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Is Natural Hair Just A Trend? Self Love Inspo!

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MayhemBeauty (1 month ago)
I personally think that natural hair is a choice some people love it and some people hate it I'm one of those people who are kind of in between I have my good days and my bad days.
ilmememe (2 months ago)
Absolutely agree with this. Going natural is not a statement it’s a way of life. I’ve also noticed our isle in the stores has grown at least 3xs from before. There is so much to chose from. Love yourself! Starting with your mind and heart. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
GlamMom2Boyz (7 months ago)
It’s not for me I know that. Lol I don’t have the time to deal with my natural hair lol it makes me mad
One in Amelian (7 months ago)
I only recently started seeing girls wear weaves and all the way into college saw girls wear their hair natural. I agree it’s good to love your hair and treat it. 😊👍
Coffee In The Mornings (8 months ago)
Great video! Rising a daughter and having her see other types of hair and wanting her just like that. I had to always remind her how beautiful her hair is and that she has to learn to love and embrace it. Since now 9 since love ever strand on her head.
lyfesone32 (8 months ago)
Great video.. For me, I just love to be natural..♥
Curlygaisha (8 months ago)
I loveeee my natural hair and it made me wayyyy more confident
YourGirlSudanny (8 months ago)
At times, I've found it hard accepting my natural curls & kinks but I'm getting better🙂
Tatyana Arrington (8 months ago)
I'm trying to embrace my natural curls but I love straight hair so it's been a struggle. thanks for the video <3
Willow Tree (8 months ago)
This was very interesting and you have lovely hair! 😊💕 Chelle xx
HeSheOui (8 months ago)
Good points. Natural hair popularity may rise and fall but people shouldn't be following trends anyway. Everyone should express themselves how they feel comfortable always.
Cactus Skeleton (8 months ago)
Everyone’s hair is a journey and I am so happy that WOC are embracing their beauty and going back to natural ❤️
Reina's World (8 months ago)
Nice video and your hair is lovely ♥️♥️
FeliciaMarieTV (8 months ago)
While everyone chooses the natural hair journey for a specific reason, I am sure it is not a trend! And I love that we are teaching children to love their natural hair.
Laurie Michelle (8 months ago)
I feel the same. I don’t think it’s a trend. I love my hair more then I did before. I love how we have many different products to choose from now. Your right it doesn’t matter the texture just embrace it.💜💜💜
Krissy Mortensen (8 months ago)
Love the whole self love idea. You are such a sweet, inspiring woman!
Krissy Lewis (8 months ago)
I don't think it's a trend either. I think products and a lack of natural hair being displayed are what deterred a lot of women. I'm so glad to see it and this was one of the best decisions that I've made.
Sabrina Swinford (8 months ago)
I️ think natural hair is beautiful! Great video!
Not Just Mommy Time (8 months ago)
You are so right. The products we had was limited. And now there is so much variety. Great video. Ivr been natural for 7 years now and i love it.
Jada Lit (8 months ago)
I definitely agree that returning to natural is not a trend! I think a lot of people are realizing how beautiful their natural hair is and they are embracing their curls! Great video!
Monica Suriyage (8 months ago)
Love the title, I’ve wondered the same thing. But our natural is so important!
Greivy (8 months ago)
It’s taken me a long time to love my natural hair but After a lot of patience I appreciate it so much!!
This Curvi Yogi (8 months ago)
I also think natural hair is here to stay! I love my hair and I actually miss it when I do protective styling. It is a struggle at times, but I'm not trading this for anything else! I still can't understand how people say natural hair isn't for them...its your hair and this is how it grows! Great video!
Mariela Merino (8 months ago)
I don't think it's a trend either. Great video! You made some great points. You have beautiful hair and I love that you are promoting self love!
I agree with you! I think growing up we were programmed to think about what "good hair" was and it was usually defined as straight. Now we are learning to embrace our hair in its natural state! I am a natural girl too and it's definitely not a trend for me! Great video!
Myesha Skye (8 months ago)
I agree with you! I grew up natural and the products I had were limited to pink moisturizer and blue magic grease lol People are starting to take natural hair seriously because the see the money black women are spending on hair products! I cant wait for the makeup industry to have this eye opening vision as well!
Bald Head Beauty TV (8 months ago)
Great Video. When I had natural, I didn't think it was a fad or statement. I was just my hair and I embraced it! So I can relate to what you are saying.
You and me are the same age! I can't really speak on this topic much, but I actually think that it's nice to see a decrease in toxic chemicals in hair and other beauty products, and that beauty standards are more open now.
Constance Wambui (8 months ago)
Your so pretty nice video😊
Miladie Vlogs (8 months ago)
I don't think it's a trend, I think actually people love their hair. But your hair is beautiful.
Jeannide V (8 months ago)
I went to Target the other day and realized that we do have half of an aisle catering to natural hair and I especially loved the mini versions of products that are usually over $10 I believe that natural hair can be a statement: a statement of self love and our roots. nice videoo☺
AbigailAshley (8 months ago)
Loveeeee this! I’ve been natural for a couple years but recently again did my big chop due to heat damage. I haven’t put any heat on my hair since I cut it this time and I don’t plan on it soon. Trying to inbrace my natural how it is!
Yaya Films (8 months ago)
I just liked and subscribed #430 please do the same and help me get to 1.3k by the end of this week! I would really appreciate it, I look forward to your future videos! Stay in touch 💋 Xoxo Maraya ❤
JadoreDrew (8 months ago)
I’m growing my hair back out from damage and every time I see it curl up I fall more in love with it Definitely not a trend for me Loved the video 😍 -Akilah
Faithfully Asia (8 months ago)
I've been trying to stay natural over the last few years but its hard. I occasionally do an agave treatment to relax the curls for a few months and I love that it always revert back afterwards
NOEL BABATUNDE (8 months ago)
Great video your hair is amazing natural hair is all about confidence ;)
Terrell Allen (8 months ago)
I know some friends who are trying to get back to their natural hair, it's a pretty intense process.
Innocent K. Boateng (8 months ago)
I just love ladies who keeps their hair natural, I totally agree with you that it's not a trendy thing, it's here to stay, I know most ladies that are doing it....self love!
Kiera Is Sweet (8 months ago)
I loved that you're promoting self love. I always said that I don't want natural hair to be a trend. You made valid points as to why it isn't. I am so looking forward to your next video in regards to knowing your hair type. Me and my best friend talk about that subject often. Interested in hearing your views on it. Just subbed
The Yusufs (8 months ago)
Great video. I’m personally embracing my natural hair lately and I love seeing content like this.
ilmememe (8 months ago)
I totally agree. Natural boar isn’t a fad/trend. It’s here to stay. We want to own our crowns now and feel beautiful everyday all day! Yes the hair isle is soooooooooo much better for our hair!
Teophiels Chronicle (8 months ago)
Enjoyed watching this episode and Hoorah to the natural look, great work!
ItsMillerTimeTV (8 months ago)
Yes our hair aisles have definitely expanded over the past few years! So proud, love this message 😊
Ellie Cormier (8 months ago)
Agreed, not a trend to be natural and comfortable in our own skin♥
Gabriele B. (8 months ago)
i loooove your hair sooo freaking much!! but girl, great video!!! <3
Daneila (8 months ago)
Gurlll I get asked this. They think that I’m going growing my hair out so when I relax it it’s long lol. No creame for me! Great video! 🤙🏾
Makeupby_msgen (8 months ago)
Yes I agree being natural should not be a statement!! Love the way you explained yourself in this video! Great message love ❤️
Lady Laa (8 months ago)
Love the topic. I think it’s a trend because of how much it has become so popular. If it is a trend I hope it’s here to stay. Good point in the hair products! Like they sell miss Jessie’s and Shea moisture products in Target now 😍
Royalty.Rosie (8 months ago)
Loved this! New sub and supporter and would love so much if you checked myself channel out as well
Ms Star Smile (8 months ago)
I love how you said beauty starts from within your heart . Its amazing how there are many products now for natural hair and organic ones without the harsh chemicals. Now its getting easier to spot what chemicals to avoid in the hair products. I agree being natural is a way of life.
herbivorous wisdom (8 months ago)
😍💪🏻 I love your message!
WhatWouldMyGrandmaDo? (8 months ago)
I feel like it's a trend for people who don't stick to it. I think if you're still wearing weaves you're not taking your natural hair as seriously. I think people know they can grow their hair long so...that's why they are trying with their hair. Plus everyone isn't wearing their hair fully natural, their straightening it.
Irishnick (8 months ago)
Good words to make people feel better about being natural but I had stop listening when you started talking about God I'm just not religious in that way #smallyoutuberarmy
love livieliv (8 months ago)
Irishnick awesome opinion. Being religious has nothing to do with believing in there being a higher creator. Thanks so much for watching!
Nijah J (8 months ago)
One of the most powerful things I could have done was big chop and rock it! I like wigs but I looooove my natural hair. There's such a comradery amongst the natural hair community that I didn't see when wearing wigs. Of course people were like oh that's cute but my natural hair though, it's like hey sis and then a conversation begins. It's good that more women are beginning you really love themselves and not be dependent on weaves, bundles and wigs to make them look/feel pretty.
DiscoveringNatural (8 months ago)
You made many vital points. I agree with you that it is not a trend. For me, it is all about loving the hair God has blessed us with and appreciating its versatility
MakeItWithMecca (8 months ago)
It’s not a trend, some of us live this life
Clean Eat Junky (8 months ago)
Eco styler really was like the boom 💥 of the booming lolz if that makes any sense. I love my peoples and I love our hair. I missed seeing your videos :)
des mercene (8 months ago)
i'm thankful and soo happy that people are starting to love their natural selves.
Aliaya Adventures (8 months ago)
This is often overlooked on YouTube, glad you brought this up. Love this video 💕
SunShine BodiGlo (8 months ago)
419# I just like and subscribe Pls subscribe back let's grow together have you see my latest video you will love it
J & J's Vlog (8 months ago)
Great video! Self love is very important in order to be confident. I agree that it all starts in your mind and heart :)
Topsycole (8 months ago)
I have been natural for 6 years now and it is definitely not a trend for me. Yes to self love!
TheKyannaSimone (8 months ago)
Yessss love this. Be free to do what you want and how you want it.
Love this!! We were indeed created in God’s image. Great video.
Don't Forget Your Pearls (8 months ago)
Good conversation. All women should be free to be comfortable in their own skin. It is not a trend. It is loving and caring for your hair in its natural state.
denise wilson (9 months ago)
enjoyed your video...self love is a great thing...agree...deep...young girls need this advice..thanks for sharing your view
Naturally The Uni (9 months ago)
I think that natural hair is not a trend but it becomes trending, like more people wear their natural hair out in spring and summer so it tends to seem like a trend.
Thanks for sharing. Watched, liked, commented and subbed as Curt and Care Family Vlogs
Sneiko the Diva (9 months ago)
I think it started as a trend but now folks like me are taking it seriously...but it's here to stay and now sooo many companies joining the movement..oh it's here to stay
YESSSS self love!!!
SoDazzling (9 months ago)
I agree with you. Its definitely not a trend. Even beyond the store, so many women are becoming more and more confident in their natural hair and I see people rocking their natural more often everyday. I love it.
Royal Dacosta (9 months ago)
Natural hair is a lifestyle for me and yes girl or isle have doubled in size good video 👍🏽

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