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Jason Mraz - Might As Well Dance [Official Video]

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Know. Available Now: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/KnowID Video by Jeff Coffman http://jasonmraz.com http://facebook.com/jasonmraz http://twitter.com/jason_mraz http://instagram.com/jason_mraz
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Text Comments (1079)
Diane St Louis (2 hours ago)
Je l'adore cette chanson 🌹
Animegirl's channel (2 days ago)
Azzie (3 days ago)
This gives me huge 70s vibes and I love it so much
Jason c (3 days ago)
That guitar solo is lit! Love twangy teles.
Hawt dam. I wish i saw this song before i got married. Lol
Judy Rider (4 days ago)
I could listen to him all day long. Love his voice and his music
Carla Rosso (4 days ago)
Jason dancing on top of the truck is everything that is right in this world. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ester Araújo (4 days ago)
Aiii que lindo. Adorei esse clipe. Sua esposa é muito linda. Adorei a simplicidade do seu casamento. Enfim, não esperava esse tiro logo pela manhã. Te amo Jason. Venha ao Brasil logo, por favor! ❤
Regina Mara (4 days ago)
Regina Mara (4 days ago)
Regina Mara (4 days ago)
Rommel Labay (4 days ago)
i don't know whats to deslike about this vid. yet some viewers do.
Rommel Labay (4 days ago)
i don't know whats to deslike about this vid. yet some viewers do.
infinity stump (4 days ago)
Emanuele Ribeiro (4 days ago)
This song makes my heart warm... Love it
Peferd Da Costa (4 days ago)
What's this Genre ? A combo of soul/country/blues? Love it whatever it is.
apa aja gaming (5 days ago)
apa aja gaming (5 days ago)
apa aja gaming (5 days ago)
Tina barbosa (5 days ago)
Esse cara não sabe fazer música ruim ❤❤❤❤❤
Elaine Williams (6 days ago)
Absolutely wonderful - he is so unencumbered by his celebrity. What a very special person Jason Mraz is. His bride is beautiful too.
Zachary Krauss (6 days ago)
If you love jason mraz, check out my cover of his AWESOME new song "Might As Well Dance" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COqhEr-e6K0
Samuel Widjaja26606 (6 days ago)
Your song very good
TheClickStreet (7 days ago)
its mr toca RIVERA!!!!! whoa
Keila Suntura (7 days ago)
ladywarrior1three (7 days ago)
❤💕the song, the beat, the lyrics and the fact that i feel happy just listening to it. Gives me joie de vivre.
karen lopez (8 days ago)
I totally love ittttttttt😍
Mason Williams (8 days ago)
you know jason mraz
Anthony C (9 days ago)
I've never been so happy before listening to a song thank you Jason
Alex Renaud (9 days ago)
Now officially my favorite song! :P
Emma L (11 days ago)
This is ur real wife ?!?!?! Nooooo
Beatriz Aguilar Ostos (11 days ago)
Felicidades a los esposos!
WJ R (11 days ago)
A New Low In Fluff.
Isha ki magic (11 days ago)
I also my new channel
Isha ki magic (11 days ago)
Wow !this is is so good from India
Aditya Thuruvas (11 days ago)
3:22 i didn't hear it as "jacket"
Tara Droz (12 days ago)
So happy!!! Congratulations!!!!! Loved your concert in Detroit last week! 🌈💜💓
Might as well hold hands. Isn't that what he has wanted all along? I got the sweetest crush on you baby - let's go.
kray. espeleta (13 days ago)
Bounce with me yah yah we got nothing to lose
Such a fun song.
EnyahS 10 (14 days ago)
omgggg this is sooo beautiful why did i only watch this now waahh i love you jason!!! <3
Ainun Thaqifah (14 days ago)
this is adorable
Maxton Davis (14 days ago)
I think it is truly a remarkable thing that any time I listen to his music, my mind is instantly teeming with joy and love for the world 😁😁😁
2:35 Toca sexually harassed by a dog
Lynn Jentes (14 days ago)
he's very Paul Simon-y in this song. I approve
Leo Barreto (14 days ago)
Brasil. Vc já foi melhor
lee jm (15 days ago)
Grettel Prendas (15 days ago)
So what a nice idea to make a video with your wedding!! I love it :-D
MukiJobs (16 days ago)
Same time good
Tom Hazelton (16 days ago)
Sara Bareilles acting out the guitar solo?
john robert rigor (17 days ago)
From philippines
Javier Cordova (17 days ago)
sauce solo
Wimonchat Nammontri (17 days ago)
Happy for both of you :)
soulofmyheart21 (18 days ago)
Great and Beautiful Wedding! He is always Great!
rachelkawaii (18 days ago)
Cutest thing I've seen cat videos aside
Max Norrgren (19 days ago)
this is takin some sniff on hawaii tunes
His voice has been a continuous blessing. Seeing him so happy in Love is wonderful.
Noah G (21 days ago)
Does his wife actually play guitar?
Von Alyson Greg (21 days ago)
Am I right? This sounds like a country song? I just love it!!! 😍
Cristian Brouver (22 days ago)
lalalalala amrazing!
Minh Châu Phùng (22 days ago)
It's the wedding season, everybody is getting married, and my wallet is getting empty, poor meee.... :((
wiku bram (23 days ago)
Fresh fresh fresh! What is it? Country? Soul? New kind of music?
Deirdre I. (23 days ago)
It must be fun to marry a happy dude like Jason Mraz :-)
Jvr Blnd-Wlf (23 days ago)
Jason, eres el mejor :D
Sahar Is On YouTube (23 days ago)
Please don't stop making music i live on your amazing songs i love you so much
schumachergt1 (24 days ago)
This is Van Morrison music reincarnated
Fluffy Talguw (24 days ago)
Not diggin his old man vibes these days but love how he's still high on his wedding from yrs past. Thanks for sharing your memories, jason!
Matjaž Hribar (25 days ago)
Thank you Mr. MRAZ for blessing us with your beautiful music, Love from sLOVEnia
We Are The World And (25 days ago)
Dread Pirate Roberts (25 days ago)
The opening melody "borrows" from Elvis' "Don't Be Cruel".
Luis Henrique Duval (25 days ago)
i`m yours <3
ZoFi SF (25 days ago)
Esta canción automáticamente te pone feliz preciosa 👏👏👏👏❤
That One Gamer (25 days ago)
I cried
The Pheonix (25 days ago)
When you drive by and you just see a guy dancing and singing on top of a car in shorts. Also that wedding won't be the most important part of your life. Just wait till the children.
Álvaro Caldas (26 days ago)
mlw61 (26 days ago)
Darnit Jason, you've been stealing my moves :-) Great tune, can't wait for the album to drop :-)
mmlcsh GMI (26 days ago)
2 things I love in a video.. Jason and Black n' White
Mafe Rejuso (26 days ago)
Hi, Jmraz fans! Please help us to bring Jmraz here in the PH. Please click the link. Thanks! http://mmt.fans/0TEk
tipology (27 days ago)
Tom holland looks different here
John Catto (27 days ago)
I wish I were as cool as you!
sherry thompson (27 days ago)
Toca is back!
kh lee (28 days ago)
Such an adorable and sweet couple! This song fills me with both hope for the future and a strange sense of contentment with things as they are now. Hugs from the East Coast <3
Isaac Victor (28 days ago)
Bryan Yehezkiel (28 days ago)
Uhhhh hell yea
i love jason ..i am from india ..this song verry power full song,,
Debbie Smitherman (29 days ago)
Jason always brings a smile to my face. Love his style if music. Makes me very happy. Love this song. Great Job Jason!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Clifford Sonsona (29 days ago)
work in progress better be in the new album!
Jamie Merrick (29 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this day with us ❤️ I love how happy you both look and it was lovely seeing Tocca
Daniel Ortiz H. (29 days ago)
Who is the female guitarist?
Peter Petterssen (29 days ago)
Encouraging song, I took off my pants
Inkat Shrestha (29 days ago)
Feels like listening 90s song❤️❤️
EZOZ X (29 days ago)
Will Magid (30 days ago)
Yeah Molly Miller on Electric Guitar!
sherry Sherokee (30 days ago)
OMG I love it
Bryan B (30 days ago)
At first listen, I thought he was saying take off your pants and "jack it." Damn you dirty mind
yulzmarie (30 days ago)
Yeahh! Jason mraz is ❤️
Autumn D. Kaye (30 days ago)
Thank you Jason for creating quality music!
칸아미르 (30 days ago)
Is this song and the video really taken of and for his own wedding?? Wow....!!! Congratulations, Jason! Genuinely happy for you and I wish all the best for you and your family!! ❤
Annie Kochneva (30 days ago)
This is incredibly beautiful! New buzz of positive and optimism, sun and love. Thanks Jason! I don't have enough words to express what I feel.
blurry noface (30 days ago)
Blink 182 reference!?

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