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Why Lesbians Fake Orgasms...Yep. You Read That Right

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These women are DONE with faking enjoying sex. We should never be ashamed of our bodies and feeling good. The Womanizer : https://www.womanizer.com/de/womanizer-premium-black-gold Girls in video : https://www.instagram.com/chickylulu2/ https://www.instagram.com/shayyyy4/ Talk With Me 1 on 1 : https://www.patreon.com/ArielleScarcella Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Amber Renold (1 month ago)
We are in 2018. women should finally learn to love their bodys and should enjoy experiencing plesure from their bodys✌🏻️
Amber Renold (1 month ago)
Arielle Scarcella honey I have been using one for years ;) and older version tho. I just bought one again for my straight best friend. If you see this again just want to let you know that I love your videos. Keep up that good work❤️
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
Amber Renold yasssss please check out the Womanizer. It really is the first toy of its kind all about the clit :) link is in the description above
Wabi Sabi Savannah (3 days ago)
I’ve never had sex with a guy to please them, I’m not that nice😂😂😂 well I take that back I will with my fiancé but that’s bc I love him, anyone else in the past nope, but I’d fake oragAsms, Bc most guys weren’t able to actually make me orgasm, I guess I got unlucky lol. But I’d fake it to end it or they’d want to keep going just to get me off but I can tell I won’t so fake it to end it😂 I don’t have to fake it with my fiancé though so it’s been a hot minute lol
Benton Hissong (5 days ago)
This video definitely brought up a major thought process of mine that I have been purposely wanting to avoid for years. Ever since a young age I had watched alot of talk shows, divorce court, and various other media that indicated to me alot of dissatisfaction that often occurred in relationships was the lack of great sex especially on the female side of the spectrum. I greatly believe in equality especially of the orgasm variety and want to give any female partner im with the best possible experience I can and greatly hate the idea of faking orgasms. I would rather be tought, instructed, or even include any toys necessary to ensure that the woman has as much pleasure as I do even though as a man it is way easier to get off especially quicker then a woman often can. I take more offense to the faking of having a great experience with me then telling me what is wrong or ways that the experience can be improved
qdnqmq (7 days ago)
The blonde girl is so pretty
Arielle, THIS IS AN AD Also, this is NOT the first sex toy to work like that.
wooooo so much BS being said. Faking is slying. Men don't NEED to be dominant. It's not about performance. Men don't just come every time you touch them. Ejaculating is NOT orgasming.
Patrick S (18 days ago)
Women aren''t the one's who fake organisms, ha! Who do you think he's thinking of of when he screws you?
Emily Carpenter (19 days ago)
Im so blessed. So many women have a hard time getting to just 1 orgasm during a sex session. I have at least a few in a quickie. My record is 27 in 60min of playing🙏🙏😎
Zayne simard moore (22 days ago)
Wow, as a guy now I know if the girl is liking it or not just from the moans. Although I pride myself on getting compliments for my Oral skills. Either it’s beginners luck or if naturally gifted at oral, because I’ve only been with 3 girls sexually and haven’t actually lost my virginity, yet. I’m kind of like the only touch me not straight guy, I think. Or maybe I’ve just not met the girl I trust to not break my heart after I do it for the first time (all the way).
hiraeth (25 days ago)
never have i ever faked an orgasm.
tianfang wang (26 days ago)
As clitoral stimulation is my main form of getting off, I have been exploring a variety of products. I had heard all of the hype about clitoral suction toys and I was really interested! After hesitating between this and the more expensive models, I chose this and I have absolutely no regrets! This product is truly in a league of its own. Once you correctly place it really all there is to do is test out the settings. Such intense orgasms - https://www.adlutsbuying.com/p-w5761.html
Someone You don't know (28 days ago)
Ummm I don’t mean this in a bad way (my English sucks) I think if you cut your hair really short no bangs and dyed it dark brown will really complement your beauty and i think a new clothing style will be great too
Stephanie Smith (29 days ago)
I feel like I got lucky cause my boyfriend makes me orgasm pretty much every time but to be fair, I reckon I'm one of those people who pretty easily gets to that point. I mean, win-win right? Also I have the womaniser (the old model though) and can confirm, it is amazing.
maya sajadifar (1 month ago)
Where to find the T-shirt??
Who Zaskin (1 month ago)
"I fake orgasms because I'm selfish, cowardly, and don't want my partner to be a better partner." Blonde tard.
Just Dixon (1 month ago)
Zahra Franco (1 month ago)
I cant recall a time i faked an orgasm but then again i have never been with someone I had to fake it with. If they are not doing what i need i take matters into my own hands or theirs and just do as if I were by myself masterbating 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sam Roy (1 month ago)
I need that product and I've only came once and it was alone in a jet tub lmao
Laney Haggard (1 month ago)
Omg I’ve been wanting the womanizer since Buzzfeed reviewed it!
Ann Williams (1 month ago)
I have never faked, I will just tell him "it's not gonna happen," and basically let him do what he wants until he finishes.
Crazyawesome104 (1 month ago)
Has anyone tries the toy before? And if so how was it?
Beks (1 month ago)
Arielle check the Netflix series "Explained"!!! There is an awesome episode on the female orgasm...EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH!!!
MsFooBar (1 month ago)
Dang, that blonde girl definitely carved a curve on my straightness. o__0
'; (1 month ago)
eeeeeh? fucking cringe
TheFemaleNoob (1 month ago)
The lesbians are hot!!
DeSean Jackson (1 month ago)
I don't believe in human rights
I love Ally hills (1 month ago)
Another great video, Arielle
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
thank youuu
Shadow Girl (1 month ago)
I think you might find this interesting: https://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/25/magazine/25desire-t.html
John Smith (1 month ago)
This reminded me of scene of Harry met Sally scene.
Katy Petree (1 month ago)
FYI not-shitty English captions are processing. Dunno when they'll be uploaded to the video, but I submitted them Sept 1.
Andres Castillo (1 month ago)
It is truly a human right to orgasm, no matter who you are!!!!
carolbuzelim (1 month ago)
I can't fake it. Sometimes just don't happens so let it be haha maybe cuz i'm grayssexual and don't give much shit about it
Mareike M (1 month ago)
Your hair looks amazing in this video, Arielle!
Jazzze Walt (22 days ago)
Mareike M hello
Suck a dick bitch how is kiara being pregnant funny ? Dumb ugly hoe
Gothtequila (1 month ago)
That blonde girl does have a gay voice
Jason Bourne (1 month ago)
Spontaneous sex is the best. I think sex is 100% mental. Try masturbating without fantasizing. You would feel nothing. I like to talk dirty to women when I'm fucking them, and i always speak from the heart. Whatever i think is hot and sexy about her or the moment we're in, or whatever led up to the moment, I would say it in her ear. The sluts always come back for more 😜 My favorite position would be missionary because i would get really up close and personal and talk with her.
Laura Reid (1 month ago)
Men fake orgasms too
Darkpwns (24 days ago)
If I'm with somebody that I'm gonna be wearing a condom with (new partners, etc), I very often fake. For one, it takes me decently long without a condom to finish until I get more used to the person (no idea why), with a condom that increases substantially, to the point where I can go for hours (which may sound nice, but it's definitely not). To save their self-esteem (because it shouldn't require much to get a guy off), after a certain point, I just fake it. Since there's a condom, all I have to do is toss it before she sees that I clearly did not. In addition, men can have dry orgasms (so they can fake that), though I don't see why they'd fake that as most men don't have those.
Laura Reid (1 month ago)
SayuriOxygen what to do you mean how
SayuriOxygen (1 month ago)
Laura Reid ehm... How?
JODY MURRAY (1 month ago)
I faked half mine with my ex girlfriend 😷
JODY MURRAY (1 month ago)
+Arielle Scarcella lol
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
Patrick S (1 month ago)
I reckon guys fake orgasms more than women, you know what's going on in their heads?
stephanie alarcon (1 month ago)
the womanizer fucks
Instead of faking it why not communicate and tell each other what theyre doing wrong or right..then next time you might not have to fake it anymore
ChrisTheAspergerGuy (1 month ago)
I never understood why anyone fakes orgasms. How fucking difficult is it to communicate to someone what you like in the bedroom?
Peter (1 month ago)
This is a fun video! I like it!!
Lynn Moorhead (1 month ago)
Hi Arielle, How does the Womanizer compare to the LELO Sona or Sona Cruise? I bought my wife the LELO Sona after you did that review, and she hasn't been a night without it since she got it. That one uses sonic waves and pulses, but also creates a sucking sensation? I'm not sure she could be convinced to give that one up for this one, unless this were substantially better, but regardless, as a Man, I am very happy to see the industry and culture starting to value women's pleasure, because to ME, as a man, that is really what I'm personally most interested in, is seeing and knowing she is happy and satisfied. Love you and the channel. Lynn
Lynn Moorhead (1 month ago)
Thanks for the response and honest assessment. :-)
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
Lynn Moorhead honestly they’re both REALLY good. Similar but a bit different when it comes to the way it feels.
Laura Curtis (1 month ago)
It is strange to me that people fake orgasms. I have a very high sex drive so I don't quite understand what it's like. But each person's sex drive and pleasure is different
Tammi Atwell (1 month ago)
I’m going to get this and use it with my wifey 😋
antimatterfire (1 month ago)
They are all lesbians and they dont know what thy are doing. The two similar looking sister's date men even though they are lesbians. 300 go back to your gay boyfriend and be with him. Your trying to hard. The latina is there to have sex with the blonde and she wants the jew girl to back off. The white girl/blonde is trying to be masculine. Shes faking it because, she doesn't want to appear ignorant and stupid to her lesbian friends who are all changing and becoming more feminine.
antimatterfire (1 month ago)
348 look everyone im a lesbian. That's how shes appearing. Go to a hip hop concert and do that.
Evie M.F. Varvouris (1 month ago)
Yaaaaasssss! Omg! Want one! Oh...of the toy too! 😂🤣 smokin hot! 🤷‍♀️💜
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
Evie M.F. Varvouris hahaa
ViviansThingStuffs (1 month ago)
The womanizer sounds like a growling chihuahua.
Alifornication (1 month ago)
PROTIP: tell your partner what you like and make sure they do it right and you won't need to fake it.
Sal AveNU (1 month ago)
Speaking as a straight guy. If I was with a women and she broke out one of these toys I'd be fine with it. Knowing the woman I'm with is truly enjoying herself is important to me.
Sal AveNU (1 month ago)
I'm glad you approve of straight guys watching, And there's a lot of funny stuff in your videos too.
Tony DiMeo (1 month ago)
Sal AveNU Absolutely all men should be secure in their sexuality.
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
Sal AveNU you’re the best guy
bill stone (1 month ago)
we love hear the girls get turn on and heavy breathing sex sounds
cftheking (1 month ago)
The title suggests this was going to be about lesbians faking orgasms with other lesbians and we get like 3 sentences about that and then its mostly the same old story about faking orgasms with guys. I guess so. I thought this might be a interesting video talking about something that doesnt get talked about alot.
Tony DiMeo (1 month ago)
cftheking I was also misled by the title
No Stop (1 month ago)
Who's the blonde lesbian?
Celine Susanna (1 month ago)
No Stop @shayyyy4 on ig
Brent P (1 month ago)
The only thing WORSE than an orgasm faker is a toothy bj.
SparkyRaegun (1 month ago)
And the only thing worse than that is a partner who cant make you orgasm
Christian Williams (1 month ago)
Here's a video on female erectile disfunction. It might shed some light on why sine woman have a harder time achieving orgasm compared to men. It talks about when young girls eat the standard American diet it start clogging the very tiny blood vessels in there vagina with saturated fat and cholesterol which then restricts the blood flow and thus making less lubrifications and less sensitivity. Researchers think that because the vagina is has such tiny vessels that goes to the vagina compared to the artery that goes to the penis it takes less time for this micro architecture of blood vessels to get clogged. The majority of males that gets erectile disfunction have there main artery clogged by plaque caused by saturated fat and cholesterol . Now I am not saying that this apply to every woman but I feel it is still worth taking a look at. Here's the link to the video which goes way more in dept with illustrations and better explanation of the research https://youtu.be/sv9U2ZBQYI0
LauraLulu (1 month ago)
Excellent video. Don't fake-shame! There are a few valid reasons to fake finishing, as long as you're not doing it all, or even most, of the time.
Camila Money (1 month ago)
Where can I get the shirt !!!😲😲😲😍😍😍🔥🔥😈
Kelsey Korpse (1 month ago)
What? No coupon code? I've been wanting one lately and was hoping Arielle would hook us up
Yolanda Joseph (1 month ago)
Hears first 10 seconds of the video: this is too much for me - *takes a moment outside*
EnigmaOfTheEchidna (1 month ago)
False, a man won't just get off no matter what! I've been with a handful of females with no problems, but in between I've had times where a woman would try for hours without successfully getting me off. It depends for both sides, not just women
ellimusicqueen (1 month ago)
EnigmaOfTheEchidna yes! My man takes so much longer to get off then me most of the time.
Bernard Portelance (1 month ago)
You the best love you
Carrenia24 (1 month ago)
Lol I must be more selfish than other people because I’ve NEVER faked an orgasm. I’ve straight told people they didn’t make me orgasm. But I’m trynna get pleasured not just pleasure you. 😂
clajatheperson (19 days ago)
Same girl. I don’t feel bad at all saying that it didn’t happen.
Bryden Vargas (1 month ago)
+Thicc Shake True, some people I know just don't seem to realize how bad lack of communication is. And this mentality tends to affect other aspects of the relationship as well, for example: consistently telling their boyfriend they're "fine" when they obviously aren't.
Thicc Shake (1 month ago)
I'm a guy and would appreciate a women telling me she didn't O. If a female constantly fakes it's basically a guarantee the relationship isn't going to work.
Christina Vernon (1 month ago)
Kari Olson (1 month ago)
I’ve faked orgasms because I’ve lost the build up and it’s taking too long, I’ve even struggled trying to do it myself
Kari Olson (1 month ago)
Oooh I want to see product reviews. I’m in a long distance military relationship and maintaining intimacy can be challenging but we’re always looking for toys to keep it interesting. I wish they mentioned the price tag in this video tho :/
Rina Chong (1 month ago)
Rina Chong (1 month ago)
Kari Olson it’s around $89.95-$29.95 CAD
syd viciousone (1 month ago)
Why would you fake with anyone? How will you ever get what you want without telling them or making them think they are getting you off?? That's the saddest thing I've ever [email protected]!!
TovaShai (1 month ago)
Sometimes I used to fake it just to get it over with. It was taking too long, it wasn’t going to happen, I was tired, and it was just easier to fake it than say, “That’s enough; I’d like to stop now, but thanks for trying.” Which I guess- in a way- was @ not hurting the other person’s feelings, but not because I was afraid to correct them- I was just done.
Bryden Vargas (1 month ago)
I think people who fake it are worried they'll offend the other person if they try to correct them. But honestly, if the person you're dating reacts that negatively to minor critique, people should just break up with them instead of faking an orgasm. 😂 Besides, most people I knew who reacted really negatively to minor critique usually turned out to be toxic or emotionally abusive to their partner in the long run...
Izzy Jacob (1 month ago)
I’ve faked it a couple times (when someone was going down on me). Mostly because the guy sucked at it and I was so turned off. More often now if I know it’s not gonna happen I just say so and either climb on top or stop altogether. I’ve had on and off issues with it since taking antidepressants and coming off of them. It’s way better now than when I was on them and just coming off of them (stopped taking them about 2 years ago), but it’s still not 100% how it was before. I try to correct them when they are down there but a lot of them are not receptive to the input I’m giving and get all offended when I say it’s not working how they’re doing it. 🙄🙄
Tahjay W (1 month ago)
I can’t get over the fact how they’re all so Gorgeous 😭😭 oh my 💙
Livmylifelivi (1 month ago)
Looking good, Arielle. Enjoyable couples too.
Anthony Najera (1 month ago)
“Orgasms are a human right” 😭😂😂😂
Rebecca Hibberd (1 month ago)
They are! X
NuclearGrizzly (1 month ago)
When we straight guys want to fake an orgasm all we have to do is pull out early and spit on her back.
NuclearGrizzly (1 month ago)
BF TE Just looking for a new and creative way to be offended by everything? Thanks for playing. lol
BF TE (1 month ago)
+NuclearGrizzly distasteful 'joke'. Which demographic is it funny to? Rapists. Treat people with respect
jaking2 (1 month ago)
NuclearGrizzly oh, soooo edgy. Lol
Samantha Spioch (1 month ago)
That sounds like it would take some practice.
NuclearGrizzly (1 month ago)
Izzy Jacob Spoken like someone that's had a loogie or two on their back. lol And lighten up. It was a joke.
Takeo (1 month ago)
Trannys are ugly
jaking2 (1 month ago)
Takeo those are cis women, dude.
chloweful (1 month ago)
I don’t fake orgasms if I’m not feeling it... I won’t pretend sorry.
Monica Flores (1 month ago)
chloweful (1 month ago)
Rose Berry Exactly I tell people this too. If I’m not feeling it I won’t fake it not even for one night stands like I’ll still enjoy it even if I don’t cum but why lie? And I know when a few have lied to me and I’ve been like “don’t lie let me try this.” And it works, makes for happier people!
Rose Berry (1 month ago)
chloweful I feel the same way. If you want me to enjoy it, make the effort to please me.
a person (1 month ago)
when heard the moaning i felt so uncomfortable
candy girl (8 days ago)
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
a person hahaah
K Labeck (1 month ago)
Hi! Is there a discount code??
K Labeck (1 month ago)
+Arielle Scarcella Oh, I trust you, girl! ;)
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
K Labeck I asked them but since it’s brand new there isn’t a code but tbh I’ve used it and love it
Pea Nut (1 month ago)
Love your vids :)
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
Pea Nut thank you please share them!
HappinessPrideJoy (1 month ago)
#OrgasmIsARight Amen Arielle!
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
HappinessPrideJoy yasss
HappinessPrideJoy (1 month ago)
As a lesbian who was with a guy for two years prior to coming out, I definitely have. whoops!
ballermoody (1 month ago)
The hell if you fake it tell me what I'm doing wrong
SayuriOxygen (1 month ago)
ballermoody there should be respect also for a ONS.
Stella Annie (1 month ago)
Usually in the situations where women fake their orgasms, they know it's not gonna happen no matter what (that time).
Matt Evans (1 month ago)
This all the damn way. I want communication and to know that this works better and this does shit. So i can improve
Arielle Scarcella (1 month ago)
I agrrreeeeee
ballermoody (1 month ago)
+Pea Nut oh yea I know if it's my girlfriend I want to talk. But if it's just a hook up I'm like ok I'm done leave
Sarah Small (1 month ago)
Hi Arielle

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