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Will sea level rise drown our coastal cities?

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Sea level rise viewer (U.S. only, sorry international plan fans): https://coast.noaa.gov/slr/ Sea level rise could submerge land currently home to up to 760 million people worldwide if global temperatures rise 4 degrees celsius by the year 2100. So what are cities and city planners going to do to minimize the potential devastation? Resources on this topic: Brecht, H., Dasgupta, S., Laplante, B., Murray, S., & Wheeler, D. (2012). Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surges: High Stakes for a Small Number of Developing Countries. The Journal of Environment & Development, 21(1), 120–138. https://doi.org/10.1177/1070496511433601 http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= "Climate change crusade goes local" By Doug Struck https://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/2015/0809/Climate-change-crusade-goes-local Hauer, M. E., Evans, J. M., & Mishra, D. R. (2016). Millions projected to be at risk from sea-level rise in the continental United States. Nature Climate Change, 6(7), 691–695. https://doi.org/10.1038/nclimate2961 "9 Popular Cities Losing War with Rising Seas" https://www.seeker.com/9-popular-cities-losing-war-with-rising-seas-1767623708.html "Shanghai Struggles to Save Itself From the Sea" by Coco Liu http://www.nytimes.com/cwire/2011/09/27/27climatewire-shanghai-struggles-to-save-itself-from-the-s-43368.html?pagewanted=all "From Miami to Shanghai: 3C of warming will leave world cities below sea level" by Jonathan Watts https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/nov/03/miami-shanghai-3c-warming-cities-underwater "The three-degree world: the cities that will be drowned by global warming" by Josh Holder, Niko Kommenda, and Jonathan Watts https://www.theguardian.com/cities/ng-interactive/2017/nov/03/three-degree-world-cities-drowned-global-warming "Mapping Choices: Carbon, Climate, and Rising Seas, Our Global Legacy" by Climate Central http://sealevel.climatecentral.org/uploads/research/Global-Mapping-Choices-Report.pdf "The Rise of Resilience: Linking Resilience and Sustainability in City Planning" by Timon McPhearson https://static1.squarespace.com/static/552ec5f5e4b07754ed72c4d2/t/5550a70ae4b0134fb5a0bcf6/1431349002346/mcphearson+2014c_the+nature+of+cities.pdf "Shanghai takes measures against rising sea levels" https://gbtimes.com/shanghai-takes-measures-against-rising-sea-levels Photo sources: - Wikimedia Commons Produced in sunny Sacramento, California.
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City Beautiful (8 months ago)
Happy holidays everyone! Thanks for a great year!
Malav Bhatt (7 months ago)
City Beautiful That was some great content sir. I can only imagine how much time it took you to gather the info. I did a brief on it and I had to give a whole day skimming through reports and papers to get the right words. And that's just something on paper. Visuals is another thing. Can we interact on some related matters in some way?
Abraham Lincoln (8 months ago)
>Immediate science denial from the get-go. Sorry, but CO2 sticks to low-atmosphere, and doesn't get high enough to warm the atmosphere below 12% concentration.
hepan (8 hours ago)
Whenever I see Venice I see the Canals map from CSGO.
Dion Dais (5 days ago)
4:36 Melbourne 109 Tram!!
Matt J (15 days ago)
Its funny how the dates when all this is going to happen keeps moving farther back. Originally all this should have happened by now when they first started spreading these lies. Then that date comes and goes and they just start claiming it will happen even farther in the future. Meanwhile nobody ever talks about how the data was heavily exaggerated to make climate change look real.
Techy (15 days ago)
Yes, depending on how high those Costal Cities are they might get flooded. I mean you could always build a city in a way that if Sea Level rises further the bits would just start Floating on the water instead but who would even dare to think that far am i right?
Nathan Bruce (16 days ago)
Great content
FatheredPuma81 (16 days ago)
Your "job" isn't to talk about politics you know very little about. It's to talk about what the video is about. At least it was a very quick brush by on it.
Devin Hallsworth (17 days ago)
Take a look at a topographic height map of new Orleans. The whole city is built in a bowl with the top edge of the bowl right on the gulf and actually lower than sea level. If ANY PLACE is going to get destroyed by sea level rise first its going to be new Orleans.  If youre not in new Orleans and new Orleans is still around I wouldn't ever start to worry yet about sea level rise.
Hoystein (22 days ago)
Venice should raise the city farther up on it's foundations honestly. There will always be the risk of there means to hold back the tide failing. like this little city you might know called New Orleans. They also trust in holding back the sea. But they learned that they are better off with bringing up the foundations and making it so they are above water normally. Venice did this in the first place. It is better to work with nature to solve a issue then fight it. Venice should raise by two meters so as to avoid making the same costly mistake as New Orleans did. Stopgaps are not something to be leaned on.
Gammareign (1 month ago)
If ecofascists hadn't fought nuclear power and hydropower, this wouldn't be as much of a problem. Carbon dioxide also "causes" photosynthesis and plant sugar. Yes, carbon dioxide is plant food.
Analytic31 (19 days ago)
Gammareign Agreed with that first part. Nuclear power at a glance seems to be a perfect temporary solution to completely eliminate carbon emissions from electricity. Plants can only absorb so much CO2, though. We are pumping more of it than plants can take in. NASA actually made a video demonstrating this. Here it is: https://youtu.be/x1SgmFa0r04
Nah we'll solve it
Mystery Man (2 months ago)
I’m excited for Arizona’s beach
iron 13 (2 months ago)
We're humans, we adapt nature to our needs.
Rynier Yarom (3 months ago)
I thought Sandy class devastation is the norm now? Like every year for the US, last year Texas storm, the year before New York storm
YaboiMuggy (3 months ago)
problem with the Paris accords were that it was full of empty promises, or promising under what the countries had already planned to reduce, except the US.
Patrick W (3 months ago)
could not find the link about finding out if you home was at risk
Mochamad Fachri (3 months ago)
Some have said that another thing that exacerbates the effect of sea level rise is land subsidence. You have mentioned about that in the video, but in some areas with underlying clay soils, subsidence can play a larger factor. Most of Tokyo's bay area is now undersea, not due to the sea level rising, but due to subsidence. So another way to prevent being drown by the sea is by stopping subsidence, usually by stopping groundwater pumping. Though then we'd still need to deal with the sea level rise itself again, albeit that happens at a somewhat "slower" rate.
kokofan50 (3 months ago)
Nuclear power plants have shown to be some of the most resilient power sources we have. During Harvy, the nuclear plant down in Huston was supplying power to critical infrastructure like hospitals while the other plants were shut down. Even the reactor failure at the Daiichi plant in Fukushima could have easily been prevented by leaving the reactors on so them could power their cooling systems.
Analytic31 (19 days ago)
kokofan50 If Nuclear power is so great, then why isn't it utilized far more than every other source? If Nuclear Power provided most of the world's power, CO2 emissions from electricity would be almost non-existent. You would think it's the perfect transitional power source, unlike the pathetic, unscalable garbage that is wind and solar power.
Phil Rabe (3 months ago)
For SF bay, we'll 'just' dam the Golden Gate. Put in enormous shipping locks and pumps to expel the river inflow and maintain the bay's salinity. At around 1.5 meters rise, the whole central valley would be prone to Pacific flooding.
sirnik84 (3 months ago)
I just found your channel and I'm enjoying your videos. I found this video interesting as I'm an engineer and I'm from a family of engineers. One of our vacations when I was a child was to Houston, Texas we hit the usual places like the Johnson Space Center, but we also drove out of our way to go see Galveston and their sea wall. I live in Sacramento now and I find all the flood control in our city very interesting. I took a machine shop class when I was in college at Sierra College and the instructor was a machinist who worked for the City of Sacramento. His day job was to machine parts for the city's pump system. Some of their pump are so old you can not buy replacement parts, they are built as needed in the city's machine shop. I work in the water and waste water industry and we do storm water pump stations. I would love to know more about what different cities have done to combat flooding. Maybe a few more videos could be made on this topic. Cheers on a great video I found it fascinating.
City Beautiful (3 months ago)
Thanks! I live in Sacramento too, and if I do a video about the city, it will probably revolve around flood issues.
Thomas Christensen (3 months ago)
Love the lowkey shade at 0:57 lmao "overwhelming data"
Daniel Rhone (4 months ago)
New Orleans comes to mind too cause that City is below sea level. They were once flooded out by Hurricane Katrina
Sir Eddie (4 months ago)
I'm still waiting for the Y2K disaster.
Mystic System (17 days ago)
what about the 2038 problem
Analytic31 (19 days ago)
Sir Eddie That's completely different, and related to computers, not the global climate. Y2K was also real, but heavily exaggerated, a bit like Climate change/global warming is now. Unlike climate change however, Y2K was properly addressed by software developers and the like. No disaster happened partly because *people actually did something about it.*
So your saying by the time I am dead the sea level will rise by 1 to 2 meters? Yeah. Fuck that. Lets destroy our entire economies and plunge the world into poverty. Great plan. Additionally, the great lakes are expected to DECREASE in sea level by 2.5 meters over the next 100 years. Why? Because as the temperature warms evaporation INCREASES. Most models predict that evaporation will increase faster than precipitation on the great lakes. Furthermore, the great lakes are cut off from ocean sea level rise by the International Joint Commission P.S. I am a farmer who lives 10 miles away from the great lakes and 1,250 feet above sea level. I hope your cities drown.
City Beautiful (5 months ago)
I posted links to journal articles and news reports in the video description. I guess I'm somewhat skeptical that anything would change your mind as your first comment makes me think you have pretty strong beliefs around this issue ("I hope your cities drown, etc.")
you actually respond to comments? I have massive respect for you. I don't mind global warming but I am not convinced that is catastrophic and preventable. If you link a scientific blog/report that supports your position I would wade through it.
City Beautiful (5 months ago)
I'm actually born and raised 10 miles from the Great Lakes too. My dad works in agriculture. Not sure why you have have to be so antagonistic. Sounds like you don't want global warming either -- we don't want to lose fresh water in the Great Lakes.
Jeeto (5 months ago)
3:45 is Hong Kong though, not Shanghai
TheDankMemelord (5 months ago)
What could be done to solve this issue is to not build more infrastructure near coasts. Instead, build it in an area that won't be affected by sea level rise.
kokofan50 (3 months ago)
Yes, we can just build sea ports inland away from the water.
koji kabuto (6 months ago)
Global warming, sorry, Climate change now, is nonsense. To predict weather patterns at a global scale is absurd.
Analytic31 (19 days ago)
koji kabuto Yes, predicting something like that on a global scale is slightly absurd. That is why nobody knows what exactly will happen, but knows approximately what could happen. People have done a poor job at naming the phenomenon. It's real though, and you might be witnessing the effects of it on a daily basis, depending on where you live.
kokofan50 (3 months ago)
It’s not weather; it’s climate. The climate is the average of weather over time. While figuring out what’s going to happen on any given day is difficult, knowing what the average of an area isn’t that hard.
robox91 (6 months ago)
How do you know how long the dykes are in the Netherlands? Nobody knows that, we are building them for centuries.
Harrison Batzloff (6 months ago)
Venice is real-life Atlantis?
Michael Williams (6 months ago)
100 years, ok.
Marcus Mercer (6 months ago)
This is insane. We need just prohibit to sell gasoline private cars. That's all. As a result, we will get normal sea level and moreover clean air to breath.
Gammareign (1 month ago)
Plants absorb CO2 for free.
Marcus Mercer (6 months ago)
+Frank Such a reasonable comment! Thank you for that. But if we will prohibit to sell gasoline private cars, at least we will get fresh air to breath without air purifiers. Now it's impossible in half of Europe, many cities in USA and in Asia (China, India etc.).
Frankbrooo (6 months ago)
Marcus Mercer It’s pretty much to late. We could completely switch to renewables and electric cars tomorrow we’d still be screwed. Climate change is a snowball rolling down a hill. It’s already to the point where the amount of energy we need to turn it around is gone. We’d have to develop a way to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere efficiently then on top of that make it economical. There is no such way. At this point we need to look into abandoning these areas and moving people into areas that won’t flood or else we’re going to lose trillions of dollars in flooding and many lives.
Cadet Tau (7 months ago)
This just adds fuel to my dystopian view of Miami, in which the lower class who service the rich in their high rises will be living on floating favelas on the bay. People think I'm crazy when I mention this to them until I breakdown the my logic. That's when the look of despair encroaches onto their faces as this stark realization begins flood their minds. Sorry for the puns :P Great vid!
Richard Wallace (7 months ago)
Best way to save your house from sea level rise: Dont have one, be a hobo :D
Sam Jensen (7 months ago)
Hey can you do a video on gentrification?
City Beautiful (7 months ago)
That's a great idea and it's definitely on my list for the future.
sparkshinx (7 months ago)
Hey Dave! Would love to see a video on Monorail. Why is light rail preferred over monorails when monorails are less obtrusive, easier to install and generally safer?
729MT (Eclipse) (3 months ago)
nlpnt I've seen too many arguments regarding this debate over light rail or monorail discount another similar form of transportation: the automated guideway transit (or automated people mover, depending on whose terminology you prefer). Why, except in Japan (where AGT was adapted as a lower-cost alternative to a full-scale subway in certain scenarios, namely the Ina Line in Saitama and the Nippori-Toneri Liner), are these systems confined to airports, when they have lower up-front and running costs?
nlpnt (7 months ago)
Don't monorails basically have to be elevated? Bus rapid transit is generally the cheapest way to get service up and running. But there are cultural issues around both - "monorails are toys for tourists, buses are for people who can't afford cars" sums it up. Light rail is a compromise - it can (usually) run on a mix of existing and new infrastructure, and it's "for people who live here" without being "(only) for the poors".
City Beautiful (7 months ago)
It'll be coming up in a few months!
Easton Hill (7 months ago)
I'm an Real-Estate investor in Houston Tx and let me tell you, this video would have helped a lot pre-flood!
Rupert Hetherton (7 months ago)
👀 Melbourne tram photo #resilience
Andre Tsang (7 months ago)
Why should the government pay to rebuild houses built on flood plains? It’s not like you don’t know it’s a floodplain before buying there.
G+1121494 (8 days ago)
Also, home owners in the US can freely enjoy building in flood areas without any own financial damages for repairs, as those are socialised into a plain stupid public insurance programm. Insurances are supposed to be for risks you want to avoid. This programm alleviates not risks but socialises certainties.
simon wang (3 months ago)
Because simply letting millions of people's houses go under water creates wide ranging social harms for everyone.
Michael King (7 months ago)
I hope so
Mr. Beat (7 months ago)
Watching this "safely" in Kansas.
simon wang (3 months ago)
But then you have fracking earthquakes.
Tad Blackington (3 months ago)
Of course you might end up living in the great American sand sea. Even if not that you could end up with lots of new neighbors from New York and Los Angeles.
Tune Godd (6 months ago)
Mr. Beat me to except more central in North Dakota.
Steven (7 months ago)
Work on your camera level rise! The top of your head is cut off during the intro and outro. Zoom out a bit and research basic camera composition. Great channel!
Love your videos but one question. The Netherlands lines up 350 miles of Dikes to cure their Flooding issues... how is 350 miles of Carpet Munchers going to take care of High Water???
Michael Nowik (7 months ago)
DeyTryToCatchMe TrollinDirty maybe they can "lick" the water if you know what i mean😉
K M (8 months ago)
Of course the Climate Change deniers don't care if sea levels rise, most of their political opponents live on the coast whilst their political allies live in the hinterland.
Hannodb1961 (8 months ago)
South African here. Gauteng province is 2km above sea level. We should be safe.
Demonta Barrino (2 months ago)
Hannodb1961 What about Cape Town?
Ja-Shwa Cardell (8 months ago)
how will "sea" level rise effect Chicago? Chicago is often framed as impervious to sea level rise, but lakes are still water, and thus will be affected by thermal expansion, so what will be the effect?
Hart Poole (15 days ago)
Gammareigh, Water expands as it warms above 4 degrees Celsius. Below 4 degrees it expands slightly as it cools, and expands about 10% as it freezes.
Zachary Taylor (15 days ago)
Chicago may sit on a lake, but the altitude of that lake's surface level, isn't at Sea Level. You've heard of Niagara Falls? Lake Michigan and the 3 other "upper" Great Lakes drain into the Niagara River, which then falls off the Niagara Escarpment creating Niagara Falls, which then drains into the lowest lake, Lake Ontario, which drains into the Sea via the St. Lawrence River. For Sea Level rise to affect Chicago, the rising seas would first have to submerge Niagara Falls, which doesn't look likely even with the most severe predictions.
Gammareign (1 month ago)
Water contracts as it warms, unless it is heated to steam. It actually, expands when it turns to ice. That's why roads and sidewalks crack during the winter because water under them freezes to ice and expands. It's the same reason pipes rupture during Winter.
ItsZachTV (2 months ago)
I feel like investing in Chicago property will be a great idea. As others have said, it won't be affected by the sea level rise. It's economy will continue to thrive while other major US coastal cities struggle to stay afloat both literally and economically.
TheDankMemelord (3 months ago)
My area does have issues with heavy rain, all the nearby fields flood and all the ditches and creeks overflow very quickly. One of the main problems in my town is that a bridge that spans over the creek that runs adjacent to my house wasn't built properly, and after it rains, there's always about a foot or two of standing water.
Ian Pineda (8 months ago)
Mexico city LOL :)
Derpster (8 months ago)
I hope my city will build huge schnorkel.
City Beautiful (8 months ago)
Points for creativity!
sacamigo1 (8 months ago)
you were in SF? what did you think of our new Salesforce tower?
sacamigo1 (8 months ago)
Oh cool I imagined you a Deverite. I'll keep a slightly-stalkerish eye out for you. Its a small Bay
City Beautiful (8 months ago)
I go to school in the Bay Area so I see the SF skyline all the time. Still getting used to having a new tallest building.
Brian Plank (8 months ago)
Wait wait wait, you're telling me that building a wall is the answer to a unstoppable flow of unwanted matter?.... That sounds racist to me. Oh, and good thing we pulled out of the Climate Accord. It was just a massive wealth redistribution scheme.
Adam Smith (7 months ago)
Brian Plank The entire idea of anthropogenic climate change is a giant wealth redistribution scheme
Cheeseburgers Arecool (8 months ago)
Global warming is a hoax
Tad Blackington (5 months ago)
Cheeseburgers Arecool Tell that to the water.
Lewis Hales (7 months ago)
Thanks for clearing that one up Cheeseburgers Arecool
scose (8 months ago)
what is the city at 3:45?
City Beautiful (8 months ago)
Yep its Hong Kong.
Feynstein 100 (8 months ago)
No climate change skeptics? Hmm I must be early.
Michael Williams (6 months ago)
The comment was about the US and China.
ganymedeIV4 (8 months ago)
Ha, they're here now brietbart parroting and laying down the best whataboutisms they can think of in a moments notice.
Feynstein 100 (8 months ago)
Darckense Onoda (8 months ago)
There are, also saw a kid who claimed that the USA barely pollutes compared to India. It'd be funny if it weren't so insane.
jmuld1 (8 months ago)
Sea level change by NOAA tide gauges show no rate change from pre/post mans co2, simple basic calculation
jmuld1 (8 months ago)
Gany; You got it the tide gauges are a nice simple instrument, manned by countless well meaning people not subject to group think, but you miss what they do, only h2o.
ganymedeIV4 (8 months ago)
NOAA's tide gauges don't sample carbonoxides, they measure the height of the water column in that particular zone via a modulated torque rheostat hooked to a cable thats anchored to the ocean floor, it's a mechanism most teenagers could build with a little knowledge... and that's all the T.R.E.O.S unit does. NOAA's tidal gauges have only existed since 1988, so even if they did some how sample Co2 then there would only be 30 years of data while the industrial revolution and human desequestration of carbon oxides has been occurring throughout the world for several centuries.
The Abyss (8 months ago)
I've been waiting for this one, video turned out great Dave!
robertsd247 (8 months ago)
I wouldn't mind seeing some (cough cough...) liberal cities going underwater. Great video!
simon wang (14 days ago)
hebneh Houston is a very liberal city
Sudhir Raghu (23 days ago)
Well most of the world's greatest cities are *cough cough* liberal..so it'll be a tragedy if that day comes. Also, your laissez faire conservatism won't look so good when your economy doesn't have the money these cities generate.
hebneh (1 month ago)
In 2017, a decidedly non-liberal city in a non-liberal state (cough cough...Houston, Texas) went substantially underwater. So when it happens to liberals it's OK, but to conservatives it's a disaster?
simon wang (3 months ago)
What's a non liberal city? Living in close proximity together in a city tends to make people liberal.
ganymedeIV4 (8 months ago)
found the indoctrinated cornflake
Lucas Fernandez (8 months ago)
Be mad at China for pollution not the U.S. We barely pollute that much for the 5th largest country in the world and for the most industrialized
Desmond (8 hours ago)
You also have to consider that fact that everyone has pushed their manufacturing to China, yet we're blaming them.
jojofromtx (1 month ago)
Lucas Fernandez the USA uses 1/4 of the worlds energy but has 5% of the worlds population. Per capita, we use the most.
simon wang (3 months ago)
Darren P. That's a myth. The USA is the largest manufacturing nation in the world by value of goods. It just employs less people in manufacturing than it used to due to automation and it's goods are sold domestically rather than exported because it's the largest economy in the world. Yes textiles and other low level manufacturing was exported, but now even Chinese labor is too expensive so those jobs are being moved to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka.
simon wang (3 months ago)
Americans per capita carbon emissions are three times that of China's. So I think you mean to say China doesn't pollute that much considering it's the largest country by population and the 2nd largest economy in the world.
Darren Prentice (6 months ago)
You're forgetting that the USA relocated nearly all its manufacturing to China.
MarloSoBalJr (8 months ago)
I'm glad most parts Baltimore, Maryland are on high ground with a scenic waterfront view.
Daniel Rhone (4 months ago)
I hope the National Aquarium in Baltimore doesn’t get infected by the sea level rise in the next century
DAK4Blizzard (8 months ago)
True, but the Inner Harbor is vulnerable to a rise of 2-3 meters (6-10 feet). In addition, a lot of Maryland's coastline along the lower Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean will be inundated by just a couple feet of sea level rise. http://maps.risingsea.net/Maryland.html An exacerbating problem for Maryland is that land to the north is still rising in response to the ice sheet that vanished millennia ago after the last ice age. This will cause Maryland to sink by an additional several inches over the course of the 21st century. Thus, even conservative projections have Maryland experiencing a foot of sea level rise by mid century (2040 or 2050), with respect to the year 2000.
Patriotis (8 months ago)
414 light street was built a few feet above ground
Cole Williams (8 months ago)
Haha suckers. I’m in Colorado at 6000ft above..... can’t get me!!!!
MarloSoBalJr (8 months ago)
Watch, the Chinese gonna invade the Rocky Mountain region and place their people there.
Salvadiggity (8 months ago)
I am genuinely hurt that you only have 24k subs. You should be a national treasure.
Cory Carlson (2 months ago)
why for spreading b.s. fear? seas havent rose a mm.
bmad48 (8 months ago)
This really isn't being talked about enough!
Cory Carlson (2 months ago)
because its fake.
JC Mik (8 months ago)
T̅͜H̰̫̫͙ͥ͋E̲̦͉̼̳̽ͣ͛̊ͦͫ ̱̝͎̯̙͌̃C̶̗̝̞̗̗̻̞̉͐̂ͬ̒̈́I̘͚̖̻͙ͬT͍̹̮̂̍͌͂͐ͅI̟̳̹͝E͖̞ͦ̊̉ͫͧ̅͂S͊͊̐̈́͐̚͏͈͚̹ ̵͚̝̫̲̳̝̦̾͊DR̡̪̦̯͚̜̜͗ͣ͑͋̍ͅO̟̹̩̤͛W͈͙͕͍͖͉͌̑̒͋̌̊̚N̬͖̬̞̪̄͐ ̨͓̝ͪͧ͌̽ͪ́̇T̟̃̏ͨ̈̽̈́H̰͓̥͒ͪ͗ͩ͊̌ͅĒͅ ͔̬͍͕̭͈͗̓̑͆ͦ̍C͍̬̈̅̓̾ͭY̵̝̓C̰ͧͪ́̎ͅL̜È̶̥͉̩̯̟͙̘ ̷̹̜͔͕̤̯͋͋͑B̰̙̤̤̠̰̾́E͓̟̪̊̄̏ͬ͒ͣ̒G̣̥͕̙̺I̴̖͎͖̺̺͐̍̐ͪ͊N̡͍̠͚̻Ŝ͇̯̗̰̀͋̊ͯͧ̅ ͐A̞̣͎̲͆͢N̗ͨ́E͙ͦ̄̉ͫ̉Wͥͦ̅͗ͦ
The Narwhal (8 months ago)
Hello Have a good day!!
blue06lt (8 months ago)
Although the US spews a ton of pollution, the main issue with world climate change is China. The Chinese don't give a flying poo about spewing emissions into the atmosphere and it affects the entire planet. The US withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement is bad, there's no question. However controlling what China puts into the air is what really needs to be done so they don't kill us all.
Devin Hallsworth (17 days ago)
Americas actually beat all the other Paris accord countries in 2017 for reducing carbon emmisions.
Cory Carlson (2 months ago)
blue06lt so someone who drives a truck for work wont be able to make a living? i drive 100-300 miles a day and need a truck for tools supplies and ladders. im an independent contractor and everything is out of pocket. no way a pissant electric vehicle could do my job. esp. if you are in texas country miles from anywhere.
Cory Carlson (2 months ago)
for only $15 trillion al gore said he can fix the world! sounds like a bargin!
Mochamad Fachri (3 months ago)
China has started research into 'green' techs. Once they progress through though, they'd swamp put most western efforts. So hold your high horses and start pacing it I say.
Soho Brad (5 months ago)
LegendMeadow Actually, this is a fiction spread by legacy industries. The majority of new energy production in the West is based on sustainable technologies because they are more cost efficient.
Nicolas Medina (8 months ago)
We need the Dutch.
Frankbrooo (6 months ago)
It’s sad that it’s come to this, but you’re correct. Call in the Netherlands
FutureNow (8 months ago)
Great video, as always! Love the motion graphics. I used to live in Miami and now live near the shore in the Boston area so I think I'm screwed either way.
Hayden Joseph (8 months ago)
dale stewart (8 months ago)
The Paris accords wouldn't have done anything thats why we left, the us is already working to reduce carbon change, it's China and India who need to chill
LegendMeadow (7 months ago)
I think I should also mention that I do believe that climate change is an existent threat. I recognize that there are periods of warmer and cooler temperatures. My skepticism comes with the hypothesis that this climate change is man-made. I believe that to be a fallacy, because we didn't start to see heating and cooling periods only after the industrial revolution. We obviously had ice ages and great floods throughout all the periods of time before that. I do not think there really is any way we can 'solve' this issue. But I do think that we have to stop diverting so many of our resources to climate change prevention, because we have many issues aside from that particular one. Also, if we waste trillions of dollars on ineffective climate change prevention programs, we'll be left with no capital to save ourselves from for example floods, extreme weather, extreme temperatures etc... that could be caused by this climate change. I think if there is one climate issue we need to address it is the issue of how much we're destroying our planet directly. With all the stress of farmlands, the local pollution that we see in places like China and India, the depletion of our resources. Those things I believe have to be solved, and they can be solved in a variety of ways. I won't mention them right now.
James Tucker (7 months ago)
it's a good theory and I think proven throughout history. I do think human nature will perpetually favor the majority opinion, but isn't that what democracy is about?  I do think he has some good points and climate change has to be dealt with in a long term way, as he proposes. However, global accords are not only a set of protocols, they're good way to send a message to other countries that the US is standing for something that many countries are worried about, hence putting the US in a good position for leverage in other areas that we would like change. And yes, this would cost many trillions of dollars globally as you mentioned but we are also striving to put people to work in a sustainable workforce. Could creating jobs to help deflect not only climate change but the sea level rise associated with it be a long term solution?
LegendMeadow (7 months ago)
At one time slavery was the status quo. Does that make slavery right? Just because an opinion is held by just a few people out of the many doesn't mean that that opinion is wrong. Most scientists who are considered 'qualified' to say if climate change is right or wrong are in favor of man-made climate change. Don't you think that has anything to do with them wanting to not get fired, or wanting to get funding? Humans respond to incentives. Governments generally support man-made climate change as a fact. The reason for that most likely has to do with all the tax revenues they can gather from carbon taxes and such. Anyway, that's just my theory.
James Tucker (7 months ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bjørn_Lomborg This is the guy LegendMeadow is sourcing. One opinion in a sea of opinions. Whose the skeptic of the skeptic?
Demetrios b (8 months ago)
TheFinalFrontiersman Too bad China and India didn’t have to commit to anything for a decade and the US had to fund renewable energy plans in the future in third world countries. I’m all for lowering carbon emissions but if you think the Paris Climate deal was gonna help you’re mistaken
fordtify (8 months ago)
just wrote a paper on this!
oa ni (8 months ago)
fordtify you should put the link around here
oa ni (8 months ago)
Hayden Joseph (8 months ago)
Omar Adrián Nuño Íñiguez second
Mirza Ahmed (8 months ago)
Omar Adrián Nuño Íñiguez No.
Sergio Calderon (8 months ago)
0:52 i think he is referencing Canada, guys...
YaboiMuggy (3 months ago)
not to mention that everyone else's agreements were very vague or even said they planned to increase carbon emissions
Jeeto (5 months ago)
But we're still on track to meet and exceed all the things agreed to in the Paris Accords, just without having to send delegates and spend money on all the red tape.
Henry Dery MacNeil (7 months ago)
r u joking! Its the USA

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