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FOLLOW ME ON IG: http://instagram.com/hollyannaeree Hope you guys enjoy this video! I was originally going to have it be part of my next vlog but I know some ppl don't care to hear about my LV purchases/shoes lol so I decided to separate it. It will also help ppl that may be looking for this comparison. Anyway...enjoy! I will have a new vlog up soon! I'm working on it as we speak : ) Shoes shown: LOUIS VUITTON FRONTROW SNEAKERS - https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/frontrow-sneaker-nvprod680075v (my original pair is no longer sold) Everything shown in this video was purchased by me with my own money. This video is not sponsored and is meant to be a helpful review/comparison for those interested. Thank you for watching! Follow me on my social media! IG: http://instagram.com/hollyannaeree FB: http://facebook.com/hollyannaereeofficial Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyannaeree Snapchat: hollyannaeree
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Firstpo jkh (4 days ago)
Umm hello its been like forever since a new video we miss your gorgeous face, angelic smile , make any man weak in his knees from your voice ! Tell us what you beeeeeeen up too lol . What crazy new things you bought ;D what new psycho drivers who follow you in parking lots lol . how is puppy doing >>> so many questions
Regine Sagisi (9 days ago)
Are they true to size?
Firstpo jkh (1 month ago)
jesus christ even the receipt comes fancy lol
Amy Ellingsworth (2 months ago)
Does anybody remember that Lux website? What ever happened to it? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
MagesticGirl (3 months ago)
Do they still sell the original one?I can't find it online. I dont like the new one it's too flashy.
Mia C (2 months ago)
MagesticGirl I second this! I want the original style
C H R I S T I N E (3 months ago)
will you be doing vlogs in Texas? it be nice to see some city life in Texas
Sammy H (4 months ago)
I love your videos! You have a great eye for detail and it's useful to see what you look for because I wouldn't think to check some of those things. :)
Lianna N (4 months ago)
just out of curiousity does LV give you a hard time about frequent returns or exchanges like some companies do? (for example some stores might put you on some sort of list)
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
i think they can but i don't really do frequent returns/exchanges - i only ever really have with shoes (and more than half of that is from these last two videos). they have a return policy that i am well within and also...one of the shoes is cracked in half on the sole - that's really an issue with them, not me (as far as reason for return) I'm not usually returning something because i changed my mind - if i ever do 95% of the time it's because their item came fucked up.
ThatsLuxe (4 months ago)
I love it.
Panipuri786 (4 months ago)
Hey you are back! I know its none of my business but are you still with zack? I used to watch u all the time. U r super sweet 😀
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
hi - yes we are still together. thank you : )
aislingblah (4 months ago)
You’re right , the originals are nicer 💕
Sara Chan (4 months ago)
Ceramic coating the shoes .. that should help
Christina Sokhan (4 months ago)
Loving these videos. My cheap college self is living vicariously through you. ❤️❤️
faith zebra (4 months ago)
I am obsessed with your shopping hauls and unboxing.
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
thank you : ) <3
The Luxury Hybrid (4 months ago)
Did Fendi copy LV? seems like it. I have the Runway in black, and I love them. I feel like I'm walking on clouds!
SimplyLetitaaa (4 months ago)
Love the originals as well!
Adetoun Kolapo (4 months ago)
I prefer your original pair as well, do you have the gucci ace shoes? How do they compare?
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
yes i do - idk i think they're similar feel wise. i was able to get a backup pair of guccis (without quality issues unlike the LVs) so i wear those all the time. they've held up really well in my opinion. i've taken them on vacation too (which they get a little uncomfortable if you're walking around the wholeeee day but normal wear they're fine)
Noor (4 months ago)
hàlyn (4 months ago)
So happy you're finally back, missed your videos so much!!
Maryam Maya (4 months ago)
Missed your videos! Really!!! Kisses
passionate1197 (4 months ago)
I like the original ones too, good choice! Thanks for the review!
MarSal_ (4 months ago)
Idk why i love hearing you describe things lol Both are cute if I could afford I'd keep both lol but honestly would get more use out of the first pair second pair I agree is a tad too much!
Lee Yuri (4 months ago)
I like listening to her voice either. Her voice is so soothing 😌
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
haha yeah i mean if i had unlimited money id probably keep both but at $800 a pair i'll stick with the ones i like most on.
Sophie Reese (4 months ago)
I totally see why you ordered the second pair but agree with your final choice. :) Thanks for these reviews! 💗🎆
Lupita (4 months ago)
You should check out bohemian girl on YT she's so amazing kinda of reminds me of these videos that I love!
Tiffany Ip (4 months ago)
I love the original version! How do you keep them so clean? Any tips?
MINDBODYSOUL (4 months ago)
Both are cute to me.✌️💕
MINDBODYSOUL (4 months ago)
hollyannaeree I totally agree. BTW, please ignore these haters...heck, I need to take my own advice and ignore them too I suppose. Luv ya Hun.
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
yeah i mean if i had unlimited money id keep both lol but i didn't feel great with them on so id rather put the money towards something else
J De La Cruz (4 months ago)
I like both as well. 🌸
cestlaviee (4 months ago)
How did you keep the original so clean?
Judi珠珠 (4 months ago)
I actually really like the old ones because the font of the second one seems a little cheesy. However I still like both!
Msjuly76 (4 months ago)
I like both of them, super cute! Enjoy xoxo
Binh Phan (4 months ago)
I like ur old ones better. The other one is flashy . I don’t like the logo on it.
Sam H (4 months ago)
Love the recent frequency of videos!!! Please keep doing them!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ashley Bows (4 months ago)
Yeah I agree a little to flashy
Christina Phan (4 months ago)
How do you keep your shoes so clean?!
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
Christina Phan 🤷🏼‍♀️ idk honestly - I don't feel like I do anything special. I clean them when they need it but it seems like my shoes never get as beaten up as some ppls
pincheyoya (4 months ago)
First pair is definitely much better.
Christine C (4 months ago)
Too flashy
Shanell's_Vanity (4 months ago)
I love them both, but I agree the new ones are little too flashy.
Taylor Armstrong (4 months ago)
Hell yes!! Thank you for posting this!! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of these maybe the ones with the pink and white stripes... I love the new pair! Even tho you’re returning Are they true to size?
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
Taylor Armstrong yeah for me they were! I take a 7 (37) pretty much across the board :)
maria sanchez (4 months ago)
Beautiful shoes holly ❤️
Summer Dawn (4 months ago)
I love them :) what about the LV boots those are so cute
Summer Dawn (4 months ago)
hollyannaeree omg I seen those they are super cute an I can’t blame ya on that lol I seen there pink furry slides that was so cute at Lv , I love there shoes I hope you find some you love :)
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
Summer Dawn I'm not too much of a boot person - there are a couple of sock booties they have I like but they're sold out. 🙈 their shoes sell out so fast in my size. But generally I don't wear boots too often anyway - I always live somewhere that's too hot for that hah.
Johnson Christiana (4 months ago)
I agree! I think the ones with Louis Vuitton written on it is a little too flashy. It's so funny how you have to "clean them up" and watch for glue/minor problems on a brand thats high end and strives for quality!!
Johnson Christiana (4 months ago)
hollyannaeree I wanted to thank you on the target shorts recommendation. I wear a 6 in lulu but these shorts from target were an XS and super stretchy and made my non existent butt some what... there!! And so affordable. Thank you for sharing a hidden gem 😙😙
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
Johnson Christiana I know 🤦🏼‍♀️ I didn't even notice it on my original pair until I was filming this *smh*
E for Beauty (4 months ago)
Both of them are nice!
Sarah Kokopuffs (4 months ago)
I would keep them. They still cool beautiful....for those days you’re trying to be extra. Lol
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
Sarah Kokopuffs nahh they're too close - I'd rather get something else with the money. I didn't love these on me like I said so I'm not gonna keep em
tay melanin (4 months ago)
Even though I'm broke and it ain't no joke I really enjoy watching these types of videos.
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
tay melanin thank you for watching :)
Cindy Russi (4 months ago)
Love the originals more too. It’s totally a situation where less is more. I don’t need the Louis Vuitton written on them lol I like cleaner look. Thanks for sharing beautiful 💕
Nely Thompson (4 months ago)
I enjoy watching ur vlog's!! Sending u love from Indonesia!😊😍🙆‍♀️
ItzEJae (4 months ago)
I love the original as well. I’m not knocking down the newer version cause I too think it’s flashy however I prefer the original over the newer version. Thanks for the comparison and the side by side view. As always, great video and review. Can’t wait for the next one. 👍🏼👍🏼
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
ItzEJae yeah I like different things from each pair. the new version feels better but idk I wasn't feelin them compared to my originals. I like that they got rid of the gold trim though - I think that looks better but I don't like how the flap on the new one sticks out so much 🤦🏼‍♀️ so picky haha
Tamryn Lekay (4 months ago)
love your video's❤❤❤
Tamryn Lekay (4 months ago)
You welcome honey💛💙💚❤
hollyannaeree (4 months ago)
thank you : )

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