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Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name - 1993

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Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine live at PinkPop 1993 - by RATM
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jsamc (7 minutes ago)
America Sponsored by the death of 10 million Africans and untold millions of Native Americans. USA USA USA,yeah right.
montserrat Sánchez (20 minutes ago)
Loco más RATM menos reggeton!!!!
World Peace (44 minutes ago)
We should be out protesting against the immoral wars in Iraq, Yemen, etc. not sitting on our asses watching football. These dudes are you telling you what’s up.
GrumpySenpai (1 hour ago)
Holy fuck. Good video quality for a video uploaded in 2007 lol.
jsamc (1 hour ago)
He's really intense
조윤식 (2 hours ago)
Bernhard Bish (3 hours ago)
Man, these rich bands and band boys are really into social stuff and redistributing wealth, aren't they? :o)
Kenny Dyas (4 hours ago)
Psychotic bullshit
gary murray (4 hours ago)
Is that side show bob
Egi Ferdi (4 hours ago)
i love metallica
Klajd (5 hours ago)
gosh, how I miss that America. Greets from Poland.
Themightyinvader (5 hours ago)
Its likely about 25% of those in attendance are now dead.
Müller Lira (5 hours ago)
Nowadays people like doing what 'they' told them and they feel like such a rebel for doing so
Dee Dee (5 hours ago)
Could this song be anymore relevant to today........ Switch crosses with liberalism
Lucas Bruggeman (6 hours ago)
If you do not understand the first 30 seconds of this song PULL YOU HEAD OUT IF YOUR ASS
Darah Biru (9 hours ago)
Did you find your father in the crowd?
HUMOUR HAZZARD (9 hours ago)
When ur mum tells u to do ur homework 4:49
Tim TPDRUMS (10 hours ago)
Genuine anger. Love it. Kids take note. This is how you do it.
Vincent Rode (11 hours ago)
4:23 no one going to talk about the blood?
Light Maestro (12 hours ago)
Bravo! 👏👏👏
Shelia-Paulette Roberts (14 hours ago)
Fucking right!
NesTheGinge EatsGranola (14 hours ago)
Absolute classic
Captain Carnage (14 hours ago)
Tickle Fingers (14 hours ago)
This album was the first CD I ever purchased! Metallica Black album was second.
Norvin Hobbs (15 hours ago)
-Do you believe White children deserve a homeland? -Do White children have a right to exist? -Do you believe that tens of MILLIONS of non-Whites flooding into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries and being force integrated/assimilated into EVERY facet of White society IS genocide? – If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you are a RacistNazi. That makes YOU part of the RACE problem.Especially if you are White. Anti-racist is a code for anti-White
John Higgins (16 hours ago)
Listen to this NOW Trump/Netenyahu/May......This will be their Nemesis.....😏😋👊✌👍
Isoquant (16 hours ago)
A Gen-X anthem resurrected by the internet. I wonder what the modern generation think would think of this. Corny and ridiculous? With the issues their generation is currently facing, some might even identify with the music and its message just like we did all those years ago.
steven t (17 hours ago)
stalin so tight bum
Erick Nunez (17 hours ago)
I type in Denzel curry and this is what pops up, love it
305mrmanny (17 hours ago)
that bass incredibel
Norbert Ketterl (17 hours ago)
Sorry if I repeat myself; but this is the most complete band all over the world!
Norbert Ketterl (17 hours ago)
And a special thanx to Tom Morello for this highly sophisticated riffs... gorgeous
jashay turner (17 hours ago)
Zacks clothes look like they are from good will
YourLocalSpaceSurfer (18 hours ago)
We need groups like Rage and Public Enemy in this day in age. A message with energy that can't be ignored.
Razz0r ric (18 hours ago)
God I remember moshing off my face to this !
Timothy Walker (19 hours ago)
the music is funky as sh*t, but the lyrics are definitely junior high.
jashay turner (19 hours ago)
better do what they tell ya
Rapid Fireman (19 hours ago)
Oh God that solo made me nut
Danny Aguilera (20 hours ago)
PAB (20 hours ago)
I EAT MORE ASS THAN YOU (23 hours ago)
He looks like Sid The Science Kid 😂
Uist Lewis (1 day ago)
So Relevant Today and always!
Irlan Rueda (1 day ago)
Ese tema es una ChimbA
это же максим галкин)))
begal brew (1 day ago)
This is how shows used to be, club or festival, people got down! I miss those days!
Thomas Wheway (1 day ago)
This song has a good message red pill
O Bardo (1 day ago)
When u singing a rock song but your soul is from hip hop hahahah look at the vocalist... he is insane...at the good way(on a good way,obviously)
peke peke (1 day ago)
They use force....
Ryder Kun (1 day ago)
Played this to my pet fish , he's a shark now .
Devil's Offspring (1 day ago)
That'll help you grow a few more nut hairs :)
Mía Torrø (1 day ago)
Fuck this makes me wanna fight my own damn self lmfao
Norman Bates (1 day ago)
12 years ago 17,000 comments ago
Iamhot Gmailsuck (1 day ago)
No tom on drum ?
HYGH LANDER (1 day ago)
Aquarius (1 day ago)
So many Afros in the crowd
Josh Muz (1 day ago)
Fuck 2:44 when they drop back down almost as good as bieber
Josh Muz (1 day ago)
Still got the juice. It's an anthem for us 90s teens
Johnny Paycheck (1 day ago)
Needs more cowbell
Dan Millard (1 day ago)
fukc yeajh
Zues Adams (1 day ago)
Drummers hands was on fire at the end bless that man for not missing a beat!!
Arvie John Almanza (1 day ago)
I show this to a gay He became a man again
James Holbert (1 day ago)
this makes me want to put firecrackers in my mouth and light them up
Rodney C (1 day ago)
Fuck you i won't do what you tell me yeah
ratmdex (1 day ago)
youre a singapore crossing 1:39
Jumel Macapagal (1 day ago)
This shows how everything evolved from hard to soft and its kinda like NBA today
Angela Kavanagh (1 day ago)
Could you see Zack with face tats n skinny jeans ice lol
wira andika (1 day ago)
1993..im otw to earth
Andrew Birch (1 day ago)
So these are the forefathers of the SJW dipshits of today.
litty titty (1 day ago)
рокЪ(рэпь_ говеннъ) форевер
Mara Gimenez (1 day ago)
muito muito
Mara Gimenez (1 day ago)
minhas noites mais loucas em Sorocaba ...pubs...bares de rock...
2:26 teo va a un concierto
Lisa A. (1 day ago)
proud of these young musicians..
Suzanne Maye (1 day ago)
My kinda guy. Just gotta love it. Awesome💓💓💓
Baldy Dude (1 day ago)
Goose bumps!
Rafael lima (1 day ago)
SuperUltra (1 day ago)
Rage against the machine is kind of a communist limp bizkit. No offense thats just what I think.
Jared (2 days ago)
that’s a lot of white people
blue juice (2 days ago)
Killing in the name of....
Alessandro Faria (2 days ago)
Fuckin Good song.
Kane7870 (2 days ago)
2:26 Holy shit its a fucking army of Zack clones!
Gabriel André (2 days ago)
This beginning is really fun
Bartek GGG (2 days ago)
Who love this without me?
むーやん (2 days ago)
Jimmy Harris (2 days ago)
Vihlican (2 days ago)
Left shit
fanglethorpe (2 days ago)
I thought I saw a black guy in the crowd!
HECTOR2jz (2 days ago)
No phones! Just everyone living that shit you see it!
Pat Robertson (2 days ago)
When I hear the lyrics about deciders using force, I keep thinking about oppressive communist regimes. But hey, Tom Morello is a communist who's happy to leverage the non-opressive capitalist system to enrich himself. How to reconcile?
Wayfaring Stranger (2 days ago)
Those Jeans bring me straight back to the 90s
Igor Bojceski (2 days ago)
Matthew B (2 days ago)
kid looks like a young joe rogan with dreadz
Jon Irwin (2 days ago)
Bad ass mfs
James05574 (2 days ago)
Hard to believe this is 26 years old.
Don VanB (2 days ago)
The year i was born..unfortunately its generation snowflake..so glad my dad put headphones on my moms stomach and blasted metallica..
joão victor Peixoto (2 days ago)
G T A San Andreas
Jen Crockett (2 days ago)
This is the song I play when I clean my house. Gets my house cleaner faster :) #2019 #90s #lovetherage

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