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2Pac - Made Niggaz [HD]

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Pmela Zapata (14 days ago)
Henry Hoodrich (15 days ago)
Tony Walsh (1 month ago)
Makaveli is back fuckpolice thuglife westside niggiz thuglife
kent ealy (1 month ago)
If u listen to the song u can tell 2pac wrote the whole thing think about why u think u never heard nothing from the outlaws after his death how the best rapper of all time happen to find the best rappers in the world in 1 is his half brothers think about it the lyrics match they similar how was they able to keep up?????
Robert Rizzo (1 month ago)
New generation will never know the realness
First Lady Queen (1 month ago)
One of my fave Pac song's! 😍♥️
Felipe Andrade Lopes (1 month ago)
Verdadeiro rap!
7thno (1 month ago)
Love how at the end of pacs 1st verse. He jump in. Say" mother f ing made in" then jump out camera shot. All the whike creating the selfie stick
7thno (1 month ago)
I like this track. Cant find it on spotify. Notice the faker young noble not here. One of the outlawz better tracks. Tupac will alway be remembered as the goat. In his prime. Gone too soon
raccoonstarsmember (1 month ago)
Good heavens. Listening to this track was so gdamned refreshing, with all the garbage currently plaguing the radio and youtube. It doesn't even come close to this.
Eddie lion (1 month ago)
I can't stop listening to this, wooow great hit....rip tupac
stramyneZZ (2 months ago)
You know they said Pac didn't have any impactful verses. So..... My question is .... aren't these verses legendary or am I tripping?
isaac ledwaba (2 months ago)
Intro: 2Pac] No man separate what we create Unstoppable, untouchable Motherfuckin' worldwide mob figures Death Row at it's finest! M.O.B., thug for motherfuckin' life Motherfuckin' made niggas We comin' after these niggas, worldwide Feel me! Makaveli the Don [Verse 1: 2Pac] My life in exchange for yours, born hated as a thug House full of babies cryin' from a lack of gettin' love Ain't nobody tell me shit, 'til I got a sack of drugs Had the block sewn up, cause I learned to pack a gun Do you feel me? World, do you hear me? Catch a risin' star, fuck the love, niggas fear me Got these niggas runnin' all wild from my double-R When we ride, motherfuckers is sure to die Boom once I enter the room, in the air All you hear is the whispers of doom, niggas scared They don't wanna see me head on Think of all the busters that I had to leave dead and gone Call a gravedigga, fuckin' with a made nigga M.O.B, gunfire, gettin' sprayed quicker Fuck 'em all, let 'em understand my plot to get richer Much more than six figures, a motherfuckin' made nigga [Hook: 2Pac] (Can you feel me?) A motherfuckin' made nigga I got a plot to get richer Take my picture, a made nigga [Verse 2: Napoleon] Nigga, I was raised on the streets, I had to hustle just to eat My role model was killin' niggas, so I know I would never be weak They got me sittin' wonderin', where my life begins These niggas crossed my father, then my father crossed them 'Cause I roll with Immortal Thug niggas And my number one plan to kill a man To grab a needle and drug niggas Niggas don't like us, because they bitches straight love us The President told us to leave 'Cause the government don't want us It's Napoleon, I get my pleasure out of sin And seein' blood spill ain't shit 'cause I seen it at the beginnin' A made nigga [Verse 3: Fatal Hussein] How many niggas fall in your vision? Gunnin' 'em down for every last minute that I spent in prison We mash together, plus we get cash together Blast whenever, knowin' it don't last forever It's only one way out and one way in Motherfuckers cross and get crossed out, never made men We find excuses to loot, cock, and shoot Blow the roof off them groups like Rauf al-Mabhouh I can't be touched, 'cause of the weapons I clutch And the niggas that I'm under is just too much: we made niggas [Verse 4: E.D.I.] Picture the scenery, 'cause for now you gon' have to imagine Call me your prophet 'cause I predicted what's gon' happen I began the paper, stackin' at those who be paper snatchin' Will emerge like crack in the 80's Fade me? Maybe, that's if I slip But I became official since the start of this Edi Amin, born July, 7th, a few shed eyes, precious But others gave me they hate to cherish But still I made it, a made nigga made by the game Made for war, my aim is simple and plain Yeah, whether it's 'caine, or these tracks made for your brain You'll forever know my name, Edi, a made nigga [Verse 5: Kastro] I ain't count the line, my strap, my head There will be none of that The young hog, K-Dog playin' Outlaw Immortal combat With the criminal skill, they cannot beat me a nigga 'Til he still and chill, recognize the real deal Feel — a nigga made when I was young and dumb With a gun, but it pays, so I'm bustin' for fun And the outcome will be the same every time We all gon' die, get yours 'cause I'ma get mine [Verse 6: Kadafi] Tha Outlawz, we be the Don Juan's of this rough shit Rhymes baptize your mind while paralyze the public With my mentality of war Dead bodies and silence, give it to you raw Thug nigga to the core The results of livin' poor, got me thinkin' on a made level Shootin' my gauge to get paid, a fuckin' crazed devil Mash shit from here to here, day by day, year to year Made niggas on your motherfuckin' tear: I'm a made nigga [Verse 7: 2Pac] Call me a Bad Boy killer, murder motherfuckers daily Know the feds trail me, so my alias Makaveli Gettin' lessons from niggas in penitentiaries Game, when applied, help me survive several centuries Lock me in a cage, I'll display my rage Surround the court buildin' with the gauge and spray They wonder if I'll go when I'm finally sentenced On my knees to God, beggin' for repentance I'm so convinced that I'm a thug They got me fiendin' for my cash Like a fiend when he dreams of drugs Diss Kidada and I'll kidnap your daughter Kill your wife and hit the funeral And tell you just who gave the order Makaveli the Don 'til I'm gone I maintain my army of lunatics that stay armed 'Til the day I die, I'll be remembered as a paid nigga Outlaw to the grave, a motherfuckin' made nigga [Outro: 2Pac] Can you feel me? Come closer, ha ha ha Get into the mind of a made nigga, I can't be touched My adversaries get fucked, feel me? Multimillionaire dreams All I want is the C.R.E.A.M. I sell my shit to the fiends, all the bitches scream Come and see, to see a made nigga Outlawz, Makaveli The Don Hussein Fatal, Edi Amin, Kastro Napoleon, Kadafi, Mussolini, M.O.B. I send this out to my niggas on the streets The motherfuckin' made niggas All my niggas on Death Row, Tha Dogg Pound Tha Doggfather, and all his niggas You know what time it is Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Young Gotti (Hahaha, Westside made niggas, beyotch!!!)
James Miller (2 months ago)
Anyone kno what that is a map of in the back. This video hes plotting and planning something . Maybe his escape to fake his death
Макс Колорс (2 months ago)
Beautiful minus. :))) I mean that music is cool!
Turner gatsby (2 months ago)
PAC was getting some fire ass beats
Pa i love pa
Victoria Ivankova Smith (2 months ago)
Very nice.
Repeating the Artist lyrics starting to cross over to whites and it's Getting Corny now
ReganMarcelis (2 months ago)
I am white (Philly) & hear what you saying but WE as in US need to figure some type of definition for these "wanksta's" versus the real deal as I been riding with PAC since way before "above the rim" as in TUPAC A.K.A. The GREATEST of ALL Time...... #Philly #215Rep #BoxCuttahPazzy #innercity #OUTLAW
יוסי יוס (3 months ago)
King of rap 2pac real rapper
Big C (3 months ago)
Man pac's last verse was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Legend
Jerome Taylor (3 months ago)
2 pac & the outlaws want to be a outlaw real talk
Paul Beats (3 months ago)
My legend RIP!
Lea Delapaz (3 months ago)
Hay pac come out them Bushes man. Is you scarred of pblicity. I'm a renter but I got more fame in the streets you'll ever need baby I'll blow u. Attack. To mumbel about get real b apart man life is real happy holidays pac blow on that
My nigga 2pac was using a selfie stick back in the 90's? One word: Visionary.
Casper Janholt (3 months ago)
Every member took their shit to the next level on this... Fatal GOAT but how’s Yaki’s verse .. 🔥🔥 “give it to you raw, thug n*gga to the core, the results of living poor” 😵 underrated track AF
gedaman (3 months ago)
I love that skit at the end with the police officer talking about booking 2Pac + Tha Outlawz. “Sarge we got a bunch of nuggets here. They’ve got guns, they’ve got weed…”
Dennis Schöning (3 months ago)
Best Song Ever, Peace from germany..i love it
Andrew MERCHAN (3 months ago)
I'm taking care sleeping wit RL Black jacket
Mohamed Said (3 months ago)
It looks like 2pac making selfie.
Teleman177827 (4 months ago)
Her pussy bodygaurds a cunt aswell
Teleman177827 (4 months ago)
Jodies a biatch
mauricio morales (4 months ago)
Abdesamad Wrzn (4 months ago)
neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr king forever Shakur 2pac
Terrell Davis (4 months ago)
My life for yours
Abdesamad Wrzn (4 months ago)
let roi. nevre
Tiago Leopoldino (4 months ago)
Curtis Mitchell (4 months ago)
Diss kadada, and I'll kidnap your daughter, kill your wife and hit the funiral, and tell you who just gave the order
fabian damian (4 months ago)
what he is saying at 0:58 i hear two things Vab and Fab my nick , Peace West Coast 4 Life
Daniel Tiswell (4 months ago)
Made nigaaz is in my top 5 list for pacz genius legacy n each tune has a deep meaning n he shows his passion n mood for each track n that's rare n for any artist.. He is just on another level n this track is unbelievable n he really shows who is da Don.. Never get bored of this, his raw energy n talent was just at its peak n some punk muafuka took it away for e everyone that appreciate n recognizes the brilliance he shared with us.. But he will always live on in my heart n soul n will never be forgotten.. Pure legend!!
Jerry Durant III (4 months ago)
No thanks
D Von (4 months ago)
Love 2pac got me through a dark times when I was a teenager.
Jorgeyy Boyy (4 months ago)
The 🐐
Terrell Miller (4 months ago)
This song is still goes hard than any rap song i heard of 2018
ERUPT 9 (4 months ago)
2018 ❤️
Stefanbos Praz (5 months ago)
Tha Best rapper at all time
J The Great (5 months ago)
Young Niggas
Luben Naichev (5 months ago)
Everybody here talk abouth Pac's life!
Jeremiah Mendoza (5 months ago)
Kenneth Saunders, Michael Nice???!! Anyone else!??
Carlos Carson (5 months ago)
Lil Wayne remixed this song and made it better than this
coco woodside (5 months ago)
2018 still here... 2pac 4life
angela garcia (5 months ago)
Happy birthday if it's really ur birthday like in the rap July 7th. Lol I'm buzzed anyways God bless you always and everyone take care and have a great day
Jordan 23 dunk (5 months ago)
giovanni desantis (5 months ago)
Uhh… Sarge… uhh… We've got uhh 2Pac Shakur Uhh Fatal, Fatal Hussein… uhh Kastro, Kadafi We got a bunch of niggas here They've got guns in their car They've got weed, they've got money They're with a lot of black women, what should we do, Sarge? Uhh, I repeat, let 'em go I repeat, let 'em go They're made niggas… let 'em go But, but Sarge, they've got guns, they've got weed I said, let 'em go Alright, you guys can go, I'm sorry I'm sorry about the-the mix up, you guys can go aightttttttttttttttttttttt
FrankWonderBeantown (5 months ago)
This was my favorite Tupac song for a long time.
Edgar Soltero (4 months ago)
FrankWonderBeantown - what's your favorite now?
Eshnall Khan (5 months ago)
2:14 iddy amin might rhyme with the tune but do your research he was a tyrant
André Maya (5 months ago)
Tupac 😢👏👏
Adrian Camacho (5 months ago)
Terrence Ransom (5 months ago)
2Pac The G.O.A.T........
Philippe Grimaud (5 months ago)
Tupac for life <3
Jacob Maldonado (5 months ago)
Hellraizer (5 months ago)
"Call me a bad boy killer murder motherfuckers daily, know the feds trail me, so my alias makaveli" Man o man what a line.
Jason Baxter (5 months ago)
Jake Faris (5 months ago)
Holla at me Samantha WYD..
Jake Faris (5 months ago)
Yaki kadafi ... ain’t a cop that can stop me.. in tha streetz it’s black hockey
Adrian Forest (5 months ago)
boys and ppl crying like bitch ez over this. one take hoe
m mohammed (5 months ago)
Fake ass guns
boubacar coulibaly (5 months ago)
What’s better than this ? 2018 and still going
Amin Alimayu (5 months ago)
I wish the Outlaws would drop some new shit. Original gangsta shit!
Sashet7 Kushite (6 months ago)
Y’all dumb expecting payments from me but I am chopping heads off tho
Marlo Stanfield (6 months ago)
He was ahead of his time in just how he created this video..... Fast forward 20 something years every time someone takes a social media video, they're normally doing it just like he filmed this video.
Jessie Jorge (6 months ago)
2pac started it off and the outlaws took the baton and u almost forgot that Pac set it off cause the outlaws came so raw and flawless.... Then here comes Pac and USAIN BOLT that bitch to the finsh line
PROXGAMER (6 months ago)
Go on makaveli fuck police thuglife westside
Dwreck Smith (6 months ago)
Thug life nigga west side
erdogan g (6 months ago)
2pac was a legend in 1996 and 2018 his words stilll pffffff no words man just feeeling
ciaran doherty (6 months ago)
The outlawz we be the Don one of this thuG shit
ciaran doherty (6 months ago)
Suave (6 months ago)
My life in exchange for yours .... Damn ... Blessed to have met the soul. Rest In Sleep King!
Rodrigo Braga (6 months ago)
Kadafi, the illest!
alabamagaboy (6 months ago)
Pac the trith
Jeff Carmack (6 months ago)
That night in Vegas that is not Pac in the picture with suge in bmw, that was a double check and compare photos with real pac, I'm all up in your face and u still can't see me. My life in exchange for yours meaning the guy with aids gave his life for pac, hahaha the don breathing......
The Boss (6 months ago)
Jeff Carmack that's what he meant in the song mystery ?
Giusy Colomba (6 months ago)
Westside Worldmusic
Red Crow (6 months ago)
Macfaben Hargrove (6 months ago)
([email protected])😎🗯💣 Real rap music
Activity 79 (6 months ago)
Legendary rap song forever 🙏
Steven Love (6 months ago)
Love...2PAC + Don P+ Biggie+ BiG Pun
Polo Red (6 months ago)
Fuck yall hater who don't like die slow
Tiffinie McCracken (6 months ago)
Ok several centuries is hundred yrs. 3 is a few so 400 +yrs..how many???
Mel Makavali (6 months ago)
ABN 4Life (6 months ago)
Still one of the best Songs they made together RIP
og shotime (6 months ago)
2pac is the shit fuck all da hating ass bitches 👹👹👹👹👹👹
Jeff Carmack (6 months ago)
Fatal had love for pac.
G'D UP N SOULJA'D Down l (6 months ago)
Bad boy killa jay z die 2
chicooliveira (6 months ago)
Fatal just bodied that shit bro
Luyckfasseel wim (6 months ago)
After 2pac rap just die!!! ✌🏾👋🏾
NUCK Bradley (6 months ago)
He showed off my nigga king pac
Robert Richardson (6 months ago)
He snap our
Mohamed Sulaiman (6 months ago)
Tupac on some g shyy
Bunt Eke (6 months ago)
This is a fucking tune.

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