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Boat on the River - Styx

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Here is "Boat on the River " for you, a wonderful Song by the Styx . Find my Catalog on musicnotes https://mnot.es/DietmarSheets Thank you for listening to my Music! arranged and performed by Dietmar Steinhauer Published by Inner Light Music ©2019 Find me on iTunes and Amazon All my Sheets available at http://www.tastenland.de My Online-Pianoschool with all my Tutorials http://www.dietmarsteinhauer.com P.S.: I love playing Piano for you!
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Text Comments (9)
Yasemin Ekinci (2 months ago)
Thank you buddy, now I'm gonna learn how to play.
Royee Sasha Goldberg (2 months ago)
Where can I buy this piano sheet?
Manda Jovanovic (2 months ago)
Hvala na ovako lijepim taktovima.
alice lujan (2 months ago)
Thanks for this beautiful music!!
Simone (2 months ago)
Sehr schön.🌹
Ilona Kubiliene (2 months ago)
Thanks. Very nice River tune...
ana paun (2 months ago)
So nice !
Timothy Boswell (2 months ago)
Another word spoken In despair What air no words to sing in tune how perfectly performed each lesson In Ans Teardrop splash Splashing to the memory Of So much you Sinking into me How i breathe through the notes How we so delicatly breath These rose petal glanced Over again Through The Thorns Breath held over canyons ledges Finding mysel in love ... .. .
Ali Noee (2 months ago)
It was great!

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