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Makeup 3D Live Wallpaper - Free Android App

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Match your makeup look with your screen wallpaper with 'Makeup 3D Live Wallpaper'! Heading out to a club, you've already applied your party makeup and the only thing that's left is to glamorize your phone! Download this fabulous live wallpaper for girls, and be the most stylish girl wherever you go! -- Fashionable wallpaper for girls who love to experiment with their makeup! -- Match the eyeshadow color of the girl on wallpaper with your eye makeup! -- Choose the same lipstick color as yours and always have the most beautiful wallpaper! -- Slide up or down on the left or on the right side of the screen to adjust the lipstick color and eye make up! -- Tap and slide across the screen and add glitter! -- Design wallpaper to match your school, date and other make up looks! Get the best of all free wallpaper backgrounds for girls and realize your makeup ideas! This girly mobile wall paper gives you the chance to adjust the color of the face make up on wallpaper model anytime you wish! Just slide up or down, and choose the color you like the most! All the girls love beauty and makeup! Get this girlish application and be innovative and unique! Apply make up the same as the hot girl wallpaper and everyone will ask you is that you! This wall paper is cute and funny, but above all it's perfect for women and girls! Make your phone look glamorous and beautiful with this free app! This is something brand new and unique on the market! Be the first one to have it! Don't follow trends, become a trendsetter! Over the last 100 years, cosmetic products received their renaissance that was fueled with rapid inventions and fast fashion changes. With thousands upon thousands of products on the market, cosmetic can be divided in several distinct types. Here they are: Skin cosmetics - These include blushers, face powder and lip color/lipstick. This group also includes eye-makeup such as eyeliners, eye shadow, and mascaras. If you like to play makeup games you will love 'Makeup 3D Live Wallpaper' - 2013 Android application - because you can modify the wall paper designs, and play with make-up looks and styles, just like in games for girls!
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