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Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name - 1993

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Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine live at PinkPop 1993 - by RATM
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Text Comments (14800)
Brad Hahn (54 minutes ago)
Fucking Great Band. It's called a brain.
Shotgunsam 23 (2 hours ago)
Great song shitty mesage.
Ben Anderson (2 hours ago)
Still rageing in nov 2018
Matt T (6 hours ago)
he turned anti-cuck
sgtstreetmeat (6 hours ago)
young rocha..
M Hdd (7 hours ago)
Angry . We count ..fuck em!!!
Douglas Tingley (8 hours ago)
My friends r killing in the name of in 2018
stephen sugg (9 hours ago)
Love this song. Love trump. Love life.
andy scase (9 hours ago)
Say fuck off 😈
Arian Fusha (10 hours ago)
2018 and still going hard to this!
Phabbyo Luciano (11 hours ago)
Viva La Revolucion, arriba lo Comunismo !!!!
Daryl C (11 hours ago)
Geez, 3.9k people have no business listening to RATM. Goodbye.
CAVEIRA VIVA (12 hours ago)
ROAD RASH 3D 🤘🤘🇧🇷🇧🇷😂😂😂
Ancelmo Silva (13 hours ago)
Pau no cu dos comunistas
spaceman (14 hours ago)
Kelly Kelso (15 hours ago)
and yet we still vote for new masters and controllers over a free state? So they can tell us what to eat, feed off and love. FUCK THEM. They need death! FUCK YOU
ashwin das (17 hours ago)
What a drummer
TheShook One (17 hours ago)
lol @ the tempo
Leonard (18 hours ago)
A décadas escutando essa banda.... the best.... bahia brasil
furycustom73 (21 hours ago)
Perfect live Performance!!!
Paul C Lalchungnunga (21 hours ago)
" Fuck you I won't do what they tell me " Great rock band - I love it
Reff : Dagadu dari Jogja Dagadu dari Jogja Dagadu dari jogja Dagadu dari jogja
Rickey Thompson (1 day ago)
my ten inch tounghn
Rickey Thompson (1 day ago)
Rickey Thompson (1 day ago)
Rickey Thompson (1 day ago)
my name is mudd
Tanya Kadrmas (1 day ago)
Bicycle boy amti love
Ej Watson (1 day ago)
F*cking awesome
Chairman Meow (1 day ago)
what the hell happened to music??? every single decade from 1990 and previous is better than today
Cody Benton (1 day ago)
:38 needs more cowbell
eddie money (1 day ago)
I turned 16 in 1993 and jammed this song every time it played. I remember not having cell phones but real pimps and dealers had pagers. You had to find a pay phone to use to call the homie that paged you, girls had different codes and we had different codes for different things. We would text 420 when it was time to blaze etc. Or 69 or just punanny if girls were involved. Or snowtime for cocaine, damn we were fucked up. Clearly superior to millenials or whatever gender fluid generations after that. I rememeber getting my first cell phone in 1998 it was a motorola brick and you had to pull the antenna out. Music from this era both metal, new metal, and rap were all better in the 90s.its still actual music and people expected lyrics not mumble raps
Jenny Amaral (1 day ago)
DaPiRaTeNiC (1 day ago)
I miss them so bad.
Bubba Hubba (1 day ago)
I really hate this singer I dont know him but I cant stand his snot ball face
james Scudder (1 day ago)
Balls.These gentlemen have them'
beavis (1 day ago)
Forest Gump is killer on guitar!
paddyboomvideos (1 day ago)
now that's a pit!! love that on 11
Steven Broady (1 day ago)
To all of those who say that music has gone soft I'm almost 60 and they've been saying that since MC5 days, so listen to WSOU 89.5 FM "The Loudest Rock" Seton Hall's Pirate Radio, Heavy Metal since '86
TMac66 (1 day ago)
tom morello is about as good as any guitarist ive ever seen
VALHALLA BOUND (1 day ago)
Saw them in 93 and they kicked ass!
Abby Normal (1 day ago)
I had no idea Kai the HItchhiker could sing
Julian Lynch (1 day ago)
Last 4 seconds, drummer feels the pains of the world in his arms
Jim Burt (1 day ago)
Check out Boston based Lily Black cover of this..... Good sound from a new generation
Angel Hermida (1 day ago)
DNSK (1 day ago)
Ninja Winja (1 day ago)
Truth Against The World! One road Victory! Free Palestine! Party of God! You may of heard of me MY name is Barry John Conroy Khan! The 1st :-) LOL
KoZ (1 day ago)
Cant say it better..amen bro
8simonking8 (1 day ago)
I just wanted to stop in because this VERY STUPID VIDEO accidently came up on my list. So I figured I'd stop in and laugh at anyone who thinks this leftist SCUMBAG is cool or supports his double standard lyrics and lifestyle. He speaks against the "machine" yet lives in comfort among them. Lol what a fucking joke! Zac is a POSER!!! Scrawny little homo soyboy and a real coward! He wouldn't know what hardcore was if it smacked him in the face! And if it did he'd probably have a heart attack and promptly call his lawyer! Lol what a joke, rage against the the machine!
kev theplumber (1 day ago)
the progressive left deciders in the progressive left schools and colleges make you belive and do what your deciders want you believe and do.you are the "useful idiots" that Lenin was talking about
girohead (1 day ago)
This post is SPOT ON. I have to laugh at the others who clearly don't get it. Things have flipped in the last 20years or so and most people aren't getting it. The machine, the 'greedy rich', 'the man', the racists and the 'deciders' are clearly the Clintons, the rest of the elites and their puppets like Obama, and all these posers who do what they tell them...
Toxicity (1 day ago)
Wife: honey make me some coffee? Me: FUCK YOU, I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!
not me (1 day ago)
More relevant today than ever
VINICIUS (1 day ago)
Fuck you, i won't do what you tell me!!!
Andre macklin (1 day ago)
Gerson S (1 day ago)
Isso é mais do que eu kkk
boob slime (1 day ago)
i listened to this while flying in a navy jet
Chris Topher (1 day ago)
The drummer is going HAM! He's a beast!
SAMUEL JOJOA (1 day ago)
Npi de quienes y como se llamaba esta canción
Luca Di Bartolomeo (1 day ago)
Renjo Tolentino (1 day ago)
yah keep on comin' baby..2018 and counting!
Ruby Noire (1 day ago)
It's hard to believe such an anthemic and enduring track was sung by a guy that looked like a complete douchebag.
swatter 521 (2 days ago)
Sideshow bob looks pissed.......
Branzinotito (2 days ago)
I can't believe I used to take this crap seriously
Time Keeper (1 day ago)
+meow meow That's it ? they helped bring people into a world where their is invisible Nazi's under their bed lol
meow meow (1 day ago)
So now YOU burn the crosses then?
Time Keeper (2 days ago)
iNfamous247 (2 days ago)
Just more proof that the 90’s / Gen X was and still is the best! I wouldn’t take those times back for anything!!!!!!!!!! 😎
Ryan No Thanks (2 days ago)
I miss wearing vans and JNCO jeans
Fulvio Bennato (2 days ago)
I watch that video from time to tome just to remind myself what true expression is about !
bryan miller (2 days ago)
andré brito (2 days ago)
Lefter's music is always shit. Trump train!
John Farver (2 days ago)
Good music but what a bunch of stuges in the crowd.
Ana Cleide Almeida (2 days ago)
Foda demais
JHON AR (2 days ago)
Rage against Reguetón
Eschaton Zenith (2 days ago)
My initiation into drumming. Basic yet soulful.
paul kaos (2 days ago)
Ready for tomorow friends ?
Floris Ofzo (2 days ago)
...and only now we see the irony https://youtu.be/KHbzSif78qQ
Griffin 76 (2 days ago)
My dude is out there In a collard shirt screaming his head off😂😂😂
Mickey Stars (2 days ago)
I had the window open and played this as loud as I could and projected as loud as I could. I was lost in the music when the song finished the only thing I hear besides silence is about 30 dogs barking in the distance. Let the people walk, and the dogs will go bark, bark, bark.
D.B Cooper Jr. (2 days ago)
Airwalks and Jencos
Anna Ferguson (2 days ago)
Love it
Anna Ferguson (2 days ago)
Give it away!!!
ryan tozer (2 days ago)
I wonder how many people got hurt in this pit
I WONT DO WHAT U TELL ME🤘❤🤘 says the once shy quiet blonde chick, all ina rage now😉
Yair (2 days ago)
He looks like ed nygma from Gotham on Netflix
lgbt hater (2 days ago)
wtf why are there 3 people with black hair
AIR TEEN (2 days ago)
Vocalist is weak. All others fine
jchawks08 (2 days ago)
STFU and sing for me.
Adam Guest (2 days ago)
Is this lolapolloza 93 in Nashvile Tennessee? Same show I saw tool second stage teepee? Alice and chains kicked ass. So did Arrested Development! And of course like we all know PRIMUS sucks!
Cornelius Dobeneck (2 days ago)
Top 10 of best Rock Albums of all Time! No one beats the sheer honest anger of RATM! Insanly talented musicians as well.
Ray Murf (2 days ago)
More relevant today than ever , some band .
Ndasmu News (2 days ago)
Jancuk . Puenak tenan ..
Aleksy Limb (2 days ago)
Funny how the topic of this song really is rage against the machine. I saw this live at Pinkpop 2008. Not really my taste, but damn that was one of the most powerful live performances I have ever witnessed.
Evan Prest (2 days ago)
Send these morons to take a shower. I'll pre-heat the oven.
rj reed (2 days ago)
Commie. You don't even know what it is to be a true commie, killing those who oppose you, just because. Go back to Berkeley
This is what Fox News does to people.
David Marino (1 day ago)
Wtf are you smoking ? And can I have some?
Don Juhan (2 days ago)
NWO you are on notice! We will be free not slave's no matter how hard you try! Don't You Die Unjustified!
FailureXD (3 days ago)
the band doesn't seem american.. the vocals sing like he some kind of foreigner hahaha
Richard L (3 days ago)
Wow, 3.8k assholes have to shit on this video. I have to say, if they put thumbs down they have to know the effect of it.
Hank Chinaski (3 days ago)
Back when fans went to a show to actually vent all the pent up shit life doles out.
Josef Costa (3 days ago)
What the hell ever happened to ZdlR????????? Guess Rage was holdin him back from his other scary projects...
femaleonthecreek (3 days ago)
I remember this SO damn well!!!!
Francesco Fortunato (3 days ago)
Born crosses
Joshua Stephens (3 days ago)
Looks like the video is trying to use both v-sync and g-sync at the same time, you're going to have a bad time
Iggor Portalet (3 days ago)
Audioslave - Cochise ( Bass / Guitar Cover ) https://youtu.be/G8B-bo4qo1k LIKE PLS! :D
sjeeke (3 days ago)
I was there! :)
Eduardo Melo (3 days ago)
Nostalgia do krai hehe

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