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Best Kyrie Irving Commercials and Funny Moments Foot Locker, Nike, Gatorade, Pepsi, Jeep 2016

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All Kyrie Irving Best Commercials With Nike, Foot Locker, Jeep, Pepsi... Leave a like if you enjoy!
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xPaulRose_Editz (1 month ago)
Rip Craig sager
Irving, a monster of basketball.
Guadalupe maltidez (1 month ago)
Why dident they go to see steph curry
Platinum Soul (2 months ago)
The unexpected moves are the funniest to me 🤣
SnD_DEZTROYER (3 months ago)
At 4:27 it shows wtf
Monaliza Torricer (3 months ago)
Kyrie irving is the best crossover
Monaliza Torricer (3 months ago)
3:04 dennis rodman
Mr Orange (3 months ago)
How ironic that I skip ads but I still watch this
Andrea Maroto (3 months ago)
Got to check this commercial out! Super crazy funny! (Going to let him sleep with me but first....) Please like and share if you like it! https://youtu.be/sVaUJTF8tPI
Adidas lovers anyone?
Nickyy (3 months ago)
the 1st one tho
AnOnYmOuS (3 months ago)
END ME I don’t want to exist while these commercials do
Jake luis 993 (3 months ago)
eray gamer (4 months ago)
Offrot vityları
fireboy 6842 (4 months ago)
This is the one time I actually enjoy commercials
Lakers Basketball (4 months ago)
glad you enjoy them :)
Tough Doll (4 months ago)
Best commercial ever.. Haha
Allen Sui (4 months ago)
My fav player is Kyrie cuz he has great handles a great layup package and good shooting
Jonathan Encina (4 months ago)
i like kyrie best ever......
solidbond (4 months ago)
8:12 lol ooooooooooooooeghifgnkfnfb???
solidbond (4 months ago)
slo motion dunk 2 hours later getting close to the rim ...😑😑😑 kyrie with layup the crowd goes wild
Keep calm, Im a gamer (4 months ago)
Ky-rispie kreme
Mario Wirajuda (4 months ago)
Angel Ramirez (4 months ago)
Keke Moustache (5 months ago)
I am kyrie Irving 😂😂😂
speedo man (5 months ago)
Did LeBron give them a Sprite cranberry
Piko Master 567567 (5 months ago)
Ask him to come to my place
Rad Raad (6 months ago)
Who was the girl that took them to girls nights?
janholic (6 months ago)
6:34 man stopped blinking
SALT (6 months ago)
How can anybody hate this guy!!???
saw pu (7 months ago)
Kyrie become MVP
Roberto Angel (7 months ago)
Girl of 11:13
ZunixJoker (7 months ago)
Se ve al Z
Skiller07 (7 months ago)
I would buy his album 8:07
Pixel Studios (8 months ago)
I just realized i watched a bunch of commercials because Kyrie
joshua Lapuz (8 months ago)
too many fucking ads
Patrick Dumb Star (8 months ago)
Kyries shoes is so cool
merly coquilla (8 months ago)
So in watching commercials to watch commercials...... Huh
Its L3gacY (8 months ago)
7:07 7:49
Estefani (9 months ago)
I like the infernos
Andy Goncalves (9 months ago)
Cavaliers are screwed old timer
Sportmaster 519 (9 months ago)
The first one lol
Joshua Molina (10 months ago)
That’s my friend Kevin I’m being deadass his instagram is kevgeekin
Jidge OBrien (10 months ago)
Damn for a commercial video theres a shit load of ads.. youd think that if ur technically watching ads there should be limited ads on the video.. just sayin
chromosome Z (11 months ago)
Vlogz Time Harmones (11 months ago)
Im a fan of Golden State Warriors
Brainard (11 months ago)
The Kyrispy Kreme is the best
MarqDBOSS (11 months ago)
2:34 anybody know that meme of that buisness dude that was like “F**k It” that’s what Kyrie said
Kyle Almazan (11 months ago)
kyries hand dont even move when he dribbles
ruz Manalac (11 months ago)
Atleast the kid will die first
Makhi Akins (11 months ago)
Get the fat boy off the TV that can't happen in real life he to fat
Jaya and Tearie Gang (11 months ago)
Cavs are weakkkkk
Jake TheSnake gaming (11 months ago)
mr.Evil minion (11 months ago)
I think Kyrie won the best player
Officious -minecraft (11 months ago)
At 7:37 he said a round outsole
Johnny Moore (11 months ago)
Paul gorge
TheLegendery Xavier (1 year ago)
Lebron Kyrie Love Are On Their Journey To Greatness 3:41
TheLegendery Xavier (1 year ago)
Can He Stop Bouncing The Basketball 😂🏀 1:21
TheLegendery Xavier (1 year ago)
Bruh 0:19
Idk why but i think i am ugly
Yuhann Laurdy (1 year ago)
Kyrie what time u visit bacolod
teefields (1 year ago)
I was gon off this shit 😂😂😂
oney Newson (1 year ago)
Hey my name is Kyrie 🏀🎽
till this day Kyrie is still dribbling in his left hand
Buffalo Master (1 year ago)
OMG THE ONE AT 0:39 ooooh so funny!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roselle Lee (1 year ago)
Kyrie Irving
KurtFrom Yt (1 year ago)
the kids is so lucky
JELLI PHISH (1 year ago)
Senait B (1 year ago)
This is craking me up
Ezra is dope (1 year ago)
7:37 "A round outsole"
Robabeh Zamani (1 year ago)
Marie Salvador (1 year ago)
Cleve is ous
AuthenticWasHere (1 year ago)
I have a pair of Kyrie 1s There the color of okc B(lue) + Or(ANG)E + WH(IT)E :P
AuthenticWasHere (1 year ago)
4:27 x w(tf)2 = WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSEE!?!?! xD
AuthenticWasHere (1 year ago)
1:54 Kyrie: I hate these cinematic dunks. Kyrie looks into a camera
Valtteri Kinnunen (1 year ago)
Resident boost stop crowd rate international kid match aim wipe bell mission.
FNG.KINGAPPLE shxt (1 year ago)
The kyrie razel dazzel 😂😂
LTK_Fate (1 year ago)
The earth is flat
Kurtreyes Galarpe (1 year ago)
Im a Lebron fan but this is good video
Gg Vkjv (1 year ago)
Get scammed 0:20
Ivan Paul (1 year ago)
Enjoy guys and kyrie enjoy to cavs. Yes champions
Tuyet Nguyen (1 year ago)
Cavs suck
Spongestar3Z2 (1 year ago)
9:49 I went fishin' with Paul George In 2K
DinnerGhost (1 year ago)
Why there is so many ads on this video!??
1400 TRED (1 year ago)
4:27 shoes x w(tf) = what are thoooose
JULIAN GAMER (1 year ago)
the best part is 8:05
Andrew Mendoza (1 year ago)
Who else got a Kyrie add in the middle of the video
BlueJay Gamer (1 year ago)
Adrian Arce (1 year ago)
The Buddies (1 year ago)
Tony Martin (1 year ago)
xd when he was on cavaliers he had best shoes!
Kryptik SIV (1 year ago)
Why are there 11 adds for a 14 minute vid
savage life (1 year ago)
I love kyrie
ɯɐɹbnısǝ (1 year ago)
Lol 10:33😂
Jayden Mcleod (1 year ago)
DavidNThings (1 year ago)
now the boy will think the earth is flat
Reginald Lovett Jr (1 year ago)
Mark Isak (1 year ago)
Where is Curry????
King Topaz (1 year ago)
Your just in it for the money
King Topaz (1 year ago)
Why is there so many ads
Stanley Keach (1 year ago)
If you like this KYRIE SONG, please share it on FB, etc.  Thanks!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D-i-z-H2IU&feature=youtu.be

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