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2019 Volvo XC90: FULL REVIEW | Volvo's Flagship is Better Than Ever!

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The XC90 has always been extremely impressive, so can it get even better for 2019?? Let's find out in this IN-DEPTH REVIEW of the 2019 Volvo XC90 Inscription! The XC90 R-Design, Inscription and Momentum trims will be ALL be covered in this review as well as the three different powertrains: T5, T6 and T8 Plug-In! During the video, we will show you the performance data of all three engines, cargo capacities, distinct styling cues, interior technology and functionality, upgraded Volvo Sensus system, exterior styling, tow ratings, third row and much more! So, come join us as we sample this automotive delicacy in a very detailed review that will leave no questions unanswered! Please SUBSCRIBE for updates on our latest videos! It's FREE! www.youtube.com/carconfections Video Contents: Detailed Exterior Walkaround: 1:08 Interior Design, Tech & Amenities: 4:57 Occupant Opulence & Cargo: 17:08 Powertrain & Fuel Economy: 24:44 As Tested (XC90 Inscription T6 AWD): $70,730 *Links* Special thanks to... Quantrell Volvo, in Lexington, KY: 1490 E New Circle Rd, Lexington, KY 40509 http://www.quantrellvolvo.com/ Volvo Sensus Detailed Tutorial: [coming soon!] Intro Music: "Awaken" by Vibe Tracks is free for use on YouTube for any purpose. Ending Music: "Ex Boxer" by Riot is free for use on YouTube for any purpose. Other Music: Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Thank you for watching, and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more detailed car reviews! © Car Confections 2018. All rights reserved. “Sampling the Latest Automotive Delicacies!”
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Text Comments (212)
Ken Coleman (8 months ago)
Awesome video, awesome vehicle! Your enthusiasm, thoroughness, and camera work match the quality and luxury of the XC90. Appreciate all the "insider" info and comparisons too. My first Car Confections video, I'm now a subscriber!
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Thank you so much!! That's what we like to hear :)
RazzGamer (1 day ago)
Nice truck but fuel sucks and engine to
Live Chan Jatt (2 days ago)
Ricky Logan Jr. (3 days ago)
I've always been a fan of Volvo as a car brand. I cannot get over how amazing that magic blue color looks against that amber color leather interior. This is truly a stellar review, and I'm just getting into your channel. You both appear to be in college, yes? It's inspiring that you two are doing what you love but do get that college education. As I was looking around your channel and watching car reviews, I noticed but maybe I missed it there's no Q & A vid specifically about you. I think it will bring more people to your channel knowing more about Mason and Drew, if you have not already. Awesome channel guys.
Car Confections (3 days ago)
😀 Yeah we might have to do that some time! And yes we are in college, to answer your question
Jacob Barry (6 days ago)
“Really succulent” lmao
golden (10 days ago)
xc means 90 in roman numerals, so this is basically the volvo 9090?
Corey Taylor (7 days ago)
XC means cross country
JR Gb (13 days ago)
The sissy music intro could and should be deleted.
Get a toureg or Q7 Vw rule's the world 😎
GoodGirl_ GoneGlam (25 days ago)
Who would think to add a button for the glove box but still have manual third row seats? And no USB ports in the rear for a car at this price point? Seems like Volvo did great with some features (touchscreen/Sensus) but missed some other things that should be standard.
mystikal (26 days ago)
If there is a handsomer SUV in the market,I haven't seen it.
MinatoNamikaze (26 days ago)
xc90 looks so nice...but i feels like when u start the engine and turn on the audio its respond so slow...and the digital gauge looks stiff....i dont no maybe its just me...and still a big fan tho...:))
Bong Lim (27 days ago)
I like it inside & out but not that small engine under the hood I don't think it would see 200k miles on the odometer which Volvo used to be known for
Patric Cooper (1 month ago)
This is a great video about my favorite type of cars which is Volvo of course... Safety comes always first... Many thanks.
Car Confections (1 month ago)
You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed!
Samuel Truncale (1 month ago)
One of my dream SUV's.
gue st (1 month ago)
13 feb 2019 8:39 pm est: thanks. 22:58 spare-tire is underneath cargo-floor.
Don Motz (1 month ago)
Very nice in depth review of a very nice looking and beautiful suv......I subbed as well......gonna look at more of your reviews....I like the way you take more time and speed thru your words.....thanx....... :)
Car Confections (1 month ago)
Thanks so much! Welcome to the Car Confections 'family'!
Chef Tony (1 month ago)
That's car is Sick!
Feezo Ramli (1 month ago)
volvo under geely?
Car Confections (1 month ago)
C. Lincoln (1 month ago)
Nice car and good value for money. Thanks for the video upload.
Car Confections (1 month ago)
Glad ya liked it!
Viewlance Inc (1 month ago)
Awesome video on awesome car. Appreciate your hard work :)
Car Confections (1 month ago)
Avocat BOYCHENKO (1 month ago)
Guys, I've got XC90 Momentum D5. But I have a problem, maybe all of you have the same. The SENSUS cannot play music from USB from FOLDERS, it does not see FOLDES at all. You can only play music from USB by style, artist, search, etc... but not from the Folder... Please advise You can write me on [email protected] Thank you
Varun Bhola (2 months ago)
Are the second row seats sliding ones? I mean how do you access third row if you have 2 infant child seats installed?
djperryboy (2 months ago)
That 360 degree camera mode looks amazing!
Brent's Views (2 months ago)
What's leaking? Check out the ground!
Car Confections (2 months ago)
You're fine haha. The day we filmed, it was 95-degrees under the shade tree we were parked under, so definitely a long long way from -20 you're experiencing now!
Brent's Views (2 months ago)
My sincere apology! I was foolish to send a flippant text. It's freezing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, minus 20 and A/C was the last thing on my mind. Also, your videos are excellent. Thumbs up!
Car Confections (2 months ago)
It's just condensation from the A.C, all cars do that if they sit in one spot long enough
Tyler Austin (2 months ago)
Great review. One correction. The A button under the parking brake is not 'Auto Start Stop'. That setting is on the touchscreen. Rather, that 'A' button is 'Pilot Assist Auto Hold Braking', which let's you remove your foot from the brake when stopped.
Car Confections (2 months ago)
Thanks Tyler! And that was our bad! We realized that soon after we made it. We appreciate you watching!
LILLIE'S LIFE (2 months ago)
awesome vid
Car Confections (2 months ago)
Thank you so much Lillie! We appreciate that! And thanks for watching!
NARA CHANNEL (2 months ago)
love Swedish cars
Benziono Caron (2 months ago)
Four years of being on sale. And I don't understand why Volvo does not put USB ports in the second row. Whyyyyyy???
vickie miller/dirocco (3 months ago)
Mahrukh Aziz (3 months ago)
This car is the complete package- safety, grace, beauty, quality and elegance !! Can’t wait to get mine😊
Saurabh Kajale (3 months ago)
I took this over the q7 and the range rover velar!. Much more features and better interior quality compared to other.. best decision ever . Btw.. this xc90 cost 1,50,000$ here in india🤣
Steven Erat (3 months ago)
Everett Cox (3 months ago)
Wait what...13 inch rotors on the 21" front wheels of Volvo's Flagship car??? Surely they can do better than that.
Yossy Y (3 months ago)
I would of already bough XC90 if it would of been More leg room at 3rd row. But for now this car is good for midgets and Asians.
Fahmi Imteaz (4 months ago)
Dude i love you videos, but what happened to the 2nd half. You should have zoomed out. Too close
Car Confections (4 months ago)
Thanks! We have recently bought a wider angle 4k camera, so this is improved greatly in out newest videos
Ari Mustafa (4 months ago)
Swedish top quality 🇸🇪
Jessie Jane (20 days ago)
Made in China
Philip Miller (4 months ago)
I love this car I'm going to get one
Sms Limited (4 months ago)
My 2016 XC90 Rdesign is hands down better than my 2018 BMW 740, I have had a lot of different brands, Mercedes BMW and others and this Volvo is the best car no question about it.
Andrew Williams (4 months ago)
Is still 4-cylinder? & made in China? hahaha
Polestar Wes (3 months ago)
Andrew Williams Made in Sweden unlike everything you own. You bitch about China but everything you own is made in China so this is such a ridiculous comment
LauraNY (3 months ago)
Andrew Williams SWEDEN 🇸🇪 !!!!!
sultan alsnan (4 months ago)
Great review, go Volvo.
Car Confections (4 months ago)
AngryPostmanSthlm2 (4 months ago)
That rear is the most beautyful ever, clean, spartan, perfectly shaped... actually when i see one i hardly cant take my eyes from it. And heck, if i had the money i would buy one just to look at
QRS3C273 (4 months ago)
24:54 You need a haircut
MOHSEN CAN (1 month ago)
What the fucking accure attention😂😂😂😂😂
Car Confections (4 months ago)
Ann Huff (4 months ago)
I love this car and the video you explain it perfectly
Car Confections (4 months ago)
Thanks Ann!
Czlowiek Znikad (5 months ago)
This is elegant..??? ugly outside uglier inside and 4 cyl ha ha ha, this is crazy, only Japan cars.
Nestor (5 months ago)
Love the Audi but the third row sucks and people tell me that is expensive as hell to fix. you have tested both cars which one you like the most thanks
Nestor (5 months ago)
Q7 or xc90 ?
Desi Dog (2 months ago)
Car Confections (5 months ago)
That's a tough one! We might try and do a comparison between the two when we get a review out on the 2019 Q7!
guy lamson (5 months ago)
Which one is the top?
guy lamson (5 months ago)
Car Confections (5 months ago)
T8 Inscription is the highest mainstream trim. There is also a $105,000 Excellence model
Krishnendu Banerjee (5 months ago)
Awesome demonstration... hardly I see this quality presentation elsewhere.. Thanks a ton..
Car Confections (5 months ago)
Glad you liked it! Thanks for watching!
ابو إبراهيم (5 months ago)
Mopar Charger (5 months ago)
Are volvo reliable? Anyone?.. i heard their are great on crash rating.
Mopar Charger (3 months ago)
lauraNY thanks lol
LauraNY (3 months ago)
Mopar Charger google
ابو إبراهيم (5 months ago)
قلبي الصغير لا يتحمل مشاء الله فولفو xc90 volvo 😍😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑
Big Kev (5 months ago)
Three things I dont like 1.why would any body put electric start by wet cup holders all it take is to drop soda messing with them kids 2.this day in age to much crime if you getting chased 🏃 or something that car take to long to start 3.why the starter you have to turn that plastic knob looks flimsy (cheap to me) give me a 🔑 or push start 4.with economy today yall call these cars fuel efficient trying to save on gas but you make these cars run on premium only that sucks when your competitors run on regular (Jeep Cherokee) regular $2.70 silver $2.80 premium $3.60 a gallon and premium rarely goes down
hobofactory (5 months ago)
Really appreciate how thorough these reviews are. Makes me want one of these Volvos.
Car Confections (5 months ago)
Thanks haha
Cengiz Küpçü (5 months ago)
Very good review. I am going to fix an appointment this week to make a test drive with this car :-)
Car Confections (5 months ago)
Other TechLead (5 months ago)
what's the deal with the 4-banger on this car?
John Goraczyk (5 months ago)
"Really Succulent"....LOL. Nice review.
Car Confections (5 months ago)
Thanks haha
Adilainen4 (6 months ago)
Who would buy a VOLVO for 100k
thomasucc (6 months ago)
Seriously would a Volvo driver listen to this music
Garnered Beauty (6 months ago)
thomasucc hilarious 😭
thomasucc (6 months ago)
Well not the rap more Andrew Lloyd Webber or perhaps Abba
Car Confections (6 months ago)
What does a Volvo buyer listen to haha?
Lube The Gun (6 months ago)
Awesome vid. I looked at Rx350L and thinking MDX. We had X5 now the wife drives GL450. I think is time to look at the XC90, after I watched your vid. Hope the wife agrees.
Car Confections (6 months ago)
Hunterz (6 months ago)
A teacher at my school drives the XC90 Inscription in that same color
PHO NOODLES (6 months ago)
I wiil choice mazda CX9 save some money
castaway (6 months ago)
Made in china nuff said
Ari Mustafa (20 days ago)
We have VW and Audi cars at work 2016 All those expensive cars have got rust! You may have forgotten that VW cheated on the software and cheated on the customers all these years! 🤣👌
+Ari Mustafa my S60 is pathetic it's not a Volvo anymore vw/Audi rule's the world Volvo is rubbish
Get Q7 or toureg
LauraNY (3 months ago)
castaway SWEDEN 🇸🇪 !!!!!
Ari Mustafa (4 months ago)
Rong!!!!!! Made in Sweden 🇸🇪 Swedish steel is best in the world that's whay Volvo is strongest car in the world 😘💪🎊🎊🎊☝️
Adam Y (6 months ago)
Great looking SUV, safety and no real HP.....sort of a dog.....
skibo63 (6 months ago)
Great review - mine comes in 2 weeks. About the upgraded Sensus hardware for 2019 - I haven't seen that documented on any sort of 'official' Volvo site and some of the forums have debated whether it's really any different. What is your source for that information?
Leo Nicolussi (6 months ago)
Thanks - sounds like good information.
Car Confections (6 months ago)
Thanks! Volvo's United States press manager sent us a document of 2019 changes for all models and one of them is upgraded Sensus hardware. So we believe that to be official.
Iwrotethatcomment (6 months ago)
The XC90 MY2019 T8 has been updated with a new tank so it now has the same tank as all others: 18.8 gallons
Ruman Ansari (6 months ago)
Do the s90 please
ShipSpotting Nederland (6 months ago)
Volvo ziet er altijd heel degelijk uit!
王云龙 (6 months ago)
So does the Harmon Kardon comes standard with the basic model?
Car Confections (6 months ago)
It has to be optioned on to the base model but all the other trims have it standard
trucker V (6 months ago)
Rear usb and 110 volt outlets would have been good. For a vehicle in this price range that would be a deal breaker for me. Yea I could put an inverter or the 12 volt adapter but if I'm paying this price I don't want wires all over for something that SHOULD come standard on it. Otherwise it's a nice vehicle.
K Dawg (6 months ago)
pause ,,you said succulent lol
Nick DiToro (3 days ago)
I just heard that, too! LOL!
Lars van sweevelt (7 months ago)
Minor correction: The T8 hybrid NOS has the sale gas tank als the T6. This is onze of the more important changes toontje 2019 model.
Stefan Kurcubic (7 months ago)
People became bithes with the new trends. Id much rather pay 80k for a car and have that money invested in the ride quality and overall quality and reliability and safety than on power folding seats and power adjustable steering wheel? How many times do you adjust the steering wheel? I adjust it when i buy it and dont touch it since then...
Furkota (1 month ago)
Stefan Kurcubic It is a family car, so they suppose there are more people that would drive the car. You also get 2 keys which can be connected to a specific profile (seats and steering wheel adjustments included) so when the driver changes these things change automatically depending on the key that is used. So each one can drive the car comfotably.
Carlovfx (2 months ago)
I think the main problem is that with such costly vehicles you expect those bonuses to be there, it's not that they are incredibly useful for everyday use.
20796mayur (3 months ago)
I really like your thinking :) I didn't think about the steering wheel like that.. also now I will think like this for other features as well.. thank you!!
Edi Krizt (7 months ago)
We bought the 2018 Volvo xc 90 because we are having a family . We got the black inscription with brown leather n upgraded stereo. We absolutely live the car. It's one of the nicest interior you'll see in a SUV..the seats are really comfortable n the car has already saved me from two rear end collisions . We spent 72 k out the door and I couldn't be happier . We chose this over the range rover n q7
Hikinit (1 month ago)
I have a T8 in the inscription. Paid about 81,000.We love the vehicle in and out but have had nothing but trouble with electronics and the drive train went out and had to be replaced which was under warranty. Have you had any issues with electronics?
Furkota (2 months ago)
Edi Krizt Exactly! Me and my father are going to Göteborg factory to receive ours in one week. For now, we have the 2017 version, but I’m really looking forward to see the new one!
ThisorThat (7 months ago)
How much faster was 2019 Sensus vs other years ? 10 percent ? 20 ? Thanks in advance.
Car Confections (7 months ago)
If I had to guess is say 10-15% in overall performance but boot up times are improved more than that. Hope that helps!
coldclock92 (7 months ago)
I could sell a kidney as a down payment...
melablack (7 months ago)
Great review!!
Car Confections (7 months ago)
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
Sacal Sacalu (7 months ago)
Señor Darío (7 months ago)
Subscribed! Nice review.
Car Confections (7 months ago)
We appreciate that!
Charlie Montero (7 months ago)
Nice review very complete showing all features
Car Confections (7 months ago)
Thank you Charlie!
Harry Hooligan (7 months ago)
I appreciate your detained review of the XC90. Recently, while looking on line at various XC90s, I noticed some had 4 corner air suspension while others had 4 corner air suspension w/4 c chassis. Is there a difference and if so can you describe what it is. Thanks.
Komerican10 (8 months ago)
I am SO in LOVE with the XC90!!! I will be getting mine to replace my Honda Odyssey soon!! Where I live, ppl drive crazy, so the epic safety features in the Volvo is heaven!!! I wish we could see how the semi-auto pilot feature worked! I was going between the Audi Q7, Mercedes GLS and the Volvo XC90...all in all, this SUV is completely worth the money and isn’t too overloaded with crazy options that you won’t use. The 360 camera and the park assist is what sold me!! I LOVE it!! I just wish this SUV would come in a deep burgundy color or a Merlot color. The blue would be my next pick:) Seeing this video makes me more excited to get mine!! I have the best hubby in the world for getting this for me!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Omar Velez (5 months ago)
Did you consider the X3 or even the X5 ?
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Congrats! You'll love it. It's quite possibly our favorite SUV :)
Ed Victory (8 months ago)
REVIEWING TIP. Say your height. This gives viewers an idea of how they might fit in vehicles. GREAT REVIEWS GUYS.
Car Confections (8 months ago)
No we have not. I don't think our dealer ever has ever gotten one honestly
Ed Victory (8 months ago)
Car Confections Have you done a review of the Lincoln MKT? I could not find one. Thanks!
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Thanks so much!! And we include that in a text box in the "Occupant Opulence" part of the review. In this video it's located at 19:33. Thanks for watching.
wizurai hakim (8 months ago)
Harman kardon? what happen to bowers and wilkins?
Car Confections (8 months ago)
It is still available, they just now have the Harmon Kardon available as the 'middle ground' so to speak. Thanks for watching!
Jared Ritter (8 months ago)
I thought there was talk of increasing the fuel capacity for the T8 hybrid for 2019? Is the magic blue an added color or does it replace the denim blue?
nykka3 (8 months ago)
Which colors were deleted?
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Hi! If they changed the T8s fuel capacity then they did not include it on they official change log (but I will try to confirm this). As far as the colors, they deleted four for 2019 but none of them are Denim blue. Thanks for watching!
Edysin Simon (8 months ago)
I simply love this color combination!
jd fd (8 months ago)
How is it different from the 2015?
jd fd (7 months ago)
S Hunt in my country, this model is launch in Aug 2015. So what I meant was how is it diff from the initial launch model.
S Hunt (7 months ago)
2015 was the end of the prior model production run. The XC90 was completely redesigned in every way, though a few styling cues remain similar such as the rear tail lights. Too many specifics to detail in a post but you can easily see many changes by looking at pics online.
El Maleante (8 months ago)
The Volvo site doesn't even have any info on the 2019 models. Everything still shows 2018. How did this dealership get a 2019?
El Maleante (8 months ago)
Car Confections Good to know! Hoping to see you do a 2019 XC60 review.
Car Confections (8 months ago)
El Maleante Hi! Most dealers at this point have 2019's, their website is just a bit behind this year for some reason! Volvo Media was nice enough to provide us with full information in PDF form.
Michael Jonsson (8 months ago)
The 2019 XC90 T8 has a 18 gallon fuel tank instead of the smaller 13 gallon fuel tankt that was fitted on the earlier year models.
ted williamson (8 months ago)
Just took delivery of my XC 90 Insignia this afternoon - This review is excellent and is an accurate representation of the vehicle. A bit pricey but Volvo got it right. So Sweet!
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Congrats!! It really is an awesome car!!
Noel Silva (8 months ago)
Maybe if u slide the second row before going in on ur video whenever u guys try three row SUV. That way u really see how it is because I'm 5ft 8in and I set all the row for I be comfortable in all three row and it fit me.
MOST DANGEROUS (8 months ago)
Price ?
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Unfortunately, pricing is not available for the 2019 XC90. It'll be added to Volvo's Build and Price whenever they release that info. It should be very similar to the 2018 model.
jerry caughron (8 months ago)
Outstanding review!
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Thanks, Jerry!
denziiey (8 months ago)
Very organized review! I'm glad Volvo finally fixed that laggy system. I'm warning up to it finally
denziiey (8 months ago)
nykka3 I am unsure of that. Regardless though 2019 has a hardware update so don't think 2018 and lower will perform as great
nykka3 (8 months ago)
Is the 2018 model sensus system fixed/updated also?
denziiey (8 months ago)
Uncle Ruckus no, that's why a lot of people usually trade it in. Was too buggy software wise
Uncle Ruckus (8 months ago)
denziiey did they fix the 2016 model too?
denziiey (8 months ago)
Carlos Jr Edmonds stupid autocorrect! Was too lazy to re-edit it :D
Private Gaming (8 months ago)
can you link the music please , i cannot find it anywhere :(
Car Confections (8 months ago)
The introduction song is called "Awaken" and it can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music Go to the search bar in the top right and search Awaken. It's produced by Anno and Domini Beats.
Life Of dx_et (8 months ago)
My dad have Volvo XC90 and Ford Focus 2010 Nissan primstar too!
Sulman Ali (8 months ago)
Good job car confections keep it up 👍👍
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Saurav BikramThapa (8 months ago)
Great review!! Volvo is always on top when it comes to quality, features and most importantly safety.
Your having a laugh,I've got a 2003 S60 d5, quality is pathetic Diesel MPG like a petrol Vw and Audi are a millennium ahead
Vorraboms (4 months ago)
@Saurav Have you ever owned one? I don't think so... Cons: not reliable, underpowered (which sooner rather than later) will bring transmission down, low mpg, premium gas, ugly designs, expensive when you buy it and expensive when fix & maintain it. Pros: It's f.safe I give you that, under dry, wet and snow conditions, seats are the best, has more room for junk inside that anyone can bet on it, Great memories, took the longest trips of my life with my volvos. V90 my favorite one. Now some of them are made in China or partially so. I don' think I will ever buy a 55K$USD Made in China car..... Already regretted 33K$ back in days when was Made in Sweden.
Amir Harris (8 months ago)
Great SUV. Excellent Review.
Car Confections (8 months ago)
Thanks ☺️👍👍
Christian Nieves (8 months ago)
Excellent review as usual. It’s crazy to say but deal breakers for me are no power adjusting steering wheel and no power third row seats. I really hate that this car is pretty pricey and doesn’t have these features. If it wasn’t for that this would be the perfect SUV. Overall it is a gorgeous vehicle.
Pete Jr (8 months ago)
A small $5 part in my Mercedes power adjusting steering wheel broke at 70K miles. The entire rack had to be removed from the car to access and replace this part so: $5 part, $900 labor. Needless to say, I haven’t missed this option in my two Volvo’s. ;)
ovp66223 (8 months ago)
It is the least used adjustable device in my current car. I haven't adjusted the steering wheel in months. I hardly see a need to make it powered, just a waste of money and something else to break more easily and cost more to fix. I'd rather put that money into cooled/ventilated seats (man does it get hot and humid where I live from May through September its an agonizing sweatfest within a minute of entering the vehicle. I'd give up heated seats for cooled seats.
Martin Ladjimi (8 months ago)
Christian Nieves I seriously agree with you, however the power steering wheel is to ensure safety. Another thing that would make this the perfect SUV would be remote start on the key, people like my dad don’t want to fumble around with a cell phone just to power on the car from a distance.
Bill Fries (8 months ago)
I just bought an xc90 coming out of a Mercedes SUV. I was also disappointed about the lack of power wheel at first; however, I never realized how little I used it. Now, I don’t miss it at all. Also, I prefer the easy manual third row. So fast. We have a power third row on my wife’s van and it takes 4ever to lower or raise! I am so pleased with my Volvo. Best vehicle I have ever owned.
azbm (8 months ago)
Christian Nieves The reason Volvo don’t make a power adjusting steering wheel is to guarantee that the steering column would collapse in a crash.
Jay Mac (8 months ago)
I’ve always been an advocate against curvy SUV’s/crossovers but the XC90 is truly a beautiful one. The interior and features as well are excellent

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