made Universal Rock 3D backgrounds.
KGTropicals (3 years ago)
+The Inquisitive Fish Guy 71 Nice! Smart Man:-)
moregamethanyou (3 years ago)
John, we cant believe how many videos you are uploading recently, its fantastic. Everybody in our home loves your videos, its great content with great positive energy. The new fish you got look like they are doing well already, and they are very beautiful fish. We are looking forward to seeing the background install video this weekend. We love you John and Lisa, keep up the great work guys!
KGTropicals (3 years ago)
+moregamethanyou Thanks so much!! Unfortunately I got to anxious and didn't film the install BUT I'll be putting up a video of the finished product tomorrow morning:-)
viv1d (3 years ago)
Nice, just add some caribsea sand.

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