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2008 VOLVO C70 hardtop closing

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my dads new Magic Blue Metallic C70 coupe, opening the top...
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Barb Schommer (2 years ago)
It never gets old! I love my C70! Put snow tires on and it's ready for MN winter!
wmartinlsmith (6 years ago)
well after 4 years the car is running fine and has no leaks.. a little lubrication in te factory recomended areas and nothing has gone wrong
Daniel Forstadt (7 years ago)
just a quick question i havent been able to get the answer to.......how reliable are hardtops after some time has past
NutsandGuts (8 years ago)
@yan17uk2002 Too tried of watching your sister get into "old people's cars"?
vv mat (9 years ago)
volvos are the best cars everrrrr
cash4sellers (9 years ago)
I see! So money is not a big issue with 35k you can easily get M3,6 cylinders, 4lit: 343bhp!!! no dubt the best sporty 4 seats around. Still love the disign of the less powerfull Mercedes CL 350 [245 bhp] and this one use a 2 pieces conv. roof. Good luck.
hjchamp04 (9 years ago)
volkswagen is good but i like the upper class cars even if the top is the the 3 piece retractable one
hjchamp04 (9 years ago)
im into sporty cars so instead of the c70 for the same price i could get a c30 customized the way i want for 35k or a mice M3 BMW or the hatchback C230 kompressor benz
cash4sellers (9 years ago)
So, you still want C70? Have you concider the EOS or more expensive BMW?
hjchamp04 (9 years ago)
yea repair will be a pain in the ass i want the c30 r design now ol the hatchback is kewl
Ronald van Kemenade (9 years ago)
Nice origami car. To bad they don't use a longer wheelbase for a roomier back seat...
hjchamp04 (10 years ago)
fucking sexy ass car i own a s40 and i want to trade it in for a c70 im even more convinced!
wmartinlsmith (10 years ago)
what? i dont get what you are trying to say...
palebeachbum (10 years ago)
Gorgeous car, but I dread the day the tops start failing on these things. It'll probably cost as much as the car's value to repair. A regular convertible top failing is bad enough. Been there done that!
DScroggins Production (10 years ago)
It's the foreshadowing of automobile transformation!! I hope!
Labrizzeck (11 years ago)
wow pretty amazing what they can do with cars now adays

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