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yeeyee775 (23 hours ago)
I need this fragrance because I'm getting into niche and would love yo have a bottle of this.
Samuel Shipp (12 days ago)
I would love to win Chambre Noire because it is the fragrance that I wore while meeting my now fiance. I tried it on in store, and sprayed a few squirts on me. I met her a few hours after while wearing it, so it has memories attached. Lovely scent, just never got around to buying a bottle. By the way nice channel.
Undercover fragrances (12 days ago)
Thank you for the support and feedback.
Nerdville17 (13 days ago)
Who won this Fragrance giveaway ? …… nerdville17
mrgreis (24 days ago)
hey there, i loved the two of you in the video. i'd like this fragrance for date nites with my girlfriend. we actually met in a photography "dark room" when we were developing film, so this would be perfect!!! =)
Have Some Scents (24 days ago)
Great video guys! well i know this was inspired by a hotel near the Nile River..and me being Egyptian i guess it just works for me haha. But seriously i actually reeally like this fragrance, its on my to buy list. I love leather scents but this is different than any other leather scent i have. Love the plum, spice, really the whole combination is perfect i think. One of the samples im afraid to finish.
djj1080 (25 days ago)
I would love to have this fragrance in my collection because it's a lady killer you feel me just kidding all jokes aside I just love collecting and it'll be a nice addition
Devorio Hammonds (28 days ago)
Nice video bro! My scent of the day is Dove body wash(because I haven't got outta bed yet) I need this because I don't have a date night scent. So I've been rubbing the green tree air freshener on myself before dates🤣🤣🤣
Rillionaire Reviews (28 days ago)
Ive never tried this and I would SERIOUSLY LOVE TO!!! I would be so happy to win being broke right now starting my own business and everything. Would be huge for me in my life at the moment. Appreciate this video man. Great review again (:
MrTJHstudios (28 days ago)
I'm a high school student and I'm just getting into fragrances, but I can't spend a lot of money on fragrances since I need to save for college.  I would have to say spicy fragrances are my favorite (I've smelled around Sephora and other stores that carry fragrances around me) and I trust your girlfriend's nose as she has very good taste from what I've experienced, so I really hope that I can get my hands on this fragrance and hopefully make it my signature for the cooler months!
marlonious76 (28 days ago)
What's up big dog. Put me in the loop. This is one I've had my eyes on.
Kendrick Gibson (28 days ago)
As always great video guys. I need this fragrance in my life because I have a serious incurable fragrance "addiction"; therefore, it must be in my collection (lol) 🤣! Secondly, the dark colored juice looks interesting 🤔.
Anthony Davis (28 days ago)
I need this fragrance because I liked and been a subscriber for a very long time I just freaking love this channel man lol it would be nice to win something from a person I admire and just keep it real when it comes to fragrances thanks man
gora ba (28 days ago)
Shout out from italy J really love your Channel keep it up never had niche it would be awesome if J win
Jeremy Beaudette (28 days ago)
SOTD is Boss Bottled
Jeremy Beaudette (28 days ago)
I’m new to the frag collection and I only have a few. Looking to expand my collection and try everything I can.
rob paxson (28 days ago)
people have said that Bentley for Men Intense is similar to this...that alone would be reason to own it
Joe (28 days ago)
The notes of this fragrance seems to be some of my favorite and I've never heard of this one, I would love to have an opportunity to own it. Based on your girlfriend reaction I'm really interested now, but the price does deter based o my budget. Thank you to you both for being generous.
mr dee (28 days ago)
Great giveaway man love it...today I wear dark rebel JV and enjoy it...never try this house but love the presentacion and frag looks interesting, I didn't try niche frags they are hard to comby and are expencive ....I love vanilla...great video😀
SciGuyFRAGZ (29 days ago)
Great review man! I haven't tried anything from olfactive studios yet but I hear they have a good line and this is supposed to be their best. I would absolutely love to have this in my collection because I don't own a plum fragrance yet and this one sounds like it suits my taste spicy leather and sweet smokey plum sounds so sexy, alluring and perfect for the fall and winter. Keep up the good work man you have been putting out some serious videos and your hard work is paying off your channel us starting to grow fairly quick compared to most fragrance channels. I haven't been able to try many fragrances latley due to having to save for the holidays but I have been sampling fragrances from Andy tauer you should check them out they are magical very different, if you are want to venture into more niche territory try it out he has sample sets on his site I would reccomend try air du désert marocain, lonestar memories, incense rose, and for your lady phi Une rose de Kandahar. They are on the artistic side but they are very interesting and unique but still wearable. Thanks for your great content and your dedication to your channel and subscribers!
Nerdville17 (27 days ago)
What's good Undercover fragrances … Great video GIVEAWAY … you and your girlfriend do not disappoint … so generous …. I've been collecting fragrances since 2011 … and we actually met for a brief moment at Maxoroma event in the summer in NYC …. I need this fragrance in my life because out of the 100's of bottles that I've had in my collection - not once have I owned Chambre Noir or any of the house … The notes truly peak my curiosity and for this time of the season it would be great to sport the juice with my wife, baby and family during the holiday season …. and the bottle design is super cool …. thanks again - BIG SHOUT OUT TO A2 ! … I hope I'm the recipient of this wonderful giveaway …. take care ….. be blessed ….. nerdville17
Justin Cordray (29 days ago)
I need this fragrance in my life because I'm looking for a perfect fall unisex frag that I can share with my girlfriend, we both love plum, and it's her birthday tomorrow! Pro tip: A good boyfriend always remembers her birthday but never remembers her age.
Gra Guys (29 days ago)
I have never smelled any niche house fragrances and your description made me imagine what it can smell like so I got that it is vanilla based with some touch of other notes. I would love this to be my nose's niche house number one fragrance ever, it sounds delicious :D
Henrry Silva (29 days ago)
nice video bro!
dorian fischer (29 days ago)
I would love to win the fragrance because I could never try a fragrance of this house, but I only heard good things! This would fit perfectly in my collection because I don't think that I have a similiar fragrance to this one. I also like the bottle design! As always great Video and thanks for the giveaway! :)
avalon fox (29 days ago)
.....I was just passing by, never been here before and decided to read all the comments trying to win the bottle of cologne. Just gonna say geez I hope the "poor college student" that "need to smell good" wins it :-D (don't know him either) Later all.
Lee Hession (29 days ago)
Just seen Michael J Fox at the garden centre. Well I think it was him, he had his back to the fuchsia. I sent you a joke as people say that I only smell funny. I would love to win this - many thanks Chris you good looking dude. xxxxxx
petru lita (29 days ago)
I love different fragrances.
ancctech (29 days ago)
I need this fragrance in my life because I enjoy smelling good. And I always want to bring joy to other people's lives from the trail of cologne I leave behind. 😁
ancctech (29 days ago)
Thank you A2
George Bonilla (29 days ago)
Great review - I need this fragrance because I am trying to start expanding into more Niche fragrances. I find the notes intriguing and I feel like it would be perfect for this time of year.
Ricky Martinez (29 days ago)
I need this fragrance in my life because your videos have become a part of my life. Also because I'm a start up fragrance enthusiast. :) Have a blessed night Chris and Kelly :)
Rambo Lee (29 days ago)
Because the only thing better that fragrances is free fragrances!!!! ☺️
Nick Nguyen (29 days ago)
Poor college student needs to smell good bro lol
Fafi Leb (29 days ago)
eselecrown (29 days ago)
Thanks for another great video buddy. Your girl friend always bring an added plus to your videos. You two should collaborate more (just saying). As to why I would like to win this fragrance? First, this is right up my alley in terms of scent profile. I love gourmand fragrances. They tend to performance quite well on my skin. So, I would love to add this to my wardrobe. Secondly, I have been wanting this fragrance for sometime now. The fact that it is unique is what appeals to me most about it. It is different, daring and not mass pleasing. One has to be a real fragrance connoisseur to enjoy this one. I am such a person, and I would confident rock this one. Again,Thanks for sharing.
Mr. Rose (29 days ago)
You and A2 are very generous gentleman. I dont need that fragrance, but that fragrance needs me lol. Good giveaway
MrZhakal (29 days ago)
Nice review. Good job you two. SOTD Chanel Platinum Égoïste
robert quinlan (29 days ago)
I haven't tried this from the house but have tried a few others , so i'm sure it's of the same great quality. From the notes it seems similar to my absolute favourite tom fords plum japonaise but leans a little darker 😍 I need this because it sounds similar to my all time favourite fragrance that's discontinued 😢 And because it's the only one my nan 👵likes on me Great video as always , you both bring alot when giving both points of view on a fragrance 👍 God bless 🙏
Lee Style&Fragrance (29 days ago)
yall did a great job as always I really like this fragrance thats why I should win lol
Corey (29 days ago)
Thanks, A2! Very generous! I think any frag Kelly likes is worth having in my rotation. Besides, winter is long and cold here in MN and it sounds like it’ll add a little sexiness during these cold months, if you know what I mean 😉.
javy8229 (29 days ago)
Great review! Why I want this fragrance is because I'm just starting with my fragrance journey. All I have is pretty much designer. Never really had the money to buy niche. I've been looking for a fall/winter fragrance. This definitely seems to fit that category. I'd definitely love to try & I'd really appreciate this one!
Pao Weezy (29 days ago)
Scent of the day is mont blanc individuel. I’m always looking for new fragrance to add to my collection. Also, I need this fragrance because it’s free.99
The Bond Creed Guy (29 days ago)
Just a beautiful fragrance 👍🏽
Undercover fragrances (28 days ago)
I see you about join the 1k subscribers club and I just want wish you earlier congratulations bro.
Undercover fragrances (28 days ago)
Yes it is , hey what's up the bond creed guy?
Giovanni Price Sr (29 days ago)
Sotd Ck one Shock!!!
Frank Headswift (29 days ago)
Thank you A2 for sharing this scent. I need this fragrance in my life because I live in the sticks and I was at the gas station today.. behind a guy who probably needed this fragrance in his life too. I have a collection of cheapies and I dont have very many high end fragrances and would love to add this to my collection.. a jump start so to speak. My scent of the day is Ciger Black oud.. last all day!!
Goodcense (29 days ago)
great video...my scent of the day was a bland from Mel Bond (can be found on Facebook) called Tuscan Aventus...I think this cologne would add a full bottle of a fragrance with the Note of Leather in it. I also believe it would be perfect for the fall/winter.
Brandon Joseph (29 days ago)
I need this fragrance because it’s free lol, and I want it in my collection. Have a great day be blessed.
Alexis Johnson (29 days ago)
Thanks Undercover Fragrances, Kelly, and A2 . Sentence #1: I need Chambre Noire because there aren't a lot of places in Sacramento California to get good Fragrances . Sentence # 2: I will smell unique since no stores here sell that one. Thanks !
Henry Regans Jr. (29 days ago)
Great video Mr. fragrance ! I need this fragrance because i like creative fragrances and this fragrance will be the most creative one in my collection. The note breakdown is even more creative.
kwiggins148 (29 days ago)
Thanks for giving us a chance to win the fragrance. Honestly I need this fragrance just because I want it.
James Brackenbury (29 days ago)
I would love to have this fragrance as I have had it on my radar for a while. I need the fragrance as well cause I have a first date coming up in December and it sounds perfect for that......it may just keep her close to my neck and that's a good thing!
Shawn Lockett (29 days ago)
Graet review Mr. Undercover. Well Buy the description I love the scent profile of this one. Would love to enjoy that one. Plus I can't afford a 200$ plus bottle of anything at this moment.
adrienne chester (29 days ago)
I need this fragrance because every time I wear it and a girl asks me what I have on I'll just snap and say "THESE SMELLS ARE BROUGHT TO YOU IN PART BY UNDERCOVER FRAGRANCES!"
recharg3 (29 days ago)
Hello there, i need this thing in my life since i dont have a dark room (chambre noire) in the house, this one would fit perfectly 👍🏻✌🏻
Rob Eats Atl (29 days ago)
Great vid hope I win keep up the good work
St. Jello (29 days ago)
I would love to have this fragrance in my life. I really can't afford to buy it with having 2 teenage girls in my life. They come 1st in my list I make sure they have a better life growing up than I did. I work hard for them and at the end of the month if there is anything extra I try to add to my collection by going to discounters or TJ max in hopes that I can find something that I have seen on some of the fragrances list but I can't just drop $200 for smell goods cause that's a grocery or shoes for my kids. ☝❤☮
James Weil (29 days ago)
Thanks A2! And thanks Chris! Chambre Noir is something I always wanted to try mainly because a couple years ago Dracdoc was talking about it. The facebook groups were always a good distraction to not getting around to it though as people post sooo much different stuff for sale and swap. But one thing that I like to do is share with others, whether a swap or just sending a nice decant just because for others to check out. As i check out more things and especially this time of year, I think personally it would fit in well with the things I use daily. whoever wins the giveaway, I hope they enjoy it and I think its super cool that you would give it away. Sorry, more than two sentences lol, cheers!
Erick Barkley (29 days ago)
I Need A Niche Fragrance In My Collection
Michael Bullock (29 days ago)
Great review and I enjoyed it and I need this fragrance because it sounds really good and I love spicy fragrances and it seems like it would last on me have a blessed night
Jim Cooke (29 days ago)
Hello Mr Fragrances, I would love to own Chambre Noir. According to Drac Doc (Cody), this is the niche version of Bentley Intense. I would wear this one early and often if you find it in your heart to give it to me.
St. Jello (29 days ago)
Temps here in Maryland are low 30's so I put on Fahrenheit today and got 2 comps today.☝❤☮
Carlton Hall (29 days ago)
First of i don't have this one an i love different fragrances. I haven't won anything in along time so i gotta win something an my birthday is coming up December 12 so it would be nice.
david sugar (29 days ago)
Have not got a chance to smell any from this house yet you very generous when it comes to giveaways your a good man keep it up my sotd is 1 million original
Christian Martin (29 days ago)
I need this fragrance because I only have three fragrances in my collection. And 2 of the three are fresh. I only have one strong fragrance. My scent of the day is spicebomb
Christian Martin (29 days ago)
Yay a giveaway
Undercover fragrances (29 days ago)
Yes free fragrance giveaway

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