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Drake - Energy

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Energy (Official Video) Taken from the Album - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Available for download here! http://smarturl.it/IYRTITL Share/Stream “Energy” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/79XrkTOfV1AqySNjVlygpW DIRECTED by FLEUR & MANU PRODUCED by DIVISION Music video by Drake performing Energy. © 2015 Cash Money Records Inc. http://vevo.ly/ew4yKt
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Text Comments (41888)
EclipZe Muzik (2 hours ago)
don't stop posting! you can do anything you set your mind to!:)
Kambakai Kanteh (2 hours ago)
who is watching from September 2018
falcons nation (4 hours ago)
Peep. How he turned into oj Simpson on the police chase...stay woke my friends
Jessica B (4 hours ago)
Ashleigh Sercu (6 hours ago)
Jayroof (7 hours ago)
It ain’t not easy grab, THEY GOT T.
Nell X (8 hours ago)
Wanderer (8 hours ago)
Credits : Snapchat filters :-)
Omjerem6 (8 hours ago)
jmj 44 (11 hours ago)
John Smith (21 hours ago)
Everytime I seem somethin wrong wit they memory
Oscar Calzadilla (21 hours ago)
Sinoa GamerOMG999Retz (21 hours ago)
Austin Thomas (22 hours ago)
Only drake track that’s good
Daniel Davila (22 hours ago)
I got real ones everywhere that I go...😎2018
Carlos Corleone (23 hours ago)
Oj simpson
Jeremy Dalcin (1 day ago)
This beat is HARD!
21 ChemicalDiscos (1 day ago)
This song gets me pumped at football practice
Marla Gordo (1 day ago)
That little boy looks like my cousin 😍💕
Luis Ramirez (1 day ago)
the blue wolf (1 day ago)
I just started school a few day ago and I got lot of people who my enemies
Bobby Warmack (1 day ago)
Keyboards toys roll bootleg tapes he's begging for drake how about there be know more drake you got easy e whet to the white house wipe his ads in way dinner in this bother begging know more drake how about he never drink budwinser meet Kelly ozz born well shit gods plan
Joao Castro (2 days ago)
wavey K.L (2 days ago)
Oj Simpson
Syed Isamuddin (2 days ago)
Might just be the worst female rapper of all time!
Ll C (2 days ago)
u dont deasver ovo. im a shamed of u or even knowing ur name
Ll C (2 days ago)
cop caller
Dinu Shamal (2 days ago)
Margarida Santos (2 days ago)
“You” killed X and I hate you for this!!
1:28 do u see that dude on the side of the bike
JSP PRN (2 days ago)
God...unplug his microphone...his voice is so annoying.
Will Rizzi (2 days ago)
Danny jay Clemente Lol.this got some the most views.history ..lol Brah you got this Spit it kid
Chevy Lopez-kaawa (2 days ago)
Jason Baxter (2 days ago)
chris tinker jr (3 days ago)
I wanna be a homie to drake
Raymond Torres (3 days ago)
I'm watching wed. August 15 how bout yall
dopeeeee luyis humberto reynoso hernandez
Hessham Daboour (3 days ago)
H-dawgthemarshmellow (3 days ago)
I'm still listening to this lol
Jordan smith (3 days ago)
Lickwood means forward, gunshot mans rewind.You requested it so we rewind.
NMB_FN 14 (3 days ago)
Dasher Stop (3 days ago)
U think that i don't see what U see why do U wait and say nothing U think U watching me but no muthafucker we watching U the rightous are bald as lions God spoke to me
lilwaun95 (3 days ago)
OdonWaun I see u in my dreams! 👺👹
Breon Riley (4 days ago)
Gio Vlogs (4 days ago)
one of my favorite songs!!!
M kiyéf (4 days ago)
Fucking the beat yeah
iVirgula (4 days ago)
Emir Gündem (4 days ago)
Michael Gullo (4 days ago)
Akamedo (4 days ago)
2018 gang
Cee Los (4 days ago)
Drake just got it idk man
Kyoung Suk Chae (4 days ago)
judge drake for what it's worth
Niyat Ghebreab (4 days ago)
Drake is soo hot
John Doe (4 days ago)
2019 ?
klaas bruinsma (4 days ago)
"I got enemies, got a lot of enemies." Woah lyrical genius.
bordados gass (5 days ago)
ChowYun Thicc (5 days ago)
They said it was just gonna be an easy grab
Max Vargas (5 days ago)
dee tour (5 days ago)
People change.... What money can do 2018
David Díaz (5 days ago)
Mercy (5 days ago)
August 2018? Anyone?
Justin Willis (5 days ago)
f*** Drake he was in KC the last two weeks retired stage hand I'm 31 and disabled and he left sing Friday night for no reason
iK4Fn __ (5 days ago)
Ceyhun BaBa (5 days ago)
ennerji ennerji azcık da sinerci jsjsjsjsjsjs
Shisui Uchiha (5 days ago)
2:53 That "6IX adlib" is just fire
Breyhl Taylor (5 days ago)
Rajesh Ganesh (6 days ago)
Who watching this in August 2025?
2018 anyone???
Evan the Great (6 days ago)
Everyday mood
Dante X (6 days ago)
this shit is hot
Alcindor Jenkins (6 days ago)
jaylyn johnson (6 days ago)
Best song by Drake tbh
EduhGames Android (6 days ago)
2018 Brasil, tmj
Blau-Barsch Bube (7 days ago)
This Song drop harter than a Kardeshian by a Black man lol
Tamarah Strauss (7 days ago)
Anyone notice the guy and the girl on the bike,the girls hair is blowing in the wrong direction
David Authentic (7 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Abdulmalik Wasagu (7 days ago)
Quinton Haygood (7 days ago)
I just wanted to thank you all for listening to my music
Randy Garcia (7 days ago)
ClaudiousMaximus (8 days ago)
How tf no one posted a 1 hour version yet
Iesha Dobson (8 days ago)
I see people saying this video is weird but it actually goes with the song. He just showing all the people that got enemies? Or should I say acting as them. OJ Simpson that part killed me!!! This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤔🤷😂😂😂😂😂
gavin palmer (8 days ago)
Elijah Harris (8 days ago)
This is my song
o0LoveLove0o (8 days ago)
I just cant. Jamaican accents make my panties fall. I've been cursed with being extremely attracted to shit that will never work for me lmaoooooooooo.
ilyas benallhem (8 days ago)
2018 any algérien here 🇩🇿🇩🇿
Denizhan Ergüneş (9 days ago)
Why its not opening in spotify?
Glenn Davis (9 days ago)
Still Bumping 👌
Under Red (9 days ago)
Te copias de xxtentacion
VIKING GAMER (9 days ago)
Colombia presente 👏👏👊👌
Ibrahim Baloch (9 days ago)
1:49 Obama or Donald Trump 😀😀😁
Hans Meier (9 days ago)
best drake phase
Jamal Alrawhani (10 days ago)
You have so strong 💪🏼 I want
Reed Foster (10 days ago)
I hate drake as a person but i can respect his dominate in the game
Rayan Felipe (10 days ago)
3:00 best part
Chris Brown (10 days ago)
Drake dead
Safe Alragab (10 days ago)
Safe Alragab (10 days ago)
Rayan Felipe 😁🖕
Rayan Felipe (10 days ago)
Safe Alragab fail
Angoh Clovis Hardcore (10 days ago)
2018 hands up I know you gat the ernegy
Aavash Khadka (10 days ago)
Who's watch this today ?? 🖕🏾
BALL BROTHERS (10 days ago)
Fabian Mercado (10 days ago)

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