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Aqua - My Mamma Said

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Music video by Aqua performing My Mamma Said. (C) 2009 Universal Music (Denmark) A/S
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Text Comments (1716)
This song's beautiful man
Zak 2020 (7 days ago)
Who February 2019 ?
Sofiiaa24 love (11 days ago)
I loveee aqua😍😍😍
Scarlett makes AMVs (12 days ago)
I broke the reply button 🖤🖤🖤
ryana resi (15 days ago)
2019 🙋
Cara essa música me leva à diversão! Sou muito fã desse grupo desde criança. Curto o som deles desde muito cedo
Berçen KALINDAMAR (17 days ago)
iTzRikosacek99 (27 days ago)
I love this!
evalunax (27 days ago)
Depressing song
Real Bulky (28 days ago)
2019 and still loving it
Andre Lorenz (29 days ago)
Want a new Album now !! So great ;)
Dominika 1984 (29 days ago)
слушаю эту песню на данный момент и попросту поражаюсь, как она берет за душу до сих пор..
Barbie grow up
Luis Araneda (1 month ago)
2019 :)
Uwe Wagner (1 month ago)
Aqua´s bester Song neben Turn back Time und Playmate to Jesus
Aaron Lares (1 month ago)
2019? Anyone?
Chino Madriaga (1 month ago)
2019 and still listening 👌🏻
boumo b (1 month ago)
Stoiss (1 month ago)
Still one of the best songs from Aqua! Søren du kan det shit :D
Hello from the future! Today is 2k19. Here's sucks.. Take me back my ...00 ='(
Alejandro Aguilar (1 month ago)
Cold wave ❤👀
Daniel cañas (1 month ago)
Listening on 2019 🎆
Bengherib Sara (1 month ago)
Wwa Mtw (1 month ago)
trafilem tu przypadkiem od barbie girl i nie żaluje
Mihail (1 month ago)
xxxTIN0xxx (1 month ago)
What ruins it for me is the chorus sung by René, I think Lena should have sung the entire song.
voron_ y0pta (2 months ago)
Ляяя, какая же ностальгия, ребенок какой пробовал отыскать себя, одна из песен которая была на репите денек за днём, слава ютубу что он выдал мне ее в рекомендация
Marcos Jaci De Jesus (2 months ago)
tem alguém ouvido Aqua em 2018??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤘🤘🤘
Pereira Kaio (2 months ago)
This is for sure a piece of art. Everything about this video is so good. All the moviment even with them kinda stood still. Clean, well executed and refined. For sure this song and this video didn't quite receive all the commotion it surely deserves.
Literatura BDSM (2 months ago)
Multiverse?? Wtf?
iqmal zulkifli (2 months ago)
Anyone else in 2k18?
jackson ding (3 months ago)
Suddenly i remember about AQUA. So i type down the name. I get this video. 2014. I hope them still carry on. Really miss those day. I hope everyone doing well. May we all healthy always.
Илья Илья (3 months ago)
Daniel Castro (3 months ago)
Khanage (3 months ago)
Barbie goes goth
Ksenia A (3 months ago)
november 2018?
Millhiore Firiano (3 months ago)
Aqua kann leider wie andere 90er nicht mehr an ihre Erfolge von einst anknüpfen
maxi Angelovsky (3 months ago)
Tara kan out
Yann Lee (3 months ago)
2018 i'm listening this song
Kate Vileito (3 months ago)
When I was a teenager, this song very much was pleasant to me, but I then did not know English and the song did not understand about what. I translated, the song learned about what, I could not listen more, there was a hysterics. Now I came across this clip, again to I got down, heavier than the lyrics I did not meet yet
bryan jorge (3 months ago)
Quien sigue escuchando esta increíble canción en el 2018?
Nemesida (3 months ago)
Кто от Nexus ?
Wwa Mtw (3 months ago)
waree jimmie (4 months ago)
Good to sleep
Dedusmuln (4 months ago)
woah i didn't know they sell emo barbie girls
HolgerTheDog (4 months ago)
Really cool song Aqua! And this is now one of my favorites with Barbie Girl and Rookie ;) Keep up the Good WORK!
Нетипичная для *AGFA*композиция.Клип умопомрачительный.Хелена красавица
Andrew Creative person (4 months ago)
Non-standard song from Aqua!
Tanja Štěpánová (4 months ago)
Ok song
Angel Sad (4 months ago)
30/09/2018 Anyone else?
meow thepro (4 months ago)
As a 35 years old guy, usually listening to black metal, doom-jazz and electronic music (EBM/noise), Aqua seems a strange taste in music compared to the rest? Oh no boy. It fits perfectly. I am a child of the 80's and 90's, grew up with a darker kind of music. The Cure and Depeche Mode led me to the darker sides of music/life. Only a fist step... Quickly followed Metallica and Cradle of Filth. This song reminds me of those days. In an interesting way. It connects the "easygoing" art of Aqua, with the deeper thoughts of gothic bands. I always loved Aqua for their sound, their force-to-dance-music. On the obvious hand, their music was just shallow. On the other hand, fun wasn't the only reason they made this music. Their most crappy video, was able to express more criticism in society, than most popular pop-artists express nowadays. And then such lyrics "And now you're lying there, taking your last breath. I'm holding back the tears. Oh mamma don't die." I was instantly forced to cry then (and am still now, though my mother is still alive...). This song touches me in a really serious way. My wish would be, that all members of Aqua would read this and become inspired by this post ( a big wish, for a small soul). I hope I will hold one day another album of you guys/girls in my hands. I seriously adore Aqua. I wish Aqua the best, hope they are happy... and wish to hear from you... :D
Unworthy Unbeliever (4 months ago)
Fellow Metalhead here, Gotta say this song touched me too. I first listened to this before i get into metal, then i get into it and left pop and kpop completely. For some unknown reasons, i just returned to listening to pop from about two weeks ago, listening some pop/kpop songs on loop. And just "Randomly" remembered this song and here i came. This song is so touching and powerful. At the time i first listened it, i even dont knew English, but dear Gods, Lyrics are so beautiful. I feel comfy here for a while, going to listen this song several times more. Haven't felt any Emotions in the past months, now I'm going to feel something. And you my dude, thanks for inspiring me to write some bullshit out of my head. It seems we humans need to share our emotions. Like how Aqua Did.
MRNIKUSHA101 (4 months ago)
Terrible quality.
I like Claus but he go outside :'v
They should make a Remake of their old albums but singing them witj their current voice and new musical technologies ^^
Rodrigo Gutierres (5 months ago)
Camila de Cássia (5 months ago)
2018 ♥️
Aku Sugi (5 months ago)
ドイツ *Floraika (5 months ago)
BorgQueen meets Unheilig ;) Song is beautiful! 🎶 ❤
Ramla Sof (5 months ago)
my oh my favourite song
Tomie Kawakami (5 months ago)
watching barbie girl and then this lol
Pipia eibmoz music (6 months ago)
Beautiful and sad😢👏👏👏❤
Anita laura (6 months ago)
Ezt szeretted tudom kincsem💔😭
albert 118 (6 months ago)
We dreamed a dream - woke up and lived it We had the music in our hands The drops of rain - became a river And now it's time to end this dance - So thank you My mamma said that the best thing in life Was getting me And loving somebody higher than anything Else in this world baby My mamma said that she would give her Life up for me My mamma said that the worst thing in life Is getting used To loving somebody higher than anything Else in this world baby Knowing you're going to Knowing you're going to - lose it all Mamma don't leave - don't go Don't run - don't hide - don't cry Don't ever feel scared now Mamma just crossed just crossed To the parallel world She crossed she crossed to the multiverse Circling protons - all vibrations Circling neutrons - all vibrations Mamma just crossed just crossed to the parallel world She crossed she crossed to the multiverse And now you're lying there - taking your last breath I'm holding back the tears - Oh mamma don't die
watcheroldprope (6 months ago)
Aqua has courage to handle the subject of death. No one else could have presented a song as sensitive as this.
Batuhan Ökmen (6 months ago)
çok güzel ya !
devil tiger (6 months ago)
this song really make full sense when you lose your Mama and then you know that the body meant in "My mamma said that the worst thing in life Is getting used To loving somebody higher than anything Else in this world baby Knowing you're going to Knowing you're going to - lose it all " for you is your own Mama and you cant help it just watching with broken heart
Pamela Beccar (6 months ago)
Lene Nystrøm + Robyn
Pamela Beccar (6 months ago)
isn't she ROBYN?
Pehmokettu (5 months ago)
Ariel M (6 months ago)
She wrote this song to her mom when she passed away, can people please have some respect and stop saying that she's emo
Daschill Chiara Angelina (6 months ago)
Thrilling!!! Hard text but Great Song.
Juan Cervera (6 months ago)
I discovered this song this year hahahaa
Yuan Xi (6 months ago)
Wtf I never heard this before
alex verdia (7 months ago)
From which album is this?
Nezul Okashi (7 months ago)
Why did you delete this song from Spotify? :'( I really love this song.
buzzflies (7 months ago)
wow 2018.. just hearing this for the first time.. new fav !
Alban Shaqolli (7 months ago)
So underrated...! :(
Nunar René (7 months ago)
Alban Shaqolli (7 months ago)
Disappointed barby.. :(
Miroslava Racheva (7 months ago)
Tamuna Miqeladze (7 months ago)
Fábio Teixeira Moura (7 months ago)
Jose Moncayo (7 months ago)
Muchas gracias por la canción amigo . Me encanta , no puedo parar de escucharla . Un saludo .
Yogi Oktadinata (7 months ago)
Behind the beauty of barbie. Btw, who whatcing 2018?
Duy Trần (7 months ago)
26/6/2018 :)
Alonso Azofeifa (8 months ago)
Sri Handayani (8 months ago)
Tiaan Burger (8 months ago)
2018 and still listening
Stinke Peter (8 months ago)
Søren Rasted & Claus Norren forever
#glamgrl xx (8 months ago)
I thought Lene was Micheal Jackson 😂😂
Susann Carmen (8 months ago)
very touching... and its not that they made a Barbie song that they have to be remembered mostly for that
rsloz (8 months ago)
Ammooooooooooooo AQUA!!!
Mantas Velavicius (9 months ago)
Lol, still listening...
Luisina Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Amo esta canción ♥
malcolm adderley (9 months ago)
Art deco, tim Burton, dark city realness, it both breaks And jumpstarts the heart!

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